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House plants are like overalls — you can’t just throw them on and expect them to look super chic, in fact you run the risk very easily of looking kinda cheap and messy. But put a teeny bit of time into it, follow some simple guidelines, and you can walk away looking like this lady:


I mean she is cool, with a capital K. You better believe I will be rocking these while I style my next interior house plant garden. In peep toe heels, none the less.

bri emery's (designlovefest) living room
Photo by Laure Joliet

So I made a little video for you on how to create your own indoor house plant garden using Bri’s house as my example. (See the rest of Bri’s living/dining room HERE).

And that’s how you do it. Not all plants can live indoors, certainly, but Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, philendronens, ferns, and most tropical plants do a pretty good job if you watch them. I’m certainly not a botanist (or whoever it is that takes care of plants), so ask your plant guy at the nursery for how to take care of them.

bluedot toro leather chair
Photo by Laure Joliet

Thanks Arian for the video. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE which basically comes up in your YouTube feed when I make a new one, but more importantly it makes me feel good to have subscribers. 🙂

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