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Back By Popular Demand: Our First Trolling Craiglist 2.0 City Picks



Blast from the past, anyone? TROLLING CRAIGSLIST IS BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. And by popular demand, we actually mean DEMAND. Any chance you guys had to ask us to bring this baby back, you took. Truthfully, I have no idea what even took us so long, but pish posh, no bother, here we are again. Digging through pages and pages of horrendous office furniture castoffs, chunky wood bed frames carved with baby angels, and the occasional gem. Emily Bowser, one of our stylists, is also insanely handy and loves a good furniture rehab/reenvisioning, so she volunteered to be our go-to Craigslist troller. Our plan is to do this once a month, on a Friday, and change cities each time. We’re starting with LA because well, it’s our backyard and had to scratch that itch for ourselves personally, but we promise to go somewhere more “challenging” next time (any suggestions welcome, though we have some ideas from the comments in this post).

I’m going to hand it off to Emily B. (who we just call Bowser to avoid confusion) now, who found some pretty great things, even if they need a little TLC. Take it away, Bowser:

2x2 Grid 42

  1. Antique Oak Table with 4 chairs, $400: This is beautiful and functional (comes with 2 leaves!). Sure, it could stand for a sanding and the seats need reupholstering, but it’s a DIY I could handle on a Saturday morning and wouldn’t cost much.
  2. Modern Floating Credenza, $250: It’s simple and I like it. Paint if you like, maybe just the doors? Although I hear that brown is having a moment. I’m into the minimalism and love that it’s off the floor and has lots of storage. Wait. Do I need this?
  3. Vintage Trunks (Side Table/Coffee Table), $40: These trunks are an awesome scale and SO cheap! Sure, you could use them like the listing mentions as a side table or coffee table, but they’d also just be a pretty cool “installation” in a room as “art.”
  4. Amazing Vintage Drafting Drawing Table with Flat Files, $1,800: This isn’t cheap, but it’s very cool. Use as a desk, sure, but what about as a kitchen island? Maybe with a vintage sink put in the left side with exposed pipes? I DON’T KNOW, JUST A THOUGHT.

2x2 Grid 21

  1. Set of 2, Michel Arnoult Brazilian Sling Chair, $450: I feel like I would be so cool if I owned these and when people asked, I’d casually say, “Oh yeah, I found them on Craigslist or whatever.” They’re pricey, but not really for what you’re getting. Plus these seem sturdy…pieces you’ll likely have a very long time. $225 per chair is far better than you’d ever be able to score at full retail.
  2. Mid-century Wider Wood Coffee Table, $60: Good shape, good price! Hard to see in this pic, but there’s some pretty detail in the wood. Would be great for a narrow living room.
  3. Queen Size, Black Iron, 4-Post Bed Frame, $339: Dreaming of ways to achieve the look of the Portland master bedroom? Look no further! You could probably talk them down a little…I’d shoot for $300 here.
  4. 1800s Oak Drafting Chair, $175: Probably needed if you’re going to get that awesome drafting table (but if you’re not ready to drop $1,800 on that, this would be so cute styled against a wall with an offset piece of art, maybe a stack of books.

2x2 Grid 31

  1. Tiger Oak Coffee Table, $350: I wish I didn’t love my coffee table because this one checks all the boxes for me: Over 100 years old, solid wood, and sort of weird. The price is also SO right, so right I wouldn’t even argue about it.
  2. Fog & Morup Hammerborg MCM Spun Aluminum Light Pendant Lamp, $100: I love a hanging light to bring the eye up! I like how this one is simple while still having vintage charm (and other similar pieces from this designer can run 3, 4 or 5x the price). HURRY AND GET IT BEFORE I DO.
  3. Rattan Chair, Set of Two, $275: All these need is a simple reupholstering of the two cushions and these guys are ready for your boho beach patio (or living room).
  4. Arthur Umanoff Walnut Side Table Mid-Century Danish Modern, $250: $250 is more than I want to spend on a side table but, I mean, it’s Arthur Umanoff, it’s walnut, and more than that, it’s interesting (and reminds us of the table we used in the Portland foyer).

2x2 Grid 11

  1. Mid-century King Headboard, $200: I don’t have a king bed, but man, if I did, I would be ALL over this. It’s solid wood but missing pieces to make it a platform bed. French cleat it to the wall, buy a cheap frame and call it a day.
  2. Mid-century Brass Five Globe Table Lamp, $295: Put a dimmer on this thing, in an eclectic space, I’m in.
  3. Custom-made Swivel Chair and Ottoman, $160: Call me crazy but I’m INTO this chair. It’s not for everyone or every space and I am NOT into the Barney purple but for real, cover this thing in white shearling nd try to tell me it doesn’t belong in the Goop x CB2 collection! Plus is swivels, has an ottoman and is only $160. You can probably talk them down to like…$125 and if you’re handy with a sewing machine, could probably handle the reupholstering yourself (and if you can, let us know…we have some projects for you).
  4. Great Wooden End Table, $100: I think this may be a situation where the bad photography is hiding the fact that this is a cool piece. It’s solid (“very, very heavy” apparently) and looks like it has cool patina with an interesting shape. I may or may not have already sent out an email inquiring about it for myself…

And there you go. Our very first 2019 version of Trolling Craigslist. Yes, we started with an easy pick, LA (but according to our analytics, a ton of you are local). DO NOT WORRY. As I said, we will be sure to spread the love, in “cool” cities and “non-cool” cities. We’re likely headed to the midwest next, but throw out some locations or types of pieces you’d be into us researching, and we’re on it! Have a great weekend (and let us know if you buy anything…oh, and if you do, when you get it home and have it all set up how you like, please do post a photo on Instagram with the #ehdweekendmakeover hashtag…we wanna see!).

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0 responses to “Back By Popular Demand: Our First Trolling Craiglist 2.0 City Picks

    1. I feel like our CL has gone way downhill and anything decent has been moved to FB marketplace. But I’ve probably just gotten lazier.

  1. THIS. YES. Ah! So excited to have this back and to be an Emily Henderson wannabe out here in Tennessee.

    Look at me spitting rhymes. Anyways…. Craigslist. Like I said before, YES.

    1. Check out “Curating Craigslist” on Facebook/Instagram/the internet. My friend does this on a regular basis for Nashville’s Craigslist.

  2. Such a fun, and slightly voyeuristic, read! I’d be interested in an Austin Craigslist please. Mirrors, artwork, entry tables, and outdoor furniture picks would be appreciated.

  3. Yay!!!! Im so glad this feature is back! I’m putting in my vote for Colorado Springs / Denver 🙂 I would love to see some art or rugs, and hopefully at lower price points.

  4. I hope the midwest means Minneapolis! I missed this series and love this post, thanks for bringing it back. I’m doing more of my digging on Facebook Marketplace these days, but still love a Craigslist find!

      1. You should listen to Sherry @YoungHouseLove ‘s thoughts on Facebook Marketplace. She loves it!

    1. Yes – Austin!! I was a Craigslist pro in Northern Colorado, and instantly HATED the Austin Craigslist – way too many dealers with junk furniture on it!

    1. Pittsburgh x2 for me, too! It’s 2 hrs away from me, but the closest “big” city…Columbus, OH would also be welcome 🙂 Rural areas are soooo tough!!

    1. I feel like Lexington and Louisville would have some real hidden gems. Maybe not the ever popular mid century but beautiful old wood pieces …

  5. I love how you so casually say, “French cleat it to the wall.” So now I know about French cleats and what they can do for me. It’s the little things. THANK YOU!

    1. Seconded!!! I’ve known about this as a fastener since one came with a mirror I bought, but I had no idea what they were called so I didn’t know what to search for when I wanted to use them for other projects. French cleat! THANK YOU!

    1. Yes! Boston CL would be great! And maybe visit the local mega flea market/antique fair this summer in Brimfield, MA at some point too? It would be fun!

      1. CHICAGO! It has been -27 here this week and we could so use some love in the form of hot west coast design!

    1. I second somewhere in NC! With our furniture industry history (and High Point Market), some pretty cool stuff can be found. My vote would be for Greensboro/High Point, but Charlotte, Asheville, or Raleigh would be cool too!

      1. Yes! People were saying they don’t live somewhere “cool” like LA or NY with low-hanging fruit.

  6. So fun! I love all four finds from the third grouping. In case anyone is going for the purple chair and ottoman — I am handy with a sewing machine and have reupholstered a bit. I don’t think that is a quick and easy job. So many curved seams, each pattern piece would be fussy, hard to keep from bunching & pulling… But, if you love it, go for it!

      1. Another “non cool” here and in a small one as well, Kennewick, Wa. This could really be a challenge for you to find ANYTHING on our CL worth buying…

  7. Oh my gosh Seattle if you possibly, possibly could! So that an underpaid medical resident could finally get a coffee table! And a side table! And a hall mirror!

  8. I am SO excited. Detroit! Chicago! Cleveland! Milwaukee! Indianapolis! Madison! Green Bay! Kalamazoo! Grand Rapids! Traverse City! Columbus! Akron! Fort Wayne! Des Moines!

  9. Yes!!!! It’s back!!! Thank you! One thing I liked about OG Emily Craigslist posts was she would tell you – this would cost X in a store…or this is priced too high. I’d love more of that commentary.

  10. Salt Lake City please! Just moved here from Austin so I’m in need of some good, inexpensive furniture. You likely won’t find anything on Craigslist because the Mormons don’t trust it – “KSL classifieds” is where to go. HELP!

    1. My sister complains of the same thing – So many people there pass things on to their families and round and round. If you are willing to look off-line then go to the DIs (Deseret Industries) and there are a couple of mid to large size antique stores in SLC. The names are escaping me but I’ve visited family there and there were two where I really wanted to bring stuff back home to Chicago (one was really large and the guy in charge obviously had a chair hoarding problem and the other was a good size antique/thrift store). I haven’t been up to Park City and I bet their antique stores aren’t cheap but they should have a good DI or Goodwill.

    2. Yes! Salt Lake, please. Our Craiglist does play second fiddle to KSL, but when it’s good, it’s really good. I got a walnut midcentury dresser with brass details for $200 recently.

    3. Adding my vote for SLC! Just moved here and would love to see what your team could find. Show me the way!

  11. Hi guys – can you share your strategy for search terms, settings etc in finding the good stuff?

    Some of this is sooo good I wish I could drive up from San Diego to snag it. The rattan chairs AND king headboard and just what I’m hunting for down here.

  12. Detroit! (In the cool city category) I know people in the Boston Edison and Indian village neighborhoods not to mention the gross pointes probably have some great hidden gems.

  13. Santa Fe, NM!
    Please do a modern southwest a la Georgia O’Keeffe, but also super livable with kids post. You can use my kiva fireplace for inspo. 😉

    1. Yes! Vancouver and/or Toronto and/or Montreal 🙂

      Pretty much any major Canadian city would be amazing!

  14. Are you also trolling Facebook Marketplace?! I swear that the FB marketplace in Dallas has better stuff than Craigslist now – I always check there first before going to Craigslist. Plus the algorithm or whatever learns my taste and keeps serving up goodies in my feed that I actually like!

    1. Good point! We talked about changing the name because there are some killer things on other places (Facebook Marketplace, 5mile, LetGo, etc.) so we likely will hit up other marketplaces depending on the stock of the city we’re in.

  15. Thank you for this content. It’s really help us you put Albuquerque, NM on list too please ?

    Thank you

  16. Birmingham, Alabama! Also I would love to see Atlanta–that’s where I’ve gotten all my best Craigslist finds. I’m a transplant trying to re-create a Pacific Northwest vibe in my deep South home. Thank goodness for Emily!

  17. I NEVER shop full retail and 80% of my Home is furnished with Craigslist treasures (Restoration Hardware, Room and Board, HD Buttercup, etc. etc.). Including my 1-year old $8,500 Restoration Hardware sectional that I bought for $1,500! It takes patience, flexibility and persistence to find these treasures, but sooooo worth it!! Plus, each of my finds has an interesting story to tell. I’m in the Los Angeles area, so lots of good stuff to choose from, but you can find a bargain anywhere if you look hard enough ???? Happy hunting!!

    1. Check out “Curating Craigslist” on Instagram/Facebook/the internet. My friend does this regularly for Nashville.

  18. Do you ever feel like the internet is “listening” to you or “watching” you? I am NOT kidding, my friend @canalesinteriors just shared on her story some Austin Craigslist finds (where we are) and then I went to Craigslist and no kidding, this email came in my box (I have notifications on) WHILE I was on Craigslist!

    Check out Austin, for the best vintage rattan, I am sure from old hippies days!

  19. I’d love to see an off-shoot segment of the Craigslist finds where you actually show us a piece that you (or someone on the EDH team) purchased and what you ended up doing to it (the process of either reupholstering, painting, etc., if you had an inspiration piece you were trying to mimic and where you ended up styling it). This could also fit well within Emily’s book- how to refurbish or revive/uncover the true beauty of a flea market find. Thanks!!

  20. A) Please do this in Chicago! B) Can you bring this back for Etsy?? I loved those posts you did for a while – I found a ton of great makers on there!

    1. We stopped doing Etsy because overall, it seemed like people weren’t into them, but we are considering a pivot on the idea because we also really love Etsy. Stay tuned!

      1. Yes please to Etsy! Seems like there are a lot of local independent makers on there that I would love to discover and support. I think a broad price range/variety (I vaguely recall that one commenter thought everything looked ‘brown’), might help drum up interest? 😉 But I love Etsy too!

      1. I third that!!! Just moved from Orange County ( west coast) to Orange County ( east coast area)…couldn’t even GIVE all my antique and MCM furniture away there…put it on FB and community newsletters and after MUCH bargaining, we now live minimally and I’m ecstatic knowing my adventurous stories got past down to begin new stories !! Great job EHD on giving us chirps on real time deals and what to hunt down that’s worth the second look and $$$. Thank you for listening????

  21. Pittsburgh and surrounding areas please! Lots of thrifting, Goodwill, City Mission, Salvation Army, Construction Junction for reuse (check out CJ online). Additionally, Pittsburgh rocks!!!

  22. Loved these posts in the past and happy they’re back! Would also be amazing if you did more regular flea market finds. Such an inspiring way to stay motivated to hunt for vintage treasures!

  23. I would love if you could troll Craiglist Orlando, FL. I have homes in Portland, OR, San Antonio, TX & Orlando, FL. Love to find interesting furniture to refurbish. Of my 3 locations, Orlando is the most challenging.

  24. I feel like Emily B’s nickname should be ‘Browser’ while doing these Trolling Craigslist features.

  25. Nashville, TN craigslist is fun! I know I’ve gotten lots of neat treasures here and am curious to see what you would choose.

  26. So happy to see this back. I’m wondering what key words/phrases you use when trolling CL? It can be so overwhelming with so many posts, and everything tagged MCM (at least in my city!).

  27. 2 requests: I’d love to see an eval of Craigslist vs Facebook marketplace. Like another commenter I feel like Craigslist has declined but maybe Facebook marketplace hasn’t caught up. Where is the stuff?

    And I’d love to hear reupholstery and refinishing suggestions (especially if it includes estimates of cost!)

    Thank you!

    1. Interesting. Could be fun to do a side by side of the two and see what platform is better for what.. we’ll see!

  28. Newbie here-With very sceptical husband. (The “Craig’s List Killings” were in our state.) How does one shop Craig’s List SAFELY? (I’m not on FB, so no FB Marketplace for me.)

  29. YES! I’ve been waiting for you to bring this back for YEARS! Thank you! Please troll Craigslist in Oakland, pretty pretty please!

  30. Aargh! I used to read EH daily – loved the blog, the voice, the style! But the site has become unnavigable. There are so many pop-ups, videos playing, ads, nothing loads properly, impossible to scroll, SO SO SO FRUSTRATING!

    Hate to lose this resource but I keep trying and it seems to keep getting worse!

  31. So weird that I was just wondering if Craigslist was still a thing, and lo and behold a post about it. Please put Boston on your list.

  32. Love this! One question: what’s your CL strategy? Do you enter keywords in the search or just scroll for treasure? I tend to look up specific brands/stores/designers/neighborhoods, but would love to Craigslist like a pro and learn your gameplan. Thanks! (Also, a vote for Portland!)

  33. Have you heard of Home and Closet Vintage in Lincoln, NE? Google it…. you’ll go bananas. The prices are unreal, too.

  34. Northern Virginia area – would be a great CL to troll. NOT DC, too easy and the prices jump. Also, what is your opinion of buying on CL vs Facebook Marketplace?

  35. So glad to see this back!!!

    I’d love to see Sacramento/Stockton area and the east bay of San Francisco.

    I know a lot of people want SF but the east bay is huge and full of treasures.

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  37. I’m in Raleigh, NC. FYI. 😉 Is Craigslist still one of the best places to look for used furniture? Seems like estate sale sites (ebth, for example) and FB groups are becoming the hub for this stuff. But I might just be “ew craigslist” because of the millennial thing.

    1. There are TONS more places to find great second-hand furniture now, but Craigslist is def one of the cheapest and easiest options. We do plan on including other sources though as we go along, so feel free to share some of your favorites!

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