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A Roundup of 9 Bathroom Accessories Combos



Your bathroom is probably the one space in your home that gets used the most (hello morning routine) but gets the least amount of love when it comes to decorating. Most people choose to either ignore it all together as it typically isn’t seen by the general public, or they are overwhelmed by all the hard surfaces that they don’t even know where to begin so it just sits drab, bland and boring. But, just because your space might feel generic now doesn’t mean that it can’t feel special with a little bit of love (and a few new products) so we figured it was time to help you spend a little time ON your bathroom rather than IN your bathroom. These combos that we have pulled together will help give your bathroom (and the time you spend in there) a little bit of an of an upgrade. All of these include a shower curtain, bath mat, towel (hand towel and bath towel sizes are available in all), towel hook and towel bar, soap dispenser, toothbrush and holder, and trash bin. So, the only thing missing is you and your bedhead… let’s get into it.

Emily Henderson Roundup Bathroom Accessories 71

Bath Mat | Shower Curtain | Curtain Rings | Towel Ring | Bath Towel | Towel BarToothbrush Holder | Toothbrush | Soap Dispenser | Trash Bin

White, Navy, Wood – you may say predictable coming from EHD but we say that this combo is simple, modern and yet still has some elements that help it to feel special and unique. Besides, who doesn’t need a navy blue toothbrush in their life?

Emily Henderson Roundup Bathroom Accessories 81

Bath Mat | Shower Curtain | Curtain Rings | Towel Ring | Bath Towel | Towel Bar |  Toothbrush Holder | Toothbrush | Soap Dispenser | Trash Bin

Gold and white is a combo that will never go out of style, no matter how your bathroom currently looks or the hard surfaces that you are working with. We love the combo of the pleats on the shower curtain with the fringe on the bath towel. We actually just recently used these when we shot Charlie and Elliot’s bathroom and they are so soft and such good quality in person.

Emily Henderson Roundup Bathroom Accessories 9 1

Bath Mat | Shower Curtain | Curtain Rings | Towel Ring | Bath Towel | Towel Bar |  Toothbrush Holder | Toothbrush | Soap Dispenser | Trash Bin

If color isn’t your thing then this combo is for you. The black in the color blocking is echoed in the toothbrush, soap pump and that chic little circle towel holder. Let’s also notice the little lines of black in the soap pump that are organically appearing in the bath mat.

Emily Henderson Roundup Bathroom Accessories 11

Bath Mat | Shower Curtain | Curtain Rings | Towel Ring | Bath Towel | Towel BarToothbrush Holder | Toothbrush | Curtain Rings | Trash Bin

Showering in a bathtub every morning can be depressing, but this shower curtain is a pretty way to make your morning routine much more fun. And I think we all can appreciate a trash bin as chic as this wood one.

Emily Henderson Roundup Bathroom Accessories 22

Bath Mat | Shower Curtain | Curtain Rings | Towel Hook | Bath Towel | Towel BarToothbrush Holder | Toothbrush | Soap Dispenser | Trash Bin

Whites, Navy, and Chrome will always be a timeless combo, especially in the bathroom.

Emily Henderson Roundup Bathroom Accessories 31

Bath Mat | Shower Curtain | Curtain Rings | Towel Hook | Bath Towel | Towel BarToothbrush Holder | Toothbrush | Soap Dispenser | Trash Bin

If you aren’t aware of the “towel hook” trend then this one might get you into it (or at least go read our controversial post about it). This look is simple, white, layered with texture and is soft enough to work in just about any style of bathroom.

Emily Henderson Roundup Bathroom Accessories 41

Bath Mat | Shower Curtain | Curtain Rings | Towel Ring | Bath Towel | Towel BarToothbrush Holder | Toothbrush | Soap Dispenser | Trash Bin

Someone’s Pacific-Northwest home is begging for this bathroom setup, throw some shiplap on your walls (if they don’t already have it) and you have yourself quite the warm and woodsy setup.

Emily Henderson Roundup Bathroom Accessories 51

Bath Mat | Shower Curtain | Curtain Rings | Towel Hook | Bath Towel | Towel BarToothbrush Holder | Toothbrush | Soap Dispenser | Trash Bin

Indigo dyed shower curtain, blush pink towels, and light wood accents… this color story is something we can definitely get behind.

Emily Henderson Roundup Bathroom Accessories 61

Bath Mat | Shower Curtain | Curtain Rings | Towel Hook | Bath Towel | Towel BarToothbrush Holder | Toothbrush (+ Toothpaste) | Soap Dispenser | Trash Bin

If you haven’t checked out Target’s new rose gold accessories then here is your intro to them. They have quite a few new rose gold accents and we used them recently at an event and they are so pretty in person.

So which one is your favorite of the combos? And if you have tried any of these products before let us know below.

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I love these! I think the colorblock one is my favorite:)


agreed! that shower curtain is amazing


These are SO helpful! I love the warm and woodsy one SO much.


You know this Portland girl is loving that one as well! That plaid towel is too good. xx


All of these nice-looking toothbrushes! I’m dying. (Still using a freebie I snagged from when my daughter was briefly in the hospital because it is all white and I love how clean and simple it looks.)

Lauren K.

Same! Would it be weird if I wanted to buy all of these beautiful toothbrushes to start using??


Hopefully you can give your “simple” toothbrush an upgrade with one of these. xx


Am loving this post!


???? We bought our first place and are in the middle of moving in, so I was literally just thinking, “I need to search around for the right shower curtain!” and then this…thank you!


Congrats on the new place! xx


So much inspiration for our white on white bathroom in this post. I can’t decide which one I love the most.


Love these options! If you are seeking out content ideas, some kid focused bathroom options would be great as well.


Sounds like a fun idea! We actually have the kid’s Jack and Jill bathroom reveal coming up very soon (just shot it this week) so be on the lookout for that reveal. xx


I love these! Which leads me to: you know what would be awesome? A round-up of trays for the bathroom and/or bedside table.

Finding small trays that fit in that narrow space behind the bathroom sink or on top of the toilet is SO HARD. Not to mention medium-sized trays that fit on a bedside table. Help us all out?


She did a tray combo round-up for a variety of rooms here:


We did a tray combos post roundup –
Hopefully there are some options on there that might work for you. xx


I have the CB2 hooks that I use for keys next to my side door entrance and in my opinion, there is now way they would hold a towel. The stem isn’t long enough to get enough towel on to hold it in place. You could loop the tag around, but that doesn’t look that nice. If your towels have a cloth loop you’d be okay, but otherwise, I’d skip these for towel hanging purposes 😉


Good to know! We had suggested them for one hand towel next to the sink, but you are right that they might be a little small unless the towel you use with it has a built in loop for hooking it up. I guess it could always be used to hang your keys in the bathroom 😉 xx


Lovely combos! Does anyone have some good resources for small bathroom trays for the vanity? Thanks!


Oops, I should have read the other comments. I now see a tray roundup!


Don”t feel that it is necessary to purchase the high end hardware. We splurged and bought a Rejuvenation towel bar, and I have been less than impressed with the quality. We purchased the Linfield towel bar in brushed nickle, and the fishing has been wearing away to expose a coppery colored base. I might understand if it was wearing in a place that got a lot of use, but it is wearing along the edges, which makes me think that there is a problem in their manufacturing process.


Oh no! We used their hardware in all of our previous bathrooms and the quality seemed fantastic and we never had an issue with it at all. Maybe there was a bad batch? xx


perfect timing for our recent bathroom remodel! any suggestions for simple, modern bathroom waste bins with lids (that aren’t $200 at dwr)? we have a dog that loves to “investigate” the trash while we’re away from home, and our current solution is putting our trash bins on top of the toilet — not exactly the look I’m going for. we have also considered lidded baskets but those can get pretty pricey too.


I have a similar issue with my cats who think everything is a toy. It’s hard to find attractive covered trash bins. I have the white SimpleHuman retro round pedal can and it looks pretty sleek and modern. Ikea has a modern looking pedal bin called Snäpp in gray, teal, or white. I think Bino makes some sleek little pedal bins in matte colors too, like navy, mints, pale pink. All of these options are in the $10-30 range. 🙂

Lidded basket is a good idea too.


We got SimpleHuman trash cans for every room in our house because of our dog’s naughty ways. I thought I was so smart. But it only took him one day to figure out how to get into every one! He just bangs on the foot pedals until he gets them to open a little bit and . . . it’s all over. So dang smart (when it comes to potential food, anyway)!


The quirk of including toothbrushes made me smile! 🙂


I love every one!

But–I do have to mention, open bathroom trash cans aren’t the best. Sure, those are adorable trash cans, but what one may throw out in a bathroom should have a lid closed. It’s less embarrassing for guests, spouses, teenagers…you get it right? Could you do a cute closed lid trash can round up? Do these exist? I gave up and have one stainless simple human trash can and one stainless closed lid trash can from ikea I think. They are functional but not beautiful (not ugly either just blah).



I tried to respond generally, but it went to you specifically. I also love the toothbrushes. I would totally purchase, but I need to use sonicare.

Jagdish Kumar

very beautiful design that you have shared here
thanks Love Status

Julie S

This post just makes me wish I could have white stuff in my bathrooms lol. With two little kids and living now on two acres (half of which is dirt), plus a husband who works a dirty job and plays in car grease for fun…. my best bathroom decor decision was to buy gray towels when we got married. Our new place has two bathrooms and I put some thrifted white towels and mat in the hall bathroom…. a mere two months later and they are so sad, bedraggled, and smudged. When I remodel that bath I will definitely buy… Read more »


Hi, the soap dispenser link is missing from the Colorblock one. Could you post please!? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for..

Jagdish Kumar

very good collection of these accessories that you have shared here
Love status for whatsapp


WOw..This is amazing bathroom accessories style. Thanks for sharing. I love.!


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