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Sylvia’s Makeover: A Quick Bathroom Refresh + Get The Look



Today we have a quick bathroom restyling post for you – one that is strangely satisfying. Not because it was Sylvia’s (that, too …) but because it really just took some paint and some styling to make it 1000 times better. Like I said before we were really just supposed to do one room in Sylvia’s but decided to try to stretch the budget to four, so the kitchen and the bathroom were neglected and didn’t make the cut. As we were at the house shooting, we decided that it wouldn’t take too much to vastly improve the bathroom. It was so cute and had some great vintage character and color, it simply needed some help and a few new items. We are pros, these kind of upgrades are our jam.

Besides, here’s how it looked before:

Sylvia Makeover Target Before_Bathroom

The wall color was a yellow-y beige that flattered no one.

Sylvia Makeover Target Before_Bathroom 1

They needed better storage and everything to be freshened up. But the tile and the arch were so cute, in a vintage bungalow way. We really didn’t have to do much to improve it so vastly.


We painted it white (Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace) and gave it a good cleaning (I’d like to give Peter a public thank you for handling that. I was filming in the other room and he totally cleaned this, someone else’s bathroom – surely not in his job description as project manager so thank you, Peter).

We replaced the knobs with cute copper-y pink ones that we picked up at, you guessed it, Target.


We added that cute storage piece that I have been eyeing for a while (I might put it in our downstairs bathroom – it’s VERY cute). We installed that floating shelf to help engage the space between the toilet and the cabinet and provide another place to put bathroom necessities (or in other words art and flowers for us stylists).


We replaced all their textiles – shower curtain, towels, and hand towels with those cute pink ones and added art (from Minted, left over from another project – that ended up working perfectly in the space. Those brass frames are too good).

That’s it. I can’t believe how much better it became with those slight changes. Granted that vintage tile is so cute, it’s not like we were dealing with bad 80’s linoleum or like our gross guest bathroom, but still I think considering where it was a few days before that its a pretty satisfying accomplishment with not a lot of work folks. Check out the difference side by side.

Sylvia Makeover Target Before_Bathroom_After

Good photography certainly doesn’t hurt. Thank you, Tessa.

Sylvia Makeover Target Before_Bathroom_After 1

Sylvia Makeover Target Before_Bathroom_After 2

Here’s what we used and how you can get that look:

Sylvia's Makeover Pink Bathroom Get The Look

1. Copper Cabinet Pulls | 2. Mirror | 3. Art Piece 1 | 4. Art Piece 2 | 5. Wire Basket | 6. Glass Cabinet | 7. Bath Mat | 8. Waste Basket | 9. Coral Bath Towel | 10. White Bath Towel | 11. Shower Curtain | 12. Ceramic Vase | 13. Art Piece 3 | 14. Wood Shelf

PHEW. That’s it for Sylvia’s makeover. I gave my big wrap up and thank you speech yesterday (as this was just a fun add-on) so if you didn’t catch that, please check that out. xx If you missed it all, check out The Living Room for the intro, her Master bedroom, Ricky’s room (their son) and the dining room (maybe my favorite). xx

***Photography by Tessa Neustadt, Project Management/Styling by Peter Dolkas.

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So adorable!! I love what you did in there. It’s truly approachable and shows just a few small tweaks can take a room to the next level. Love it!


Love all of these makeovers! It’s so nice to see projects so close to your heart. Can I ask what kind of plant is in the gold vase? It’s so cute.


amazing what a small amount of decorating did for the space! i’m guessing it’s vintage, but is that brass bowl/vase from target, by any chance??? i love it!

Emily Henderson – you make dreams happen, what a refresh!

Kelsey M.

Did you all change the lighting in anyway? It looks so much brighter. I know paint color changes a lot, but can you all make any recommendations for lighting?


Hi Emily! I’m about to paint my similarly sized bathroom white and think the color you picked looks lovely. Did you paint the ceiling the same color? What about the trim? We’ve done all the trim in our house the same white so I just don’t want to pick a white for the wall that will make the trim look weird. All our ceilings are a unified white color too so I just don’t want to have 3 different tones of white competing. Any advice. Sylvia’s bathroom gives me hope that ours can look less ugly (also starting with a… Read more »


Amazing! You are magicians!

Oh goodness, I did not know that Target carried pulls and knobs! Oh, and I love the fact that Sylvia was already a fan of Target (see that Method soap in the “before” picture?) with no idea of what kind of effect the retailer would soon have on her life…. I don’t know why that little detail affected me so much, but it did. Also, Tessa’s photography skills are out of this world. Not to discredit your work – I’m sure you already know how I feel about that – but wow, that girl has some camera skills! I desperately… Read more »


This entire makeover has been wonderful to see! It’s really amazing to see the transformation you can achieve without doing major construction-style renovations. All the rooms are beautiful, but this bathroom makeover is so dramatic considering it’s just paint and some stuff from Target. So lovely, and good to see it going to a deserving family.


Yay a pink bathroom that no one demolished! We have a 1950s pink bathroom and I did the same thing…painted the walls white and freshened up some things and I love it. There is no need to rip everything out just because it’s pink!


I agree! I love that you saved the vintage pink bathroom. It’s so fun and unique.

Emily P.

Gosh, you always amaze!! Please come to my house and make everything perfection…you know you want to visit the atlantic ocean in Florida 😉


WOW! That is AMAZING!!! You are magical Emily!


“bathroom necessities (or in other words art and flowers for us stylists).” Ha! Love that you found another place to give Sylvia that touch of pink.


WOW! Prof positive that a little paint, styling and elbow grease can be amazing! I love it! The entire makeover has been such joy and sob inducing! Everyone at EHD should take enormous pride in this makeover. As many others have said, Target rules! I love them even more for getting on board with this makeover. Wishing lots of happiness to Sylvia, Riccardo and Ricky, you have a lovely house to go with your lovely hearts.


I wish the before photography wasn’t SO bad that it often looks doctored to appear as dismal and gross as possible. I’m sure the toilet tank didn’t change but it looks completely different, for example.

But beautiful project! I think a bead of white caulk around the mild stain around the toilet base would’ve helped a little, too.


Attention sponsors! Let’s get this kitchen done too 😉 Attention Landlord – You just got gifted some incredible upgrades, maybe you could at least spring for a larger bathroom vanity? Man this whole project was awesome on so many levels. And Silvia, thanks from me personally for allowing Emily to share your miscarriage heartaches. I know it was a long time ago, but it was still really relevant to me. I’ve had just a fraction of your loss and heartaches and it always makes me feel stronger to see another woman who has not let losses sour her heart, I… Read more »

I love this refresh! We have a vintage mint green and black bathroom that could use a little TLC! The fixtures are all a beige/green and the floor is this terrible grey tile, but I would love to get the tub reglazed in white and find a fun vintage-inspired tile for the floor and call it a day! It feels like the bathroom fits so well with the history of our house and I would hate to change it completely!


oooohwieee I love a quick re-vamp!!! I love how y’all went with the pink, now it looks cool and fun rather than dated!!

Kate Lim

Tessa is a very talented photographer so far I can usually recognize works of hers. She also photographed Amber Interiors. 🙂 Magical touch!


I just gave Target some dollars for that storage cabinet and totally justified it in my mind as supporting their support of this great project. I have loved these posts on a number of levels– both to imagine the family’s well-deserved joy and, selfishly, for the curation of the Target finds!


Stunned at how amazing this bathroom looks! I will never look at pink tile the same again. There is nothing like walking into a fresh, clean bathroom everyday. ?


Looks great! Love the vintage look. Redoing the caulking around the base of the toilet would be a quick easy way to make things look fresh and new.

I want to live at Sylvia’s! Every update has been Amazing! I miss Target Canada so badly. Now, more than ever ;(


Emily – you are killing it with this makeover!!! Its amazing what a coat of paint can do. Also, I already ordered the dining room light from Target and I have my eyes on the curtains. So nice to see everything from Target in a spread like this…. great add and PR for Target! And great story altogether. (I already commented on that aspect of this in the first post).
Also, as others have commented….. how about the kitchen?! Let’s do it all!!!!


I so love that you did this. I can’t imagine how wonderful everyone in Sylvia’s family must feel waking up every morning in that beautifully redecorated house!


This is beyond fabulous- so inspiring!!


What a difference. I’ve loved this whole makeover. I really really hope you keep doing this (and Target and other retailers get on board too!) because these are the kinds of makeovers that are an all around win. From someone who’s done several renovations can I kindly suggest re-caulking everything with crisp white caulk? It would do wonders and would probably only take an hour or so!


Adding my voice to others to request a kitchen makeover too – maybe with a different sponsor? This specific makeover has been so inspirational and approachable at the same time.


I love pink tile! I am so glad you were able to make this space impossibly hip and chic. I will have to go to Target to get those adorable towels. My mother still has a pink tile bathroom. She did gold hardware too and made it so cute.

Save the pink tile!!!


Outstanding projects for a wonderful family! Brillant ideas (especially ideas for storage!) — and LOTS of reasons to shop at Target! Target should really use this series in their ads!

Hoping that a kitchen makeover may be a future consideration! We have a small old kitchen (and tiny house!) here — and I am always looking for décor changes and ideas that would work in our tiny budget!


Congratulations Emily & Team. What a beautiful makeover for a lovely family.
Now can you wave your magic wand and somehow make Target Australia as fabulous as Target USA? PLEASE?!!!!


You are crazy awesome! Love you and your whole team for going above and beyond and doing the bathroom. Ok, so I totally would love to see her kitchen get done too! That family is so sweet!

So bright and beautiful!


i think this is my favorite of all your makeovers, such love and generosity on both sides. thank you for letting us share in this. <3

i am visiting first time to your blog awesome post you have written, thank for sharing

Emily- I’ve never commented, but I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and it was starting to feel like eating out and not tipping so just wanted to say THANK YOU, YOU ROCK! I especially loved this last makeover, so touching and beautiful and great design inspiration. I’m moving back to the US next week after almost 5 years in New Zealand and I love what great, affordable ideas I’ve got a brewin’ for my new house thanks to your blog. X Katie

This bathroom refresh is fabulous! It’s incredible how different it looks. And that apothecary cabinet! I can’t believe how much I love it – I’m even looking at picking one up for myself. Beautiful work!

Chaya Jain

I like your post…

Your blog is really interesting and inspiration to many. I’ll be looking forward for more of your posts. Keep it up! Thanks for share..

This is a big change! I love how small things make such a big difference!


And the hits just keep coming! I can’t believe how much paint and styling changed that bathroom. Great job.


I am in LOVE. I was just starting to look at bathroom updates the other day and was feeling a little overwhelmed. When I saw this post, I knew it was exactly what I wanted! I went to Target last night and purchased the knobs, the towels, the wooden shelf, and the glass cabinet but in large. I made a slight variation with the shower curtain (white with a few color stitching) but other then that, I am sticking to it! Painting our walls tonight! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Just amazing change.

I’m such a big fan of pink tile! I know some people think it’s dated, but I love it if styled up right like you’ve done here!

dang, that arch is the best thing i’ve ever seen in a bathroom. how come bathrooms today are so meh. great refresh!!!


nice post thank you for share


What a breath of fresh air! It’s amazing what some elbow grease, paint, and a talented eye can do to beautify a room. Thank you for seeing the value of vintage tile. It is something I think many people scoff at, but I love it! Two of my great grandparents had the pink/burgundy tile situations happening in their bathrooms and I remember just loving their loos as a child.

This bathroom refresh is fabulous! It’s incredible how different it looks. And that apothecary cabinet! I can’t believe how much I love it – I’m even looking at picking one up for myself. Beautiful work!

Great efforts.

Good post !! I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand.

I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Keep posting..

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