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Sometimes I’m convinced that the world would just function so much better every day if we all lived in same-sex houses. Besides the fact that Brian and I only agree on like, two TV shows to watch, design-wise he is not impressed with my “throw pillows that hurt my face, ” or he might think my “collection of miniature gold shoes is weird.” It’s just hard to design for both sexes. In general, guys want things less decorative, more functional, less pretty, more tech-y, less awesome, more “boy.”

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I apologize for how gender stereotypical this post is about to be. You might start to argue that these stereotypes don’t exist for everyone and you are definitely right … BUT after doing 26 houses on the show and then 12 since, there were almost always the same requests from males and females, so the stereotypes became kinda undeniable. It’s like saying people from the South are more friendly or gay men have better style then straight — of course, not EVERYONE agrees but generally this is a truth we all know.

So in this video I show you some tips to mixing his and her styles together. Once again I apologize to all you same-sex couples out there that read this blog and have to deal with heterosexual gender stereotypes. Maybe one of you might have more masculine or feminine taste than your partner so hopefully there is still some info for you.

Video by Modshift for me.

Meanwhile, check out this post on Design Compromise for Couples that I wrote a while ago, with an additional six more tips.

Happy Friday, folks. We have a special post on Monday so make sure to come back. Have an awesome weekend. xx

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2 responses to “How To Mix Masculine And Feminine Styles Together

  1. Thanks for the post about MIX MASCULINE AND FEMININE STYLES together. I was looking for that type of post. Eagerly waiting for the next post. from apkja

  2. I’m curious about the two tall pieces of furniture in the corner. Are they vintage or where are they from? I need something like that for my living room!

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