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The Flea – New Pieces



For all of you that have yet to check out our new shoppable section of the website, which I have aptly titled ‘the flea’ it is time to head on over and check it out. It is filled with some of my most favorite finds that I’ve slowly learned to emotionally disconnect from enough to sell to you.

We launched it about a month ago when the new blog went live and as I am sure you have seen, little sold signs have been popping up on almost all of the products. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! By popular demand, rather than adding a few items everyday we have decided to give you a little sneak peek a couple of days early and then let you guys go all “morning of black Friday” on it the following Monday. That way everyone gets a glimpse at the new products, and a fair chance to get in there and swoop up what they love most.

Besides, the more you shop, the more I get to shop for new fun stuff for you. It’s very much a win-win situation for all of us, including Brian as he won’t have to stare at my collection of busts, or my growing pile of seascapes for much longer.

These products will go live Monday morning at 6am (California time) so get your fingers and your credit cards ready. And I’ll be out this weekend (possibly even today with Charlie) thrifting and at the flea market. Have a wonderful 4th of July, folks. xx

Fin Mark


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Wow! I absolutely am in love with this idea! I love everything in the shop, although I think the prices are a little steep, But then again I have no money 🙁 I need to save some cash just so I can buy something some time!


Maybe it is just me but the flea shop is really slow to load and “clunky” on my iPad and then it freezes. I have never been able to get to the point where I can even see a price.


I’m in the same boat! Since the new web page started its very slow for the site to load. I wonder if it’s only on iPad.

The Flea is such a great addition to your website! I especially like the sneak peek concept (maybe next time you’ll include prices?).

Also, please, PLEASE keep finding quirky children’s pieces like the hot air balloon. Those little keepsakes are perfect and hard to find. Keep up the great work!


i love your way of introducing the new pieces…totally fair…and i’m setting my alarm!

The flea is perfectly titled for your site! Love it + the selection.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent


Honestly, dream catchers are probably one of the most appropriated and exploited Native images. It seems as if people equate dream catchers with “bohemian”, which really takes them out of context. When they are sold on a design blog, so out of context of what they mean and who they come from, and where the sale benefits a non-native person it is definitely appropriation. I realize these pieces are second-hand (or “vintage” if you dare), but I think you should still consider the 3 S’s: source, significance (or sacredness), and similarity. Has the source community either tacitly or directly invited… Read more »


Lauren, as a long time reader of the blog and follower and lover of both all things vintage and thrift, as well as sacred, spiritual, and authentic i have to disagree with your comment. I understand where you are coming from but if this argument holds ground we would have to for example consider the same type of argument for a piece of jewelry or any piece of art with a which bears a cross on it. Although the majority of these pieces are not made by the church, and a lot of them are mass produced it does not… Read more »


Your logic is problematic, and clearly comes from a place of privilege. You may not “intend” to offend someone but that doesn’t mean a person shouldn’t feel offended. Your comparison to the sale of cross jewelry is really not the same thing at all. In the christian faith the principle is to spread the word and create others. The cross doesn’t belong to a specific tribe or group of people, and the right to create and produce the cross is not something guarded and protected and passed down from one generation to the next. You incorrectly assume that the same… Read more »


When will you be putting up the faded photographs?

Stella V

Emily ever since the new web page started, it takes so long to load, I often just give up and move on. When it finally does load, most of the pictures are scrambled. I hardly follow the blog anymore. Problems from bloglovin load and also problems direct from google load – ipad and laptop. Hope you’re fixing, as i enjoy the blog so much. Thanks.


Emily and team,
Would you please let me know, do you do international shipping please? and if so, what are the charges?

Oh man! I love that lamp! Gimme, gimme!

Kristin //

Hey Emily,
Great shop! Do you ship internationally? I’m in Canada!


Love the finds you have been gathering for The Flea (still jealous I didn’t get to bring the hot air balloon home). If you are up for a suggestion, I love that when you hover over an object it gives you the name/description – could it also state the price.

It just might make it easier during the sure-to-be-frenzied monday sales, if you don’t have to click on each item individually to get to the cost.

Thanks, and happy thrifting!


You can find the hot air balloon on Amazon. It’s by Authentic Models. The large size is the one with all the details like the bags and flags.

Love the stool and those colorful baskets!

It would be great if the sneak peek also included pricing. If something is in my budget, I’ll show up on Monday to shop, but if I have to wait to find out, I’m much less likely to come back.


Your new website doesn’t show any new posts beyond the “welcome to the new website” post in Firefox!


I really don’t mean to whine, but your post stated that the items would go on sale on Monday at 9am PST. Well, it’s Monday at 7:47 am PST and the item that I was hoping to purchase (the turquoise bowl/vase with lemons) has already been sold….


I think the post stated 6am as go-time

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