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Most of you live in places where winter happened this year. I heard about it and even saw it on the news (and by news I mean Facebook and Instagram). At first it looked romantic, then chilly and then just terribly inconvenient what with your coat wearing and all. Well, I think that Spring is finally here and we are styling about it. The newest Target video is up, and it’s all about creating a happy sunroom to celebrate spring. This time we actually transformed the space because nothing is more satisfying than watching something improve right before your eyes – like Matthew Lewis.

Target’s new spring line is very good, as you can see, full of blues, whites, natural materials and whimsical beach-y motifs. We simply mixed in a couple vintage/DIYs to create this very happy, bright and well-rounded sunroom for your viewing pleasure. Click on through …


This room was clearly a good shell – it was bound to be happy no matter what direction we took it. We (along with Chris and Scott) came up with this concept of a bright yet soft beach inspired sunroom full of Target and a few vintage pieces. So we shopped, styled, played and installed this pretty little room to ease all your winter blues.

Slowly the room came together – as demonstrated in my favorite gif ever made on the internet:


The daybed was just a simple twin frame, with two foam pads on top wrapped in canvas dropcloth (that had been washed and dried 10 times). While we obviously wanted to show off Target product we knew that bringing in a few vintage pieces would be more realistic and tell a fuller story (nobody has pieces from just one store). The two trunks were just vintage trunks from the flea market ($40 each) that we painted and added legs to. The woven chair is vintage but you can buy a new/similar one here, and the daybed was something we really just threw together and added pretty linens and pillows on top.  We added that pretty fan collection, the old bedspread and some real sea shells and books, but, everything else is from Target. Every side table, accessory, bookshelf, pouf and pillow.

Man, I love this happy room, full of clean, bright colors that are just so easy for the eye to understand. Sometimes when you go ‘bright and fun’ it can become chaotic, but not these white and blues – it’s just simple, mediterranean-inspired, happy living … with a California bent.

Blue and white can go a bit cold, so we kept it feeling balanced and warm with all those natural materials – wood, the woven pouf, the hanging wood sculpture in the window and the woven side table. The greenery added that perfect accent = cactus, succulents, olive branches and even the fern which helped us obscure that dark functionless fireplace.

Porcelain Lantern | Ceramic Octopus | Leaning Bookshelf | Art by Kate Smithson

My friend Anne Sage stopped by and we chatted about spring decorating, blogging, our upcoming books and the fact that she looks smarter because she wears glasses. And probably because she is smarter. We’ve known each other for years via the blog-u-verse so it’s always fun to actually see and touch people in person. So I gave her my friendly ‘elbow touch’.

Anne wrote a lovely post about the experience here on her blog. Thanks, A.

Porcelain LanternCeramic Shell | Hurricane Candle Holder | Dark Blue Vase Large | Wooden Candle Holder | Silver Leaf Clam ShellAntique Navy Milk Bottle Vase |Ceramic Whale Bone | Dark Blue Vase Small

That shot up there is such a good example of how you can mix whites, creams, and taupes and have them look so inviting and warm together. That blanket is one I’ve had forever – and you can find them on eBay or at the flea market pretty easily if you just rummage through the piles of fabric riddled with tea stains and mold. The fresh new pillows make that bed spread feel relevant and trendy, and the vintage granny blanket give the pillows a little bit of quirk and soul. The throw next to it, with the fringe, is Target, too.

BasketIkat Dot Pillow | Diamond Ikat Pillow | Ikat Design Pillow

While my heart still belongs with brass (a matte brass these days) I am beginning to love silver more and more. Here is the quiet metallic – still going a bit glam but needing less attention.

Wooden Tray | Blue Coasters | Ceramic Whale Bone

That gif clearly exhausted me – so I decided to lay down and tell you about my spring, with my eyeballs.

Wooden Candle Holder | Curtains | Hanging Planter | Ikat Design Pillow | Accent Table | Blue and Clear Table Vase | Ceramic Octopus | Porcelain LanternCeramic Shell | Ceramic Sea Urchin | Leaning Bookshelf | Pouf | Wooden Tray | Trunk VintageWooden Bird Figure | Rug | Chair Vintage (find a similar one here)

In case you missed the first round of Target videos go check them out here.  Let me know what you think about the new video and once again, if you are into the products up there grab them before they sell out. Because they do sell out. The easiest way to shop the whole new line is to go here or check out this post for more of my Spring picks.


1.Wooden Candle Holder 2.Basket 3. White Candle Holder 4. Silver Leaf Clam Shell 5. Accent Table 6. Hanging Planter 7. Rug 8. Diamond Ikat Pillow 9. Ceramic Sea Urchin 10. Pouf 11. Ikat Design Pillow 12. Ikat Dot Pillow 13. Leaning Bookshelf 14. Ceramic Shell 15. Blue and Clear Table Vase 16. Wooden Tray 17. Dark Blue Vase Large 18. Porcelain Lantern 19. Ceramic Octopus 20. Curtains 21. Wooden Bird Figure 22. Blue Coasters 23. Antique Navy Milk Bottle Vase

*Photos by Tessa Neustadt for Target. Hair and Makeup by Danielle Walch, Wardrobe by Jordan Rudd.

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78 responses to “Blue and White Sunroom – With Target

  1. The timing of this post is so perfect it’s parfait even. We are going to have a sunroom in our new house- yay!- and I’ve only the vaguest idea of what I want to do with it. This really helps! What a great room. Thanks!

  2. It definitely doesn’t get much more Spring/Summer than this room. Reminds me of a little beach cottage down in Florida, but in the best way possible. Like.. the one your eccentric Aunt with great taste would have, and the kind that you’d never want to leave.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  3. These target posts are so depressing for me since they just closed all their locations in Canada a year after opening them 🙁

  4. Yes, we had another awful winter here in the northeast. That makes three years in a row of below normal temperatures and snow.

    But at least we have plenty of water.
    So, you know, there’s that.


  5. I am so glad you + Target have this relationship and you share these before-during-after posts. I’ve long been a Target customer but more of the groceries / cleaning supplies type, not a decorative consumer. But you’ve altered my eye. Yesterday I popped ’round, and as I made my way to find children’s hangers I made a point, courtesy of your posts, to walk through the home accessories section. I espied an aquamarine glass pedestal filled with ceramic lemons — those lemons were fantastic! (and only $2.99 apiece) I purchased just one to place on the (lilac) mantel in our bedroom and it is already giving me such joy, that twee thing. Thank you for these posts and opening my eye(s).

    1. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH. That makes me sooo happy (and hopefully makes Target happy which makes me in turn more happy). Thank you. Its been so fun taking what I know has so much potential and styling it in a way that people really respond to. So thank you xx

  6. I want to make my living room look exactly like this! Target is coming out with the best spring stuff right now, so pretty. I need some of those bright pops of blue! Now if only I got this much sun…

    1. I just saw a sneak peek into the fall stuff and you guys are going to freak out. Its SHOCKING. Start saving …

  7. This room makes my heart sigh with contentment. It’s so airy and breezy and comfy and inviting all at the same time. Nice job!

  8. Love it! So fresh and pretty and much needed after this brutal winter.

    My only request – it can be tough to search around the Target site (not your fault – entirely theirs, I know) and it would be awesome to have one link to everything listed in a post – as opposed to having to go back and forth between the Target site and here.

    1. That is such a fantastic idea. As I’m writing this Sara is pulling together a product board with all the links on it that we’ll add to the post – because i thought the same thing. But it will still be just individual links to their site. But of course I personally think its a fantastic idea to have an ‘Emily Henderson pics’ page on their site by season, right?

  9. This is lovely! Can you share your source for the simple white bed frame? I’m looking for something just like it for our guest room.

  10. I LOL-ed at your Matthew Lewis analogy. I ran into him at a club in Brussels in 2007. We were both 18 and danced all night and absolutely NONE of my friends believed me when I said he was hot.

    1. HA. That’s awesome. I didn’t know about his transformation til yesterday and I was like woahhhhhhhh, impressive.

  11. 1. Damn you for showcasing that woven poof. I eyed it on my last Target trip and have been thinking about it. Now it will be sold out in a heartbeat.

    2. It just occurred to me that quite possibly you create the gifs backwards. Like, once you get the room perfect, you take away a few pieces at a time until it’s empty, then put the pictures together in backwards order to make the gif. This is news to probably no one but I thought of it today for the first time and my mind is blown.

    3. Yes, please– to more of these features of room styling. I mean, I’m happy you found jeans that fit, and it’s awesome that you’re creating another BabyHendo, but please keep the STYLE in stylebyemilyhenderson.

    That’s all! Thanks for brightening my Tuesday.

    1. HA. you are right about the gif!! We have to, otherwise it would it would be the messiest weirdest gif ever. So yes, once the room is finalized we remove the items, one by one. It’s my favorite thing to do in the world.

      And re #3. YES, I agree. More styling rooms. As you can imagine they take more resources and I was a bit under the weather the last couple months, but we are shooting some this week and will always do so, so don’t worry. 🙂

    1. I think just a hardware store, actually. In LA you can find there at Anawalt or Koontz, but i’m not sure about Lowes or HD – but just google it and you’ll find a bunch online, too.

  12. I drove by one of the newly shuttered Target stores in town this morning. They were taking the big Target emblem off the wall. So sad. I guess I will have use these videos as inspiration and get creative finding alternate sources, the way I used to do before those glorious days when all the Target-y beauty was mine for the buying.

    1. I’m not sure. But whatever it was they weren’t happy with it and were reflooring soon – it did not wear well. It was a location house that we rented and that area is now totally demoed because they are remodeling!

      1. Its vintage and its awesome. Not hard to find, but I think hard to make. I know that Urban sells a knock off of it. shhhh

  13. Any chance you have a link for the blue and white throw on the bed and the one draped over the chair??? I couldn’t find it in your post. Thanks bunches!

  14. Emily, can you tell me more about the daybed? I’ve been looking for a very simple twin frame, and I love this one. If you remember the exact source or even something similar, I’d appreciate it!


  15. I’m loving that old trunk on legs. I had one of those as my toy box when I was a kid. I should paint (over the pink) and put some legs on it…

  16. Hey Emily–
    How can we best send you pics of projects we’ve done in our own homes that were inspired by you? (I have quite a few!) I’d love to send you some pics for no other reason than to make your day and show you how much/many times your blog has made my day! Is there an email address?? 🙂

  17. THAT POM POM BLANKET THAT IS SO WONDERFUL! Where, oh where, did it come from?! Is it Target too? Ive been on a semi-frantic search for it but thought I would comment and see if you could point me in the right direction. Am I just glazing over it?!

    PS- this room is so perfect. You did a wonderful job.

  18. I should throw myself from a bridge right now… my feelings of inadequacy are insurmountable!!! 😉 I love your design, your personality, your smile… I come here first every single day. Thank you for all you do!

  19. ….about that rug. I love it! but I literally want to hurt something because of all the shedding on wool rugs. Does this not drive you crazy? I had a wool rug in my bedroom (pb chunky wool) and it shed for YEARS before I got rid of it. Major shedding the entire 5 years I owned it. Even with regular vaccuming, my dark hardwood floors looked like a cat exploded! I recently went ahead an purchased a flat weave wool rug (also pb :() and it does the exact same thing, I had hoped it would be better. I just can not deal with the shedding, am I alone here? I will not buy another wool rug… ugh… unless it’s amazing.

  20. This is absolutely lovely! “Say good bye to winter blues and hello to summer hues!” I love that so much. Mixing various shades of white and blue is such a good tip. Thank you for that! I love this sun room and definitely plan on implementing this style in my own home. Great post!

  21. Crushing on this room. HARD. Can you recommend what type of spray paint to use if I want to jack your idea of painting a trunk? I have an old one hiding behind my sofa that is now begging to be brought out center stage!

  22. Emily I’m amazed by how you’ve made a white and blue room look so warm and inviting! I imagine the blues are just the right touch of cool to a sunroom on a hot summer’s day. This is making me want to paint my floor boards white and throw some blue ikat cushions onto my (already white) sofa! That gif only makes me want to do some decorating RIGHT NOW. x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

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