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*** Congratulations JBL FLIP winners: Jessica Grove, Elana Kilkenny, and Kristin Robertshaw! Look out for information to follow!


This one is a doozy, trust me. I mean, the living room started with apple green walls and ’90s Tuscan-style tile, like so:

living room before

Hideous and empty, clearly, but FULL of amazing potential. And now, folks, she is almost totally finished and she is looking GOOD, nay, better than good — legitimately awesome if I do say so myself.

But here’s what normally happens: we redesign the house, then shoot the house to pitch to a magazine, then it takes awhile for magazine to say yes, set up a shoot, shoot it, and months later publish it. The whole process normally takes a year or so AFTER we are done with the house and in that year I’m not allowed to show any AFTER photos. This is VERY difficult as you know because I can barely go 10 minutes without telling a stranger something uber personal about myself.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t show you a video, right?

For this video I partnered up with JBL Audio and Sharkpig Studios to give you an exclusive sneak peek into this home.

It’s install day — the day that we really do most of the work, all of the styling, and often dance like a cat with an itch in the middle of its back. It’s not pretty but it is accurate.

You’ve seen the before photo (above), now watch the after:

I mean, pretty much all Orlando and I do is dance and throw pillows at each other. It’s like a non-stop ’90s teenage slumber party over here.

To reward you for watching and sharing (please share!!!) we are giving away not one, not two, but THREE of the JBL Flips that you see in the video. What’s a Flip? Well, listen up (pun intended), I’ll explain: The Flip is portable, (no chords whatsoever you just charge it when not in use), it’s attractive (duh), and it plays from your iPhone (or smart phone or computer). AND the most important fact that often us stylish-obsessed people dismiss when it comes to tech and audio is … it sounds AWESOME. I know this because I previously didn’t think I cared about such things until I tested a ton of these portable blue-tooth speakers (including the widely loved jam box that looks cool too, but sadly has poor sound quality compared to the Flip) and found that this guy has AMAZING sound. Most dudes know that JBL and Harman Kardon rule in quality, but I didn’t really know that until I did my blind hear test (I’m not kidding).

And so can you:


So now, I use the Flip when I want something that is super portable, throw-around-able, and with good sound. I know what you are thinking: “You have to say that because it’s a sponsored post.” Nah, I actually don’t. All I have to say is “The post post was in partnership with JBL.” That’s all, and yet I keep writing …

I use this bad boy ALL the time; when I’m installing in a house, certainly, but mainly when I’m at home cleaning, going room to room, listening to This American Life. I don’t have a huge surround sound system in my house, nor do I want to schlep my computer and a speaker from room to room. This guy is super easy to just move with me and it’s all controlled by my phone (or computer) — and plays anything my phone does: Spotify, podcasts or my iTunes library. Plus it looks dope (I prefer the white one, but I like the blue as well).

jbl video

For those of you who want one of these to arrive at your door all you have to do is share this post or video — either on Twitter or Facebook and tag @JBLAudio in the post, and then come back here and comment that you did. Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact the THREE random winners. You have until Sunday, September 1st (my birthday) to enter. Happy birthday to me and you 🙂sharkpig video

Meanwhile Orlando and I will be laughing at apparently nothing while Sharkpig’s team (‘Sup, Steve) shoots more videos of us dancing like injured ferrets.

Comment away folks. Get yerself a free piece of actually stylish audio because how else are you supposed to listen to ‘Blurred Lines’ over and over and over for the rest of the summer?

See the transformation room by room – Living Room,  Reading Nook,  Nursery,  Master Bedroom,  Kitchen,  Guest Room,  Dining Nook,  Master Bathroom

*This video and post was in partnership with JBL Audio, but all ideas, designs, words, thoughts, opinions, and dancing choreography are my own. Thank you VERY much for supporting the partnerships that keep food in my fridge and clothes on my cat. 

Fin Mark


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