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The Updated Recliner Roundup



In life we have the golden rule, “treat others how you would like to be treated”. In design we have another rule “whatever you do, DO NOT put a comfy albiet disgusting recliner anywhere in the house”. The recliner although one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture on the market has seen some pretty perilous days when it comes to design. Typically they involve bad fabric, overstuffed curves, and a “too-large” scale for anyone’s living room. But, my friends it is 2017 and the recliner has come a long way from the terrible versions of decades past.


To be completely transparent there is only one room that I can think of where I actually had to design around a recliner, and it was for the most adorable elderly couple that actually sat in them everyday and needed something soft to sit in for medical reasons. Typically when it comes to living rooms I will use a chaise lounge, a chair and a half, or a chair and an ottoman to give the homeowner somewhere to get the “comfort” that they are looking for. But after many a roundup and many a request in the comments for a “recliner roundup” we decided that it was time to tackle the issue. We searched all over the internet for some options that wouldn’t embarrass you or your living room while still providing a cosy place to binge watch the newest season of Riverdale/Bachelor/Stranger Things/Whatever Your Guilty Pleasure Might Be when it is time to wind down.

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So, we present to you – 33 EHD approved recliners (all of which I personally would not be embarrassed to include in a design plan). Although as aforementioned, recliners are typically not my thing so we pulled these together purely based on style and design vs. comfort, so if any of you have had some one on one time in any of the options below let us know in the comments.

Emily Henderson Roundup Reclining Chairs Final

1. Sedgwick | 2. Greer | 3. Flight | 4. Rhys | 5. Marco Zanuso | 6. Alfonso | 7. Spencer | 8. Jericho | 9. Irving | 10. Finn Wingback | 11. Tyler | 12. Lynn | 13. Torino | 14. Milo | 15. Erick | 16. Logan | 17. Thomas | 18. Carlo Mollino | 19. Jesse | 20. Hinesburg | 21. Lincoln | 22. Kersey | 23. Dane | 24. Henry | 25. Holly | 26. Arne Vodder | 27. Coello | 28. Maxwell | 29. Patterson | 30. Kona | 31. Danish Highback | 32. Maxwell | 33. Hartford

So, which are your favorites? I am pretty partial to all of the vintage ones (does that surprise any of you), although the price point on some of them is higher than your everyday lounger. I also am very into #4 for the price, #25 for those curves and skirting, and #20 had me do a double take as it is impersonating a chair but actually reclines into a lounger.

Fin Mark


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Love this… spent so much time looking for a not-ugly, comfy recliner. We bought #11 (Pottery Barn Tyler) and LOVE it– soft leather, you sink right in, and size works for both my husband (6’1″) and I (5’0″).


I helped a client purchase #1. It’s super comfy, and looks great!


My designer recommended #1, and I have two of them side by side. They look stylish, not bulky and pass my father-in-law’s afternoon snooze test.


I wish I had this post a few years ago when my husband insisted on a recliner. I have #1. My hubby loves it. Everyone who comes to visit kicks back in it as well. It also is developing a nice aged look to the leather.


Are there any swiveling chairs you like? I’m looking for a chair for a small corner of my living room and it would be nice to be able to face the TV or other people without having to drag it around.

Julie P

Westelm has a lot of pretty recliners right now. I like the Austin especially, but it’s a lounger kind of shape, not a recliner.


Pottery Barn has a cute leather swivel chair in a barrel style. It doesn’t take up much room!


Grandin Road has some pretty ones. I got one from them that is wicker, but don’t see it listed currently.


The one from toys r us is a swivel glider- I think. I have the exact same from target in my nursery. It’s pretty comfy for an economically priced chair.


Ditto! And has to be comfortable as well as look nice!


LOL, I got #27 for my mom! It’s super comfortable and not tacky at all.


Does this mean we might get a chaise lounge roundup in the future, please?


I strongly second that, would so appreciate a chaise round up in the future – which is iniatally what I thought this post was going to be about with your first photo. Would be amazing to get both posts. Having said that I also needed this post, as so challenging to find that comfortable reclining great looking chair, yet so needed, so thank you!
Is this one of those items that would be best to go custom on? If so can you guys pls take on the challenge and design the great American/Parisian recliner, comfort and style together?


I love this round up and love that you mixed in some vintage options too! You’re round ups are so good 🙂 Thank you!!! Also more hair pics, please!! xx


Wow, you read my mind! I have a bad back injury & as much as I love love love my gorgeous mid-century style couch, it’s sadly not the best place for me to sit when I’m hurting…the old recliner in my parents basement is 🙁
I was about to start looking for a recliner that won’t be a complete eyesore in my apartment when you posted this, so THANK YOU!!!!

Cris S.

If my dad and/or mom ever move in with us, one of these is in our future (they have the ugliest ones at their home, but when you are 75 and had both hips replaced, I don’t begrudge them!). I really appreciate the feedback from other readers who actually have some of these!


Have to agree, love the vintage ones. But of course, they’re so expensive!! Although I did find me a vintage 60’s massaging recliner chair in a thick mustard gold patterned vinyl for $20 at a garage sale. It looks pretty fantastic in my MCM living room. (Trust me, it looks better than what I’m describing!)


Hair. Hair. Hair. Want to see


Yes, it is the post I am most excited about – please share!!

Vicki Williams

Good post but so disappointed not being able to see your new look! I got up early Monday…nothing! Today…Insta story! I don’t have it! can’t get it! Help for us non-techies! Not even on FB or Instagram! What’s going on?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily K

She barely showed it in the insta-story either. It was just a quick hair flip. Couldn’t really tell how it was cut. Maybe that means there will be a reveal the brand-new Emily post.


We have #7 from West Elm and it’s very comfortable and stylish!

Emily K

LaZboys are the only recliner brand I’ll ever buy as the footrest and back can operate independently of one another. Plus they recline nearly flat unlike so many recliners that don’t quite tip you back far enough to hit the sweet spot. Unfortunately LaZboys are also UH-GU-LEE!!! So I find the vintage ones. I have dreams of opening a vintage recliner shop where I would repair and replace the guts as needed. Sadly I doubt my tiny Town could support such a niche store like that.

Erin C

I haven’t looked recently, but I know I bought two LazyBoy recliners almost 10 years ago that looked like regular chairs until you leaned back. They were very similar in style to #9. They lasted quite awhile and only gave them away before a move.


Off topic : Has the paint color in the second picture ever been shared? I LOVE THAT COLOR!


I’m in night #10 of teething hell and just told my husband that at 3 AM the other night if my phone was handy, we would have had an ugly Michelin Man 1990’s recliner sitting on the front porch in the AM…at least with these I wouldn’t hate myself once I finally peeled my eyes open to see what I had done. Thanks for the round up!


Aw, been there Amanda! I was late to the recliner game with my baby and it’s my biggest regret that I didn’t get one sooner. I just didn’t want to shell out the cash but SO worth it! Those long nights are just… indescribable! I remember blurry eyed Amazon shopping but I didn’t purchase any. I bought #22 from toys r us since I could actually try it out and it’s been pretty great. I’m tall and made sure there was head support when I learned back. The back cushion looks a little shlumpy now a year into using it… Read more »

Christine Schwalm Design

I’ve got a leather one that looks a bit like #6 and love it. Looks like a club chair from the front and reclines beautifully. #2 is super comfortable–excellent lumbar support and a high back which is nice for taller folks.


I have #22. We bought it 4 years ago when our second baby was born. Positives: It fits me (5’5) and my 6’6 husband well (as in he can rest his head on the back), it has been an extremely comfortable place to nurse, rock, read to and nap with babies, and it’s been quite sturdy as now the kids are pretty rough with the rocking (esp when they pretend they’re surfing). Negatives: After A LOT of use, the back hasn’t held it’s shape well and it looks well-loved at this point. It’s absolutely about function and not aesthetics at… Read more »


I have this one too and the back has gotten worn in. I put a pretty Deell studio blanket over the back to cover it and it looks better. Congrats on baby #3!!

Jennifer S.

Thank you!!!! I so needed this! My husband keeps saying he wants a recliner and I KNOW he is thinking one of those old poofy funky ones like my dad had!


We have #22 in our nursery as it rocks/glides and reclines. I love it! I wish it leaned back a little farther without so much effort to keep it back but it has worked out so well for the past 14 months!


Great round up of recliners. I love them for the comfort but not always the look. It is great to see that manufactures have increased the selection of design recliners.


Great post! Can’t get enough of the Perigold & RH chairs.However, these all seem like pretty petite chairs. Not sure if there are any attractive recliner for taller/larger people: i.e. my husband who is frequently mistaken for an NFL lineman. This is a problem when looking for rocking/nursery chairs, too. “Recliners/Rockers for Big & Tall People”…future post idea, perhaps?

Cf Betcher

Hi! My husband is big and tall, truly. And he liked #1 from West Elm. The most inportant thing is chair height. For example, we love the Irving from PB, but won’t support his head when reclined!


My husband is 6’4 and broad. We purchased ours from Room and Board and have been very happy. It’s the Dalton, I think, except ours has a walnut base. (which I’m not seeing online)


I think most people buy a recliner more for the foot extension rather than the chairs actual ability to recline. It seems that the majority of these, although beautiful chairs, do not have any foot extension.


My husband insisted on buying the ugliest, biggest, puffiest recliner ever built. He said, “I let you decorate everything your way. All I want is a recliner.”
He wore me down & I gave in. It will be delivered in about a month. He’s so excited & won’t shut up about it.
I hope I don’t smother him in his sleep one night. If you ever drive by a see that recliner sitting on the curb…well, you’ll know what happened.

Lauren Pinson

I ordered a pair for our family room from Best Home Furnishings in a blue velvet like material because we needed something cat friendly and I wanted the comfort! They don’t have the same model now but they do make a few decent ones!


Yes, typically, I like the vintage, and therefore most expensive, ones best too! As an aside – they are categorically not chaise lounges, they are chaise longues (literally ‘long chairs’).


One of my clients got it from here since it was old, We did the sofa reupholstery at nominal cost


We got #22 with our first baby and boy did I LIVE in that chair for the first few months. Can confirm it is excellent. Not too big but big enough to fit my and my now 2 year old. It’s comfortable and not too bulky. We LOVE it!


I’m pregnant with my first and trying to figure out what kind of chair to get for our future nursery. This round up (and especially all the comments) is so helpful! Definitely pinning a few of these for later.

Alex E.

Hi Bethany, I’m literally sitting with my 6 week old son in #22 right now (in the “denim” color). It’s got great reviews and a number of other commenters here have it for the same purpose! Highly recommend. Congrats on your new addition!


Congrats on your new son! And thanks so much for the recommendation – I’m going to see if my local Toys R Us has one in stock to try out. All the good reviews on here are making it sound like a good choice!


I recently purchased #22, as my third baby arrives in a few weeks, but I got it off WAYFAIR for $300! It’s a very light grey color and has a very smooth fabric finish. I LOVE IT! (It glides, swivels, and reclines!)


OH MY GOODNESS! I just did a search on your page on recliners on Monday! Seriously, what are the odds! xoxoxoxo


On the West Elm site looks like #1 (Sedgewick) has a very short leg rest. Can any buyers here comment on the comfort of that? Does it support full leg extension?


Love this round up. Just wish my husband would settle for one of these beautiful chairs instead of wanting an entire sofa! … my search continues!

Cf Betcher

I bought the Sedgwick for my husband about 5 years ago. I had made him throw away is puffy, chair and a half, maroon (super comfy) recliner. This one felt tolerable. Sadly, after 5 years with two kids jumping on it, the mechanism broke. It’s currently held together with rope.
We’re looking at the Alex recliner from Arhaus. Psst. Don’t tell my hubby, but I have preapproved this one!

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Jordan G

We found a leather club chair recliner like #19 on Craiglist for $100. I was sooo excited because it already had that aged leather look. And thank goodness I had it because during my twin pregnancy I was on bed rest for 8 weeks, and I spent the majority of my days working on my laptop while fully tilted back in that Craigslist recliner. Sometimes a recliner is the only thing that does the job!


I bought a deep oversized club chair with an ottoman instead of a recliner and I love the style.

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Although as aforementioned, recliners are typically not my thing so we pulled these together purely based on style and design vs. comfort, so if any of you have had some one on one time in any of the options below let us know in the comments. Thanks your information.

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