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Reasons to watch this video:

A. I’m without makeup again, and dressed like a ’60s flight attendant. Again.

B. You get to see the family room from Monday’s post in action.

C. Orlando’s big biceps make an appearance.

D. There are sneak peeks into a dining room and office makeover that I’m very excited about.

It’s mainly worth watching for the biceps. And at one point I pretend to show you where the exits are on “the plane.” It’s not a particularly funny bit, but it’s my attempt at comedy.

Thanks Tessa for making the video and Zeke Ruelas for being such a wonderful, detail oriented, EXTREMELY picky photographer (in a good way).

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 5.19.44 PM

And here’s the deal, folks. I want to do more how-to videos (and I now have 10 confirmed that we are shooting!!!) and it would mean THE WORLD to me if you subscribed to my channel on YouTube.  The more subscribers I have, the more help I can get to make more videos and create more original blog content. Nothing annoying happens to you, it just raises my stats and therefore leverage in this super weird world of digital media. Such a weird world it is.

There you have it. Sometimes it’s just nice to ask for what you want. I’ve always been fairly assertive, but man I think that being pregnant really upped the bluntness in my life. Ask Orlando. 🙂

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