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Mixing patterns is trending, folks, in fashion and home style. But there are tricks and tips to styling them right so you don’t look like a crazy person and instead look like a super interesting, well traveled, uber chic person. Because THAT is what you want.

Thank you so much for all the mantel styling support.  Honestly the feedback and the love keeps the train moving and the content gets produced so much faster, so thank you.  In case you missed the first video, ‘How to style your mantel’ check it out.

Here you go, Video #2 for your viewing pleasure.

mixing patterns from modshift

And we are thinking ‘shelf styling’, ‘mixing masculine and feminine’ and ‘coffee styling’ is next unless you guys are dying for something else.  Speak up and leave in the comments and now that the Emily team has more help and is taking on less clients, stuff is actually happening around here.

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