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Refreshing Your Bedroom with Target



If you are looking for an excuse to stay home, snuggle and sleep then keep reading. The emotional/cultural movements of life always surprise me because we all FEEL the same way at the same time. In the fall we all feel like organizing and being productive. In the spring we feel like cleaning and prepping for summer. And when summer rolls around well, we feel like slacking, partying and being reckless. In the winter (now) we feel like hunkering down, and not leaving our house except to exercise, maybe. I know I’m not alone, and Target knows it, too, thus the reason for this post – to show you how you can make your bedroom the place you want to be, 12 hours a day. Or 18. Or All of it. Watch this video for more …

Hopefully, all of you who are suffering the coldest winter ever can still find some tips in this more ‘California’ inspired bedroom winter refresh. And please don’t hate us for it being 68 degrees here. We also have a lot of traffic, sprawl, smog and many questionable Hollywood people who live in LA and make us question our day to day existence, so there is a trade-off. You are cold, we are stuck on the 405.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 33

As you might know, I create a lot of content with Target and when planning this ‘bedroom and bathroom’ refresh I needed an almost empty space so I could use almost 100% Threshold product. But the project requires pretty architecture (in which to create the pin-worthy photos) and a client that will let me do ANYTHING I want. Also, they’ll need to be displaced for 4 days and for this project it was like a 2 week lead time so, yes, I was desperate.

Luckily my friends (Nick and Suzanne) had recently moved into a new house 4 minutes away from us and while they are not necessarily ‘in need’ they only had a mattress and dresser in their bedroom. I knew that I was eventually going to help them decorate their house anyway (because that is what friends do…especially people like me who like their friends to be permanently indebted to them, emotionally) so this was a perfect excuse to get it done now.

Here’s how it looked the week before we shot:

Emily Henderson Target Project 62 Threshold Master Bedrooom Bathroom Refresh Before 03

This room had great bones – it was big and airy, with a good skylight, beautiful flooring and brand new white paint. It was a clean slate. The only wall for the master bed was that alcove which was tricky and needed to feel more important. So we built an upholstered wall all the way across, in a vertical Rebecca Atwood stripe and man, I love it.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 20

It instantly gave that wall purpose and importance. I wish life worked this easily for humans.

About the headboard wall: while you may not be able to tell in the photos it is a thick pad of 2″ foam glued on plywood, with perfectly stretched fabric overtop and a 2″ painted moulding all the way around with an upholstered plywood bed base to match.

It was not cheap, easy or fast. I hired 2 production design assistants (not my usual assistants – 2 guys that are handy AF) and they spent 3 days measuring, buying, sourcing, building, gluing, staple-gunning, installing and painting. I thought about doing a whole DIY post about it but it was so custom and specific (and we were installing so quickly) that a whole post about this particular headboard seemed moot. There are a million upholstered headboard wall DIY’s online one of which we have shown on here before and thought about doing again, but this one was too custom to really even teach a how-to. If you have questions, leave them in the comments and we can do our best at answering them all.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 10

Besides, there was A LOT of troubleshooting that would bore you to sleep. Thank God we also have a comfy bed in which you can pass out. So let’s just say our guys got it done and they did a fantastic job.

That moulding takes it from basic to professional which is what we wanted. I really didn’t want it to look like a DIY project by amateurs (of which I am).

Now could you attempt to build this headboard?

Sure, with time, thought, a lot of measuring and troubleshooting. It’s not that the materials were expensive (although yes, that beautiful Rebecca Atwood fabric was gifted, and not cheap) it’s more that the time and effort to execute it so quickly requires some experience or at minimum a lot of DIY troubleshooting and time.

My friend Mike (the lead designer) nailed it (or should I say staple-gunned it) and did such a great job. Thank you, Mike.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 4

Now for the real reason we are here – to have an excuse to refresh that bedroom and see me gently set down a pillow. Here’s what we did.

Working off the  palette of the headboard wall I shopped at Target, buying within that color palette – rose, blush, gray and navy blue. One of you commented recently ‘ENOUGH WITH THE BLUSH AND BLUE’ and while we’ve had a lot of laughs about that comment the last couple weeks (because she seemed really, really upset), I’m happy to say that this color palette is ‘rose’ and ‘indigo’ so don’t worry. I’m really shaking it up 🙂

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 21

On to the bedding:

The vintage wash chambray sheet set is so soft. And while you know that I work with Target I will say this for the rest of my life, regardless of partnerships – The Target vintage percale sheets are EXTREMELY soft and wear really well. I have a lot of sets, I switch them out all the time and we prefer them over any fancy linen sheets out there (listen, Brian doesn’t like linen, and I like sharing a bed with him so he wins).

We mixed in a pattern that looked great with the stripe – a diamond in the same color palette.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 19

The rose-colored quilt at the end of the bed balanced the headboard and made the whole room look more cohesive.

My favorite new piece is that BEAUTIFUL gauzy blanket that we layered on top of the quilt. It reminds me of the super soft swaddle blankets that I wrapped my kids in, but big enough for a giant…or me. It’s really beautiful. It’s just so soft and if you care about how something photographs, trust me that it looks so high end and beautiful on camera. (Just watch the video to see it in action).

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 20

We added a big lumbar bed pillow (our favorite bedding trend) and added one more decorative pillow that brought texture and an eclectic vibe to the bed.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 16

We brought in that leaning shelf (that I have in Charlie’s room) and gave them some closed storage then styled out the top. We styled it out with some stuff they had, and many things we brought in to make sure that it looked cohesive (some we returned like that purse while others they insisted on keeping).

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 1

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 38

On the nightstands we added some flowers, a little tray for jewelry and some journals.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 37

In order to get a free room you have to journal nightly about how happy you are with my work. It’s fine! You then have to take a photo of your page full of hand-written accolades and send it to me via text that night. No stamps required. I’m high-maintenance…in a low-maintenance way. Can’t wait.

On the other side of their room is their dresser that they already owned, and we styled it out to look beautiful and more pulled together.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 35

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 34

We added a pretty lamp, vase, jewelry box, and art. I lent them some of my books so they looked smart, too, but took them back afterward to make sure that I also looked smart if a smart person dropped by unannounced. Smart people are always trying to catch try-hards and will out us if no expensive art books are on display. You have been warned.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 36

My friends were obviously ecstatic with the makeover and I was grateful that they let us use their house as a set for a week.

Nick Thune, the man of the house (who is also pretty much the funniest stand up comic on the planet – click on him and follow) thought that the lamps on the nightstand were too pink, so those are being switched out for the cream versions that weren’t available at the time. Suzanne, his smart wife and one of my best friends helped us style the entire time. Of course they weighed in on things, but they were amazing at letting us destroy their new house in the name of fun content. Win, win, win and win.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 18

Next up is their bathroom…but if you like what we did here, feel free to get the look or head to a curated page that has all the items we used in this makeover. It’s January. It’s the best time to make your bedroom cleaner, cozier and more comfortable.

We were working off of samples so we didn’t have all the options, so I STRONGLY urge you to see the whole collection online or head to the store to see all the other patterns and colors offered. Per usual, Target really nails colors and textures in textiles and this collection is so, so, so good.

Emily Henderson Target Bedroom And Bath Refresh Project 62 Threshold Master Bedroom Get The Look1

1. Lamp Shade Shell | 2. Pink Lamp Base | 3. Accent Table with Drawer | 4. White Duvet Cover Set | 5. Diamond Pattern Sheet Set | 6. Coral Sweater Knit Blanket | 7. Blue Lumbar Pillow | 8. Indigo Jute Rug | 9. Easel Frame | 10. Earthenware Pink Vase | 11. Chambray Sheet Set | 12. White Gauze Bed Blanket | 13. Chevron Storage Bin | 14. Black Box with Stone | 15. Leaning Bookcase (white is currently unavailable) | 16. Framed Abstract Art | 17. Lamp Shade Shell | 18. Blue Dipped Lamp Base | 19. Wood Box with Agate Knob | 20. Tan and White Vase | 21. Block Frame | 22. Upholstered Bench | 23. Macrame Wall Tapestries

Fin Mark


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I’m going to second the “stop with the blush and blue” comment. Rose and indigo reads as the same color combo to your readers. Ideas of different color palettes would be fantastic.


Third about too much blush and blue. Different color palettes would be great. That said, the upholstered wall is great.

Ha. i was joking about indigo and rose being different – i know they are the same. 🙂 When you like something you like something, but i also can take a note 🙂


I saw you were making a joke… I laughed out loud when i read “I’m happy to say that this color palette is ‘rose’ and ‘indigo’ so don’t worry. “


I love it! And please don’t stop. Sometimes it’s nice to see the same colour palette executed in different ways so you can imagine it differently. I think you did a really lovely job on this room!!!

Herself In Ireland

I understood you were joking Emily, and one of the reasons I keep coming back is that I love your writing voice. But I nth the “enough blush and blue” comment. There really is only so interesting you can make two colours (or variations of those colours). When I first started reading the blog you used so many more colours, and not all washed-out or pastel either. I particularly remember the sitting area in Oh Joy’s office, with a kelly green sofa and cerise armchairs. Proper colour! I miss that! You always had a great way with strong colours, please… Read more »


Girl, same. The room looks really nice, but that peach/rose/blush/whatEVER you want to call it is giving me flashbacks of 1985. All it needs is some wooden geese with swiss dot scarves marching along a wallpaper border. That fabric might be expensive, but it’s…’s not good, man.


Loled at your stuck on the 405 paragraph, sitting here in -1 temps. ;-).

I reference Sylvia’s room for my own bedroom all the time, so I will never ever tire of blush/bashful/rose and blue/navy/indigo! We’re in the middle of doubling our house with an addition and my husband is all, “are you sure you want blue there too?” Uh, obviously.

And that quilt is the final rose element I’ve been searching for. I’m gonna check into that!


This. I’m just now starting to pepper in some blush around my house, but I’ve been on the blue/navy/indgo train for years. Love it!


I love this sooooo much but it has made me a little depressed because my own bedroom is such a disaster. Sigh. On the bright side, it’s made me realize that I need to do some work on it. It’s a really awkward space, and the walls are recently painted but the wrong color. I’m kind of stuck, but I need to figure it out. It would be great if you could do some posts on how you approach awkward spaces. Not just before and after, but how do you begin to identify specific problems and work to a solution?… Read more »

thats a good idea because we did go round and round. One thing I do is pretend its a hotel – what would a high end hotel do in that awkward space?


I love this too! Especially the creative solve with the headboard, so I second a post about creative solutions to awkward spaces. Obviously some are site specific, but I’d love to know more about your process and how you come up with ideas to help lean into the challenges of a room. I have a super tiny master with a window that partially cuts into the only space for the bed to go. It has been like a bee buzzing around my head with what to do with it. Send halp! I will forever love blue and blush, or rose… Read more »


I love how calm but fresh this feels! Lovely job. And yes there is a lot of blush + blue (or rose + indigo), but I don’t think I could get tired of those colors

It’s almost a little painful for me to see these Target posts, because Target is always so good and I want to buy like half the things you’ve featured! We had Target here in Canada a few years ago and I have mourned their leaving ever since. Thankfully we were able to pick up some Nate Berkus for Target stuff before they left!


Looks great, Emily! Where are your jeans and shirt from? Love them!


Yes, tell us about the shirt! So pretty. 🙂

oh sorry! the shirt is from Tibi and the jeans are Madewell


Love this post! …would you also share where your necklace is from? It’s gorgeous!


Can I be *that* person that asks where are you found your top and shoes? {{face palm}} Thank you!


Yes! Need deets on the shoes, please! 🙂


The shoes are the Rachel comey booties! they make a frequent appearance 🙂


I think the shoes are Rachel Comey


Not sure but they look like Rachel Comey to me.


Yes! The shirt is Tibi and the shoes are my favorite Rachel Comey Mars booties. xx


I love this blog and I’m always so impressed with the high quality of your posts (that you put out EVERY DAY. How do you do that and stay sane???). It’s always a treat to read your blog in the morning before I tackle my day as a stay at home mom of four young kiddos. Thanks for helping me stay sane! ☺️



It’s not an exaggeration to say that your posts help me not press snooze and actually open and focus my eyes.

Your posts are my treat before heading to wake up all
The kids.


I love this room! Can’t wait for the full bathroom post. I swear I’ll never be sick of blush and blue, so keep it coming! 🙂


I love the blush and blue! I can understand how some might get tired of it but I am still loving it =).


Looks great! We have an awkwardly shaped master bedroom too, so it’s always interesting to me to see how others approach these spaces.

Do you happen to know where their dresser is from? I love the color!


The dresser is from Restoration Hardware – it’s the Annecy Metal Wrapped Dresser in Zinc:


Target is always so great. I love a good bedroom refresh! I’m done with blush, though. I think it’s because I lived with it the last time around in the 80s. I don’t believe we called it blush, but a rose by any other name….


Mauve. 🙂


That’s it!


hahaha! was thinking the exact same thing! mauve it was…and ‘dusty mauve’ was the pinnacle of all the mauves…

oh we’ve been using that word a lot around the studio (because it is different than blush). MAUVE. I’ll say it. no shame here. and its back! (with sage, powder blue, olive and I can barely say it – burgundy ….. )

Julie P

Omg I love the architecture here. Can’t wait to see the bathroom! I got very excited about the rug pictured here. Beautiful, simple, great color and texture. Then I got to the bottom and followed the Target link and was very bummed to find it was 1) jute and 2) only 5×7. I guess the 9×12 is now sold out, bummer. Just wondering if the jute is scratchy? My hubby would be not pleased if I were to put a scratchy rug to wake up to in the morning. I’m sure work is progressing on the A frame Mountain house.… Read more »

oh no! we must have bought the last 7×10. sometimes they are just labeled wrong and it will be elsewhere on the site. sorry about that!
ugh. no progress on the lake house. still locking in partners and since its my house, its of course not my #1 priority. BUT SOON. i’m here now, meeting with the architect in an hour and i have a May 1st completion date (yah, right). Hopefully posting about it soon…


Do you think Target will restock that rug soon? I love it!! Also would love to see you style the striped threshold duvet in gray. Never see any stripes bedding in the bedrooms you decorate. Love your style as always!! ????


Hi Emily!
Have followed your blog for a year now but never commented. I struggle with my bedrooms. No matter what linens I buy, the bed ALWAYS looks messy, never like in a hotel in real life or in a blog photo. What am I missing?! Thank you!


I remember Orlando saying in his bedroom post that there were tons of pins holding the blankets just so for the photographs. Don’t feel bad! This level of perfection is not attainable and not real! Much like the lighting (and many photos photoshop out cords, etc). Pretty to look at though!

I don’t love this collection, but I am loving the new Project 62 that just came out. I hope you’ll feature some of those pieces, Emily!

We used two comforters for this, but the pillows are real with no pins or anything. For our bed (which we just shot again this week) we really didn’t do anything extra to it. We do have a plush mattress and 4 king pillows is KEY. The fluffier and firmer they are the better they photograph. Hopefully that helps. and we ONLY photoshop out cords if it could have theoretically been plugged in somewhere else. If you see a desk lamp on a desk with no cord, then let me know but thats been our policy the last year. but… Read more »


Two comforters inside the duvet?


Two inserts inside comforter?


I have a king duvet from C+B and used a hypo allergenic less warm insert from BBB with clips from BBB. The insert doesn’t fill the cover and there’s still loose fabric. The insert still bunches.

Can you recommend solutions for this problem? Maybe an entire post about “styling hacks.”


Hi Yelena, I struggled with this problem also. One thing that made a huge difference was to have very firm inserts in one pair of pillows. I like very squishy pillows to sleep on though, so I lean the squishy ones against my headboard and “hide” them with two very firm ones in front (in covers that match my quilt). My quilt folds at the bottom of the bed over my comforter. In inexpensive fix that made all the difference for me. Hope this is helpful. ????


Beautiful job and lovely bedroom. So inspiring!! I adore Target (I’m one of the Canadians who is still in mourning over their departure!)
The macrame wall hanging hurts my heart a little bit — there are so many fibre artists working so hard to create pieces that could never hit a Target price point. I would LovE to see a post that highlights some of them maybe! 🙂


Lovely room! Maybe I missed it, but do you have a source for the larger/wider lumbar pillow?


I also would like to know where this pillow is from!


Second! I was looking for this!

Oh no! well, it was sent as a sample but it should be threshold and obviously from Target. we’ll look ….

Joe H

Hey Emily,
Love the room! Would also love a diy post on how to do an upholstered bed frame. A lot of us already have an upholstered headboard (with fabric leftover) and would like to take it one step further with the upholstered frame which is so much cleaner than a bed skirt.

I’m off to Target now.


Emily-is that rug the 5 x 7 ? We need a new rug for just underneath the bed and I would love to know best size & positioning..looks like you have it 3/4 under lengthwise? Thanks!


its a 7×10 but someone else said it might not be in stock anymore (that happens after we post sometimes 🙂 Hopefully it comes back in stock! Typically i would say a 9×12 would be best for under a king, but the room was too small so 7×10 totally worked.

Aubry Bennion

did you use a deconstructed version of that white ladder shelf? i’ve been staring at the product listing online, trying to figure out if i can get away with anchoring it to my walls without using the back side of the ladder. i love the look of it flush against the wall!

we used this one but i guess the white is out of stock now!—white—threshold%E2%84%A2/-/A-52329101
we liked it because it wasn’t as bulky …


I think it’s beautiful. And I think you should stop inviting the pretentious population to provide feedback. Blush and blue are a winning combo that most people can easily emulate. Even on every day fashion… There’s a reason chambray is popular and easily pulled off. Some of your posts are more in reach and some or not. Something for everyone. Also to the commenter who said it looked like a room for a preteen… in what universe? To the common person who doesn’t stare at Pinterest and Instagram all day this room would be a dream.


Target has some great sheets. I’m often overwhelmed in the store trying to remember which ones were the soft nice ones and which ones were the gross ones. This post definitely helped. 🙂


So obsessed with this wall to wall headboard! Awesome!


I love these colors!!
The diamond pattern sheet set (5) is not the (pillow case) shown in the pictures. Where can I purchase the exact set please?Is it a Rebecca Atwood fabric?
Thanks so much!


Hi! The link is correct but you have to click on the pattern options to the right to find it. It’s called Blue Diamond and it’s awesome:)


Hey Emily, Love you, love the blog, think you are a great designer and business woman. Here’s the caveat though: I cringe when you use “AF.” That is just one of the many phrases out their that lowers the quality of discourse. A store in my neighborhood used if on an ad board they had outside of their shop. How do you explain it to a child? Though I know we are all adults here, words do matter, wherever you use them. Maybe I am being a prude but where I live I see this stuff all the time and… Read more »

Ha. i’m actually a huge prude language-wise now that i have kids. so i get it. its also just how i want to talk sometimes and not other times. AH (as heck) doesn’t really have the same vibe, but note taken 🙂


I’ve told kids it means “as fabulous”. Although past the age of ten, they know what it really stands for and we just have a funny moment as we think up other f words to take its place. Nbd.

Stephanie S

Loooove the blue and blush trend, I think it will never go out! Blue especially, so timeless and easy to relate to for so many people.

About to purchase those chambray sheets, but wanted to know if you used the gray or blue color?! So hard to tell in these pictures compared to Targets! The gray looks fairly blue, and the blue on Target’s site looks VERY blue. Need these!

Such a great bedroom reveal, so what I needed on this frigid Boston day after a crazy snow storm!


The blue! xx


I’m still really into Blush and __________. Indigo and Blush feels like an updated version of the very-French Indigo and Mustard to me.

Emily S

I noticed that the top shelf of the leaning bookshelf was left blank. Is that what you’d generally recommend for styling that kind of bookcase? I have one and have been so unsure on what to do with that tiny top shelf!

either way is good! We didn’t have stuff to put on it and it was starting to look too cluttered so we left it blank. but feel free to lean art or put a hanging plant


you just earned your money! I have been so jealous of my baby’s muslin perfect blankets and NOW I finally get my own gauzy slice of heaven. THANK YOU!!

HAHAHAH. I know. I WANT IT, too. I should actually buy it before it goes out of stock later today 🙂


You are absolutely right re the timing — it is hunkering down under blanket season everywhere — whether in 68 degree LA or -18 degree Boston! And thanks for the lead on those chambray sheets – -we just got some Threshold flannel sheet sets from Target over Xmas (just a fraction of the cost from everywhere else I was looking) and so far are very happy with them. But could somebody please (and they may well listen to you) tell Target that “sour cream” is an awful name for the color of a sheet set? I swallowed my revulsion to… Read more »

OMG. I will them 🙂 that hilarious. its fine when its on a lamp (which it is).


hah! I had the same reaction!


I love this, thank you so much!! My second babe is coming in May and I need to upgrade my linen game since I will spend so much time in bed! (Huge regret from my first nugget)


I’m not normally a fan of pink, but I love “blush” because it’s almost a neutral. I like the blush and blue together, especially blush and navy blue.

One question, where is the solid light gray lumbar pillow from? Is that a pillow they already had? Thanks!


Oh why do you show items that are no longer available!!!! I love the upholstered bench, but there are only 2 stores nationwide (East Coast) that have them. I m in Seattle.

UGH. i’m sorry! they were available when we did this makeover 3 weeks ago. but its such a tease. I think it will come back in stock – they typically do. xx


I love the lumbar pillow! Is there a source you could share?


So Purty! I almost bought that pink vase from Target. Then i said to myself how much pink is too much? Our master is blush and grey.. So I added a few pieces of coral (vase and clock) to switch it up. Thanks for continuing to partner with Target! They do great stuff and it’s a very attainable price point. Plus as a mom, I’m always at Target!!

Régine from The 256 Project

That upholstered wall is SUCH a good idea! And I love the idea that someone else in the comments section suggested about how to approach awkward places when designing a room. Our bed is against a wall with a severely slanted wall/ceiling like in this room and we are looking at a new bed so you may have just given me an amazing DIY project for the future. Thanks!


Hi! First time posting though I read all your posts! I love your work.

I’m wondering for those of us who want to “recreate this look” but don’t have the means to create a wall headboard, is there another head board/bedframe that you recommend ?


I guess my original comment didn’t go through. I know you said their dresser was theirs, but Any idea where it came from?


The dresser is from Restoration Hardware, its the Annency Metal Wrapped Dresser in Zinc:


Ok so two things: This room is so great! I noticed from the video that I have a larger version of that black and white rug in my library and I have to tell everyone it’s awesome. Really great bang for the buck – it looks as nice as many of my much more expensive rugs and everyone compliments it! And Emily you look EFFING GREAT. Is that as bad as AF? 🙂 Seriously you do. The new hair, the makeup, the SKINNY … you just look absolutely fantastic! It’s good motivation as I try to pull myself out of… Read more »

rebecca Hellberg-Walker

Hi Emily, I love the top you are wearing, can you reveal where you got it? Thanks


Tibi! xx


I love blush pink. I dress my toddler in it, I wear it, it’s a wonderful color. But something about it in rooms shared with a man don’t jive for me. My husband is a feminist, and a sensitive guy, but I can’t see him appreciating this space as his bedroom. I’m not really complaining as much as hoping for an sell on how to make this work for a couple. I realize pink doesn’t have to be owned exclusively by women, but I love that it’s a feminine color, and wouldn’t want it any other way. Do tell your… Read more »


I love this post. Quick question, would it be OK to use the tall light blue lamp as a bedside lamp? Also, what lamp shade goes with that? About Target sheets, just wanted to chime in that Target is the only place I shop for sheets because Target sheets are soft, I’ve found. About Target vases, I always love them in your posts and then Target is always out of them when I try to buy them. Happened with that cute pink one from your coffee table in your old house when it was for sale. Also happened with the… Read more »


Forgot to add – I would be all over a how-to and lessons learned post on that headboard and bed base! Normally, I’m not a DIY person, but I know that when I see a post like that on your blog, it is precisely because you can’t just buy something. I really enjoyed Orlando’s framing how-to one from a long time ago, and the one on the pink velvet play room daybed, and the mini one on how to convert a pillow into a headboard.


HI! For the lamp that is on the accent table, is that a small or large shade?



This is a beautiful room but I really wanted to say I love how real your writing is. I like how you discuss creating content for content sake because that is your job and a lot of work goes into it. So many instagrammers and bloggers want us to believe that designing rooms every week is just a normal part of life. Your commentary is always such a delight to read!


I’m not really a pink person, but I love blue. We just painted my daughter’s room BM cool aqua, but we’re keeping the hot pink accessories as an accent since it went with her old stuff and I don’t have time or money to replace everything. We upgrading her from a twin to a full bed and this headboard would great for her on a smaller scale. I’m having trouble finding a basic full mattress that’s not too cheap or expensive pillow top for a preteen. Any ideas? Between your blog and Young House Love (Sherry loves pink too), I’m… Read more »

patricia blaettler

Look at Leesa, the mattress in a box. I love mine.


Does anyone know where to find that blue duvet cover, or a similar one? It’s so soft looking ????


I find the headboard interesting. I personally would never commit to an apparently somewhat complicated custom upholstered wall in an expensive fabric that I might decide I wanted to change or didn’t like anymore in a year or two. Something more neutral in color for sure, although a pattern would be fine as long as I could change the bedding and pillows to completely different colors and not worry about having to match that wall. Is this an issue that came up when deciding to go with that fabric, either by you or the homeowners? If so, how did you… Read more »

patricia blaettler

If you find a fabric (pattern) which you absolutely love, you probably won’t tire of it so quickly, no matter the color.


I love blue and blush and truly, you do it so well, but I agree that it would be nice to see different color palettes.


Specific bedding question: single mother here, and my bed is in the living room so my son can have his own bedroom. Can you recommend the best (affordable) quilt/duvet/comforter material textures and colors that won’t look so rumpled in a high-traffic area of house? Regular duvet cover isn’t cutting it. It’d be so helpful. Thank you!!!


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