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Rustic Modern House Tour + Shop the Look



Shooting STYLED the book, was definitely a labor of love for me on many fronts. It took over a year to concept/produce/shoot/edit. It also took some very talented people to produce like my friends Scott Horne who helped style it and David Tsay who shot it, and at times I even said that it felt like one of my own children. It was a 2 year process. GEEZ. Now, after having two children I realize that a book is far different from a child, but the amount of love, sweat, time and work that went into it really felt like it could have been my third child. With that said, the book would not have been possible without some insanely talented artists, designers, and creatives who let us come into their homes to style and shoot some of their gorgeous spaces. We have profiled a few of those designers and artists already on the blog (Jessica Helgerson, Emily Katz) and today I wanted to introduce you to another space that we shot for the book but hasn’t yet been shown in full here on the blog.

Emily Henderson_House Tour_Tomer_Styled_Book_Modern_Rustic_11

Talk about an insanely beautiful space. I will let the pictures do the talking but the owners of this place, (Tomer Devito of Native Content and his wife) have some serious style which made shooting and styling it much easier for us. It is a perfect combination of casual meets collected, and every inch of their home is curated in such a simple and timeless way.

Emily Henderson_House Tour_Tomer_Styled_Book_Modern_Rustic_10

In case you are wondering where that lovely copper mirror came from, he made it. (Talk about some talented people).

Emily Henderson_House Tour_Tomer_Styled_Book_Modern_Rustic_3

We profiled the kitchen a while back on the blog and walked you through how to bring some personality and color into an all white kitchen, but man this kitchen makes a very good case for an all white space.

Emily Henderson_House Tour_Tomer_Styled_Book_Modern_Rustic_6

Emily Henderson_House Tour_Tomer_Styled_Book_Modern_Rustic_7

The office is stacked with books, records, and keepsakes – it is definitely a place I would not mind working in.

Emily Henderson_House Tour_Tomer_Styled_Book_Modern_Rustic_15

Emily Henderson_House Tour_Tomer_Styled_Book_Modern_Rustic_8

Emily Henderson_House Tour_Tomer_Styled_Book_Modern_Rustic_14

If you are into the look (because you are a human person) we have pulled together a “get the look” with some very similar pieces to get you started. Thanks again to these lovely homeowners for letting us into their home to shoot such a beautiful home.

Emily Henderson_House Tour_Tomer_Styled_Book_Modern_Rustic_Get the Look

1. Ladder | 2. Copper Mirror | 3. Art | 4. Sconce | 5. Safari Chair | 6. Rug | 7. Ceramic Vase | 8. Bell | 9. Wooden Wall Hooks | 10. Flatware | 11. Dinnerware  | 12. Telescope | 13. Table Lamp | 14. Stoneware Set | 15. Round Cutting Board | 16. Rectangle Chopping Board | 17. Hand Towels | 18. Charcuterie Cutting Board | 19. Rolling Pins | 20. Vintage Sticky Rice Tray | 21. Glass Bottle | 22. Blue Planter | 23. Copper Colander | 24. Ceramic Butler Tray | 25. Ceramic Planter and Dish | 26. Brass Bowl | 27. Square Black Mud Cloth Pillow | 28. Cream Woven Square Throw Pillow | 29. Black Lumbar Patterned Pillow | 30. White Patterned Pillow | 31. “Underwater Plantlife #4” Art | 32. “Underwater Plantlife #2” Art | 33. “Underwater Plantlife #6” Art | 34. Sofa | 35. Coffee Table | 36. Leather Club Chair | 37. Rug | 38. Wooden Bench | 39. Sheepskin Rug | 40. Gold Accent Table

***Photos by David Tsay

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Gah, so good. I love these earthy, monochromatic spaces. I’m working a similar vibe in my living room right now (though not nearly this fabulous) and I’m in a small crisis about whether to upholster a chair in cream or blue linen. It’s so hard. My husband wants blue. I’m leaning toward cream to keep this super breezy thing going. I can relate to your recent design struggles on a very micro level.

Susie Q.

How about cream with an indigo throw on it?


If you go cream, I highly recommend a (tailored) slipcover. I have several cream pieces and I’ve given up on the ones that aren’t slipcovered. Saving up to replace/reupholster them now.


@susie q – good suggestion. This is where I’m leaning. I actually have some indigo pillow covers in storage that will fit the bill.

@kristi – Unfortunately the chair is tufted with some wood framing, so a slipcover would really change the look of the chair. I AM concerned about staining/dirt, though, because while I don’t have kids, I do have a husband and a dog. Ha. This chair is definitely more of an accent/occasional chair so it doesn’t get the hard daily use our other pieces do. Maybe that will work in my favor (fingers crossed).


Old school scotch guard spray my friend. Don’t even look at it until you’ve done it.

I am having the exact same dilemma and I am leaning towards blue for upholstery and I will accessorize with cream pillows and/or a throw. Cream is tough. I am going to get a cream couch but I’ll be getting washable covers and using a washable throw on the bottom cushions (I think). I really want the look of the lighter tones but I can’t do it unless it’s washable. I got a chair redone in cream a few years ago and it looked amazing at first but now it just looks terrible. I’m debating whether to recover it again… Read more »


So spectacular! Do you know the floor finish in the living room? Is it white stained wood? The finish is so consistent it almost looks like sheet vinyl or epoxy. SO Pretty 😉 Early post this morning… I hope the human children aren’t depriving you of sleep. Love hearing about the gold-bound child too… you really should be proud of it. What a wonderful accomplishment that I am very happy to own. My husband gave it to me for xmas(after some very strong hints ????) with the cutest inscription inside the cove “you are already good at organizing and decorating… Read more »

Yep, inspiring thought. Interesting mix between modern and rustic. Definitely top post. Love it.


What a lovely husband! Congrats to you, you are also an excellent judge of husband quality. 🙂

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Love, love, love this house. It’s my favourite one in the whole book.


So. Good.
I need those bar stools in the kitchen, any idea where they came from?


I’ve seen similar ones on One Kings Lane


I’m really interested in the flooring. Any sources for it?


Does anyone know what kind of tree that is in the living room? Also, yes to the book! I’ve recommended it to countless people just this month.


Looks like an olive tree.


These spaces are perfectly styled. Not too cluttered. Not too minimalist. Bravo.


This house is amazing!! My new favorite


Swooning and speechless! I love this style so much! I’ve been seeing more of this rustic and modern style as of late and want more. It’s so clean and warm at the same time.
I’ve had STYLED since it first came out and read it like it’s the Bible…the decorating bible that is.


Is there any pictures of the rest of the house?? I want more!!

So beautiful, Emily! Thank you for providing such a lovely break in my day. This post actually made me pause and take some deep, cleansing breaths. Sigh. This home, and the gorgeous styling, are like a breath of fresh air and I’m so happy to revisit these photos from your book!! Love it and thank you:)

I love those rustic arm chairs!



This house is perfect, wow, really gets me. So hygge! My favorite house that you’ve featured on the blog thus far (besides your own, obvs.)


So beautiful! My styling heart aches…in a good way:) And that flooring, please share.

I really enjoy that every space in this home flows. They all have natural wood or wood coloring, black, and stunning artwork. The minimal home decor makes each piece stand out and make a larger impact to the space. Stunning.

Great selection of rustic accessories. My personal favorites are 18 and 22. Thanks for sharing.


So in love with this house!!!!


Beautiful kitchen! It looks very warm and inviting. Are those marble countertops/backsplash or quartz? If quartz, do you know what brand and color?


This one! This is my style! We just bought a new house that’s got the same bones as this place and I’m tagging this as my guide for when we move in to it in a year or so! Love, love, love.


Really nice but I’m not sold on the chairs that are in shreds. It’s one thing to be rustic and worn in but having the leather totally torn off the arms? Is that supposed to be a thing now? I can just see my kids tearing it the rest of the way. Also, did you know your husbands doppelganger is HGTV’s Brian Patrick Flynn?!?!

I love all of the details!

Those pics are nice, and in High clarity thanks for doing this great work by

I love it.
But I fell in love with the dark grey folding chair on the last photo.
Do you know, where I can get it? Thank you ????

Rachel VT

I am a long time reader and absolutely love your blog. This is the first time I am compelled to post. Do you have the real source for the couch in the photo? I like the RH one in the source list, but it’s not exactly the same. I have looked everywhere over the last six months for exactly the couch in this house! Any help would be really appreciated.


I have been looking for the same thing for months and also haven’t found it. Help us!


It’s definitely slipcovered so maybe it’s custom? But knowing where they got it made might be helpful. Regardless, you might have to take a pic to an upholsterer yourself and get one made. 🙁


Just came across one you might like.
Scroll down to the living room pic from Country Living with the big ass leather coffee table. That’s a linen sectional from Verellen.


Just looking at this house makes me feel more relaxed. It couldn’t be more fresh and serene.

Are those the same leather chairs as in Bradys living room?

Ha that’s amazing – you should totally send us photos when you’re done! And buy those chrome chairs!! They are SO comfy! xXx

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