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How To Refresh Your Bedroom on a Budget



The bedroom often gets neglected, style-wise. Guests see our living or family rooms so much more often so we tend to give those spaces more love. And while your bedroom doesn’t need to be overly accessorized, by refreshing a few pieces, you can make it a happier space that you really want to be in without spending too much. You deserve to love your bedroom.
To help I’ve created three design plans like we did with the budget living room post, using the same neutral furniture to show you how you can update and refresh in a way that is guaranteed to be pulled together and stylish. The accessories are all under $500, which is still a chunk of dough, but with just a few of those pieces you can amp up your style just with a few clicks.

Emily Henderson Target Bedroom California Casual

For those of you who want a gender-neutral bedroom this color palette and design could be for you. With the hits of black, gray, and leather it feels sophisticated, stylish and yet timeless and calm. It just takes a few simple patterns – in the art, and textiles, to liven  up the simple furniture. No risks here, folks – I would never get sick of this bedroom. You can snag all those pieces here: California Casual Bedroom. 

I have that chair (two of them, actually) and man is it good.

Next up is one with more color, but still really calm.

Emily Henderson Target Bedroom Coastal

Adding some blues will make a bedroom feel more calm and serene, yet give it a little pop. You don’t have to add a lot of color to make a room feel more alive and pulled together – a couple pillows, art and pottery is all you need wake up your bedroom so you can sleep better.

For any or all of those products here you go: Coastal Bedroom

Emily Henderson Target Bedoom Boho

If you can handle some glam and brighter colors in your bedroom, then perhaps this speaks your bedroom language. By bringing in a couple pillows, and art in a saturated pink and aqua, your bedroom can feel fresh, colorful, on trend and full of personality instantly. Mixing the gold and plants together balances the organic with the bling. Full of personality, but not too much stuff. Head over here to see all those pieces: Boho Bedroom

There you have it: three easy affordable bedroom refreshes, that can work with super simple furniture to make your bedroom feel special and stylish. Now you can be excited to go to bed (and wake up!) in your beautiful, styled out (and affordable!) bedroom. Sweet dreams 🙂

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Paige Flamm

I love all of these pieces! Totally need to snag some for our new room when we move next month!



I notice you’ve used the rug in all 3! What are the rules on having rugs when you also have carpet? My new flat has relatively fluffy carpet and not sure whether it makes sense to put a rug over the top of that or not.


I have a heavy bed, fluffy carpet and a rug that WILL NOT stay put under any circumstance. If anyone can just definitively tell me “their is no hope” I can pull the rug and move on with my life.


I had old flat worn out carpet with a rug over it and our bed on top of it, with no problem. We got new fluffy carpet,put the rug back, the bed back and and the rug stretched within days. The weight of the bed sinking into the new cushy carpet and then us walking on it made the area rug buckle and streyh and pull. We had to take it out before it got to stretched and ruined. I think bc it sank into the new carpet instead of sitting on top caused the problem. 🙁


I would love to hear Emily’s take on this as well. I have a beige carpet in my bedroom, and I would love to layer a 8×10 rug over it under my king bed.


I’ve heard it helps the rug stay on carpet if you cover the bottom with hot glue, which will act as little grippers on the carpet. Haven’t tried it myself and wouldn’t do it if the rug were an heirloom of course, but maybe worth a shot.

Trinidad Pena

My carpet isn’t fluffy, and the carpet STILL as kinks by the legs. It’s very annoying.


Can you tell us which color you used for the tufted bed? Thanks!


It’s called Linen Putty xx


Magazine holder from first pic is unavailable. ???????? Anybody have a recommendation for something similar? (Under $100.)

Cris of Kiss My Tulle

I love the headboard in the first picture (where Emily is making the bed). It appears to be a different one then in the mood boards. Any chance someone can link me to it? Thanks!


Here is the link! xx

Bettye L. Rainwater



I love that Rodney armchair and have been eyeing it at Target for a while. Any idea if they’re going to restock it?


Yes! I would love to know if they plan to restock the chair too!

Sarah C

Ditto! I’ve been eyeing it forever hoping it will be restocked. Any insights?


Great post! The chair and wooden beads are not longer available however : (
Any other similar chair suggestions?


i love that this is all target too! great spread.


I really love this post and would love to buy multiple items, but everything I click on is no longer available or not in stock in my state. I love Target home items, but I feel like they are literally impossible to find, especially in NYC (I don’t know how it is in california) and it can be so frustrating. If an item is in stock then they should be able to ship it, plain and simple.


ditto. these roundups should really be scrubbed for items that are not longer available


Hey Em! Quick question, I’ve noticed this a couple times that some of the products you reference aren’t available at the Target store OR online? Any idea?


I’m feeling really stupid right now because I can’t find any links to the products. There are several things I’d like to buy in the first mood board but there aren’t any clickable links, except for the chair in the text below it. Am I missing something?


Of course as soon as I posted this I saw the link to the target site. Sorry!


Hey, Emily, none of the item roundup links are working for me — they take me to a page with this message “product not available we’re sorry! this page is currently unavailable. please try again later.” I’m on a mac using chrome… actually, the pages load just fine in Safari but I hate switching browsers.

Vicki Williams

When it says product unavailable just go ahead and put whatever in the search column and it works, though sometimes the particular item isn’t available, often it is. try it.


Thank you – I don’t post often enough (ever!) given how frequently I absorb and admire the considered sharing of this brilliant blog. This accessible (noting this is relative) refresh post offers more affordable options, and at the very least an aspirational vision and reminder to care for and curate one’s own space, in whichever ways are possible. A much needed and welcome reminder! With gratitude to you and your awesome team, Emily x


Just wanted to say thank you, Emily. I redesigned our master bedroom this month and the end result shocked even me. I repainted the room a soft off white and chalk painted our solid wood (but too heavy and dark ) dressers with chalk paint in Paris Gray. I kept our wool and jute rug, added some light art work and spray painted our curtain rods the perfect gold. Light sheers and a cozy upholstered bed were added in and the finishing touch was two brass sconces on either side of the bed. It recently occurred to me I would… Read more »


So disappointed. Wood bead garland no longer available.


Thanks Emily! I’m going to bookmark this for my next bedroom refresh. My first one will be in a few weeks with an addition of two mini cribs for my twin girls, but once they’re old enough to sleep in their own room, I’m sure I’ll need something new. Not that I expect to ever sleep again, LOL.

Lori Rhodes

Am I missing something…where are the links to he items shown here…I NEED to purchase a few of them! Such cute ideas.


I want that chair! Phooey.

Agustina M.

Hi Emily, i´ve been a frequent reader of your blog for a good few years now but since a couple months ago when i click in the link of the reference to any of your Target recomendations (and lately there´s a lot of content on your blog that refers to Target) the page that opens says that the product is not available so i miss out on measures and basically general information that i find very useful!! I think that´s because i live in Argentina but i don´t really understand why they won´t let me access, its really frustrating so… Read more »


I just love the second setup…like you said it’s calm but with some color that is spot on! Thanks for the inspiration!

Emma Johnson

Undoubtedly, these items are never going out of fashion. Thanks for such cool ideas. I am surely incorporating them in my place. They will make a home a worth place to live and surely I am looking forward for your more articles from now on wards. making your place color is actually a great idea and refreshing too 🙂

Home Decor


Love these bedroom refresh ideas!

I’ve been looking at upholstered beds like the one you show — they always look so nice head-on — but can you tell us how you handle the side view in real life?

Since the headboard doesn’t go all the way down, do you have any clever tricks for disguising the mattress, boxspring and gaps that will show?

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