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Trolling Craigslist… New Orleans



Nahlins, you fantastical city, you. I know I was there when I was little and I don’t remember much other than it looked pretty cool and weird. Trolling Craigslist there was fine but not amazing. But there are always some pretty good finds:

NOLA craigslist industrial stools nd MCM chairs

1. $60 Industrial Stools. Not amazing, but pretty great for that price.

2. $375 These wishbone chairs used to be my favorite dining chairs ever … not this finish necessarily, I like the raw finish better. I still love them but I’m not sure if these are the knockoffs or the real deal. The price isn’t incredible by any means, but it’s not bad. Just not sure what anybody is going to do with just 2 dining chairs. I suppose you can flank a credenza with them?

NOLA craigslist iron bed and mcm dresser

3. $45 Iron and Brass Full Sized Headboard. Kinda ugly but also kinda sweet if its styled right and in the right room. Try it with white linen bedding and some simple wood (either antique or midcentury) nightstands. Don’t add any ruffles, this thing is granny enough as it is.

4. $160 (plus side table)mid-century Dresser. Nothing to write home about but certainly a good piece at a good price. So if you have the space that needs it, grab this guy because its much cheaper than most dressers at a new store. NOLA craigslist MCM chair glass table brass vanity


5. $100 Brass and Glass Coffee Table Cute. Not vintage, but a cute little find.

6.$25  Brass Vanity. I can’t, with a clean conscious, actually recommend spending real money on this. But if you are young and looking to just have some fun decorating then something like this could scratch that itch for a while. Maybe you have a nutty floral wallpaper? Maybe you have just a simple white wall and some plants near it? Its not worth any money, but it might be worth some fun.

7. $30 Mid Century Safari Chair. This might be my first long distance hoard. $35 for this thing? What are you nuts? Its awesome. Go and buy it PLEASE. I own one of these already that I got at a thrift store for $150. ONE FIFTY!! And that was a good deal. So this bad boy is a great deal, indeed. NOLA craigslist dude chair vintage barstolls

8. $125/pair Retro Barstools. I’ve been shopping for bar stools for a while and let me tell you this – they are HARD to find for inexpensive. I need four and I want vintage, which is even harder. So if you are in New Orleans and need to stools consider these if you are on a budget. Not amazing, but pretty cute.

9. $150 Pair of Retro Chairs. I can’t really tell what the base is but I think these big pops of green look to be very cute chairs. Office? Dining nook?

10. FREE sofa. Its free. The lines don’t look bad and I like the 80’s/30’s style. Also, its free.

11.$150 Chunky Leather Chair and Ottoman. Score of the day, indeed. This leather looks beautifully worn. Although I will say that these kinds of chairs need a modern/mid-century context. You can’t put them in a bad 80’s or 90’s (or contemporary) style decorated house. Make sure that the other pieces of furniture really elevate it. Otherwise it goes pee wee’s playhouse pretty fast.

Good, but not Pittsburgh or Minneapolis quality. Where to next, folks?

And Happy Friday!!

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