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I have a new awesome photo/video intern/assistant, Tessa, and so after David and I finished shooting Graham’s room, we did a little styling video for your viewing pleasure.  Still trying to figure out what these videos should ultimately feel like (fun, casual and loose? or polished, pulled together and professional? or both?), and watching this I of course wish I was way more scripted and not just so off the cuff, but it was friday and it is friday and sometimes you just want to make a fun video.

Let me know what you think and if any of you all have any brilliant video ideas, PLEASE request.  I’m starting to get stumped. Is a weekly webcast more fun? Is a mini-series making over  a space more fun? Are the behind the scenes videos fun to watch or is it just fun for me to have mini documentaries on our days? Or should I just show video of Bearcat holding her tail like an ice cream cone and licking it? Because I think we could all learn a little about our own personal grooming from the softest black cat on the planet.

Weigh in, folks.  I need a game changer over here.

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Check out the makeover, his sister Grace’s makeover, and more videos HERE.

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