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Life is getting more poignant every day. Pre-pregnant Emily was already “very in tune with her emotions” as Brian used to say. I was very easy to cry, but in a way that I thought was kinda normal and borderline adorable, even. Like when after watching “The Notebook” I made Brian swear to me, whilst weeping, that we’ll die together, or when I cried and cried after watching the YouTube engagement video where the husband got all their friends to be part of him popping the question. VERY in tune with my emotions, indeed, but nothing too freaky.

Recently my enhanced sentimental self was thinking that I might have the best soon-to-be dad as a husband ever, and that I don’t do very many sweet things for Brian. That guy is officially the best, but we’ve been together for 13 years so “the best” starts to seem not so much like the best anymore. But with our impending son coming I’m more and more excited and grateful that I married him and that he’s going to be the father to our kids. He’s the guy that EVERYONE says, without prompting, “Oh my gosh, Brian is going to be such a good dad.” He’s that guy. He has his faults (and we certainly have our issues), but I’m just so grateful that I feel very confident that he will be a very good dad.

Officially the sappiest intro to a DIY video, ever.

Basically I decided to dedicate this DIY post to Brian Von Henderson and why I love him.

surprise poppers

In this video I make and give one Brian Von Henderson a bouquet of balloons. No, he’s not particularly into bouquets of balloons — he’s a fairly macho man — BUT it’s not the balloons that he is responding to; it’s the messages written inside that he couldn’t help but like.

Aren’t you glad that that video wasn’t just me weeping at an ultrasound picture? Were you kinda worried? Oh, it’s coming, folks, it will happen.

But for now it’s some good old-fashioned surprise poppers full of reasons why I love that guy and all the body hair that goes along with him.

Regardless if this is a girly way to show it or not, NOBODY dislikes it when somebody writes down 10 reason why they love them. I dare you to show me a man who doesn’t get a kick out of someone listing off why they are great. Did I just say “get a kick out of?” Terrifyingly adult and small town vernacular leaves these lips at times.


We threw away the balloons after they were popped, but kept all the ribbons so Brian can put them in his scrapbook. And when I say “Brian can put them in his scrapbook, ” I really mean “I’m going to hoard them in a box full of ‘memories’ meant to be put into a scrap book, then let that box torture me with the fact that I never make such scrapbooks anymore.” But obviously just looking through that box is worth it. True words of a hoarder.

In case this is sappy for you or you don’t have a Brian in your life right now, some OTHER ideas I thought of for this DIY are:

1. Birthday week balloon poppers. Seven for each day before the birthday with different clues about the upcoming gifts for your kid’s birthday week.

2. Clues to a scavenger hunt. One popper in each location.

3. Clever Place cards. Put a balloon on each plate at a table, and kids (or grownups) have to pop a balloon to find out where they sit.

4. Put a secret/surprise inside to be found out only when popped. We used my “Surprise Poppers” to find out the gender of our baby. We shot the video above the day that we found out the gender so surprise poppers were on the brain. Then we had Orlando put the ribbon inside the balloons with the “It’s a Boy” typed on it. Watch that video HERE. And while you are there, do me a solid and click to be a subscriber. Nothing annoying happens, I promise. It just makes me feel wanted and that all this video effort isn’t for nothing.

ribbon printer

You can write anything (one word or a long sentence) on these ribbons, and yes of course, they come in different colors with different inks and you can set the labeler to different fonts. You can actually use the same printer as the iron-on (see that video HERE), but just buy the ribbon cartridge instead. Obviously, I opt for the gold ink on navy … always on brand, folks. Purchase the printer and cartridges HERE. I’ve officially used them six times, and I don’t even have kids yet.

Thanks for watching the video, friends. Share around if you really want to help the cause. Video was produced by me for this blog, shot and edited by the wonderful Tessa Neaustadt. Hire her, she’s rad.

*This post was brought to you by Epson, but all ideas, thoughts, words, and ideas are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. 

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