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Sylvia’s Makeover: Ricky’s Bedroom



Today on the blog we are revealing Ricky’s bedroom makeover (if you are wondering what this series is, head on over here for the video, here for the living room/intro, here for the dining room, here for the bathroom, and here for the master). This bedroom was ripe for some styling love and I have a lot of that to give. I figured that Sylvia picks up after both of my kids all day, so it was my turn to help. So I was so happy to be the one that got to get my grubby little paws on it.

Here it was before:

Sylvia Makeover Target Ricky's Bedroom_Emily Henderson_Before

He had a pull out sofa, two pieces of clunky storage and that’s about it. I asked what he wanted to keep and he said nothing, and then he showed me his collection of wrestling masks and said ‘don’t you dare touch these …’ in a playful way. So they packed up all his clothes and donated the furniture and left just the masks for us to work into the design.

He pretty much needed everything. I asked him about colors and he said that he loved blue, black and red. Perfect, I was so excited get some red on the walls – especially just that small band of red above the paneling which is not too overwhelming for the small space. Rarely does a client give you red as an option, so I was psyched.

We came up with the initial mood board (before we decided to panel the walls):


I liked the vibe a lot and while we made some changes, the vibed stayed the same. We wanted it to feel fun but not too kid, and cool but not too sophisticated. He wears red glasses for pete’s sake – he’s a kid that can take some color and style. We wanted it to have energy and vibrancy that it lacked before, but not to be too busy or cluttered since it’s small.

We paneled and painted the walls and man, I fell in LOVE with this room.

Rickys Room Progress

A few days later it looked like this:

Ricky's Bedroom Teen Boy Room Nanny Makeover Sylvia Emily Henderson Design-059a

I just love it so much. Let’s start with the bed. We upgraded him to a full bed, and put that awesome headboard with it. It comes as a full bed as well for those of you that like a footboard. In this case we could have absolutely done both headboard and footboard, but we were trying to save and on budget, so the headboard was perfect as is.

Ricky's Bedroom Teen Boy Room Nanny Makeover Sylvia Emily Henderson Design-061

The rug is the perfect large scale to go with the medium scale of the quilt and the stripes of the curtains and, it kept it feeling bright and fresh. That band of red added the perfect amount of punch and we brought in that same red through little touches throughout the room (the quilt, his posters which we framed, and some books).

Ricky's Bedroom Teen Boy Room Nanny Makeover Sylvia Emily Henderson Design-066

That dresser is GREAT, by the way. For the price, finish, and quality it’s a good buy that I would totally recommend. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of the the one in the master but it’s twice the price and this one was easier to put together (I’m not one of those people who says secretly (yet loudly) “ooh, i kinda like putting furniture together” – I ACTIVELY don’t). Brian nor I could take the time to put Charlie’s play kitchen together so I hired a task rabbit who took 3 hours, at $40 an hour which cost more than the kitchen itself so that was cool).

On the other side of the room we put this lovely shelf to provide him with some storage as well as a place to house the TV.


Had Ricky left more of his stuff unpacked, I would have styled his own things in there. But they got rid of most everything as they wanted to start fresh, so instead I gathered some cute pieces from Target that I hoped he would like – and we put his TV back in.

Now, the masks.

Ricky's Bedroom Teen Boy Room Nanny Makeover Sylvia Emily Henderson Design-073

Every Monday I ask Sylvia what she did over the weekend and most of the time it involves them driving to Tijuana to watch Mexican Wrestling – Lucha. Ricky LOVES it and has befriended so many of wrestlers. It’s a big part of his life and I wanted it to be a big part of his room.

So we framed his signed posters like so:

Ricky's Bedroom Teen Boy Room Nanny Makeover Sylvia Emily Henderson Design-075

And in the room, with all the red, blue and black they look so good. I was nervous, but the final room really showcased them and they look so elevated and, well, less terrifying 😉

P.S. we filmed this segment (which got cut) where Peter and I told each other our Lucha names and I was “The Flying Ottoman” and he was “El Chambray Duvet”.

Ricky's Bedroom Teen Boy Room Nanny Makeover Sylvia Emily Henderson Design-079

Ricky loved that globe at Target, so obviously it was a good buy for him.

Ricky's Bedroom Teen Boy Room Nanny Makeover Sylvia Emily Henderson Design-083

We put the masks in these simple shadow boxes from our local framing shop (Aaron Brothers, I believe) and he can switch them out, add more, etc. In fact on Monday Sylvia asked where she could buy more because he wants to add a few, and after staring at the photos I wish we had added more as well.

It was so much fun, it gave me such joy to do this. This transformation is satisfying on so many levels.

Sylvia Makeover Target Kids Bedroom_Emily Henderson_Before After 1

Sylvia Makeover Target Kids Bedroom_Emily Henderson_Before After 2

The most satisfying part is because that young man (Ricky) is so happy and proud of his room. And pride leads to confidence, and for a teenager that has been challenged by some physical disabilities due to his being so premature, my hope is that this can really open up a part of his life.

Sylvia Makeover Target Ricky's Bedroom_Emily Henderson_Reveal

It was a true privilege to give back to her son as she has done for my kids. I don’t say that in a trite/generic way. I mean it. She cares for mine every single day. She loves them, feeds them, makes sure they have napped, have played, have gotten outside. She deals with poop and spit-up and an insane amount of clutter and stuff being thrown around the house all day long. And yet she does it all in a really patient calm way and NEVER makes me feel guilty when I get home.

I am so happy to be able to let her know how grateful I am by making her son’s room (and hopefully life) better. It’s just so satisfying. WIN WIN WIN.

Thanks again, Target, for supporting such a passionate project with your wonderful product that I use every day regardless of the project or budget. It’s consistently just so good.

Sylvia's Makeover Ricky's Room Get The Look

1. Navy Sheet Set | 2. Quilt | 3. Duvet Cover | 4. Woven Roller Blinds | 5. Curtains | 6. Industrial Table Lamp | 7. Dresser | 8. Wall Paint | 9. Mirror | 10. Bookshelf | 11. Navy Throw Pillow | 12. Lumbar Pillow | 13. Area Rug | 14. Sconce | 15. Headboard | 16. Pillow Insert | 17. Storage Bed | 18. Duvet Insert | 19. Book Ends | 20. Globe | 21. Modern White Frame | 22. Mixed Metal Table Lamp | 23. Side Table

***Photos by Tessa Neustadt. Video by Propeller Digital Content. And Thanks again to Target for sponsoring this makeover and gifting all the wonderful product for that amazing family.

Fin Mark


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This whole series makes me cry happy tears. I don’t even know them, and I’m so in love with them. They seem like such great people. I love how bright and vibrant his room is! I hope he loves it as well.


Emily, I love this series. It fills my heart with such joy knowing that your two families found each other and continue to have such a positive impact on one another. I’ve just had to accept the fact that I will be crying each morning while I drink my coffee and read this beautiful story.

I’ve been a fan since Design Star, and contributions like this, both beautiful in design and in human spirit, keep me coming back to see what you are doing next. Thank you.

Thank you 🙂 That made my day. xx


What a fun room – the framed masks are great!! I love the fan and see it on the style board, but not in the source list. Was it already in the house, or do you have a source?

Julie P

Yup, same fan in the master bedroom.


I’m also curious about the fan. There’s no link to it in either this post or the master bedroom post. Is it the same fan as in the living room? If so, it’s 52″ and it seems like a large fan for a smaller room like a bedroom. Or are the bedroom fans a different size than the living room one? Also, the living room fan link is not available in white. Did you buy the fans elsewhere? GREAT makeover series, by the way. Thanks!


How do you like those rollers? I’m in the market for some bamboo rollers and didn’t even think to look on Amazon.

They are pretty good. I think if you agressively pull them up and down 9 times a day they will wear out faster. But if its just a couple times and you are on the gentler side then I think they are a great buy for the price.


This is a beautiful series! I do have a design question, why did you add the sconce as well as the lamp on the side table? I’m also curious as to how it’s operated? Everything looks great but it almost seems redundant and I’m sure there’s a good reason. Thanks!

HA. Funny you say that. I thought that we were putting it on the other side of the bed – so you have the lamp on one side and the sconce on the other, but Peter installed it there. And then he convinced me that only one person is sleeping in the bed and its way easier access. As I was uploading the photos I thought … yea, that should be on the other side. I like a fabric shade lamp with a directional sconce as those have two different lighting functions, but in this case I do think that… Read more »


Haha! Ok and I’d like to add that this is such a great series. I love it when good things happen to good people and this is such an antidote to the current news cycle.


I hope you read this Emily
1. I love this. Even set my alarm to read it
2. Any chance you can tell me where the wicker plant holder is from? Vintage?
Thank you for making the world a better place!

Ah, thank you. And its vintage – i’ve been hoarding it for a while and it came in handy today. xx


I love the paneling and am really impressed with how you were able to hang art in all three places: above the panels with the masks, on the panels with the posters/framed art in master, and across both the panels and the wall with the hanging mirror. This could be a post of its own; how to style art on panels that are higher than chair level. This is a wonderful makeover! You can see/feel the love coming right through the blog. That family seems truly amazing!


this is a great makeover series! I really like the bed in this room, but the get the look link is to a distinctly different bed….. ?


I think this is the headboard they actually used (but full size),

Good catch! We just swapped it out, so correct on it above now 🙂 xx


I just want to say that a mark of a truly great interior designer is that the finished work is consistent in tone and quality and creativity, but still looks like the client’s home – THEIR space! This particular room illustrates that about you. Obviously, this is the work of Emily Henderson using a store and products that we all have access to (YAY TARGET), but even though I don’t know Ricky, I can tell that you accomplished this 100% for him. You made this room MORE “him” than it was before, using your talents and gifts, and how awesome… Read more »

THANK YOU. What a great compliment. thank you thank you. xx


Amazing job! That may be the best looking kids room that I have ever seen! Heck, forget kids room, it is just a great room!


Love it! As the mom of a teenage boy who loves red so much that he wears bright red hearing aids, I appreciate how you worked the vibrant red into the design. I now have ideas of how to work it into my sons room. Heretofore, I have only allowed reddish curtains and bedding, with beige walls.

Love Target, too. It was a go-to for me when staging our last home for sale.


I so want to go see Mexican wrestlers in Tijuana with this kid!! That sounds like the most fun weekend ever.

Wonderful job on all this project Emily. Damn, design does matter!

Wow, I would imagine a teenage boys room to be a bit of a design challenge, but you did an amazing job!


Love it! Never would have thought I’d love anything with red walls but the color looks awesome with that paneling. Love that you incorporated the masks.


Hi Emily, I just want to say that what I really love about this project (other than the amazing decor because its awesome! I totally have that blue Target rug you put in the living room and I LOVE IT) is your whole attitude and spirit. You come at this so humbly and so kindly. Its really beautiful. I can tell you’re not doing this for the hype you’re doing this because you genuinely care about Sylvia and her family and are incredibly grateful to them. Not to get too religious or anything but it reminds me of Jesus. You… Read more »

Wow. Thank you. My parents spent their lives teaching, parenting and serving (they are on a teaching mission right now, by the way) and service was just a huge part of our childhood. I hope that their love/need to serve was passed down to me and moreover I’m desperate for our own kids to witness and participate in the same thing. I showed Charlie the video and while I know that he doesn’t fully understand it, he knows that we helped a family he cares about act really happy.


beautiful work! your talent is so evident in the fact that you can make those lucha posters look good and vibe with the room!! question: it looks like the headboard you used is different from the headboard in the mood board? i’d love to see a link to the one in the photos (and the full bed/footboard, too)!!

We just added the correct one to the Get The Look for you 🙂 xx


I am loving that you did this for your nanny. I realize it’s just one big commercial for Target as well and I totally played into it because I just bought 4 of the curtains in grey. And that rug could be next.

I just adore the entire story and entire makeover so much. It must feel so great to be able to say thank you to the woman and family who care for your family. You can honestly see just how perfectly genuine this entire makeover was, from both sides. We need more of these out there in this makeover world!

It does feel so good. I’m writing about this right now in the last post (the dining room) and how so rarely do we get to really know for sure, that someone we love feels as valuable as they are. Like I said, win, win. xx


What a great series this has been! I am absolutely in love with this family and this project! The style is perfection, but the way they appreciated every single bit of it was even better. Good for you and Target for doing such great work for hard working people!
If I lived in California, I’d bring my baby to your house so Sylvia could watch her, too! 🙂


I love it!!! Between the love of mexiacan wrestling and all those Harry Potter books, seems like Ricky is a prettty cool kid. Glad you could do this for him!!


Mexican*** Sorry bout that


LOVE! Finally watched the video – love their reactions. And LOVE Sylvia’s laugh – it’s so infectious.

This by far is one of my most favorite (and sponsored!!) posts you have done. More of these please – love, love, love.


This is the best sponsored post(s) in the history of ever. Ever ever ever! Can’t get enough of your makeovers. Now I’m off to buy the globe, mirror, and maaaybe that awesome rug…

THANK YOU. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. That makes me so happy. Every time Target reads this they will be encouraged to do more projects like this so THANK YOU. xx


I rarely comment but have to say there is so much to love about you, this family, this design and the emotional connection it creates for me to a brand like Target. I consistently walk in to Target and purchase items that I have seen on the blog but its participation in a project like this that wins my heart and brand loyalty.

The Confetti Corner

The room looks fantastic- well done!
The Confetti Corner


This is a great series! love each room you did- I would NEVER have guessed you could pull off a red mexican wrestling room but you did!!!

Many thanks for including my blog on your list. You are definitely one of my favorites! If you or your other followers are interested..

Nice post share..Thanks for share with us that kind informative blog.


Wow! I haven’t been to Target for years and I have to say I’m really impressed with the items in each room of this makeover. It’s also fun to to see what seems to be a great family now have a beautiful space!

The masks and posters are great, what cool personality they lend to the space. I’ve never been too fond of red walls but the wainscoting and the pop of red above, totally love it.


How great is this make-over!! I love it!!


Good for you Emily. This is so incredibly sweet. I can feel your joy for this project and family coming through the screen!

Very nice designs/

Good one. thanx.

i think so cant you get it emily, thanks

Thank you so much! Really rich content and very useful information..


Love the story and the makeovers, but Ricky’s room — the red paint, the framed masks — it’s genius.


Loved your transformation of the room and how his personality absolutely comes through! Believe it or not my eye went IMMEDIATELY to the bedskirt…I know, I KNOW of all things how incredibly mundane but I’ve been on the hunt for “a decent looking one” with a larger than 14″ drop that doesn’t require taking out a loan. Because of its seemingly utter mundane-ness I’m assuming that’s why it wasn’t listed (it does help keep this small room lighter feeling though!)… I had already checked local Target store before this post series but, had no luck… do you care to share?…alright… Read more »

wow so best for your site


This is what it’s all about. You truly found your calling!


Nice blog… Please keep us informed like this…

Its really a good article. It gives me lots of pleasure and interest..!!

Chaya Jain

I am totally agreed with your post…. It too good…

Great post !! It’s full of insightful information and entertaining descriptions. Your point of view is the best among many. keep posting ..

El Chambray Duvet made me snort my coffee. So funny. It sounds even better when you say it aloud.

Also, I have a nanny whom I ADORE so this whole series is making my heart swell. I can tell how genuine your feelings are. And they sound like an amazing family!

wow so great for your site

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