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What I Put On My Body This Week



This week, I traveled (to Minneapolis to meet with Target…FUN STUFF) so I can’t be held responsible for how many times I wore dropped crotch pants. Someone actually even recognized me from the back because of them. So here’s my week in wardrobe…


Emily Monday

Blazer | Striped Shirt (Similar) | Jeans (Same brand, different wash) | Booties

Monday, I had a big meeting with important people so I wore a blazer to ensure my professional “bossness” was recognized. The jeans are a brand I had never heard of called R13 and I got them at Gift of Garb after selling a bunch of clothes, so what we linked up above isn’t exactly the pair because I don’t think they are current, sorry. But they are pretty awesome, so hopefully, the other pair will be, too. The shirt (by Maje) I’ve had forever but wear ALL THE TIME, and again, not available, but the linked up shirt is pretty similar.


2x2 Grid 2500 Pixels Horizontal

Sweater | ShirtPants (Similar) | Jacket (Similar) | Nisolo Chelsea Boot | Tote

On Tuesday, I traveled with some of my team to Minneapolis for Target and this is my casual plane outfit. I LOVE that new sweater from MOTHER and I always layer my favorite white button-up underneath it. I wore these Nisolo Chelsea boots nearly my entire trip (or at least changed into them at night), and they’re SO easy to go through the airport/security with, with no laces to be seen. If you are someone who wears tall laced shoes through airport security, then know we will never travel together.


Grid Of 6 With Color Backgroud With No Title

Jumper | Button-down Shirt | Booties

We were in back-to-back meetings at Target HQ on Wednesday and thought we got a good enough photo in between running from one session to seeing the TOP SECRET fall 2019 line, but when we looked back, it was basically pitch black and you couldn’t actually see anything, so we’re recreating it with this quick moodboard because I really liked this outfit. I wore that polka dot shirt from Avion Clothier (a really cute shop in Atwater Village for any locals) under the Target denim jumper. A lot of sizes are sold out in the denim, but there are still some left in the black, which is also really cute.


Emily Thursday

Jacket (Similar) | Shirt | Pants (Similar) | Beanie (similar) | Nisolo Chelsea Boot | Tote

Another travel day requires the same comfy outfit, but with the best-draped shirt (from Target) and a hat that I bought at the airport for a stupid amount. Hot shopping tip: don’t shop at the airport for fashion.


Image From Ios 1 1

Jacket | Pants | Mules | Tote

On Friday, I shot at Jess’ apartment for her makeover takeover (coming next week!) and wore my NEW black cargo pants that are so cute, but I will say this: I bought them at a consignment store (they are Vince) and I didn’t realize how expensive they are new until we linked them up so if you are in the market for luxury cargo casual pants then these are legitimately great, but I do think there are more affordable options out there. The jacket, however, is my foray into the faux fur trend which I know I’m late to the game on but this one feels special. It’s a BEAUTIFUL blue and the cut is interesting and it’s just not basic. I probably shouldn’t have splurged on such a trend, but after staring at my boring outfits all last week, I did some shopping (new stuff to come next week) that I’m very excited about, this piece being one of them.

Have a lovely Saturday, folks and come back tomorrow for what’s quickly becoming a staff (and reader??) favorite post: The Link Up. Xx

Oh, and as always, if you want more of my favorite fashion favorites, head to the Shop page where we link everything up.

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0 responses to “What I Put On My Body This Week

  1. I love your fashion posts! I had to chuckle because it appears that you went to Minneapolis without gloves, a hat (since you had to get one at the airport), and SOCKS. Surely you did have these things, but I don’t really see them in the photos. Also, your shoes in the first photo are lookin’ pretty rough, but hey–I appreciate the realness!! You look cute as always.
    I have a long torso, so jumpsuits (and one-piece swimwear) do not work on me. My life truly changed for the better when the tankini was invented! However, last fall I got a really cool jumpsuit at Anthro that basically fit–I’m looking forward to wearing it in spring 🙂

    1. I had the same thought about the shoes in pic one, but I felt kind of guilty about it ????. If anyone is lazy like me, I often get my shoes polished at the airport. It’s a good way to kill time while you’re waiting for a flight.

  2. LOVE these posts!! Was wondering if you cld do a post on good consignment spots/ consignment shopping in general.

  3. I saw on your Instagram post that you returned your navy blue sweater. It makes sense, since you live in LA, and I’m sure wasn’t practical, but I tried it on your recommendation. I’m so glad I did! I’ve pretty much lived in it this cold winter in DC (more snow/freezing rain coming tomorrow) — let’s just say it’s on high rotation. It dresses up beautifully with a pair of wool slacks and ankle boots for work but is so cozy. It was a little more than I usually spend for a sweater but, at the sale price and 100% natural fibers (wool and cashmere) and work appropriate, it will be a piece I wear for years to come. So thank you for posting about it even though it didn’t work out for you!

  4. Em, I love these outfit posts! Thanks for making them a regular thing. They remind me of how I really want to feel when I get dressed and inspire me to think outside of my 2 small kids and one on the way stay at home mom style (nil currently).

    Anyway! I’m heading to Italy with my mom and aunt sans kids in March (!!!!!!!!) and thinking about what I want to bring and what I need to buy.

    The Nisolo mules from your Friday outfit are so beautiful and versatile it seems. I’m wondering if you think they’d be comfy for walking around all day? Do they stay put on your foot? And how have they broken in? I have a sort of wide foot so don’t like when my toes are cramped but just LOVE a mule! Hoping these might be the ones for my adventure (and every day when I’m home).

    Thanks so much!

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