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The next Target video is up, folks and we are taking it outside. This one is more about ideas on how to make your outdoor space/furniture more fun and inviting. The basics are kinda easy, it’s that final layer that you want/need for entertaining and once it’s done everybody can enjoy it.

This is why I schedule photo shoots or parties – I need the deadline, the kick in the maternity pants to pull things together or they will simply stay mediocre forever. The earlier you do this in the season (like now) the longer you can enjoy it.

Click through to see the full makeover.


So we took fairly basic, comfortable Target furniture and dressed it up with accessories, textiles and lighting.  There is a method to this, so let’s break it down:

1. Shop and style within a consistent color palette. The basic furniture here is totally neutral, and the string/webbed furniture (which I ordered for myself because it’s AWESOME) had some gray and slate tones in it. So we kept the color palette tight so that it didn’t look junky with all the different accessories and styles.


2. Lighting – both on the tables and above – as string lights or lanterns. I will say that stringing lights across is laborious but once it’s done you won’t regret it. I’m pulling the pregnancy card and asking for Brian to do it. But for this project we used that back wall as a feature because stringing across the property made less sense.



Look at me unsuccessfully trying to hide that bump with pillows.


3. Mix up the patterns and textures within the color palette. Solid colors on solid colors mixed with other solid colors can work totally fine, but if you are looking for a more eclectic vibe, grab a few different patterns within the color palette and start mixing. I know you know this, but just make sure to mix up the scales of the patterns – like on the sofa, with large (the starfish), medium and small. And no, I don’t know why mysteriously there is a different throw on the sofa. But I’m intrigued.


4. Layer with potted plants. Plants are the room divider of your patio. They help create intimacy and privacy as well as add to texture and life, obviously.


I LOVE all the cement planters and stools in the new Spring line – as well as that white and gold stool.


That set (the string furniture) is awesome. I eyed it for a while, then as I pulled the trigger it was sold out and I was BUMMED because it was just my favorite set – and I knew it would be yours and therefore It would end up being the gold task lamp 2.0. Luckily it just came back in stock. (Also luckily for you I saw the new fall look book and the gold task lamps are back and in a floor AND floor arch version as well).


I was pretty surprised/relieved at how well the furniture worked together. The main furniture and the string chairs are very different, but once we started layering on the navy and all the plants it totally pulled together.

Now you know the drill – if you like it, it’s going to sell out, so just buy it (and return it if it doesn’t work!) instead of waiting. Because even though it feels like it’s just April (because it is) it’s the time to at least start thinking about living outdoors for the summer.

1. Starfish Throw Pillow 2. Hammered Aluminum Bowl 3. Patio Rug 4. Wicker Patio Loveseat 5. Navy Wicker Accent Table 6. Navy Stone Accent Table 7. Ikat Lumbar Pillow 8. Diamond Throw Pillow 9. Faux Concrete Table 10. Wicker Ottoman 11. Patio Chair 12. Ceramic Accent Table 13. Milkglass Lantern 14. Filament String Lights 15. Globe String Lights 16.Wood and Iron Lantern 17. Patio Pouf 18. Wicker Patio Chaise 19. Mini Concrete Planter

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48 responses to “Take It Outside – Target Patio Makeover

  1. Emily, this is delightful!!! I haven’t seen anything similar at the Target in my neck of the woods….. It’s all so you, and of course you can’t go wrong with blueandwhite (my ultimate color palate). So I’m wondering, how is your deck area coming along? And will you stay in your house once Baby Girl arrives, or move to your dream country house??? Just curious……..

    1. Deck area is coming – landscaping finished yesterday (ish) and we are just pulling everything together for a big shoot in a few weeks. As of now we won’t stay forever (no yard) but will probably for a while. We are doing the bathrooms soon, too, so I can’t imagine putting in that work then ditching 😉

  2. Nope those string chairs are sold out. I see some reviews were from 2 months ago so yes its not like they were gone in 3 minutes a la Lilly Pulitzer but 2 months ago it was February and we had a foot of snow here…

    I hate how Target plays us like fools. I’m not interested in their games. But at least I can look at the pieces you select and how you’ve styled it all and then do my own take and find vintage (which is better anyway) if I’m so inclined. However vintage patio furniture is a hard find I’ve found in the midwest. It just doesn’t last in this weather over the decades and we have never really had the outdoor living spirit that other places in the west and south enjoy.

    1. I promise they were just in stock as I just ordered them. I’m sorry! And yes, vintage outdoor furniture is always hard. Last year I bought a bunch of fun vintage wickers stuff that is now totally ruined. And I live in LA so it only got rained on a few times – i think that sun ruins things just as much as the rain. Good luck 🙁

      1. I’ll keep checking. Maybe there will be some returns over the next few days and weeks. The price is right so it’s worth watching.
        And you make a good point about the sun! At least here if people do invest in some quality patio furniture it’s stored inside for half the year.

  3. Hi Emily I think the links might be a little messed up, I clicked on the link for the loveseat and it took me to the ottoman 🙂

  4. OMIGOSH…those chairs! Swoon!

    Right now all my furniture is off my patio and in my basement until pollen season is over. It’s so bad in April/May in Virginia! Otherwise I’m out there every week wiping yellow crud off of every surface and cranny. Yuck.

  5. Victory! I bought those chairs online from Target 2 months ago. I knew they would be a hit! For once, I’m not behind the pack. Great arrangement, Emily. Personally, I’m obsessing over black pots right now. That’s because I bought more white pots that could reasonably be used, of course.

  6. Boo! The ikat lumbar pillow is also unavailable, which was going to be my boobie prize since I couldn’t get the chairs. .
    Every target post that you do, I instantly shop. I don’t think one has happened without me buying at least one thing…from your navy stripe pj bottoms, my nate wall hanging…to my new aqua zip wallet and everything in between…I love and value your recommendations!
    But it’s really a repeated bad taste to get your Em Hendo approved balloon popped!
    You’re wonderful Emily! I don’t mean to be a complainer. But, is their a way to solve this with Target?

    1. EEEK. Thanks, Sarah. We are working on what we can do to fix it. Its a supply and demand issue, but i’ll see what I can do. xx

  7. Love, love, love those chairs. So bummed they are sold out, I was going to buy them asap! They remind me of the ones that are at West Elm … the Target ones are a steal!!

  8. I feel like I’m finally on top of things – I bought that rug 6 weeks ago when they first put it out at our local store! Even though we still had feet of snow in Chicago because I knew it would be gone by the time our “spring” arrives in June.

  9. I must say, the most exciting part of this post is finding out the brass task lamp is coming back!!! Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  10. Loving the ‘light concept’ in this!!! Cafe lights in a hanging wire basket. Mind. blown. So simple, so perfect!

  11. Love the exterior of course but YAY the brass lamps are back AND in floor AND arch!!!!!! Totally staking out the store in the fall so it doesn’t turn into the sadness of #nolilysunday

  12. Hi Emily. Once again, a winner! Thanks for all the inspiration — always. I continue to revisit all of your Target videos. They just make me so happy! And just so Target knows you’re doing your job well, I have bought at least one thing from every collection/combination you’ve featured.

    Too bad the awesome string chairs are sold out BUT I’m looking for something different from your video: THE THROWS! First the awesome one in blue & off-white floral pattern that appears to have pick-stitching, and then the striped one that mysteriously appeared and disappeared. I am guessing that they are your one-of-a-kind/vintage finds, but I figured I’d ask anyway.

    Lastly, I pre-ordered your book as soon as I saw it pop up on Amazon…and I had pre-ordered and have already received “The New Bohemians” and “Design Mom” books. I know your book will be just as fabulous as that little baby girl that’s smiling inside of you. Thank you!

  13. You did it again — thank you for this styling post! We have the Best Target Ever in our township (Superior, Colorado) — super kind people work there, well-stocked, huge and shiny organic produce section, etc. — and I was there this a.m. purchasing ingredients for marinated tempeh with chermoula (and party-size bags of chips because the kids love their chips + I love when they’re on special … like today). Luckily I’d checked my e-mail and my eyes fastened on some of your fun lighting ideas, so in addition to my veg + chips I am now the happy owner of those darling wood + iron wee lanterns. I’m not much of a navy blue person (or a blue person at all), but our outdoor upholstery does all have navy blue Sunbrella piping (the bodies are their yellow + white awning stripe). Fun post — with Spring here it’s feeling good to be outside … with a jacket on, but outside nevertheless!

  14. Eh, those string chairs are ok for the price, but just look clunky compared to the West Elm Huron chair that they’re knocking off. If I actually had outdoor space 🙁 I would save up and get a Huron chair instead.

    That pouf is super cute, though. I may have to get one for inside…

  15. Emily, I’m so glad you’ve featured the Heatherstone loveseat because I was able to snag that entire set at the last year end clearance for 75% off. I love it so far! Thanks for the inspiration to give my little patio a face lift for this season. I love everything you did with this space.

  16. I love the patio and all, but finding out that the gold task lamp (and in other iterations) is coming back is the best part of this post! I wish there was a way to get some kind of alert!?

  17. The room looks very nice, but I personally find the palette just a little boring. I love your style Emily, and anyone would be lucky to have this patio, but why not some yellow/orange/pink/red/anything else for some pop?

  18. How exactly do you string lights across your yard? I’ve pondered this every time I see the opening credits to Parenthood. Now THAT is some fantastic light stringing! But, alas, the “how to” of the whole process has eluded me. Are there stakes that you put in the ground to attach the lights to? I mean, if I run the lights from fence to fence in my backyard then someone is bound to get decapitated…there has to be a better alternative. I’d appreciate any insights.

  19. Hi Emily! I’m loving this look. Is there any way you can email your contacts at Target to see if they’re going to get these chairs back in stock? I’m obsessed and I think others are too 🙂

  20. Gorgeous as usual. Just can’t help myself from saying, glad you didn’t style this all from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line or we wouldn’t be able to get any of the items! Love all the indigo.

  21. I always love your Target videos and this is no different. Target hit pay dirty when they signed you on board. Hope the relationship is mutually rewarding.

  22. I have to agree with other commenters and it’s something I have been meaning to say for a while, but my complaint is not with you, but with Target:

    It drives me crazy that they have you promote items that they don’t sell – aren’t in stock. If they are going to have these planned promotions (which I love and you do flawlessly like everything else) then the items should be available for purchase! Honestly, I spend most of my money at Target and buy everything there, but I’ve been so mad about this at times I’ve been trying to scale back. Feels bush league.

    And yes, patio furniture is sold out. 🙁

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