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This Could Be Epic: Befores & Inspirations for the Team EHD Hair Transformations



I’m not risky with my hair and may never be. I like to try out a new duvet cover, or even a new living room rug and sofa and do so with little to zero anxiety, but “trying out” a new look on my head is not something I’m comfortable doing…that is, until today. I’m making a change, though admittedly not a huge one (keep reading) but the same cannot be said about some of the EHD team (because why not include the team on hair risks?). Some of them said, and I quote, that they “didn’t want to be able to recognize themselves in the mirror.” It’s happening TODAY (head to my Instagram stories to follow along), but I thought it’d be fun to walk through some of the styles we were all debating for ourselves before doing the big reveal next week.

Oh, sorry, first I need to torture you with my hair biography, written by me (though it’s so boring that it might as well have been written by my hair itself):

I’ve been long, natural blonde and wavy since birth. The biggest change I ever did, hair-wise was chop, bleach and get bangs a year ago and it was fun, it was, but had I known how much damage it was going to do, I may have reconsidered it. A lot of you warned me that it would be hard to recover from bleaching fine blonde hair, but I did it anyway and no regrets here, but no, my hair has not recovered. To be fair, though, my hair was in bad shape before I bleached it. I look at old photos and long for my full, middle-of-the-back head of hair. But in all fairness, my hair was already pretty fried when I processed it further last year, so it wasn’t really “my” hair. A secret fun fact about me is that I had AMAZING post-baby hair. My hair thrives while I was breastfeeding and all the photos of me with good long healthy hair was during that first year after having a baby. But if I can’t be a wetnurse then I need to find my way back to healthier hair.

hairstyles 2018 female
Photography by Tessa Neustadt | From: Elliott’s Nursery Reveal

See? That’s good hair, but that wasn’t my reality when I chopped it. It was in a much sadder place and it needed a change. So I went to this:

hairstyles 2018 female
photo by Stephanie Todaro | From: Dressing the Team with eBay

So here is the boring hair story: After the EXTREMELY LOVELY Kristen Ess gave me my new lewk last October, I knew that she couldn’t take me on as a consistent client because she is super busy with her product line and partnerships. Justin Anderson’s team at DP Hue reached out and I started going to him. I’m not just saying this; as someone who generally doesn’t love the ego and self-consumption of Los Angeles, this man gave me hope that you can be raised here and still be a good, grounded person. Sure, he is GREAT with hair color and his product (especially the apple cider vinegar wash) has been GREAT for my scalp, but the reason that I drove 45 minutes is because I love being around him (fun fact: he is a former Mormon and those of us former Mormons connect pretty quickly).

But the nearly hourlong commute was becoming a problem with my schedule, plus in LA, many colorists (Justin included) don’t cut your hair, so I was having to book an additional cut or, more on par with my busy attitude, just not getting my hair cut for months (thus looking unhealthy). He was busy so scheduling was hard and I just longed for the days of home salons (the ease, chill vibe and personal care of a neighbor just doing your hair).

So when I saw my friend Anne Sage post about The Harbor salon in Silver Lake, I thought I should try it out. I didn’t want to leave Justin, but my schedule was calling out for someone more local, who could also cut and give blow outs. I could tell from Anne’s Instagram that the design of the space was so cool, and I figured someone with a sense of design had to be good at hair, too, right (because of course, that’s how it works). But frankly, the most important factor to my lifestyle was location and convenience—it’s a pleasant 10 minutes away, with ample parking and a super mellow and lovely Silver Lake vibe. I wouldn’t have to fight traffic to go there and once there it just feels nice and friendly.

OH MY GOD SHOULD I JUST STOP TORTURING US NOW AND WRITE A TO-BE-UNPUBLISHED BOOK ABOUT MY HAIR WOES? This is so boring. But I have to tell you everything in order for you to properly understand why I’m about to do what I’m about to do.

Okay, we’re getting to the fun stuff, I promise… I went to meet with Shanda Wallace and fell in love with her and the salon. One of the best parts is that she has no ego and wants you to be happy, so I even came back after my first color session and she tweaked my color with glaze. Turns out that using the word “icy” means super cool (temperature-wise) which doesn’t look good on me despite how trendy it is. I loved her eagerness to help me get the hair I want and leave super happy and these days, in LA at least, good customer service is jarringly refreshing.

But now it’s time for round two (and for the team to also shake things up), and I’m debating some stuff. Shoulder-length blonde hair is not my jam. It looks boring and too “mom” on me; it’s neither a sexy short bob or a healthy blunt medium length cut. Two months ago, when I was sitting in her chair, we started talking about what we COULD do (which is where we are today), and we came down to two options: either go short-short (not pixie, but sexy bob) or get extensions. Here are the pros and cons:

SHORTER: Short hair is just cooler than long hair. It’s edgier and more modern. I have a theory that hair extensions and the Real Housewives have made long hair less cool because everyone can have them and what used to indicate youth (long hair) now can just look cheesy. Sure, my husband and most men I know prefer it, but it’s not as cool as a short bob (with bangs??).

Case and point:

hairstyles 2018 female

HOWEVER, because of the damage I’ve done, my hair is pretty fuzzy and frizzy and in order to tame it, I have to heat style it EVERY SINGLE DAY which is going to further the damage/breakage. If I had my old hair it would be great, but it needs to be healthier in order to be short and look good.

EXTENSIONS: Obviously, the instant fix is to put in extensions until my hair grows out (and yes I’m taking supplements and using Olaplex). If you get good ones (mine are from Ahn Co Tran) it doesn’t do any damage. In a way, it lengthens your actual hair by pulling on it and kinda protects it, too (or so I’m told but I’m not convinced). We put them in and played with the length. The problem with hair extensions is that they are new and fresh and, for me, are a contrast with my fuzzy, frizzy hair, so styling it has been hard but overall I’m happier than when I had shoulder-length hair.

Are they kinda annoying? Yes. These are taped in and you can totally brush and wash your hair, but they are still fake hair taped to your real hair. Last week, I had to go to Minneapolis on a shoot and I didn’t have time to get them taken out, moved up, colored and cut (like 5 hours of time) so Shanda just took them out.

This is my hair as of last week:

hairstyles 2018 female

Pardon the mug shot, this was literally taken at 6 am in Minneapolis by my hair and makeup person, BEFORE she started (obviously). I’m in my pajamas.

Current Hair Situation: Boring length, bad texture, kinda fried.

hairstyles 2018 female

Biggest Hair Concerns/Notes for the Stylist: I want to “drop my root” which means to go darker un your under layers (like a low-light), which helps keep it healthier since you don’t have to dye it as often. Maybe I should go darker underneath in the back than I ever have before? The goal is to have a more blended extension look: shorter and more layers because my hair is so wavy. I want highlights around my face, but just to have more depth and texture.

Below is the color that I’m wanting. More natural, but with a lot of depth and contrast (but not crazy contrast).

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #1 (and only): Deeper Roots, Blonder Ends, and Extensions. As far as the length, I don’t want to go crazy long and we’ll likely cut. I love the extensions more for fullness and looking healthier than for length. Do I sound desperate to look better and willing to do anything? Yes. We’ll see how it goes!! I’m going to need to spend the next year really taking care of my hair (vitamins, masks and supplements) to get it back to healthy.

ENOUGH OF ME. Four of my team members are up for a challenge. Not everyone wanted to try something new or to leave their stylists, so we have Sara, Ryann, Julie and Velinda all up for it. Let’s see what they have in mind…

hairstyles 2018 female

Up first is Sara, EHD’s one-person photography department.

Current Hair Situation: My hair is a medium brown and slightly wavy. It’ll dry straighter if I brush it when it’s still wet (with a little bit of OGX Coconut Miracle Oil), or curlier if I leave it to dry untouched (with a little bit of Kristin Ess’ Leave-In Conditioner). It’s shoulder length right now, and totally virgin. I spend about 5-15 minutes styling in the mornings, depending on whether I’m just walking out the door, need to wash it, or want to curl it for a more “done” look. This morning, I tried to do “beach waves” with a straightener and realized that 1.) I don’t know how and 2.) Pretending I did while rushing to get ready for work was not the time to learn that I didn’t. It’s very hard to get a big straightener crimp out of hair.

Biggest Hair Concerns/Notes for the Stylist: My hair is pretty soft and thin, so anything I can do to make it seem fuller would be great. My face is also very round and some cuts I’ve had in the past have accentuated that in a very helmet-like way, so that would be great to avoid. I’m open to ideas from the stylist and very excited for a change. But I am shying away from a pixie or bangs. Cutting bangs the first time was great, cutting them the second time a few years later was a mistake, cutting them the third time (two years ago) was somewhere in the middle—some days they looked great, other days were a struggle. I’ve dyed my hair black, I’ve dyed it eggplant, I’ve bleached it all and dyed it lavender. I’ve had it as long as my waist, and cut it into a pixie twice. I’ve put it through a lot, but it keeps growing back…

hairstyles 2018 female

Sara’s Style Considerations

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #1: LIGHT, Short, Textured. I’ve never gone LIGHT in my life. I did self-bleach my hair once in college, but I promptly dyed it cotton candy purple so I didn’t get to see my bleached hair in the daylight. I’m very excited by the idea of light hair, but I also have some concerns. My skin has a lot of red tone to it, so will light hair make my skin look even pinker? Is there a way to go light while still letting my natural roots grow in so I don’t have to maintain the color religiously? And would a warmer honey tone or a cooler ash tone work better? If I’m being honest, I really just want to be able to use Kristin Ess’ Rose Gold Temporary Tint like all the other blondes in the world. There’s also a little hope that some bleach will give my thin, soft hair a little texture, even at the expense of its softness (though I do already use the Olaplex hair products, which bleached blondes swear by).

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #2: A Serious Ombre. Are these still cool? Is this too 2015? I see this as being a way to try something dramatic, but also letting my roots creep in naturally which could be a more affordable way to maintain the color. I could see this working with a short textured cut like the cuts in option #1, or keeping my hair its current length but giving it some more texture with layers.

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #3: Warm Copper/Pumpkin Spice Hair. COULD I PULL THIS OFF?! I don’t know. I’ve never tried anything in the realm of reds. Will this make my skin too pink? It’s a very different look, and I think it does fall in the category of “dramatic.” Lucy Hale is my hair icon. I love everything she does with her hair.

hairstyles 2018 female

Julie, an EHD junior designer / project manager, is ready to commit to a new color and cut.

Current Hair Situation: I’ve been stuck in a hair rut for the past 10+ years. Every time I see my stylist, he’s already mixing my color as I walk in, “highlights and a trim again?” Yup, I’ll take one very safe hairstyle, please. When Emily told us about this potential partnership and the opportunity for a free cut and color, I was suddenly feeling very adventurous (well at least for my standards). My natural hair color is light brown with some warm tones. It is very fine, wavy and is prone to breakage. I am one of those people that have always wanted really long hair but it never seems to want to grow longer than mid-chest so the frustration is high and I am ready to chop it off somewhere between my shoulders and chin to start fresh. In the mornings, I’ll either let it dry naturally as you can see in these photos or just take a flat brush and blow dry it which takes about 10-15 mins. I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair, add a little Moroccan oil and I’m set.

Biggest Hair Concerns/Notes for the Stylist: I either want the stylist to make me a true blonde or brunette but since my skin tone is very fair, I think a dark brown would look nearly black on me. I have made that mistake before and by mistake, I mean that I dyed my hair (myself) dark brown all throughout high school and looking back, it is cringeworthy how dark it was. My hair is also pretty thin so although I love the look of a blunt cut, I think it needs some texture to give it life.

hairstyles 2018 female

Julie’s Style Considerations

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #1: Short and Blonde. I’ve always been hesitant to go fully blonde because of the maintenance it requires (I get my hair colored probably twice a year so that would be a big lifestyle change for myself and my wallet). Out of these two, I am more drawn to the coloring on the right with the blunt cut of the left.

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #2: Brunette, Shorten, Bangs?! There have been two times in my life that I have had bangs, the first when I was four. I had no say in my hairstyle and not a care in the world of how my bangs were looking that day. Then I got bangs again before my freshman year of high school—the first two days were great but then they turned into a morning frustration of how to style them and I thought never again until…we were pinning inspiration photos and I came across the photo on the right, she is just working that hairstyle and making me want to go home right now and cut them myself. I think either of these warmer brunette coloring would work for my skin tone and I’m excited to see what you all think!

hairstyles 2018 female

Next, let’s bring in one of our junior designers, Velinda.

Current Hair Situation: My “current” situation is the same as it’s been for nearly a decade; long, curls that are occasionally colored (by my sister) a bit darker than my natural chestnut brown (but not since last April). It’s very curly and I learned a bit too late in life that letting it air dry with a bit of product is better than blowing and brushing. (Insert childhood frizzy mullet photo here… Mom, if you’re reading, you HAVE curls. WHY did you force the hairbrush? Shame on you!) Currently, I spend 0-5 minutes styling because I usually roll out of bed and luck into a messy look that works…or it’s just a huge fail and I put it up and say “good enough.” Sometimes, I can salvage the morning’s frizzy rat’s nest with Alterna Caviar Dry Oil Mist. If having to get fancy, I’ll tweak my curls with a curling wand, which takes maybe 10-15 minutes. Straightening takes 30 minutes or more, which I’m willing to do, but not until some shape is restored. I get away with long stretches between haircuts because of the texture, so I apologize in advance to the lucky stylist that gets my tangled, dead-ended mess. Overall, I’m bored of the same style for the last several years and I’m open to ideas. But I’m not willing to go short. I tried in my early 20s and now tote a driver’s license that serves as a forever reminder of that time I instantly became an (uncool) 40-something soccer mom. Thing is, most long, curly hairstyles look all-the-same to me! So maybe a new color can help? 

Biggest Hair Concerns/Notes for the Stylist: I’ve had past encounters with stylists that were inexperienced with such tight curls, resulting in a shorter-than-intended look once my hair dried post-cut and inevitably spiraled up several inches. My hair actually reaches my low back when wet or straightened. I also don’t want short layers that create a top-heavy or mushroomy look. I hope to have the option of straightening/styling for fun variations on this new do, but with the flexibility to be low-maintenance and cute when messy. Speaking of maintenance, I’d like to limit any color or other treatment to something affordable to maintain (i.e. not hideous if it’s growing out) because let’s face it, when I tell my stylist see you in three months, I’m a brazen liar!

hairstyles 2018 female

Velinda’s Style Considerations

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #1: Leave Length, No bangs, Go Dark. I think this is the sexier look, but not quite as much of a change. I’ve rocked the side part before (and have loved it). Going this dark would be fun and maybe there’s a slightly new shape to try. Less risk, but what’s not to love about locks like these? And maybe the pros can give me some styling tips/tricks for those times I don’t go bed-head messy/rock a top knot.

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #2: Leave Length, Add Bangs, Richer Color. Bangs??? I’m sweating. I’m definitely open to something this different, but is this too ’80s? Is it too “cutesy” or trendy? Will it work for my face? I love the idea of having some wispy pieces hanging loose those times I pull my hair back and I think it’d be super cute straightened. But does it reeeeaaalllyyy work with curls? I had bangs as a kid, but the rest of the haircut was so bad, it’s hard to know if bangs were the culprit. This would be a big risk. Then again,  if I hate it, I hear bangs are just super easy to grow out ( EYE ROLL/INSERT NERVOUS FACE).

hairstyles 2018 female

EHD’s newest team member, Ryann, is ready for a BIG change.

Current Hair Situation: This is what we are working with: dark brown (with some natural highlights), mostly straight, pretty unruly, and THICK. I usually wash my hair in the morning, run through it with a brush, spray with Ouai wave spray, and hope for the best. I’ve never really done anything too drastic (never dyed my hair, never had a haircut I truly regretted) but this shoulder-length-haired gal is actually the new me. Up until a few weeks ago my hair was 18 inches longer and had been that way for years. One Friday I was complaining to my wonderful co-workers here at EHD that I was so over my long hair, and by Monday morning I had chopped it all off. And when I say I chopped it all off I mean I chopped it all off. By myself. In my bathroom. With no supervision. So I might be a little bit more daring than most, but honestly I chalk it up to general laziness and restlessness when it comes to my hair. I am definitely not attached to the $0 haircut I gave myself impulsively so of course I volunteered to go a little crazy for the sake of the blog. The bigger change the better. Make me a new woman. 

Biggest Hair Concerns/Notes for the Stylist: Two things. #1 Check out that frizz. Yikes. I am hoping my mom doesn’t see this post because I will definitely get a text scolding me for not brushing my hair. The thing is, I did. And I do! I swear I do! But clearly I need something more powerful to tame those flyaways. I would love some spiritual guidance on how to achieve the glossy finish that I think we all deserve. #2 I won’t spend more than 5 minutes doing my hair. I love sleep way too much so if a cut requires me to get up earlier in the morning, it’s a no from me.

hairstyles 2018 female

Ryann’s Style Considerations

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #1: Short Bob, Bangs, Dark Color. This cut feels so classic and good and it’s kind of what I’ve always wanted in a haircut. It seems simple and not as big of a change, but I would go really dark if I went this route which would be fun. I know I am in desperate need of layers and I love a good set of bangs, but I’m also wondering if this style is way too safe? My heart is telling me yes.

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #2: Short Bob, Bangs, Blonde. I’ve been wanting to go blonde for years. I’ve never dyed my hair, so the thought of suddenly being blonde is so exciting. My only worry is I won’t be able to achieve the color I want in one session and that might be disappointing for all of us. I want a transformation and instant gratification, ya know?

hairstyles 2018 female

Style Option #3: Super Short Bob, Bangs, Darker Color. Ugh. This one. This cut is just dreamy. So chic, so cool, and so wonderfully feminine. I kind of think this style would actually make me a new woman (a woman that lives in the Italian countryside and runs her own winery a.k.a. my dream) but I’d be lying if I said I am not afraid I would look like a boy with a bowl cut. What do you think? Can I pull it off?!? Remember, I am #goingforit.

OKAY SO LET US HAVE IT! We’re heading to the salon today (do not miss the hair mania on Instagram today to see all the action) and drastic changes might happen when we all hit the chair. Will Velinda get bangs? Will Sara be an entirely new person who her cats (and BF) won’t recognize? Will I all of a sudden be a brunette with a dramatic Parisian-inspired cut? WHO KNOWS. But we want to hear from everyone what they think… it could sway us (and stay tuned next week for the final reveals…it’s going to be GOOD).

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[…] post This Could Be Epic: Befores & Inspirations for the Team EHD Hair Transformations appeared first on Emily […]


THIS IS SO FUN. I can’t wait for the afters!!!! Living vicariously through all of you right now. Not going to pretend to have any idea what you all should do but I’m very supportive!! Ha!

Loveley of

This is a fun post! Love all the ideas. but i just have to say that i LOVE Ryann’s style considerations. They are ridic sexy, very Parisian (or what i would imagine is Parisian). Also, love her red cardigan. I need it in my life.


This will be so exciting – your team is so brave! I also had a lot more damage to my hair post-kids, and it was honestly devastating. I really didn’t recognize myself and my ultra-thick hair just felt thin and brittle. For the last 2 years I’ve been using the Living Proof Timeless shampoo and I can’t describe the difference it’s made. All the shine, bounce and texture is back and I’m loathe to try anything else. It took about 3 weeks to work, but after a ton of research and trails it’s the only thing I found that really… Read more »

OOH, really? that’s good to know. It didn’t occur to me to blame my kids but will do so now 🙂

Alexis Carrasquel

Velinda, I just read about the dry cut for curly hair and it was eye-opening for me. Try to find a stylist experienced with a dry cut. Then there are no surprises.

Thanks so much, Alexis!


yep! Super fun!
Can’t wait to see all the transformations.


Love this post! Can’t wait to see what everyone decides to do!


Morracan Oil, Morracan Oil, Morracan Oil! Use the hydrating mask and the oil EVERY DAY. The short bob/NO BANGS looks great. Add some depth with honey gold colors underneath. I’m 62 and just cut my always-long/straightened hair to above shoulder length bob with angles and I LOVE it-it lets my naturally wavy hair go wild ( in a good way) and it looks so much “cooler” than long/teenage/Cher hair lol. I have colored my hair since I found grey ( about 20 years ago? ) and plan to continue. I use Aussie products b/c they are PH balanced and Morracan… Read more »

OK. You sound like you know what you are talking about. I will do it!!!


I’m the queen of picking the most hard to maintain style so I’m not going to chime in on options. Just saying I’ll be following along. Also in January I’m going to try to get back to my natural color – I’ve been highlighting since I was 13 so I’m not even sure what that is, but I’m pretty sure it’s significantly darker than it is now. Also totally agree on the long hair used to be a sign of youth, but now with extensions it really doesn’t have the same connotation. Ditto blonde – Highlights has gotten so prevalent… Read more »


Emily, I think your hair would benefit so much if you started embracing it’s natural texture and backed off the heat tools. Adding in a light mousse or gel made for fine hair while it is wet and then allowing it to air dry would really add wavy/curly definition and help eliminate fluff and frizz. It can take some trial and error to perfect the amount and type of product needed. If you like more volume blow dry with a good diffuser attachment. Embracing and enhancing your natural hair can be so much easier and healthier than all the work… Read more »


I echo the comment about the dry cut for Velinda. I only see DevaCurl stylists now and it has completely changed my hair cutting experiences. I no longer walk out of appointments with hair multiple inches shorter than I asked for. Curly hair is a WHOLE different ball game from non curly hair, you really want to make sure you are working with someone who knows what they are doing with it.


Dry cuts are so important for curly hair! I love my DevaCurly stylist because she gave me a dry cut so that I had the shape and length that I actually wanted. Also, if you are interested in making your hair routine more curl-friendly, check out the Curly Girl Method. There is actually a book by Lorraine Massey (I think) that talks about what kinds of ingredients to avoid when it comes to hair products, and now there are tons of curly girls across the internet who can tell you which brands are safe to use versus not (I recommend… Read more »

Thanks so much for the recommendations! I’d never heard of DevaCurly, but everyone keeps talking about it, so I’ll have to check it out!


I agree completely about dry cuts, but I’ve found that my cuts from DevaCurl stylists very much just give me the same hair over and over again, even if they’re aiming for something different. If you like the DevaCut look, go for it, but if it’s not you (or you just want a change) I’ve had good luck with stylists who understand curl and cut dry without being full-on committed to the Deva world.

Ok, I’m going to have to find out what this DevaCut DevaCurl world is! I’ve never heard of it.

Thanks so much for the ideas… I can report that today, my stylists did a bit of both, BUT both had curly hair! It’s definitely a different ball game!


I LOVE this! I have no idea what any of you should do, but I love a good before & after…. so looking very forward to the “afters”! What about Brady, does he not want in on the fun? 🙂


Ok, I’m LOVING this! Here are my 2 cents…or 8 cents? Ryann should go with Parisian chic option 3, she can totally pull that off or even go for an Audrey Tatou pixie! Velinda for the love of all that is holy PLEASE no bangs. I’m begging you and so are the 80’s and Jennifer Beals a la Flashdance. Julie, dark with bangs should be your JAM. That pic on the right is so damn hot. Do it!! And finally, Em…as someone who prefers real, healthy and MINE (think nails, short and natural over french tips ????, or my lashes… Read more »


Yes to this! Natural and short.

Laura P.

Ryann, option three! Always pair it with an easy red lip and you’ll never feel like a boy. Can’t wait to see everyone after!! ✂️


No bangs! Everyone regrets bangs!! Ha! I actually think bangs age people a little bit and I’ve sworn to never cut them again. For Velinda, I would also say dry cut and DevaCurl – I don’t have curly hair but follow some folks on IG who have super tight curls and swear by both.

This is really, fun, though and I can’t wait to see how you all come out!


As a no-bang person (I did it once – horrible mistake) I’m always tempted to re-cut them as I get older – strictly to hide all my forehead wrinkles. So much cheaper than botox. ????

I KNOW! It’s instant botox. I have a friend that immediately looked a decade older after cutting bangs and revealing wrinkles that had sneakily hidden for years! Interesting input, thanks!

Paula Carr

And I’ve regretted every time I’ve grown my bangs out! I just don’t look good without them.

Innnteerrresttting! It seems bangs/no-bangs may be at the route of our divided country 😉 Thanks for the pro-bang vote.

Ok, I’ll have to check out this DevaCurl! Thanks for the recommendation.


This article: was eye-opening for me. I switched to a microfiber towel and got a better dryer and my frizz problem was instantly soooooo much better.


Ryann did not really chop off 18 FEET did she?? 🙂


I went from below my shoulders to about 1 inch long once and loved it. I’ve had a pixie for at least 10 years and last year, decided to switch up to a short-ish bob. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments and while not as easy as a pixie, comes darn close. I used to dye my hair minky brown and it would lighten up in caramel streaks (the dye reacting to my grey?). Later, I did high lights and low lights to cover most of the gray but after an incident at the salon (giant blonde blob on top… Read more »


I love this post!! I’ve been pinteresting for my next hair appointment and am way too eager to get into the chair…but I have to wait another 2 weeks. It’s killing me!! I have some opinions 🙂 Emily – do the short bob! You’ll cut off the fried ends and give your hair time to heal. Maybe invest in some styling products that can add wave and texture while it’s wet so that you minimize your curling iron contact with your hair? Just make sure to ask for them to cut the hair so that it won’t flip out at… Read more »


Ryann, go for the super short dark with bangs!
Velinda, go dark, lose 2 inches, add layers for fullness.
Julie, warm brunette with bangs!
Sara, go pumpkin spice!
Emily, extensions but definitely not for length. Loving the pic on the right for depth as ombre of any kind feels really tired to me.


“My hair actually reaches my low back when wet or straightened.”

That is unbelievable! I mean, I believe you but I can’t believe it. Know what I mean?

This wil be fun! Good luck girls!
(Ryann is my spirit hair animal, so I’m looking forward to seeing her new do.)

Ahahaha! ‘Ryan is my spirit animal’!

Paula Carr

I love this! I adore other people’s make overs. 🙂 I’m conservative with my hair, like you, so I rarely make dramatic changes. Also, since a long number of years ago I finally accepted that I have curly hair, my hair routine is so easy I hesitate to change to something that would require work. Like now? I wash it. I comb it thoroughly before I wash it (mainly to eliminate as much hair as possible going down the drain to form clogs). Towel dry. Use a small dollop of Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion and let air dry. Maybe after… Read more »


Hi Emily, I love this post! Dying to see what Julie goes with. I think she should go for the short blonde blunt bob.

I think you should forget the hair extensions and go short. Really look after and nourish it while it grows.


i am so ready for the afters! Well done ladies!


This is fun. Thoughts:

Emily, the bob/no bangs would look great and help your hair grow out healthier if you can ease up on heat tools a few days a week. Much more stylish and interesting than going for length…

Velinda: You could DEFINITELY pull off dark. No to bangs!

Sara: No to blond. I think you can pull off warm copper!

Julie: brunette and bangs–I can see it!

Ryann: I think a honey blond/”bronde” with some layers and maybe shaggy bangs like Emily’s current bangs but not blunt bangs…

Good luck everyone and thanks for bringing us on your journey.


Emily, have you tried letting your hair air dry? I have a really good dryer and use good product, but it was a lazy Sunday evening post-gardening shower and deciding to let my hair dry on its own that changed my life. No more frizz! In the morning I do take my straightening iron to a couple of unruly spots, but I’m otherwise good. And my hair is so much better for it!


Velinda!!! Make sure they cut your hair DRY. It’s so important with curls!
So excited to see everyone’s new looks!

A fellow curly girl

Ok, so I can report today, they did some of both. BUT both my colorist and stylist HAD CURLS! I felt immediately better. It makes such a difference.


Omg I knew I loved Velinda! We essentially have the exact same hair! Dying to see her after

YAY!!! Another fellow-curly head! Hello, there.


As a curly-haired woman, may I just echo what others have said for Velinda – get it cut dry and NO BANGS. I totally get it – I go through periods of wanting bangs. But my stylists have all assured me that getting bangs would take my wash and go, three minutes to style hair into high maintenance territory. Those pictures that make the bangs look like they’re wash and go (like the rest of the curly hair) are a myth – it actually requires a fair amount of styling to get them in most cases. Don’t do it.

Interesting…. thanks for your input. Do you have ways of changing up your curly look? Isn’t it easy to THINK you’re getting a haircut and come out looking exactly the same? Thanks, fellow curly-head.


The aftershock will be fabulous to see.
But, if everyone other than Velinda has the same cut and/or colour it will be a little disappointing, and just a little bit LA.
You do see that similar idea shits have been used multiple times, yes?


I vote…
Emily – short bob or pixie. Something 90’s Meg Ryan.
Sara – do nothing!
Julie – shoulder length
Velinda – no bangs
Ryan – first option

Good luck ladies!


This is NOT boring. I love hair info/posts/discussions!

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Jill McKenna

shortRyan short,dark bob wood be perfect…chic and sexy!


Please. Your posts are too long to read. Especially when not decor related. Your hair looked good med length shorter and straight. Just my vote.


Yesssss this is so so fun and I’m living vicariously through you all! I NEED a hair change but can’t afford it before Christmas, hah! so I’m excited to see all your changes – and maybe get some inspiration for the new year!! What a fun post!


I am falling in the way you wrote.amazing.

Mindy Rizzo

Um – where is Brady in all of this???


Oof – I’d love to be properly taken in hand hair-wise, it’s been way too long! I’m a once-a-year visitor to the hairdressers, so it would have to be very low-maintenance!

BTW – it’s ‘case in point’, not ‘and’…

Misse D

Can you share the brand for the flat front white pants? I have been looking for a pair for ages!

Emily Kilpatrick

@Em, what supplements are you taking?

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Velinda, I would be very cautious about trying curly bangs! I also have naturally curly hair and tried bangs years ago, wanting something similar to your inspo… the bangs SO did not work. We have similar curl types and I mistakenly thought bangs would be similar to the rest of my long hair, but because they were so much shorter they curled very differently. I also recommend a Devacut or just someone who is trained with naturally curly hair. Naturally Curly (dot) com is a great website with so much info, and is where I found stylist/salon reviews. I think… Read more »

Angie Villagomez

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