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OK, folks. I styled my bedroom with three different night stands (that I’ve been hoarding) three different ways, but using the same styling rules and elements. Now you choose which one you liked most — and watch the video at the end.

1. Cooky Vintage Hollywood:

This one is definitely the most feminine, but it’s also the most exciting. So the question becomes: Do you want your bedroom to feel more calm and quiet, or a little more stimulating and exciting. Ahem.

Resources: Vintage deco rug from Bette Midler’s estate (1930’s, but she bought them in the 80’s and stay tuned since I’m selling two more similar to this on my One King’s Lane tastemaker sale March 10th). Vintage Milo Baughman night stand from the flea market. Vintage headboard recovered in new peacock blue velvet. Bedding: Garnet Hill Hotel Collection (and it’s VERY soft). Underneath all that is a Legget and Platt adjustable bed so’s I can blog in bed. I’m efficient like that.

I have five go-to accessories for nightstand styling. Here are the first three:

1. Lighting, obviously. You want to fill the vertical space on top of the night stand and you want convenient lighting so you aren’t having to go to the wall to turn off lights. Whatever happened to the clapper? Sometimes genius is never truly appreciated.

2. A tray/bowl or box for jewelry. I’m a last minute jewelry-taker-off-er so I like to have somewhere to corral my jewelry.

3. Something that smells nice — be it a candle or flowers. This is more for a guest bedroom and less important for the day to day, but why not treat yourself like a guest in your own house sometimes and put something that smells nice next to your bed? It sounds fussy but it’s just so lovely to have a bedroom that smells sweet.

Candle from Illume (whose candles I’m increasingly becoming obsessed with). Tray from CB2 but three years old. Moroccan tea glass/vase from OpenSky.

2. Global, eclectic and clean:

This bedroom is quieter and calmer with less “hot” colors, but still with warmth since I brought in that wood jewelry box (and of course that wood shoe.)  I like this one a lot because it is calming, quiet, and more masculine, but it lacks a little bit of the “crazy” that the first one has.

In this one I enlist two more of my go-tos:

4. A cute alarm clock.

5. A water decanter/glass to avoid middle of the night trips to the kitchen.

Resources: West Elm elephant lamp. Nate Berkus rug from HSN (no longer available). Vintage campaign style Baker night stand. Throw from Target, I believe.

Clock/water carafe from West Elm, but discontinued. Vintage shoe from Inheritance. Jewelry box from the flea market.


3. Cool, Unexpected, Eclectic:

This room just became a lot more interesting by not using a traditional night stand or a traditional lamp, but it’s also less functional without that storage. I still love it.

You’ll notice the same elements apply: An untraditional vintage accordion lamp still fills that vertical space, but I’ve added a sweet plant below to help fill the in-between empty space. A tray corrals the jewelry and the candle in one. I needed one more item (because things work best in threes) to make everything work together, so I brought in a brass plane, of course.

Resources: Vintage burl wood table. Vintage brass plane. Blue and white polka dot platter from Nickie Kehoe, candle from Illume. Planter is vintage from the flea market. Throw is from West Elm (and it is VERY soft).

Accordian lamp from the flea market, but I think I’m going to sell it on my next sale … stay tuned.

All of these nightstands utilize my main styling tip, which is: Always have …

1. Something with height — in this case, lighting.

2. Something solid and horizontal to ground the table, like the tray/box or books.

3. Something sculptural to soften the difference between the vertical items and the horizontal items.

Watch this video we made to demonstrate how these three looks came about:

My new intern, Tessa, and I made it right after we shot the photos. Thank you Tessa. And thank you so much Bethany Nauert for shooting all the nightstands.

So which is your favorite nightstand?

1. Cooky, Vintage, Hollywood

2. Global, Eclectic and Clean

3. Cool, Unexpected and Eclectic.


And for bonus votes, guess which one I’m actually living with right now, which may or may not be my favorite …

Fin Mark


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  1. Hi! I love your blog. Can you tell me what the style of that pink velvet lampshade is? I have an old one I’m trying to replace and I can’t properly search the internet without the style name. Conical? Multiple Cylinders? Scroll? You see the issue I’m having here…

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