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The World’s Most Beautiful Stove (+ All About the Portland Kitchen Appliances With



Yesterday’s much-awaited Portland kitchen reveal excluded talk about what some might call very important elements of a kitchen—the whole “cooking and cleaning” machines. Up until recently, I didn’t understand the point of these inventions, but now that I’m the world’s most terrific soup chef, I can vouch for and expound on the benefits of electronics that heat up broth, like a range (which might sound like a fancy name for a stove, but it’s when the cooktop and oven are together in one unit…I know these things now). I’ve always been pro-dishwasher but caring about a stove? That’s the new, brothier me. So today, we are walking you through what we chose for appliances in the Portland kitchen and why. We worked with and Bertazonni on all of the panel-ready appliances (and that stunning range) because well, first off, I wanted that range so badly so I reached out and then when they told me they had new panel-ready (integrated) appliances, I about lost my soup, in a good way. (In case you aren’t following me on Insta-stories, I only eat soups now…it started with “Soup-tember” and then “Crock-tober” and we are super excited about the impending “Stove-ember.” It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle and one that makes me and my body happier…and clothes fit better.) Okay, enough about soup (for now)…the fridge, dishwasher, microwave and range are all by Bertazonni and while they aren’t that obvious in the kitchen, that’s one of the reasons I chose them.

Let’s get into it.

best kitchen appliances

Range: Bertazzoni Freestanding Double Gas Range HER486GGASNE

This beaut is from Bertazzoni’s Heritage Series, which is inspired by the original Bertazzoni ranges created by Napoleone Bertazzoni at the beginning of the 20th century. Not Napoleon. That little man hated a big range. For you “stove history” nuts, you’ll be psyched about this tidbit: Those chrome handrails are actually a replica of the ones used on the original Bertazzoni stoves. 

best kitchen appliances

This gentleman comes in three colors: nero (which is the one we went with here), vino—a deep wine hue—and crema, a warm almost nostalgic buttery beige.

The range is super wide at 48 inches (a standard four-burner residential range is 30 inches for reference), with six gas burners and an electric griddle. This same series also comes in a smaller 36-inch range, but if you are an avid cook or renovating a larger (more expensive) home like this one, you might want the big guy.

best kitchen appliances

The gold ring in that detail above is a “high-efficiency” burner, which has two knobs to control each flame separately. For anyone cooking something super precise (a delicate, brothy masterpiece, for instance), this means you have great control over the exact temperature you need. And the brass burners don’t just look pretty; they actually distribute heat more evenly and can handle higher temps better than other materials so your burner has a much longer lifespan.

Each front and back burner pair has a continuous grate, which makes moving heavy pots and pans from burner to burner so much easier and safer. If you’ve ever had a gas stove with individual grates, you’ll know that you can’t really slide a big heavy pot back and forth without it getting precariously wobbly/feeling like it’s going to tip over or catch on the other grate.

best kitchen appliances

As you can see there are two oven compartments, which I’m assuming is so you can cook a large Thanksgiving turkey and a humble pumpkin pie at the same time—a joy that my husband’s family has been denied the last 18 Thanksgivings I’ve celebrated with them.

The larger oven on the left has both a convection and broil feature (each with separate knob controls), and the smaller oven on the right is awesome for baking smaller things (pies, vegetables, etc.) at a separate temp. A “double oven” should be something they talk about on House Hunters instead of granite—I mean of all things to covet, if you are a cook you might want two different ovens for your meats and desserts (or soups and stews).

Here I am modeling, to show you how to “open” and “close” the oven portion of it. It’s just as easy as it looks.

best kitchen appliances

For added effect, I donned a hipster denim apron (this is Portland, of course) that of course I actually do wear all the time. Also, that might be limes and oranges in there in lieu of actual food because we didn’t want to mess this place up by actually cooking and didn’t run out for proper food props. But let’s just say it’s my favorite citrus casserole, this is a sponsored post after all and I AM A PROFESSIONAL.

That beautiful range is fitted with a lovely matching cap—a hood, hidden inside our cabinetry.

best kitchen appliances

Range Hood: Bertazzoni Insert Range Hood

The vent liner is easily removable and can be thrown right into the dishwasher for cleaning, which is great because if you’ve ever fumbled around with a range hood that was splattered with sauce/fry grease/whatever food particles, it usually takes some soaking and scrubbing to get it looking fresh and clean again. Dishwasher-safe for the win. The three power settings and the LED lights can be adjusted right on the unit or through the included remote control in case you want to switch from “high” to “low” sitting at the kitchen island.

Next up, the invention to wash soup bowls and spoons, which can also tackle plates, cups and pots and pans: the Bertazzoni dishwasher.

best kitchen appliances

Dishwasher: Bertazzoni DW24PR 24-Inch Energy Star Built-In Dishwasher

There is an element of Where’s Waldo here but I’ll give you a hint…it’s inside the cabinet on the left of the sink, covered in the same cabinetry as the cabinets. Sneaky, sneaky.

best kitchen appliances

TA DA. It’s so amazing you guys. I know that integrated appliances are a controversial subject (America just gets more and more divided!) but I don’t know why you would want to call out your dishwasher. I get the fridge thing, but not the dishwasher. Hide that lady.

best kitchen appliances

Besides the fact that it lets your kitchen’s design elements get all the attention, it’s also great because it has six wash cycles (normal, heavy, glass—which is awesome for wine glasses and whatnot after a party—quick, rinse and eco), four wash options (sanitize—bottles and sippy cups anyone?—hi-temp, heating dry and energy save) and runs at 49 dB, which is quiet enough that no one should have to yell over each other or crank up the volume of a nearby TV. Dishwashers normally range between 44 and 60 dB, and while a few decibels probably doesn’t seem like much, take this into consideration: a one-decibel difference is 30% louder. Four decibels is twice as loud, so the difference between something that’s 49 dB like Bertazzoni’s dishwasher and 60 (which is the decibel rating for a standard conversation) can be barely noticing a gentle hum and having an unwanted addition to your conversation in the form of water swooshing.

best kitchen appliances

It’s functional, it’s beautiful, it’s a lovely dishwasher to have and to hold.

Next up is the refrigerator, which I’ll cheat and show you where it is by modeling its function while looking for some artisanal yogurts.

best kitchen appliances

best kitchen appliances

Refrigerator: Bertazzoni Panel Ready Refrigerator REF36PRR

Their FlexMode technology is pretty neat; it lets you turn the freezer into a refrigerator with just a simple switch. So say you have a ton of party prep and need more space for platters or fresh food (or went HAM at the farmer’s market and could use another shelf or drawer for all those greens you’re going to wilt down in Sunday’s soup), you have the option to switch the mode easily to use the appliance however works best for you. The interior shelves are also really easy to adjust without having to take them out (on lower end brands, you usually have to take the shelf out, switch up the back brackets and then reposition), so should you have a tall pitcher or a high stack of items, you can quickly adjust as needed.

But let’s say you actually want to use the freezer. It has a super freeze mode option for 20% faster freezing cycle of fresh food along with an automatic ice maker with filter and custom ice-cube size selection (you know, for the true ice connoisseur like myself). With Bertazzoni’s ice maker, you’ll never run out of ice as it produces 2.8 pounds in just 24 hours!

On the design front, the interior hinge system means it can be truly flush to your other cabinetry for a super seamless look. When you close the door, you’d have to know it was there to, well, know there was a refrigerator there. That’s why panel-ready appliances can be SUCH a great addition to a kitchen that you want to feel seamless. Not that we had any issues with space here, but if you had a smaller kitchen,  panel-ready makes for less visually breaks which = a visually larger kitchen.

best kitchen appliances

Microwave: Bertazzoni Built-In Microwave SO24PROX

Lastly, the microwave. Now the placement of this appliance was kinda tricky it can go on a wall or under counter. We polled as many people possible and everyone felt differently. Some didn’t like that their kids could play with the buttons but others wanted their medium aged kids to be able to. Some didn’t like having to bend down, where others wanted it less prominent.

Our microwave is on our island, in our lower cabinets and I am only 2% annoyed that I have to bend down but that was only after reading that other people were annoyed. It’s not a big deal and unless you are microwaving all day every day then I’d rather not see another machine and let the seamlessness of the cabinets stay intact.

best kitchen appliances

You know how a microwave works, but just in case sometimes, you don’t want to spend the time and energy to heat up a large oven if you’re just prepping one sheet of vegetables or a smaller roast, which is why having a smaller dual-function unit like this one is SO SMART. It’s a convection oven AND a microwave, people. What a time to be alive. But here’s one of the best parts about this combo: you can pair the two functions to prep your meals in half the time. So, first, you microwave to either thaw out or do the heavy lifting on the cooking, and switch modes to convection to finish off the job (so instead of getting soggy microwaved food, you get the ability to crisp and roast but without as much of a time commitment).

best kitchen appliances

There you are, the wrap up of the “whats” and “whys” (and “HOW GREAT??s”) of the Portland kitchen appliances. As you can see, I am very happy with all of them. Thanks to for working with us on this kitchen (and the mountain house!) and thanks to Bertazzoni for making wonderful, beautiful, functional appliance that worked seamlessly in our design and let us focus more on our soups and stews.

Range with Double Oven | Hood Insert | Dishwasher | Refrigerator | Microwave

***Photography by Sara Tramp for EHD

***Design and styling by Emily Henderson and Brady Tolbert (and team). JP Macy of Sierra Custom Homes (who I seriously can’t say enough good things about) was the General Contractor, and Annie Usher was the architect.

Fin Mark


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Fantastic! Now where is your top from 🙂


Love this kitchen and love integrated appliances. I’ve had a gas stove twice in my life – once it was the worst (really old and fidgety and it needed a lighter) and once it was the absolute best (brand new, not scary, with a lighter button). The better the appliances, the more likely I am to cook. (Seriously, with that old stove it felt like russian roulette.)
On a different note, I appreciate how the price comes up when scrolling over the ‘get the look’. Great feature!


Can you do a round up on beautiful hood installations? I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and I think the world needs to know Emily’s perspective on the subject!

Ashley Pannell

This is exactly what I was going to ask! I need Emily’s breakdown of range hood options.


One more vote for a range hood post!


Do the knobs on the range remove? I’m wondering how it could be child-proofed.


I need an entire post about Soup-tember, Crock-tober, and Stove-ember, and actually I needed it yesterday! I am not a natural in the kitchen (my mom was a very laidback TV-dinner on weeknights, Wendy’s on Friday, and noodles on the weekends type, so cooking is like learning Japanese to me – awkward AF) so I will take any help I can get from anyone that gets that cooking isn’t a passion of mine, but knows that the kids still gotta eat. 🙂


Ditto this! Have been curious about Souptember and Crocktober as I’ve seen you reference them in your stories and would love to hear more!


Lately I’ve been using America’s test kitchen slower cooker cookbook easy prep addition. I do like to cook, but I have toddler twins. So easy with minimal dishes is now a priority. I got it from the library which is a good way to try without commitment.


Same! I need those healthy, easy soup recipes ????????????

ps, Kitchen is friggin amazing! High end in Portland is the perfect mix of your quirky past and more recent refined design sense.


Sounds like you could find out on Insta. I’m so glad she’s keeping most of the lifestyle stuff over there, and using the design blog to talk about design! That way everybody can tune into what they want


Soup-a-palooza, please! Insta doesn’t have room to go deep enough.

Anna McNinja

I also need this!

Kim B

The kitchen is absolutely gorgeous and the appliances are perfection. But the big takeaway for me here is you are hilarious: “I’ve always been pro-dishwasher but caring about a stove? That’s the new, brothier me.” Hahahahaha


These are gorgeous. I want to hear more about the soups. I need more soup in my life. If my kids would eat it too that would be great 😉


I know I’ll never have appliances like these but a girl can dream. I love, love, love the color of the cabinets and am thinking of doing the same in my kitchen soon.


Gorgeous kitchen and appliances, but wow. I wonder what it’s like to have enough money that you can spend that much on appliances. You can get a brand new car for less! I understand that high-end houses have high-end features; I just can’t wrap my brain around being able to own such a house because it’s so far removed from my life.


Why would you spend that much on a car? My versions of these will be smaller and less expensive, but appliances are definitely a higher priority for me than a car!


I absolutely love this kitchen. Beautiful stove and choices all around. I think there should be NOTHING controversial about panel ready appliances. They have been standard in high end homes for at least 20 years. As you said if you have a gorgeous fridge and want to show it off, great. But panels allow you to make that choice. And, counter depth fridges – panel ready or not – just look much more streamlined and less distracting!


What happens when the fridge or dish washer kick the bucket? Are the doors custom to those particular appliances or can they be used on a new similar appliances. It’s been my experience lately that refrigerators only last 7 or 8 years. Love they way they look though.


I just wonder why they do the panels like that. If the point is for them to blend in, why not break them up with faux drawers fronts or the like?

Cris S.

Gorgeous! And I second the call for a post on range hood coverups and your soup lifestyle!


$15,000 for that stove?????? I’d need to be a famous and very wealthy chef to even consider that, and even then I’d probably say too much. It is pretty though.


speaking of soups–will we get to see a post on your soup tips and favorite recipes? (please?)


the whole kitchen is gorgeous (and my dream color); I’d love to live here. I have one niggling question and I by no means am meaning to be negative at all but just am genuinely curious: the pot filler seems super high. Is there a reason behind that, that we should be considering if getting/placing pot fillers?


Fabulous! Where can I get the apron?


I totally thought that was green beans and carrots in the oven! This kitchen turned out beautiful.


Although I do agree that the Bertazzoni may be the most beautiful range, I do want to offer some food for thought to those of you who may be considering spending thousands of dollars on one. We almost purchased one a couple of months ago. But after reading customer reviews and talking to local appliance sales people and repair men. I changed my mind. Someone even compared a Bertazzoni to a fiat – may look good, but Italian engineering isn’t exactly German engineering. Just want to remind everyone to research before you buy. On a side note, we ended up… Read more »


thank you for this!! looking into Blue Star


I have had my Blue Star for almost two years – I LOVE IT. Having a nice range has improved my cooking, too. I got the French door copper-finished one.


Tracy, I agree with you. Bertazzoni ranges do have lots of bad reviews. They seem to last between 1 and 2 years the most. Their service repair seems horrible, too.


I will highly second this comment! I just moved into a home this spring that has a newer, Italian gas range/oven (a SMEG) in the kitchen and IT IS THE WORST! It’s unreliable, impractical, expensive to fix, and finding someone who will repair it is almost impossible, as many repair appliance repair companies have never heard of that brand. There are so many negative things I could say about this range/oven, but I don’t want to bother. But, it is pretty to look at! 🙂 So, just because it’s an expensive, Italian range/stove doesn’t mean that it’s the best thing… Read more »


The kitchen is amazing! I’m wondering if you can share the brand and style of the pulls and knobs.

amy gonzalez

Timeless kitchen! Every new home I see now has shaker cabinets and these are so classic. We are planning to build a home and I want a kitchen window that looks over the back yard . How big is the kitchen?

Lily W.

I uttered the phrase “I would f*cking dieeeee” approx. 12 times while looking at this kitchen.

One question, why the counter overlap on the sides of the farmhouse sink? To keep water from going down the sides? I’m trying to recall other farmhouse sinks I’ve seen and I don’t remember them having a counter overlap like that.


Counter overlap on a Butler sink is the standard installation style in the UK, at least. It’s just as you say: for the water to go into the sink, not seep between the sink and counter!


I would also like to know how high to put a pot filler. This one seems high but I really don’t know since I’ve never used one. And, as another reader posted, can the panels on the appliances be re-used when the appliances need to be replaced? Absolutely beautiful kitchen though!

Amber Kosonen

OMG obsessed with all of teh integrated and functional appliances! This is what kitchen dreams are made of. How about a round up of more affordable integrated pieces and fancy stove look a likes?!


Wow, I learned about and want so many new (to me) things! A continuous grate sounds like a dream. A friend of mine ah has a very high-end house has her burners in a row on the back half the counter, with workspace in front, so she never winds up trying to balance a work bowl or cutting board on the front burners (because there aren’t any!). I want to do that too, but have been worried it’d look like the SRO single burners x4. Getting grates like these might be a big help. Also dual control burners, a convection-micro… Read more »


This kitchen makes me weep with longing because it will never be mine.


Don’t worry about the how. Just appreciate! You never know…


While people are suggesting topics for posts—

This kitchen is beautiful. It’s also big. That many cabinets, especially uppers, can make a small kitchen feel like a cramped box. I’d love to see your take on the open kitchen look, with shelves & pot racks, etc.

Also, yes to more affordable versions of the appliances including range hoods! And maybe the next time you talk about the soup thing, you could include links to your insta posts on that?


Newjen, I agree. This is a lovely aspirational kitchen and the post is quite informative. Now to the reality of my bank account & space footprint. I’d love a post about more modestly sized kitchens & perhaps some investigation into how much open storage is realistic in that context. (How much daily styling and dusting is realistic?…)


Pity there’s no giveaway on this post :-/


I love the idea of that microwave! Genius!


Beautiful Kitchen!! Love the appliances and cabinets, and the color of the cabinets look great with the wood flooring! Can you tell me more about the wood flooring?

Thanks for another great post!

Dorothy Lee

Over $20,000. – really? Most people can’t afford to spend that kind of money on appliances. Happy for you but not helpful.


Were the appliances gifted? If not, I don’t know how they made money off of this flip. I am not sure if the content drives enough sales and ads on her blog or if she is also paid to use different appliances. I think the new owner must be very happy. I would love a post over what the new owner kept of the furniture and decor and what did not stay. I would also REALLY APPRECIATE knowing how and if they made money on this house. Or else, I’m like you and $20k on appliances? People do it all… Read more »


When I saw the microwave in the island I assumed it was a drawer model but it is a door. No way.

I use the microwave too often while cooking (soften, steam, defrost, reheat) for it to be a door I would have to bend down to see what I’m grabbing (is it hot? where is it hot? can I grab the bowl or the do I need to carefully get the rim of a bowl?) No bueno.

Second question? Did you consider painting the island a different color or stain the same as the front door?


Absolutely stunning!!!


SO much to die for but I think my very favorite feature is the symmetrical glass counter hutches. My oh my…..

P.S. Post about your soup lifestyle please.


I love this kitchen designing, the appliances and the right places for the requires appliances. This is an excellent article about this kitchen Stove.
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Jess G.

Did anyone else think the photo of Emily with the denim apron was instead a denim overall skirt???? I had a bit of a panic when I thought for a second, those were coming back in style! Denim apron….makes way more sense.


I’m VERY amazed by a microwave with a convection feature and now that I know it exists I can’t live without it! lol.

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