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So, the other day at Orlando’s place you got to see his lovely gallery wall, and while, yes, a lot of us are over these when they are done wrong, when they are done RIGHT they are still pretty awesome in my book.

So we thought we’d make a video on what do do with the major focal wall in your house . What do you put up there and how … ?  It can set the tone for other things in your house and yes, dumb things down if the focal wall is bad or too small or making any number of other easy mistakes.

Together, Orlando and I show you the three best options for your focal wall and the rules that go along with them.

In case you are at work and your boss is all “No focal wall videos on my dime, ” be sure to watch it later, but to recap there are three major options:

1. The huge statement piece (watch the video for sizing rules on this guy).

orlando soria art

2. A grid with multiple pieces of similar art (below abstract art above the Dunham sofa — all from West Elm.) God from this angle those look WAYYY too close together, but watch the video.


3. The gallery wall. (Again, watch the video for some tips on how to do this because mistakes are made every day in America when it comes to gallery walls.)


And sometimes we GIF things out because it’s just so satisfying to watch.


What’s your favorite?

1. Huge piece

2. Grid

3.  Gallery wall

Thanks Tessa for these photos, video, and for giffing it out.

Fin Mark


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