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Sara’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Fashion & Home



Hi friends, Sara here. Gifting is quite literally one of my absolute favorite activities. But maybe you have gifters block or just overall gift anxiety. Well, my hope is this gift guide can help you out. Heading into 2017 I’ve decided to make a commitment to buying better and putting my money where my mouth is as much as possible. To me that means buying less fast fashion, paying more for items that will last me longer (like real leather), supporting small makers and bigger companies that are globally/ethically minded and using beauty products that don’t practice animal testing. If that’s your jam then this gift guide is for you. With that in mind lets dive in…


1. Plaid Blouse – That blouse has an adorable vintage look to it, but no delicate seams that I’m likely to rip (which is what I find with most adorable, but delicate vintage tops).

2. Initial Necklace – I’ve heavily hinted that this would be very happy living around my neck.

3. Leather Jacket – I used to have a faux leather jacket that I bought in the kids section of H&M which I wore religiously for about 4 years until it mysteriously disappeared (I’m convinced the boyfriend was just embarrassed to be seen next to me towards the end, as it was flaking faux leather pretty badly). This one is made from real leather, which means it’ll last a LOT longer.

4. Mandarin Vanilla Chapstick – I got this chapstick as a freebie in a gift bag this past spring and now I’m obsessed with it. It smells amazing, it’s got a smooth consistency and it helps fight sex trafficking (see the companies “about” page to find out how). Plus, it’s only $3 a tube so it’s perfect for as a stocking stuffer.

5. Brooch – This is my most recent flair purchase which is living on my jean jacket collar right now.

6. Ankle Strap Heels – I can’t wear high heels. I just don’t function in them. These are a cute compromise.

7. Pink Sunglasses – If you don’t live under a rock then you probably already know about Warby Parkers “buy one, give one” model, but maybe you weren’t aware that they also now make very pretty (and affordable) sunglasses. Now you do.

8. Wool Coat – I bought this coat in New York a few weeks ago because I’m from California and being cold generally isn’t a part of my lifestyle plan. I’ve worn it a ton since then. Now that I’m back home where it’s a little warmer I’ve been pairing it with flats, jeans and simple t-shirts for a super easy pulled together look.

9. Heeled Suede Boots – I want this pair more than I’ve ever wanted another pair of forest green boots in my life. Again, they’re real suede so they’ll last much longer than a pair of cheaper faux suede boots.

10. Holographic Stick – This has been on my wish list for a while because it literally looks like stardust on your skin. Intrigued? This company is also does not practice animal testing!

11. Honey Leather Carry All – This was my birthday gift this year, so I can attest to its quality. It’s the perfect schlepping bag and the warm honey color is just going to get better with age.

12. Ruffled Top – I’ve just ordered this top, so I can’t say what the quality is like. But it’s very cute, affordable and comes from H&M’s “Conscious” line.

13. Leather Crossbody – A good leather purse is a closet staple for most ladies. And these bags are imported from companies that practice fair employment practices.

14. Horseshoe Key Ring – The gold key ring for the person on your list who’s “everything” has to look curated. I own this and feel very sophisticated every time I pull it out of my bag.

15. Earring – I love the simplicity of these dainty little earrings (and maybe your wife/girlfriend/sister/best friend will too).

16. Eye Vinyl – This liquid eye gloss comes in two colors (nude and black), and I use it to complete my “going out” look, which is very minimal.

17. Major Moonshine Hair Glitter – Which is perfect for New Years Eve or the free spirit in your life.

18. Leather Mules – I don’t own this specific pair, but ones very similar and I adore them. I thought they’d look a little “old man cigar slipper” but they don’t.

19. Step Hem Jeans – A little distressed denim never hurt anyones closet. And Madewell makes a mean pair of jeans.

20. Gold Hair Pins – A set of gold bobby pins makes for a pretty little stocking stuffer. These ones from have a good grip too.

21. T-Shirt – Girls support girls. Enough said.

22. Velvet Scrunchy Set – This 90s girl still loves scrunchies, and this velvet set looks super cozy.

23. Lipstick – This lipstick is my new favorite lip color. I have it in 3 colors (zip, crush and jam) and love all of them. They do tend to be a bit dry, but a little swipe of chapstick before application works for me. And Glossier is animal testing free!

24. Backpack – I NEED this backpack on my back right now. Jeans, white t-shirt and this backpack sound like the perfect day-venture outfit.

25. Levis 501s – Speaking of jeans, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Levis. A good pair of jeans will never go out of style. Give the gift of eternity.

26. Card Holder – I have a few pieces from Everlane on here, but only because I really do want all of them. This little card case would be the perfect gift for a recent grad or friend with a new job to hold their shiny new business cards.

27. Staple Earrings – I wear these staple earrings almost every day. They’re simple, minimal and still look unique (but I never worry about them slipping out).

28. Leather Tote – This is my medium sized leather bag (apparently I need at least 4). This is the bag that I would use every single day to schlepp everything I need in my life to and from work. And I’d get it monogramed in gold, because it’s free!

29. Pocket Wallet – Everlane piece number 2: The everyday wallet. I need a new one badly, so this is what I’m planning on getting next.

30. Leather Harness Boots – These boots will last forever (don’t quote me on that). I found mine “like new” at a thrift store in NY, but they are my 3rd pair of Frye boots and as far as high quality, long lasting leather shoes go they’re my favorite brand. I’ve always seen them as an investment.

31. Summer Dress – This cute little dress is begging to be in my closet, plus the company is very cool (like, “trade in your older pieces from previous seasons for new pieces” cool).

32. Washed Linen Bathrobe – I want a linen bathrobe in my life. This one comes in several pretty colors, and I’m partial to the pink and light gray . . . in case anyone is wondering.

33. Gold Stacking Rings – Jewelry can be hard to pick for someone else, but I think it’d be hard to go wrong with a simple set of gold stacking rings.

34. Beach Waves Spray – This was an impulse buy because it smelled ridiculously good (coconut milk & peach), but it also adds gentle beachy waves to my strands. I’m wearing it right now and taking deep breaths of my hair. I’m not exaggerating.

35. Denim Jacket – GUYS DENIM IS REALLY GOOD. Have I convinced you yet? If I’m not wearing my Levis jeans I’m wearing my 1 of my 2 Levis denim jackets.

36. Silver Leather House Slippers – I have to admit, I know NOTHING about these slippers. But I saw them on Etsy late one night and I now want to lounge around my apartment in silver bedroom slippers.

37. Wrap Skirt – So this skirt is from one of our photographer’s (Tessa Neustadt) very own line, Jude The Label. It’s real cute, folks. And so is the little matching top.

38. Gold Leather Clutch – The very last piece is one more Everlane item. This gold pouch looks like my future make-up bag.

It’s not public knowledge yet BUT Macauley and I have just moved into a new apartment (stay tuned, we’ll be MOTO-ing the whole thing), so a lot of these items are real wish list material.


1. Floor Basket – This basket is from a company I’m a big fan of, Local + Lejos. It’s high on the wish list and I think it’d be perfect next to a chair or bed to hold throws and spare pillows.

2. Oud Sahara Candle – I have this scent in perfume and it’s my go-to. I can only imagine that the candle smells just as good. Also I love candles and think they are a severely underrated gift.

3. Percale Sheets – New sheets for the new year! Now that I’m living with a boy (gross) I’m going for more neutral colors, and these charcoal gray sheets from Parachute seem like they’d make us both very happy.

4. Wood Bud Vase – This vase in particular would sit happily on a mantle or desk. My mantle or desk to be specific.

5. Match Holder – To go along with my candle obsession.

6. Knit Throw – A soft, cozy knit throw is an easy gift for anyone who likes being comfortable. Which is everyone.

7. Percale Quilt – This is another personal wish list item. Keeping in mind that I want to spend a LOT of time in bed sleeping, I feel justified wanting high quality bed things.

8. Jewelry Organizer – I want this pretty organizer to hang inside my new vanity nook (of which actually exists in my old, old apartment).

9. Floor Mirror – I’m pretty sure we will be getting this for the bedroom.

10. Floor Lamp – This might not be the type of gift you’d get someone, but it’d make a very nice gift for your living room.

11. Mini Flax Pillows – Tiny flax pillows to make everyone’s couch happy.

12. The Postal Service Vinyl – I believe “Give Up” is the perfect soundtrack to anyones’ life, and I have dreams of letting it waft through my airy apartment on warm summer weekends.

13. Instax Polaroid Frame – If you have a mini Instax camera this is the ideal gift for all of your friends. Comb through your extensive collection of accumulated polaroids, pick out a picture of you and your friend and pop it into one of these fun frames for an instant gift that’s both personal and unique. If you don’t have an Instax camera yet see item #16.

14. Pastel Pink Record Player – We’ve decided that we’re getting a record player for the new apartment, but we haven’t settled on a color yet. I have a feeling it will be black, but a girl can dream.

15. Leather Chair – We have one on the way for our living room and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I plan on sitting in it 24/7 once it arrives.

16. Instax Mini Polaroid Camera – I got this as a gift last year and I can’t recommend it enough. I leave it out at parties, and take it with me on trips. Instant memories everywhere.

17. Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs Of People – I want this for my coffee table.

18. Pasta Maker – I recently bought one of these and I’m determined to never buy grocery store pasta again (doubtful). Because making your own pasta is ridiculously easy and makes you feel very accomplished.

19. Frankie’s 457 Olive Oil – Add this to the past maker and you’ve got yourself a very curated little gift for the foodie in your life.

20. Ceramic Pot – We’ve recently been introduced to Blake’s pottery (as he’s dating our designer Melanie) and I love his simple designs. Melanie’s promised us one of his pieces for our new place, and I will surely be following up on that.

21. Incense – We’ve been burning this incense from PLTNC in “Rare Breed” in our apartment. I’m also a big fan of their “Forest Floor” candle.

22. Pet Bed – This is on it’s way for my cat right now. It is a little splurge-y. But aesthetically pleasing cat beds are hard to find, and this one is very cute.

23. Gold Cocktail Set – This pretty set would make anyone with a knack for entertaining happy.

24. Star Cluster Coupe – I want these very badly. They would make my daily glass of champagne even more fun.

25. Blush Leather Pouf – I have this in my bedroom, it is very very pretty and I think it’d make a nice gift for a new nursery.

26. Bar Cart – For the hostess with the most-ess. Even if that’s you.

27. The New York Times Book Of Cocktails – A lot of sophistication for your palette and your bookshelf.

28. October Print – I put this on my list and when our newest hire, Jess, saw it she said “that’s my print!” and it blew my mind. You should all go buy it right now.

29. Etched Tumblers (set of 4) – A perfect hostess or house warming gift. Conveniently placed on here days before my very own housewarming party *hint hint*

That’s it for me! Still need more gifting ideas? Check out Emily’s and Brady’s gift guides.

Cheers xx

*Opening photo by Tessa Neustadt from my bedroom makeover.


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Oh wow, that Roya floor basket is great, I’ve been looking for a shallow ludded basket for ages. Thanks!

I enjoyed over read your blog post. Your blog have nice information, I got good ideas from this amazing blog.


Congrats on the new apartment! I look forward to seeing the MOTO of it. I hope you get to include some pink. Also, I’d be curious to hear if your cat actually uses that bed. It’s very cute!

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Nice …….


You’ll wear real leather but don’t want to test your makeup on animals? lol.

Awesome gift guide Sara, thanks so much for sharing!


This is my favorite gift round-up yet! Brady’s was great for men, and Emily’s was interesting, but this post contains the most buy-worthy items for me and my family! Great job!


I have really enjoyed all of the gift guides. That being said I so wish these had been published a week earlier. Ten days before Christmas is late especially when gifts require shipping out of the country.

The guide is so useful! I am in copper period and looking for ideas! Thank you for sharing this inspo!

I love the Ode to cocktails with the martini glass, New York Times Book of Cocktails, and the mixology set. You’re inspiring me to give themed gifts in the future….and what’s best about them is that you can open them at a party and put them to use immediately! Thanks for sharing.

What an awesome list, Sara! I love your selection, esp the lip balm that fights sex trafficking, girls supporting girls shirt, and blush pink pouf! Haha, problem is, now I want to get these as gifts for myself 😀

Hey Emily and Sara!

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-Your fans @ Loomstead

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