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Site Relaunch and Adding to the Team



Big exciting changes, and we need big exciting people to help. Yes, we are hiring and expanding over here at EHD.

But first the back story, a little recap of my feelings about my business. As you know last year, I shutdown ‘The Flea’ and client design department to focus more on the blog and my own personal design projects. The goal was really to stay lean for a while, to intentionally not expand the business while still growing the traffic and brand. The main reason was bandwidth – not the actual internet, but that of my own human body/mind and honestly that of my team. It’s like backward business 101. But I have heard this theory amongst risky careers like mine – stay lean, don’t over-invest, etc.

Well, I’ve since changed my mind and the site is about to blow up (figuratively speaking). What really made me finally decide to expand was how I myself was using the site as a designer, reader, and a shopper. As I’ve been designing these two houses (Mountain house and Portland house) I realized that we were missing opportunities to be such a better resource for this design process. Our thoroughly researched posts get lost in the single post feed layout we currently use and while we have a resource page with a lot of vendors on it, it’s not as compelling, useful, easy to navigate or updated as it could be. I tried to listen to so many of you who said ‘we want your voice’ but as you probably can tell there is NO way that I can write every post on the site, nor do I need to. And reducing the blog to only my posts misses so many opportunities and would kill traffic and good content, thus the business. I need to focus on documenting my major projects, writing about them, creating compelling photo and video content FOR them (I’m really excited about the video series for I Design, You Decide) and of course writing my personal posts. Plus leading the team, brainstorming new content and overseeing, you know, life. We also have soooo many posts that I want to write that are smaller and don’t fulfill our 2700+ (not a factual number) word every single post needs. Like my ‘I can’t believe I’m actually loving… {insert product or trend I’d NEVER thought I’d like}.’ The single post feed was too limiting and the content was lost too quickly once the new post went up the following day. When we posted more than once a day you didn’t come back and those posts were lost due to the faulty single-post layout.

Every 6 months over the last few years I brought up the ‘should we be a site, not a blog?’ question to myself but was also really fearful of my blog losing its soul by adding contributors and making it more of a ‘web-site’ that felt like a machine. Also, why fix what ain’t broke???

But my leg isn’t ‘broke’ and yet I try to run and make it stronger. My relationship with my husband isn’t ‘broke’ and yet I still try to have a better marriage. Just because something is indeed successful doesn’t mean that it can’t also be better.

The new site will be so much more user-friendly and resource heavy, with even more daily content and the same amount of posts by me (if not more, since I can write short posts with less pressure). In 3 months, with the new site, we can be a bit looser with some fun content that is more topical, but at the same time have a larger featured post every day. Obviously, the hope being that you come back a couple times a day and hang out with us for a long time enjoying the content and using it as a resource over and over.

Who is us? The same team that we have (Brady: Editorial Director, Jess: Office Manager/Blog Assistant, Sara: Photographer/Social Media Director and Julie: Junior Designer) but we need to add some more people to our amazing team as things are changing.

Here is what EHD is looking for to help take this blog to a site and have it well-run:

A Social Media Marketing Expert

This person needs to have at least 2 years experience in a high-level social media position. Their responsibilities will be working with me to strategize, produce, copy-write, and execute content for every platform, including expertise in advertising, be blue-print certified, and know the adobe suite. Any other video, photo, or animation skills are a plus. Obviously, a lover of lifestyle and design would be lovely. But I really want someone who can bring their experience, expertise, and knowledge to my team, and really take it all to the next level to create the most compelling content on all digital media platforms. This position would be full time, in LA but I am willing to pay for someone to relocate to LA for the absolute right person for the job. The pay will be based on experience, but I’m looking for someone with a lot of experience. Send resumes, cover letter, any examples of past work (and anything else you think necessary) to [email protected] – Please put SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT in the subject line.

An Editorial Manager

With more posts a day comes the need for someone to manage the editorial calendar, be responsible for the day to day publishing/editing of every post, and manage the potential various contributors. Brady has been taking on this role but he’s also doing 9 other jobs (including this one) and is going to see more big picture items and production of everything that we do moving forward, so we need someone with experience to handle the multiple posts a day situation. They need at least 2 years of experience at a managerial position in the digital field. Copy-writing skills need to be strong, and an expertise in digital media and lifestyle blogs is extremely helpful. This person will also help brainstorm, pitch, and execute/write articles for the site as well as make sure that the site is as user-friendly as possible ensuring that you (the readers) are always heard and are having the best experience possible. A lot of organization and leadership is required and I’m hoping this person can really help streamline the daily production in the office. This position would be full time in LA, but I am also willing to help someone relocate to LA if they’re the right fit! Send resume, cover letter, and any other information to [email protected] Please put EDITORIAL MANAGER in the subject.


We are looking for editors and writers that have compelling voices, who know design and lifestyle. These people would pitch story ideas on a continuous basis and fully execute the production of posts from start to finish. We have a few right now that I’m very excited about (Orlando, Ginny, Mel, and Carla), but I haven’t put it out there yet and we can always use more. This would be a freelance position, with a pay-per-article structure. The person also does not need to live in LA. They should be familiar with wordpress, have excelling copy-writing/editing skills as well as have a good sense of what is happening in the design and lifestyle world. Send resume, cover letter, any examples of past work and writing examples (and anything else you think necessary) to [email protected] – Please put CONTRIBUTOR in the subject.

House Manager/Personal Assistant/Mom 🙂

Now that our kids are both in preschool together til 2:30 our lovely nanny is moving on to a full-time family next month. We also want to spend some afternoons with the kids since we have flexible (although busy) schedules. So instead of hiring a nanny we’d love to find someone who can of course watch our kids and loves kids, but also manage the house. That would include meal prep, keeping things organized, running errands, tidying things up when needed, returning things to Target and other stores, etc. I’d love to find a mom honestly, that really knows how to run a house and doesn’t mind doing all things house related. This could be part-time 1-6pm, Monday – Thursday (maybe, Friday too) but it’s flexible with a lot of time off in the summer as we go up to the mountains. This person should be a total self-starter, motivated, super positive, responsible, organized, intuitive, lovely to be around – again, positive attitude please 🙂 Send resume, cover letter and any other info you think we should know to [email protected] – Please put HOUSE MANAGER in the subject.

We are also looking for the following from YOU:

House Tours

While we will certainly not turn into a house-tour site we are looking for beautiful homes, with interesting architecture and decor that haven’t been published yet. We would come in and style, shoot, and then publish your space here on the site. So if you want your house, or if you are a designer looking to get a project shot and featured, email [email protected] with scouting photos of the space (pulled back shots) or any existing shots you have as well as a bit of info on the project. The homes should be in LA (or within reasonable driving distance).

Design Agony Questions

We are revamping this series because we all actually loved it. We just didn’t have time to do it, then I had a baby and we forgot about it. So Ginny is going to take it over. YAY! Send us your design problems, with good photos of your space and we’ll try to solve them and post about it. Shoot your submission photos during the day, with multiple angles, lots of natural light (if possible) and really pulled back. While we don’t expect these to be BEAUTIFUL photos, the better they are the more likely they are to get selected and then solved and blogged about. Email [email protected]

Your Spaces Inspired By EHD

A handful of you have sent along photos of spaces that you have created, styled, or shot that were inspired by the spaces, projects, or DIY’s that we have done on the site and we LOVE seeing them. It is so much fun to see your take on them and see our stuff out there in the real world. Send through pictures of your rooms, vignettes, or areas that are inspired by what you see over here on EHD to [email protected] We just might feature you in a post or on social, but mostly it is so fun for us to see.

Portland Design Assistants or Interns

We are moving fast on the Portland project and, with the help of Jenna, trying desperately to hit our May goal, but if there are any assistants in Portland (or students in college studying design who want hands-on experience) email [email protected] with PORTLAND DESIGN ASSISTANT in the subject line. As we get closer to the final finish date we’ll need PA’s and styling assistants, too, but ideally I’d have a few that can work freelance from now ’til May.

I’m so excited. I’m just so bummed that rebuilding the site takes so long!!! I want it now! The vibe will be the same (we aren’t rebranding, just rebuilding), the content will be better, the resources will be more organized and there will be even more of what is already good. We are getting bigger and better for you, and can’t wait to show you what we have coming up.

I feel like I actually know you, my readers, really well but in the name of understanding even more about you we have a quick multiple choice and short answer survey. It’s fast, I promise 🙂 CLICK THROUGH HERE to take the survey and please let us know your thoughts in the short answer areas as that is what helps us bring you the best content every day as we continue to grow.

If you have ANY requests or suggestions for the site, we’d love to hear them. If there are new series that you think could be good or even just individual articles that you’d love to read, let us know in the comments below.

Are you scared? Excited? Do you feel like you are watching me grow up and graduate or are you nervous? If you are nervous, DON’T BE. It’s just more and better…

Fin Mark


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dear Emily, I am an assiduous reader of yours next to my morning coffee. I am an Argentine who recently returned to her country after living 8 years in Chile where honestly, although Ikea-type furniture is available, there is no inspiration for interior design in my country. I have a small not very successful instagram called my space in order (in Chile the organization of spaces is not very popular) although my real profession is that of accountant and business administrator (boring !!!). I discovered your blog one day, and as I do with those I like, track your first… Read more »


Excited to see where this goes! Just want to throw out there though…don’t become myDomaine. Frankly WAY too much content. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it overwhelming! And in so many of their posts I see typos or errors and I think, “why not post less and spend more time perfecting a few posts?” Quality over quantity.


I agree! I totally trust you, but some of the other design blogs have WAY too many posts a day and it’s overwhelming.


I totally agree too! Too many post are too tiring to read in one day and sometimes good content can be missed. I am writing a comment for the first time ever, but for ages I wanted to write to suggest posts like Design Agony Questions and now I am super excited. Thank you Emily for the hard work throughout the years – your blog was the reason why I stoped following sites like Apartmenttherapy and Mydomain just because I don’t know it completely satisfied my need for design inspiration. Can I also suggest that we see more from Brady… Read more »


Agreed, not too much please but some organization would be great! I was looking recently for the many posts on choosing a shade of white and it took forever to find the one I was thinking of. Please index the old content! It’s a huge resource but not super easy to access.


Kudos to this! Would love to be able to access your old content, perhaps by category. YHL does an excellent job of this. It make it so easy to find “best sofas for less” or “top pastel paints”, etc.




^Yaaas, this exactly! I can’t ever find what I need on myDomaine and it’s very frustrating.


I agree with you that some sites post way too much and it becomes a chore to check instead of a hobby that I look forward to. I was always afraid to miss something and would feel the need to read even the articles that I wasn’t that interested in which was a vicious cycle that I eventually unsubscribed from to get peace. However, I like MyDomaine because although they post often I pick and choose the articles of interest and the best part is most of their articles are short and succinct, perfect for my busy day. Apartment Therapy… Read more »

Cris S.

Agreed! If I go to PioneerWoman, it’s because I want to read what she has to say, not the million other things going on in the site.


Or Apartment Therapy! I used to love that site…


Agree! Too many content is overwhelming. I used to love Apartment Therapy but now it feels so clickbaity and soul less…


I too have trouble looking for old posts on your site. It would be great if you could somehow add in keywords from those old posts when you redesign.


Keywords are okay, but an index is MUCH better. Please please include one in your new site. If you need or want help, I would LOVE to do it, as I am a professional indexer. That is literally what I do for a living- I organize vast amounts of information and resources and edit. In fact, maybe I should just apply… 🙂


House Tours, YES! I love this idea, especially if you feature all sorts of homes – of course, show us the perfectly renovated and styled homes like you would produce (and I’m thinking the likes of Studio McGee, and Becki Owens), but also some “real readers” homes that have been renovated – whether DIY or under the work of a skilled contractor. We renovated our 1978 custom ranch for over one year with an incredible contractor, and while we didn’t have a designer on our project (the design team was our contractor and me, but man we’re a great team!),… Read more »


THIS person would be fun to read from, as a contributing writer. Maybe Karen could even do a ‘chunk by chunk’ story about her reno??

Briana DC

I’d love to follow her Reno journey, too!!!


My friend hired someone last year that sounds exactly like your House Manger position. She was trying to describe the woman’s role to me, and then she said, “Well, she’s basically my wife.” It was hilarious and true. Good luck with everything!


I love your blog, so i’ll be excited to see more posts every day. It sounds like your site will become more what is. I actually go back to that site constantly throughout the day (I’m sooo sure my employer appreciates this). So, your site will now be another reason for me not to be working! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, just kidding Big Brother/Employer/co-workers that may be reading this…..

patricia blaettler

Can you make the font a little bigger, and maybe a little darker? I can’t be the only one who has trouble reading it sometimes… And good luck!


Yes, please!

Vicki S Williams

I can make it bigger but I agree with darker. thx


Ctrl +


One suggestion for the new site: I’m moving to a new apartment and looking for design inspiration, round-ups, and other resources, but have had trouble using the “Search” feature and navigating through the archives to find the most helpful posts. Sounds like you’re heading in that direction, but I’d love there to be more ease in using the website and all its past posts as a guide. Thank you and love the site and your voice!


Yay! I’m happy for you and your team, and I think going from blog to site is a great idea! I’ve been a loyal reader for years. In the name of feedback, I will say that I do miss the quirkier, more colorful, less expensive vibe that used to be showcased on the blog. I adore the current style of course, but it feels out of my league much of the time because of the typical price point. It feels more inspirational than attainable for me. I love inspiration, don’t get me wrong, but I also enjoy quirky and inexpensive.… Read more »


Hi Emily, I always appreciate your honesty and the beautiful ideas that you share, but I agree that the expensive renovations and furniture feel unattainable and not realistic for me. We live in a nice house with a two income family and I often wonder who is this content for? If I can’t justify spending huge amounts of money on decor, it must be the same for most people. Anyways, I am excited to see real living spaces again. I love colourful designs that work with spaces, rather than gut and completely start new. I’m looking forward to your new… Read more »


Daily reader here (I even come back later or the next day to read all the comments of the posts that really interest me), just commenting to say how excited I am to see such a genuinely deserving person doing so well with her business while prioritizing giving back to your community. You are rocking at being a working mom! Your kids will be all the better for having seen first hand a good example of a strong, ambitious independent woman.


The site re-build sounds awesome and helpful. Looking forward to seeing more real spaces, design agony and trends posts. (honestly, more of anything but the round-up/get the look posts is great news for me!!) So glad you are committing to posting at least daily – I find your content mainly awesome and would happily read more posts that were shorter in length.


Great move! Good luck with it.

Emily S

The idea of you being a site sounds great, BUT, I use a feed reader (Feedly), so i want to be sure that all of your posts will still feed into there with changes. If they don’t I won’t be able to read them as there is no way I can (or want to) visit every blog or site that I want to read and follow. Hoping that they will still all feed in!


Congrats, Emily & Team!! Updates like this makes me wish I lived in LA so I could apply to work with you and your team! Can’t wait to see whats in store for 2018.

xo, Emma


I would agree with those who say don’t make it too buys. The Mom Edit redid their blog and I will have to say it’s a little chaotic. I much prefer less buttons, less links to push and less information in general. If I have to hunt around a blog to find what’s new then it’s not being effective. That said, I am excited to see some of the new things, but would still agree that posts from you are my favorite and honestly I tend to skip the majority that aren’t. Not because they aren’t good, but the vibe… Read more »


that should say don’t make it too “busy”, not buys!


One suggestion would be to hire a translator! He/She could translate your posts to Spanish (for example) and your blog/website could achieve many more people and visits since not everyone understands English! they would love it, pretty sure!


OR a link that translates each post into a variety of other languages!?


So excited about this!! I wish I had the experience to apply for one of these positions!! (I’m in events/catering so this isn’t my field haha)

I especially am excited to have the resource section so we can look for paint colors, rugs, lighting, etc without having to dig out the round ups that we love. Usually I furiously pin every single image from those round ups!


Great news. I do have problems finding old posts and look forward to having them easier to find.


This is fantastic. I’m so happy for you! You are making the right move and I can’t wait to see more. Congratulations!


Hi Emily,

You might consider re-wording your House Manager/Personal Assistant position summary so as to be ungendered? I’m sure this just escaped notice.

Looking forward to the thoughtful site rework!



Lisa, I had the same thought when I read that! A house manager + PA+ parent could definitely be any gender!

Emily—excited about the new changes on the site as well!


I think it would be helpful too to add a byline so that we know who wrote the post. I think people are fine with other contributors, but feel cheated when it is passed off as Emily’s voice (and I promise you we can tell…). Cup of Jo does this really nicely.


Oh, and please don’t use Disqus or another commenting widget that requires you to login or use Facebook comments.

Wendy G

Every day long time reader over here. I just came to say that I LOVE your single feed style. Most of the blogs I read have switched over to more of a “site” format and I honestly dislike it. It immediately loses the warmth and personal feel to a blog. If you’re going to go this direction, could I suggest doing something similar to A Beautiful Mess and adding a “blog view” option? The blog view, IMO, is simply more digestible and allows me to keep up with what I missed. It’s like the algorithm vs. chronological format of Instagram.… Read more »

Anna McNinja

AGREED 100,000,000%.

Personally I like the single post/day, bc while most of the time I can make time to read one post, there are days when I can’t even remember to drink water, much less stay on top of multiple posts. The Blog Format suggestion is a nice suggestion as a compromise.


I’m asking because I’m trying to figure out how to voice my opinion without being hurtful, and in the wake of the “no negative comments” rule. Is there a way to discretely say “I love guest posts by Person A and B, but not Person C?” I guess it would be simpler to say nothing and just ignore posts by Person C, but what if the topic is something I’m really excited about reading? What if the post could just be written by Person A or B, or some new person? I hesitate to even ask this question because Person… Read more »


I think you go with your gut and focus on the authors you enjoy, allowing for a wider variety of voices and narratives to be heard on the site.

That said, there are definitely avenues of constructive criticism you could take to specifically note what it is about a certain writing style you think could be improved, rather than posting that one writer can do-no-good. Because like you said, interesting subject matter is spread amongst all of the EHD team, allowing everyone to have an opinion and also develop their voice with each new piece of content.


Just don’t read Person C’s posts…?? I don’t see what’s the issue here…


I think that’s why we LOVE Emily’s voice, because she’s intelligent, hilarious and full of great content!


As a 20-something I love hearing from the extended EH crew (especially Sara! whaddup my Internet spirit animal!). Their take on things just are a little more on my design/budget wavelength 🙂


Love your work, love this new direction. My $0.02, with all the work that goes into a new site, please please consider site speed and make sure it stays strong. With all the content and photos, it’ll be crucial. I work in digital and more and more, users, especially ones on mobile, bounce if a site takes too long to load (I know I do!), and it does hurt your SEO as well.

Excited to see what is next for you!

Jennifer Bird

When I was designing my apartment, I used your site a lot, and my favorite posts for that were the round ups of a lot of product. They, as you say, get lost and thus, it would be ideal to have a section JUST for those. (Some that are currently tagged “roundup” wouldn’t really apply.)


Exciting! Oh man, if I didn’t have a full-time job right now I’d totally be lining up for the Editorial Manager position…there was about a year there when I was hoping you’d post just that! Haha. BUT super excited to send in my design agony question…we are moving in a month to a Spanish-style house (we’re in LA) but it’s a RENTAL with carpet…. 😐 And the landlord said he’s gonna put in drapes before we move in, and I’m like “How do I put this nicely…can I pick them out?!” lol. Anyway, will definitely need some help, also figuring… Read more »


If I lived out there in Cali, I would so apply for your house manager position! I do a little of this for my SIL (four busy kids, both she and my brother working full time) and I love it! She loves coming home to a clean house and having a back up plan for picking up kids or getting them to practices or whatever. Our girls are older so I have a little more flexibility – and there are only two of them! I feel like every mom needs a little help in those crazy years.


I am super excited about the design agony question part. New home owners like me need help/ advice from experts. Thanks for the opportunity.

Overall I think it’s a step forward and I wish you all the very best. I am a mechanical engineer by profession but I would definitely give one of these job postings a try if I was in LA or Portland.


Emily….ie always thought you were over stretched. You’re wonderful, available, but you family should be first, then you business, and finally us!
Good luck in your changes….whdontyou only post three times a week……to start?
Hug, jay


Do the house tours have to be in the Portland, OR area? and could you keep the “styling”?


Ok, I think other people have voiced similar opinions. Please don’t make into another site like Apt Therapy or Design Sponge. I sometimes visit their site because I follow them on Instagram but their multiple posts a day was too overwhelming, disjointed and too many different editorial voices. But I get it, you are very prolific. I love your Instas but I can barely keep up with them! Honestly, setting limits to how many posts you do helps you edit and keeps the content quality so high!


As I begin to contemplate my dream renovation (in Austin, Texas), I find myself thinking: I wish I could ask Emily! I have so many questions that I can’t answer with simple Google research, and wish I could access some real talk. I’m not sure what this would look like, but the idea of the website offering resources for readers who are renovating/building/designing sounds like it might get close!

I’ll keep reading!


please please please get rid of the pop-up at the bottom of the site with the relaunch. it’s just so darn frustrating to have to deal with it every time I try to get to a new page and drives me away from the site

patricia blaettler

I agree. The pop-ups at the bottom are the bane of my existence. And not just yours.


BUT, it’s only ONE click to delete instead of several, which many other sites have as their alternative. Careful what you wish for…I prefer the ONE click.

Stacy Hyatt

OMG I could not agree more with this. It’s especially frustrating because it pops up when I land on the site, but then it also pops up AGAIN after I click on the “Read more…” link to read each blog post. It’s truly infuriating and (I’ll be honest) it makes me not want to visit the blog because I feel kind of bombarded by ads. When I’m on my phone at work trying to catch up on your blog, it feels claustrophobic and I often end up just exiting out. 🙁


Honestly, maybe most excited by more Orlando!!


Please please please make sure you’re interviewing applicants who are people of color (and hopefully hiring them.) And if you aren’t finding them, I would recommend using a hiring service to make sure you get those applicants. Even if they don’t have exactly the experience you’re looking for, diverse perspectives are invaluable to a growing brand and effective team.


I absolutely 100% second this. There’s very much a one note in the interior design world in regards to style, perspective, family, it just all looks the same and creates a disconnect. I am in no way placing the reason for this on the EHD team. Often times people may not be aware of an absence of something if you always see yourself. Diversity is important and I and I hope many more would love to see more peole of color, their work, and their incredible products. They are out there. ????

Excited for future changes. Best of luck!


These new positions and voices sound so exciting! I’ve learned so much from following you over the years, our style is so much more pulled together and polished and I’m so confident now that we’re turning the corner to renovation and major improvements on our first home. I was actually one of the first people to send in a request for Design Questions Answered when it launched awhile ago so I’m happy to see that it’s back, I would love to make sure I’m on the right track before pulling the trigger on big decisions. And I can’t wait to… Read more »


I’d normally say I wouldn’t read 2 posts a day but I have a 2 month old baby so I’m reading lots at 4am. I’d love to read posts by Brady and Ginny, but if you have new people I’d like them to be introduced really well before they actually start writing.

For a blog post, I’d love to hear what things you buy second hand/ vintage, what you get from target etc and what you buy from more expensive brands. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks


So excited!! One post a day was not enough, but hope it’ll still be approachable, manageable and funny!


Can’t wait, how can more EHD be bad?


I miss the roundups of products that have form and fuction, like pretty utility items series you once ran. There were a few awhile back and I specifically remember a few great bathroom/toilet brush combos and some spatulas from Crate & Barrel. I love the decor roundups but I find the combo of form and fuction pieces to be more applicable (and I’m more likely to purchase) at times.

Lesley W

I forgot to add on my survey under the what you don’t want to change part, the filtered comments. I usually read all of the comments on a post after I read, because I’m interested in what other people thought and how you responded, and your blog is the best at not having a much of nasty comments. I read the comment section on Apartment Therapy and the negativity there makes me bummed out or pissed off a lot of the time, but I can’t seem to stop myself for looking at the comments after the post. I think this… Read more »


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Hypnotism Specialist


Very good brief and this post helped me a lot. Say thank you I searching for your facts. Continuous it..


Hi Emily! Love the idea of a thoughtful facelift, curated contributions, and I generally can’t wait to see it revealed.

One thing that I have secretly wanted for about three years is to tweak the way your tagline is written. I fully admit to having compulsive editor-brain, and I am sorry to be a drag…but there’s no need for the “L” to be capitalized in “Let’s get weird.” It can live happily as a lowercase since it follows a semi-colon. 🙂



I’d like to see more of the “weird” return, like it was a few years back. Things seem a bit too “perfect” lately and there’s personality in “weird” {like the kitchen island :)]. Maybe through house tours, we’ll see some real personality+ coming through?!

Stacy Hyatt

Holly — Oh boy, you are singing my song. That “L” has also bugged me for years. It’s such an easy fix, too!

SBEH team — Please believe me: nit-picky editors are your friends! Even though we can sound like meanies, we only ever want to help!


I’d really love some contributors of color. In general 0 and this isn’t a slam, because the whole design world is like this – your team is very one-color, as are the designers you reference, the friends you mention, the hair stylists you go to, etc, etc. This is a very white blog, and honestly, they’re pretty much all very white blogs. When you look at (the few) designers of color out there, they often use textiles or patterns in a different way from their white counterparts, and I think we all could benefit from that added perspective. Plus, representation… Read more »


I agree 100%! You are an eclectic but mainstream voice (if you know what I mean) and have such a huge audience. Bring in more color (literally and figuratively!) Love you, and have for 6+ years. I’ve read you while nursing, while resting, when I need a break from hectic times, or to unwind at the end of long days. I love reading comments from your readers. This is a positive and a no judgement space. Thank you for your hard work and the hard work of your wonderful team! I will continue to make daily space for this space… Read more »


Hi Emily! Your blog is my favorite and I’m always happy when you expand and grow. My only concern is many have changed to sites and you go to the main page and there are so many “categories” to choose from to click on and it’s overwhelming to know which to choose to read especially if you have limited time and I never know where or which contain the most recent blog posts or content. Please when you redesign dont make it hard for us to find what we all come to read. Your amazing ideas, opinions and voice. I… Read more »


Wow! I’m very excited to see what you have coming up! I’m sure it is worth the wait.

I like the way you have kept it a blog as this makes it more personal and less intimidating. Plus you are so friendly and just reading what you have to say makes it feel like I’m reading an email from a friend. I like that you have kept your readers always in consideration and that makes us feel special.

Hang in there! and keep up the great work 🙂


Can I add my two cents on a question you didn’t ask? I can? Thank you. I don’t love house tours, pretty rooms, nice stuff, but it’s not mine, I rarely get anything out of it, ideas-wise, and when I do, it’s usually just one thing but normally I just remember the dog. I also don’t love make-overs because sure I can buy all new stuff and it’ll look great. I mean, it would look better if you told me what all new stuff to buy and then placed it. But chances are that isn’t ever going to happen. What… Read more »


I love this and can’t wait to see all the new stuff. I’m fairly new to reading your blog but have really enjoyed keeping up with it since last spring. I just bought your book today for some fresh design inspiration. I was curious on your house tours category if you have parameters or are fairly open at this point. My family owns an old historic building on our Main Street that was once partly used as a hotel that we’ve converted in to loft spaces that I’m biased in thinking are really cool. I wasn’t sure if this was… Read more »

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