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Shag Rugs Roundup



Shag rugs are like Muu-muus. When done right they are so comfortable and chic that you are convinced you’ll have a better life the second you commit. When done wrong they are very cheap, depressing and will ruin your social life. Almost every client we have right now, including myself (as seen above in Elliot’s Nursery), wants the perfect cozy shag rug so as we were shopping we figured we’d round up a big old post with our favorites for you.

In case you need some selling on the whole shag rug in the first place, feast your eyes on these ladies:

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 1

She could’ve gone cheezy but she didn’t.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 2

Justina designed some that are really beautiful, comfortable and of course easy to hide “imperfections” (read: play dough mashings), too.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 3

Shags, whether Morroccan in style or a simple solid are so inviting and become another piece of furniture on which to lounge. I witnessed this first hand/butt because my best friend splurged on a mohair shag rug and everyone, EVERYONE wanted to lay on it. Sure, it was fancy, but it was my first foray into “oh, right … rugs can be super comfortable in addition to being beautiful” land, and I want to go back to that world in every room in my house. Does this mean I’m becoming old or are you all into really comfortable rugs, too, these days?

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 4

Of course these rugs are higher maintenance. If they are white and high pile they can get dirty easily, and if they are in a high traffic area then think about a dark or patterned version. So no, they aren’t for everyone or everywhere.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 5

For instance, as much as I love this photo, trust me when I say this shag rug was styled just for the shot. You’d have to be a silly billy (that’s how I curse now) to put a white shag under a dining table that you actually eat on. But if its an entrance, then go for it with caution.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 6

So we dug deep, pulled hairs and twirled around the internet to find some of the coziest, prettiest, best shag rugs in the world at all different price points (all below are listed as 8×10 in size). Some are nuts, some are simple – let your butt and eyes decide.

Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson Patterned

1. Luna Rug  |  2. Indigo Fable Rug  |  3. Kodiak Rug  |  4. Samos Rug  |  5. Geo Shag Wool Kilim Rug  |  6. Salma Wool Shag Rug  |  7. Color Fields Rug  |  8. Indo-Natural Impressions Stripe White Rug  |  9. Marine & Gold Fable Rug

Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson Solid

10. Zoro Shag Rug  |  11. Salt N Pepper Greek Flokati  |  12. Manhattan Rug  |  13. Black Greek Flokati  |  14. Moda Shag Rug  |  15. Mason Shag Rug  |  16. Vitten Rug  |  17. Denim Blue Wool Flokati  |  18. Olive Flokati Rug

Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson Moroccan

19. Aquamarine Arrez Rug  |  20. Jaleh Moroccan Rug  |  21. Fusion Shag Rug  |  22. Bespoke Moroccan Wool Rug  |  23. Hand-Tufted Ourain Rug  |  24. Charcoal Azilal Rug  |  25. Blue Moroccan Diamonds Shag Rug  |  26. Melita Flokati Rug  |  27. Multi-Colored Saxon Shag Rug  |  28. Charm Wool Rug  |  29. Kate Rug  |  30. Spice Folklore Rug

In case you needed some help in deciding which rug size is best for you, or how to mix two different rugs together in the same room be sure to click through. Get them before they are gone folks, shag is here to stay.

For those of you who want them all on one board (yes, these are repeats) we put them together – go on, pin away. xx

Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson_FULL

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I really love #5 in the patterned rugs, and like how it looks like it is kind of a mix of a flat weave and a shag. Best of both worlds! I’m really tempted to get it for my bedroom but I’m 100% certain my cats would immediately vomit on the shaggiest parts and ruin my will to live.


Oh, I feel your pain. But, I bought an inexpensive one ($400 from Lowe’s) for my bedroom and my cat won’t walk on it so no vomit to clean up! Win, win 🙂 The hardwoods underneath are much easier to deal with.


Hey, thanks for putting the price right there under the rug so I don’t have to click through and wait for the page to load only to find out that the it is way out of my range! I’m currently shopping for several new rugs, got some great ideas. Thanks!

You are welcome! We got that request from a few commenters and listened 🙂


Is shedding an issue with this type of rug?


In my experience the really fluffy flokati type are HUGE shedders. Not so much on the others.

Yep. Although it depends. Mine from Lulu and Georgia did not shed one thread because its a combo of poly and viscose. I think wool rugs shed WAY more, but they do shed less and less over the years.

Lauren F

Great post! I have a shag rug in my living room almost identical to #25 except mine is gray and white. Do you have any shag rug maintenance tips for keeping them fluffy and soft?

My friend had a white flokati (a rather high end one) that was looking really tired, dirty and shabby. I thought it was at the end of its life. Then she had it professionally cleaned (I guess they had to wash it three times) and it looks BRAND new again. So unfortunately i don’t think there is a day to day maintenance of it, more about getting it cleaned every so often. Flatwoven or short pulled rugs are certainly less maintenance (and less comfortable). Put shags in rooms far away from exterior doors or children.

Alison Morrow

Thank you for this! I would love to see your round up of best ceiling fans one of these days :).

Yes, ceiling fans (for all styles) would be so, so helpful!

Emily K

I love the idea but have to think they are really only for childless and petless people. Imagining all the stuff that would get ground into it and trapped in the fibers kinda grosses me out.

Ah, that first white shag rug looks amazing, but NO idea how it would stay clean. We have a Moroccan inspired shag in our living room that also works as our entry way that has managed to stay pretty decent (the pattern helps). Definitely feeling the comfy rug trend.

You have to buy white rugs knowing that you might have to have them cleaned once every year os so which is a $250 expense (they come and pick them up and drop them back off and the more you get cleaned the cheaper it is). It’s annoying but its kinda the burden of having a light, bright fluffy rug. Otherwise, no, they won’t stay clean 🙂

LA Lady

Do you have an L.A. resource for that rug cleaning? I live in the SF Valley too.

I have had a few light colored shag rugs in my time, and only this past year I bought a new one and declared our house a “no shoes” house. I was always afraid to do so because I didn’t want to seem uptight to guests. Come to find out ALL of my friends don’t wear shoes in their house, and just like me, prefer their guests to remove shoes but felt bad asking. Now we just all know to take our shoes off when visiting each other. I wouldn’t ask someone I don’t know very well to do it,… Read more »


My sister has #28 and it’s amazeballs. It’s in her family room beside her white and brass kitchen, on top of her white oak floors, with an orange midcentury couch to boot. It’s the cherry on top of an already beautiful space. And so warm and cozy for her family of 4 boys!


We had an 8×10 flokati that I adored. Sadly, while dog sitting, it got some bad stains. Like, really bad. And we could not find anyone who would clean it because of its size. The nearest place was in Seattle (we are in Portland), and they quoted us $500, not including shipping. And they did not guarantee results, claiming that flokati rugs can easily get matted during the washing process. So my husband and I tried our own scrub down in the back yard with soaps and hose, with the rug hanging between tall ladders. It weighed a zillion pounds… Read more »


I got a ginormous white fluffy one from Costco for only $150, I think it was 10’x12′ and looked just like the dining room table one above. But within 6 months it was matted down and brown where my giant dogs laid on it. I didn’t even try to shampoo it, it was so heavy. I knew I’d never keep it up.

I’m about over rugs with dogs. They sure look gorgeous in pics, though.


Your comment about the abominable snowman made me laugh out loud!

Susie Q.

This post makes me wonder two things: 1. Do you always take your shoes off in the house? (just wondering) and 2. Do you think you’ll ever start your own product line?

Love them all but the Moroccan inspired ones are amazing. Absolutely in love. I also have a blog that I think will resonate with you. Would love to get your feedback <3


We have light colored shaggy rugs and a black haired dog and two kids under 4. Key to clean rugs : no shoes in the house ever, including visitors. Even doggies paws are wiped after coming in from outside.

I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

I hadn’t seen this kind of information from other web sites …

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I really love them! But I still remember how hard was to keep it clean.


We have an off white shag rug in our toddlers room and love it. It’s great for playing and sitting on the floor for story time. We have a no shoes + no food policy and it’s still looking good after a year and a half. I did have to cover the area around his crib with towels during cold/flu season a few times to avoid having a ruined rug due to someone being too little to use a sick bucket (so gross but hey it worked!).


Hello! Quick question on the white Lulu&Georgia shag you used in Elliot’s room… I think I’m going to get it for my master bedroom, and I’m just wondering if you are able to vacuum it okay? Does it get snaggled up and can you get bits/lint out of it easily with the vacuum? If you could let me know I’d appreciate it!!! Thank you! Happy Mother’s Day!

this post in very very goooood.thanks

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