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As you know I’ve been working on designing my good friend Joy’s studio the last few months. Well, it’s all finished, folks, and we can finally post it. But of course no good/smart blogger spends 11 hours writing a 12 page long FRIDAY post, please — I know you all are just counting the minutes when you can get out of the office. So instead it’s going to be national Oh Joy week on the blog next week, with EVERY SINGLE detail of how, why, and where from. This wasn’t a budget office necessarily, but everything in it is doable to recreate on your own and I’ll show you how. Secrets, folks, secrets.

Meanwhile Joy made this video, and yes, I have like five videos coming next week for each area of the space. It’s like an ‘Oh Joy Emily Henderson’ mini-series … or telenovela except without the handlebar mustaches and dramatic love triangle.

I hope you like the space. It’s the happiest studio I’ve ever been in and I’m so proud to have designed it (with a massive amount of help from Sr. Designer Samantha Gluck. Thanks SAM!!!).

So what do you think? And more importantly who are you wearing for national Oh Joy week????

(Video by Modshift)

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