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Runner Rugs Under $100



I know it’s hard to go from Sylvia’s makeover to a roundup. It just feels cheap. So we figured if it was going to be cheap we may as well make it a cheap roundup – like Rug Runners under $100 (also, come back tomorrow for a REALLY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT).

Back to rugs: I have probably 5 runners in my house, some way more expensive – like that vintage one I bought for $350 at the flea market (shown above). But, there are so many under $100 and it was time to expose them to you and your hallways or kitchens.

Runner Rugs Under $100 Emily Henderson Design

1. Safavieh Harper Rug | 2. Gaimei Rug | 3. Heidi Block Print Rug | 4. Plus Sign Rug | 5. Alexis Rug | 6. Marrakesh Shag Rug | 7. Beige Flatweave Rug | 8. Diamante Printed Rug | 9. Serefina Rug | 10. Yuri Rug | 11. Bordered Jute Rug | 12. Zia Rag Rug | 13. Kirke Rug | 14. Paige Stripe Rug |  15. Tradewinds Rug | 16. Lali Printed Rug | 17. Palmette Rug | 18. Boho Border Rug | 19. Tanum Rug | 20. End Line Runner | 21. Basnas Rug | 22. Striker Grey Rug | 23. Valet Jute Runner | 24. Aldo Rug | 25. Aquamarine Kilim Rug | 26. George Town Rug | 27. Shaan Printed Rug | 28. Ikat Blue Rug | 29. Aztec Rug | 30. Gradiant Rug | 31. Kenya Rug | 32. Duma Rug | 33. Blue Sapphire Rug | 34. Annadale Rug | 35. Denim Plaid Rug | 36. Marina Runner in Gray | 37. Linear Shag Rug | 38. Medallion Rug | 39. Denmark Stripe Rug | 40. Natural Runner Rug | 41. Viktigt Rug | 42. Karakum Rug | 43. Marled Grey Rug | 44. Matador Rug | 45. Mirage Streamers Rug | 46. Tonal Diamond Rug | 47. Matador Stripe Rug | 48. Tonal Braided Rug | 49. Kilim Rug | 50. Serape Stripe Rug | 51. Jute Chunky Loop Rug | 52. Marina Runner in Coral | 53. Cayenne Sweater Rug | 54. Anna Rug in Maroon | 55. Natural Sisal Rug | 56. Palmette Midnight Rug

There are so many good options. Don’t let your hallways stay naked and your feet feel cold. (and come back tomorrow for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT).

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Its really a good article. It gives me lots of pleasure and interest..!!


If you need coverage for a long hallway, is your advice to get two of the same runner, thereby making them less unique and special/interesting, or two different yet complementary styles?


Yes! This is my question too! I have a hallway that’s over 24 feet long with hardwood floors and I’m uncertain about the rug situation. Advice please & thank you!


Another interesting option is to get two of these, and get a rug shop to sew them together for you. They’d obviously take the fringe off the ends, and what they can do is pretty amazing. I’ve done this for a client before. Costs can range hugely, but for what it’s worth, we did this with 2 kilim types in chicago for less than $200. And those long runners, boy do they get expensive!


Thanks for this, I’ve been looking for a cheap runner for my kitchen!
Can you do a post sometime on what other design blogs YOU like to read?


y’all are crushing it with the posts these days. such great content and it is so nice to have a new post every morning to look for! i buy something from target pretty much every day – they should pay you more 🙂 today a rug, yesterday a chandelier…

this might be too colossal for a single post, but what about an LA city guide for a future post or little series? maybe with an overview post of the fun neighborhoods/areas and their vibes, and then more in-depth posts on where to shop/eat/stay in those areas?


I second this!


Jeez, how did you know this is EXACTLY what I’ve been shopping for?


I don’t know…I love the look of a runner, but I see it and think our four year-old would constantly be tripping over it/messing it up/generally driving me crazy with it. How do your boys do on the ones you have?

CS in DC

This. I feel like I would have to wash a runner all the time, what with spills and such. I’m hoping/wondering if any of these are even machine washable.


Thanks, these are great. I would like to add that you can find really cool Kilim runners on e-bay at very decent prices.
Also, how do you keep these runners from slipping? I have two kids, and even with non-slip thingies underneath the rugs, the slide or crumple when the kids run. Thank you!


I have a question about rugs in the kitchen. I cook a lot and things spill on the floor constantly. I’d love cute rugs like I see in pictures but I’d really need something that can be thrown in the wash. Is a washable stylish rug possible? Thanks for your help. Your blog is the best!


I have a rug in the kitchen and I love it. I found a vintage persian on ebay for cheap. Its got so much pattern you couldnt really tell if anything was spilled on it … I’m always stepping on my dogs food bits in bare feet. They are also pretty good with not getting stains either.


Great roundup. Link for #33 not working. Would love a section of the site that just has links to all your very helpful roundups. I use these for sources for my renovation all the time.


Just wanted to say… You guys are THE BEST! 🙂

Omg I needed this post like a week ago. Love!



Love your style…have any suggestions for EXTRA long runners??? I hate when you have 2 feet open on either side of where the runner is….???


Shut the front door! I can’t believe how cheap these are! I am so excited I found this post!!!


This website is good and always new thought….

that was amazing thank u for share




Any recommendations on what to put under a rug layered on wall-to-wall carpet? The larger ones anchored by furniture stay in place but the 3′ x 5′ one by the bed wanders toward the closet about a foot per week. It’s gorgeous and about 1/2″ thick and the perfect size but the bed’s so heavy, there’s no way I can put down a larger rug and hold it in place by the bed. I tried the light weight kinda grid looking rug pad but it didn’t help. Any ideas?


Your rug answers people’s questions that are looking for a washable rug.

Very good brief and this post helped me a lot. Say thank you I searching for your facts. Continuous it..

Your work is really appreciable and i pleased to read your blogs…

you are the best in here


I’ve been trying to find an affordable rug like #6 FOR AGES. These posts are my favorite. Y’all nail it everytime.

Thanks for all the great picks!

very good

i am visiting first time to your blog awesome post you have written, thank for sharing

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