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  • Veronica Crawford

    Photography Assistant

    Veronica is the youngest of two by seven years and a San Diego native until she moved to LA for school. When she was a wee babe, her mom said she would sit in front of the television with a giant bowl of peas watching “The Aristocats” on repeat (though now has a strong dislike for peas now). She’s a ride-or-die dog person, but sadly, does not own one (yet) and is an embarrassingly big fan of Shia LaBeouf. A travel bug, always wanting to take a trip to somewhere new, she’s been to London, Paris, Venice / Florence, Texas, New York, Chicago, and Nashville all within the last 1.5 years and is convinced Italy is where she will grow old.

    What Makes Me Tick
    • Sign/Enneagram/Myer-Briggs/Hogwarts House:

      Gemini / 6 (The Loyalist) / INFJ-A / Hufflepuff, baby!!!

    • Design Aesthetic in 5 words:

      Colorful. Organized. Creative. Comfortable. Dreamy.

    • Favorite EHD Room Of All Time:

      Mountain house downstairs guest bathroom and Arlyn’s MOTO 

    • Favorite Instagram Follow:

       @shiasoutfits or my friend @arielleestoria who is so very inspiring

    • Title of Memoir:

      My Life As a Certified Instagram Husband for All of My Friends”

    • Silliest Secret Single Behavior:

      Having a full on performance in my car including singing more loudly than I should + choreography

    • Most Likely To...

      be asked where a piece of my clothing is from (assigned by my very kind office gals)

    • Favorite Place To Shop For Home Decor:

      Target & IKEA

    • Favorite Place To Shop For Fashion:

      American Eagle, Topshop, and recently, Zara

    • Dining Room Rug:


    • Reversing Book Spines:


    • Wallpaper or Paint?


    • Maximalism:

      Yay Yay Yay

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