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Portland House Sale Announcement & Event!



Guys, the Portland house goes on the market next week, which is just crazy. Half of my team is up there this week prepping it for some upcoming events and I come up on Sunday to finish the install and get it ready for the realtor open house July 19 and general open house on the 21 (where anyone is welcome and I’d love to meet any of you). I’m incredibly excited and yes, very nervous about the deadline and frankly revealing this project that has been insane to design and manage from afar with my schedule. Hopefully, there are a few buyers interested in this 5,000-square-foot custom home (that can be sold fully furnished) in the best school district, with almost an acre of land. I know all of you are wondering for how much it will be listed and I’ll wait for the listing to come out to tell you the exact amount, but it will be between $2.5 – 3 million. Let’s get to some sneak peeks (pardon the tape, dust and tools throughout…it’s still a work in progress), shall we?


Emily Henderson Seak Peek Portland Traditional Party Announcement 2



Emily Henderson Seak Peek Portland Traditional Party Announcement 6


Emily Henderson Seak Peek Portland Traditional Party Announcement 7


Emily Henderson Seak Peek Portland Traditional Party Announcement 5


Emily Henderson Seak Peek Portland Traditional Party Announcement 1


Emily Henderson Seak Peek Portland Traditional Party Announcement 3


Emily Henderson Seak Peek Portland Traditional Party Announcement 9

Now, some last minute details:

We likely still need art for the install, so if you are an artist in Portland and interested in your work being placed in the house and photographed, credited, etc., let us know (shoot us an email at [email protected]) and if it’s the right fit, we’d borrow it with the potential of the future owner buying the pieces. We could also use some smalls, pillows, textiles and accessories. If you are local and have a shop that we could come and look at to pull from we would love to showcase your items.

We would also love food and drink recommendations for the party—any good catering or microbrews out there in Portland looking for some exposure at a fun party with lots of influencers? Reach out and let us know.

If you want to come see the house and hang out with me and my crew, then head over to the Dunthorpe neighborhood next Saturday, July 21 between 3 pm and 7 pm. Parking will be an issue near the house, so park near Riverdale Grade School (11733 SW Breyman Ave.); we’ll have shuttles that can take you over to the house. Keep an eye on my Instagram next week (and the Friday before) as we’ll share more details over there as the date approaches.

For anyone wondering what the plans are in terms of blogging about the home being that it’s going to be for sale VERY soon, fear not because we have a ton of posts in the pipeline (progress posts with all the nitty gritty as well as all the final reveals which we’re shooting in the coming weeks…lots of fun stuff to share as soon as we can).

In the case that you’re itching to know more about what’s in these rooms and can’t wait for the final reveal, here are some of the resources:

We hope to see you there, whether you just want to swing by for the general open house/party or you are interested in purchasing the house (if you are interested in the house, please have your realtor contact Alex Sand, Christy MacColl or Carrie Gross at [email protected]com or 971-409-9544).

Don’t get Portland House FOMO! Here’s what we’ve written about so far:

Fin Mark


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Whoa Girl. Check out how good all of those patterns are. And that wet bar back splash? Oh. My. God.

Thanks for the sneak peak. It was so so good.

Julie P

I love the wetbar backsplash too! When I click the link it just takes me to the stone providers homepage. Please more details!!


Me, too. that backsplash is totally awesome, but I don’t really care for the dining room wallpaper. Seems a little too disorienting for a place where you’re eating.


yes please. is that real marble/stone or engineered. would live backsplash and kitchen counter info as well.


yes please. would love the backsplash and kitchen counter info too.


What? It is already finished? How did that happen? Looks good. Please more posts on the house!


I’m turned off by the move towards extremely high end property development content. It’s so far out of reach that I wonder why I bothered reading in the first place. Beautiful? Absolutely. Attainable? Doesn’t feel that way. The posts I’ve enjoyed the most are those about what the EHD staff are doing in their own spaces.


What designer wouldn’t want the opportunity to work on a “high-end” project? And does something have to be within reach to be appreciated? We all know that EH DIY days are long gone, her budget over the years has ballooned, and as a result her design is really evolving (in a striking way, IMO). So you can’t buy a $2-3M house, most Americans can’t. But maybe you’ll see something in this reno that sings to you, and in some way you will emulate it. The reality is that renovating is crazy expensive, and while not everyone can do it (or… Read more »


Well said Karen!


Agreed, and very well said, Karen. I am very excited to see this project!


While I understand wanting to have more content that is budget friendly, in my opinion there is still plenty of content on this blog that is attainably priced (for example, the budget rooms, or some of the options in the various roundups that are from Target, IKEA, Article, World Market, etc….). Further, just because I can’t afford this home, doesn’t mean that I can’t try to create some of the looks at my own home, for example, by painting my kitchen cabinets the same green color as these (which I love, BTW). While I can’t always do a mix of… Read more »


I have conflicted feelings about this project in general and hesitated about posting since I don’t want to be a downer. The home is beautiful. For me, the project conflicts with the decidedly left-leaning ethos of this blog. Inequality is one of the biggest problems in our country, and while I understand the home was in disrepair when it was purchased, I am just wondering if there could’ve been a way to create something more accessible to middle class families but still profitable. Like two, smaller homes? I know that Emily really tries to give back to her community and… Read more »


I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the area that this house is in, but the idea of creating something more attainable or two smaller homes is not really in keeping with that area. Most likely, if that had happened those houses would just be sold or resold for way more money. That’s the way the market is. I live in Portland and we’re seeing all-cash offers for over $50k over asking price on just regular ol’ houses – it’s insane. To expect a designer to rehab a house for a moderate budget in that toney area just isn’t realistic.… Read more »


I understand what you are saying, but I’m guessing the neighborhood just wouldn’t support that sort of decision (i.e. to build two smaller homes). They could have bought in another area altogether, but it sounds like in the area they chose, this is the type of house that needed to go up. And even though I live in a 1962 ranch of 1800 square feet and I could never afford these finishes, I do still find inspiration. For example, I am currently looking for a good white color for my exterior and am considering a blue front door. I am… Read more »


Please allow us to enjoy Emily’s creativity and uplifting style, her open and honest resource-sharing, without this definitely downer take. I’m not sure why one would look to a design blog for social justice i the first place.
Not that I agree with you about the inequality (I mean it does exist here but please find a country where one can better leverage their position in life). You might be better served by HuffPost, NPR, there are many, many places to find what you might be looking for.


I’m with you on those Green cabinets, Pewter Green, but I wonder what co!or the lower cabinets are? Love that Green.


Yes, Karen has it right. This is nowhere near my budget. But so is like 75% of the stuff I see. There are always lower cost alternatives that offer similar style. You can get inspired and do something similar on your own budget. That’s half the fun– getting creative! Plus, who doesn’t just love some good eye candy? I can’t wear high end designer clothes, marry a supermodel, or own a famous artist’s work, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy looking.


So true, Christina!! If you love design/home styling, this is some seriously amazing eye candy. I don’t think that every post needs to be attainable or even aspirational… When I go to The Met, I don’t get bummed out that I will never own a Van Gogh, I just value the experience of looking at something beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished pics of this house!


lol, well said

Susie Q.

I understand JF’s feelings, but it’s not like Emily is going to take a “step back” (and I’m aware that the metaphor implies certain things about life, American culture, and so on).
There’s a variety of content on the site and while this story is not applicable to my own situation, there’s other content that is. That’s why I check out the blog every day. I can’t afford a million dollar house (and I actually prefer smaller spaces) but I can go to Madewell and buy a chambray shirt….:)


I think you should still be able to appreciate the aesthetics and get ideas for your own place. I can’t afford it but I am still looking forward to every single post about it. You can paint your kitchen cabinets green without breaking your budget, you can get cheaper tiles that look like those in the master bath, you can get an idea for a similar bar backsplash. it’s endless. Yes, this is a high-end house with amazing finishes but it’s great to see done well. You can appreciate the effort and the skill. And, when all else fails and… Read more »


JT – consider it this way, would you be upset if you used to go to a bar to watch your favorite musician play a gig for the night, but then all of a sudden they reached higher and succeeded more and started playing huge concert venues? The artist is the same, but the success lead them to bigger things. I kinda see it that way. Just some food for thought. Plus on this site, there’s no cover charge OR ticket cost!


Such a great example, JB. Reminds me of my dad, he always came up with arguments like that as I was growing up and thought I can discuss stuff. 🙂


Well, between this sneak peek, and stalking Brady’s Portland Traditional board on Pinterest, I am beyond excited for this reveal. Your team is crushing it!


GORGEOUS!!! I am so excited to see the finished product. LOVE the color of the kitchen cabinets!

Jill Hill

Absolutely stunning, Emily and team. Wow!! Even though it is outside my price range there is so much inspiration here… colors, patterns, woodworking ideas. Thank you for sharing this project with us. I can’t wait to see more!!!!


This project is most assuredly outside my budget, but it is nevertheless amazing and I can’t wait to see it styled out for the open houses. Keep up with amazing work EHD team! I’m currently plotting where I can use some patterned tile at my house–which I never would have considered without seeing you all feature it in so many different projects. The content here lately has been wonderful.


I’m waiting for naysayers to come out and give you all kinds of reasons why you should second guess the Portland house…. hopefully they won’t rob you joy because this house is absolutely absolutely stunnnnnnnnning perfection. The outdoor tile, the cabinet color, the black windows, oh wow. Very good job, Siblings! I hope it sells fast.
I’m excited for the new owners… whoever they turn out to be! (Are we allowed to know what front door color you chose?)


Just WOW.
The staircase balusters.
The floors.
The paints colors with the marble.
The marble.
Restrained, sophisticated tile patterns.
Wallpaper and gestures of modern fun mixed in.
Quality of the finish work.
The general impression of high style with plenty of family livability.
Congratulations to you, your brother and team EHD!


Looks amazing! i’m betting a foreign national will pay cash for this house and rent it out on airbnb. A great house + Portland food and weather=wonderful vacation!


Funny but so, so true.


Maybe, but I think odds are reasonably high of it being purchased by someone who plans to live in it – competition for that school district is just so high. If you’re not willing to pay a premium for the schools, you can get a gorgeous house for the same price in more airbnb friendly neighborhoods (Dunthorpe is not walkable or particularly tourist-friendly). I have a friend who was looking for a house pretty much exactly like this last summer, specifically to get into the school district. It’s also quite possible it will go to someone moving up from California…which… Read more »


Ah, you’re last comment! Hah!


Oh my, so so pretty! What are you waiting for – buy it for yourself!


Everything is looking so good! Loving all the black and white patterns. I live in Oregon and I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!

Jordan Grantham

I’m soooooo pumped to see this reveal. Wish I lived nearby and could come to the open house! These photos are such a great tease of what’s to come.


STUNNING – can’t wait for the reveals!!


I feel like there’s a solid chance this house won’t even make it to the market! LOL. It’s so beautiful and with how much pre-exposure it’s getting combined with our ridic housing market in Portland it’s going to be gone in a HOT second!! Well Done!!


So so so so beautiful! I love the stairway ironwork, the wallpapers, the kitchen cabinet color, and the wet bar SO much!


So beautiful! It’s wonderful to see the designs you selected. I love that entry way!! And the tile in the back– holy smokes is it gorgeous!

I’d offer to bake a few dozen chocolate chip cookies, but I suspect you want something a little more high-brow! : )

Good luck with the event! I can’t wait to see the whole house staged and ready for its new owners.


Gorgeous! I have loved every snippet of this home that’s I’ve seen. Can NOT wait for the final reveal.


Stunning! I’m just sad I don’t live in Portland (aaand also can’t afford this)!!! Have loved seeing the process and it gives me sooo much inspiration for upcoming renos I have planned. Looks like a very happy and lively family home!


Beautifully done! The colors and patterns are fab and so fitting for the wonderful treed (I hope that’s a word ;)) setting. I look forward to these the post every afternoon. Thoughtful design + insights + tips + sources = inspiration for this mom/ design apprentice. Thank you and the team that works so hard to bring these projects and posts to life!


STUNNING. Some Nike exec is going to snap it up!




I don’t want this to come off the wrong way because it truly looks like you’ve designed my dream home, but I keep being thrown off by the white door frame against the dark trim and paneling in the master bath. Is this intentional or still a work in progress?

Becky Teipen

Thanks for the sneak peak! Question! Cement tile outside in the PNW? I live in Seattle and I thought that cement tiles can’t be outside in environments where there is a possibility of freezing? I’d love to hear you thoughts because if I get the green light, I’ll be pretty excited!


SO Awesome…Love it all. The colors,cabinets and the Wet Bar Yahoo!!! Good Luck. XXOX


I cannot wait to see this beautiful home and hopefully meet you next weekend at the open house! Portland is lucky to have you adding property value to one of our homes!!!!


Oh man! If there was a longer time window between this announcement and the open house, I would totally have booked a trip to Oregon to see it in person (and also my parents and friends who live in the area). So bummed I can’t see it in person but looking forward to the final reveal images.


Drooling over that wet bar!! And love the kitchen cabinet color – amazing! So very jealous this isn’t in Oklahoma (well…and that it is out of my price range, LOL). Incredible inspiration though and I can’t wait to see the total before/afters of how you’ve transformed this property!!


I wish that I had an extra 3 million because I would love to have this house! I’m hoping that I’ll be able come and see it in person as I live in the Portland area. It looks beautiful!


It is BEYOND gorgeous!!! I am stunned at every detail I see in those sneak peek photos.

I am a little surprised this is going up for sale as soon as it’s completed as I thought it was supposed to be a place for a fun getaway and second “vacation house”. Maybe it would go up on Air BNB or something of that nature, but not fully selling it..Am I the only one that missed this?! Not being a downer, it’s beautiful in every way and if I could I’d go see it in a heartbeat.


Bex, you’re confusing the Portland Fixer with the Mountain House. She’s doing both at once b/c she is SUPERWOMAN! I believe the Hendersons plan to use the Mountain House (which is drivable from LA) as a weekend and summer retreat. This fixer was always meant to be a money-maker for Emily and her brother who is running the project on site.



Alma Chavez

All so beautiful! Please share what you used for kitchen counter top! Is it marble or quartz?!

Jessica Elston

EMILY! OMG! It’s so good! Great job, EHD!


I really like the tapered newel post on the stairs. Very vintage cape cod.


This is just so beautiful, and I’m sure you’re excited. I know I can’t wAIT to see the rooms furnished and styled! You’ve turned this around quite quickly, and I’ll be interested to see if this type of project becomes a regular part of your portfolio..

James Smith

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Please check out @vonsteadart on instagram- beautiful acrylic and chalk Oregon landscapes that would be perfect for this project (and many others) 🙂


Simply stunning!

Nancy Douglas

Is that an ice marker in the wet bar? If yes, What brand did you use?

House looks great even unstaged!


House looks fabulous! We live in the Portland area and have used Blythe Freeman of Backstage Catering – she’s great. Give her a call (503)473-6461


Master Bedroom paint color and window trim color look great! What colors?

Paul Reiter

For local microbrews, you will definitely want Great Notion Brewing. Paste Magazine just voted our Ripe IPA the #1 IPA in America. We also have culinary-inspired beer, like the tart “Blueberry Muffin”, “Orange Creamsicle” and peanut-butter cup stout “Peanut Brother”


This. is. so. good. I mean I figured it would be but damn I just got a bad case of envy.


Very Very Beautiful !!!


No way! I painted my exterior doors (including my carriage doors) Pewter Green!! I just love it, don’t you?!?!? It really walks the line between traditional and modern.


Gotta say, I am a LONG time follower but the comment section of this blog has become the equivalent of the “cool” table during middle school lunch. Fit in or get out! It baffles me that JF’s comment (which wasn’t overtly rude or critical) somehow warrants 10 responses telling him/her what to think & how to look at things. Is a personal opinion only valid if it is like-minded with the majority? Why dismiss someone’s thoughts just because they differ from your own? Seriously?! If you pay attention to the so-called “negative” comments lately, you’d see that they share a… Read more »


Speaking for myself, as one of the responders, I had some thoughts on the original comment that I thought might help add a different perspective so the OP could still appreciate the artistry and beauty that’s here in the midst of the ‘big stage, more lights and better sound equipment’ I have appreciated in my life, the people that offer a different view point and food for thought…and I don’t think it’s a bad thing… especially when done in kindness. If anyone used an unkind tone with JT, that’s different. But you can’t really lump all responders together into a… Read more »

Diane Llewellyn Grover

I just wrote a blog post, a few weeks ago, about a bathroom remodel I’m doing. I featured the Cle tile ( from your master bathroom), saying I would probably buy it just for the name! Great taste. I live in the Portland area, and am excited to come and see the final reveal!


Old Salt Marketplace for catering, Royals Brewing for microbrew. Can’t wait!

Alisha Bruce

Hi Emily! I’ve loved following your Portland project. I live in the city! I saw on your post from today you were looking for recs on local breweries. I would recommend Ex Novo Brewing 100%! They are a small, local favorite and best of all – they are nonprofit! All proceeds go to 4 very worthwhile causes 🙂


The Portland house is gorgeous, Emily! Congrats to you and your team. Why must people always complain to you – so big deal it’s out of (most of us) budget. It’s still fun to look at all the beautiful designs posted here. We can dream and perhaps use/adapt an idea or two (we can all afford a lamp or pillow). The haters need to stop reading and commenting, nobody is forcing them to read your blog. Can’t wait to see the entire reveal, and I bet the house will sell fast. Loving all the gorgeous tile!


I would check out the mad hatter connoisseur and caterer. Everyone would tell that not only do their food taste delicious but the presentation of their food is gorgeous! Check them out on instagram @madhattercatering

Kate Hollingsworth

I’m so excited to see every last detail of this house. I want to savor each room. Please take a million photos!! xx


❤️❤️❤️❤️ it all, with exception of dining wallpaper. And hey, Emily! Look….no stair runner!


I can’t wait for the full reveal. Like the home tours as of recently I want the instant gratification of the before and after. After all the mountain fixer posts I have a new appreciation for the work you all do. The post about which door color to use left me feeling a little blah about the front of the home, but I recently drove by a home with a similar overhang and vertical “siding” detail and that Home was quite lovely.

Echoing others- I think you all have enough varied content on here that keeps me coming back everyday.

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