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14 Rules for How We Style the Perfect Bedroom (+ 3 New Reveals)



We LOVE room reveals. Who doesn’t, right?! In fact, we love them so much we’re doing THREE today in one blog post. It’s a little bit of a different approach that we’ve taken with other Portland posts, but work with us. Like we said, we love us a reveal, but what we love even more is helping to empower you to take what we do and be able to translate that into your homes. For real. So in nailing down how to present the three guest bedrooms in the Portland project, we thought it best to not just be like “ohh pretty pictures, bye” but rather to get down to the nitty gritty—”back to basics” so to speak—of how to design and style a bedroom.

It’s a design show (you might remember?) inside a blog post, walking you through all the elements to keep in mind and why each of these individual rooms works. Hopefully, you’ll be able to channel your inner EHD and style a room (a bedroom for today’s purposes) hard, fast and effortlessly with solid styling tips.

Now, something to keep in mind is that these rooms were “styled to sell,” so, why although super beautiful, they all have a very similar look and feel. This just goes to show you that there are about 1,939,834,783,901 ways to style a room with one color palette and general style in mind. Let’s get into it.

Bed Styling

You need to start with the bed (duh) and color palette. Unless you want things to get real crazy real fast, keep that palette relatively neutral and cohesive. In true EHD fashion, blues, whites and grays were the main palettes for these rooms, but regardless of which hues you go with, there are some “rules” to keep in mind to make your bed look GOOD no matter what.

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

Mix solids with patterns/texture: This is all about visual balance and interest. Though still great (minimalism is alive and well), plain, simple bedding alone isn’t exactly aesthetically stimulating. Mix in the pattern people. A good rule of thumb is that if your bedspread is solid, bring in a patterned blanket and/or pillow and vice versa (i.e. if your duvet is patterned, make sure to have a few solid elements so things don’t look chaotic). And because we get that pattern isn’t for everyone, the same rule applies for texture…make sure to use varied textures even if all in the same color palette.

Mix up the scale of the patterns: Has anyone ever told you to either pick your eyes or your lips when it comes to doing your makeup? Well, the same goes for pattern scale. No one wants their pattern combos to look like it has a dark smokey eye with a bold red lip. It’s just too much to take in. So don’t have all your patterns be small-scale or all large-scale. Using both will create that visual tension that we are all striving for.

Pillow configurations: We styled a different pillow configuration for each bed and they all look fun yet put together. The main rule is to mix up the pillow sizes if you are using more than one (remember my new-found love of the oversized lumbar pillow?) It’s all about creating that, say it with us, VISUAL INTEREST.

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

How and why these beds work:

1. The bright color of the blue duvet gives the bed a bold energy while the pillows (in three different sizes) contrast the solid color with three different fun patterns. Notice that the patterns are also in three different scales. The reason they don’t look like a clueless person put them together is because they are all in a cohesive color palette.

2. Bed two (the wild child of the three with its bold quilt and FOUR throw pillows) shows that some balanced boldness goes a long way. Since the quilt is loud in pattern, the majority of the pillows are quietly patterned. Now, this bed would have still been very pretty without that jolt of mustard yellow and retro round pillow, but it’s much more fun with them. Don’t you agree?? Oh and also note the pillow sizing. Perfectly descending.

3. This bed is where texture took the lead. All white bedding doesn’t have to be boring. That white pom pom throw blanket gives the bedding dimension and makes you want to jump in and get cozy quick. For the pillows, we wanted to keep this one simple. We only used two decorative pillows but with a large size difference to create a bit of drama. The tassels on the front pillow add texture and playfulness while the velvet lumbar pillow brings just the right amount of luxury. HOT TIP: Velvet will always make a space feel more luxurious. With that said, can someone pass me my champagne?? I am simply parched.

SIIIIP (said in Orlando’s Instagram story voice)

Shall we move to the side and talk nightstand styling? Okay great.

The Nightstand

Let’s discuss how to choose the perfect nightstand for your bed before anything else. As you will see from our three bedrooms, the nightstands have an opposite visual weight from the bed. What we mean is if you have a chunkier upholstered bed then go for a more delicate looking nightstand and if you have a more delicate bed frame then go for a chunky nightstand. Also, consider the materials. Mix it up for a more interesting and “designed” looking pairing. But enough about the nightstand because we are here to talk about what to put on top. Here are the guidelines we use…

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

Scale: We talk about scale for everything because it’s that important. You want the pieces you put on your nightstand to vary in size. This helps the eye move around (plus just comes off more interesting, full stop).

Levels: Scale and levels go hand in hand. If all your pieces are the same height (or size) A. you won’t be able to see what you have easily and B. it’s not going to look interesting (like we said about scale). Your eye wants variety. Eye candy is a real thing people.

Shape: Mix up the shapes, too. Pair a sculptural lamp with a round dish and finish it off with a square frame. They will look eclectic and collected in the best way.

Pattern: You want to be careful and not go all out in the pattern department on the nightstand decor. Save that for the bedding, rug, art…you get the point. The nightstand should be your simple happy place where just a hint of pattern should hang out. A little goes a long way and will bring in just the right amount of fun. Plus, a nightstand first and foremost is functional (a place to leave a book, water glass, and eyeglasses for instance, so keep things simple).

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

How and why these work:

1. This nightstand is the perfect example of proper scale. The lamp and vase have almost identical shapes but because they are VERY different sizes (and colors) it totally works. Now, this combo doesn’t have an obvious pattern but the flowers fill that category. FYI flowers or greenery are always a good call. 🙂

2. Simple but interesting. The differing shapes of the lamp and candle contrast in a great way. On the same note, they are visually interesting in different ways. The lamp has a great silhouette but is subtle in color, while the candle is simple in shape but has a fun pattern. Now if only we could always have color coordinated books at ALL TIMES.

3. This combo has it all: Varied scales, levels, materials and a small splash of pattern. This nightstand is definitely wider than the average so finding decor that works scale-wise was important. Enter that wide awesome vintage box. There would have been too much dead space had we used a smaller box, but there’s still enough surface area to be useful for real life.


We have talked A LOT about lighting over the years. Lots of awesome tips in this floor lamp post. But today, we want to talk about the option to go symmetrical or mix and match with your bedside lighting. Both are great (I mean we used both styles in Portland) but there are some things to consider.

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

Symmetrical: With symmetrical lighting (aka the same lamp on both sides of the bed), you want to make sure the scale feels right. Because there are two of them, you don’t want to go with two mega huge lamps that are going to visually swallow up/dwarf your bed frame. Mirrored (as in the same) objects really draw the eye, so you can be a little more subtle.

Mix and match: Okay, with mixing up the lighting, you want the scales to be different enough without your eye getting confused with where to look. We really love the table lamp and floor lamp combo above, for instance. While they’re obviously different in terms of height and visual weight, neither of them are super ornate, they both have a white drum shade, and they “talk to each other.” What we mean by that last statement is your lighting needs to share some sort of similarities, be it a similar lampshade shape, color palette, materials or shape. They don’t need to be the same but they should be friends. Gal pals, not twinsies.

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

How and why these work:

1. Aside from the fact that these are just awesome table lamps, they are large enough to stand up to the large bed frame but not so big that it’s all you notice in the room. IMPORTANT RULE: Your bedside table lamp should be around 1/3 of the surface size of the nightstand. This will help a lot in choosing your lighting.

2. Here, the table lamp is more mid-century modern and the floor lamp has a clean, minimal style. However, both of these beauties are linear, have white shades and are neutral in tone which is why they work so well together. Unlikely friends are the best of friends.


Or should we say the jewelry of the room?? It’s the finishing touch that really makes a room but it can be VERY intimidating to pair together. But that’s why we are here. Help is on the way…

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

Varied configurations: Mix up how you hang your jewels (aka art). Don’t do two gallery walls in the same room. Try doing a diptych (two corresponding pieces side-by-side), triptych (three corresponding pieces) or a classic single piece by itself. We also love and sometimes forget about stacking pieces vertically, too.

Vary scale: If you are hanging art in more than one area of your room, make sure to mix the scale of pieces. While you can absolutely do everything in the same size, it might be a little more interesting if sizes and shapes were varied.

Mix media: Our favorite kinds of art combos are the ones where there are at least a couple of different media. For example, you could mix a collage piece, a line drawing and an oil painting. Having a variety will give your room depth and soul.

Switch up frame colors: Just because they are in the same room doesn’t mean they all need to be the same. Personally, we love a thinner frame (more modern) but have fun with different widths and finishes. Mixing those up will just add to the character of the space.

Color palette: Keep it in the family. Using a decided color palette will allow you to get a little crazier with the art’s medium and size. Otherwise, if you have too many colors in a bunch of bold pieces, your room is not going to feel very cohesive.

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

How and why these work together:

Okay, so the color palette is cohesive, the configurations and scales are all varied and the mix of the flower pieces gives the necessary quirkiness to the collection. They are quiet but bold and interesting all at once. Also, the pieces are pretty modern which helps offset the more traditional feel of the rest of the room. It’s unexpected which makes it cool. 🙂

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

How and why these work together:

Very similar to the first room, the color palette is simple and the medium, configuration and scale are all varied. The pieces on the wall by the bed are a bit quieter to let the bedding and pillows shine. But then we went bold in color for the art on the opposite side of the room for balance. We love how it turned out.

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

How and why these work together:

We feel like these two pieces are siblings. The beautiful Jane Denton embroidered piece is like the super put together, organized older brother and the piece on the dresser is the crazy, free-spirited little sister just leaning with no desire to be hung up. Both beautiful and necessary to make a happy, colorful family. Since the art in the room is minimal and abstract, it works that both pieces are similar sizes and frame colors. #weLOVEanologies

Et voila! So, so many lessons for how to easily style the perfect bedroom in a way we hope comes off clear and definitive. Three rooms that all follow the same rules(ish) these still have a personality of their own. Also, we just want to say, that this is to set the framework for a bedroom. Layering in your own personality, photos, treasured pieces is what brings a room to life…but a house, no matter how stylish can’t be built without a foundation, right? Let us know what you think, as always, and for any “where’s so-and-so from?” questions, we put together ALL THREE Get the Looks for each bedroom below. Xx

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

1. Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas through Decorview  | 2. Windows by Milgard | 3. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 4. Flush Mount by Rejuvenation | 5. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 6. Table Lamp by Rejuvenation | 7. Side Table by Ethnicraft | 8. Bed | 9. Rug | 10. Arm Chair by Thos. Moser | 11. Pillow Sham | 12. Pure White by Sherwin-Williams | 13. Velvet Pillow (similar) | 14. Coverlet | 15. Kiya Fabric (made into pillow sham) | 16. Wood Flooring by Hallmark Floors | 17. Vase | 18. Scarf | 19. Mug (similar) | 20. Hyacinth Print | 21. Poppies Print | 22. Door and Window Casing by Metrie | 23. Baseboard by Metrie | 24. Moulding by Metrie

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

1. Windows by Milgard | 2. Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas through Decorview | 3. Flush Mount by Rejuvenation | 4. Abstract Art by Jane Denton | 5. Mirror by Thos. Moser | 6. Lamp | 7. Bed | 8. Nightstand (similar) | 9. Rug | 10. Duvet Cover | 11. Velvet Bolster | 12. Pom Pom Blanket | 13. Ladder | 14. Surgical Box via Aurora Mills | 15. Tassel Pillow via City Home | 16. Pitcher | 17. Leather Bowl | 18. Abstract Art by Maja Dlugolecki | 19. Desk Lamp | 20. Macaroni Vase | 21. Wood Flooring by Hallmark Floors | 22.  Pure White by Sherwin-Williams | 23. Dresser by Thos. Moser | 24. Door and Window Casing by Metrie | 25. Baseboard by Metrie | 26. Moulding by Metrie

Emily Henderson bedroom decorating ideas

1. Windows by Milgard | 2. Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas through Decorview | 3. Table Lamp by Rejuvenation | 4. Flush Mount by Rejuvenation | 5. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 6. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 7. Bed by Thos. Moser | 8. Nightstand (similar) | 9. Rug | 10. Sheet Set | 11. Pillow Sham | 12. Duvet | 13. Wooden Bowl Stacks by Thos. Moser | 14. Candle | 15. Plaid Tray (set of 2) | 16. Ceramic Vessel | 17. Front to Back Book | 18. Houses Book | 19. Photography Calling Book | 20. Desk Lamp by Rejuvenation | 21. Floor Lamp by Rejuvenation | 22. Embroidered Art by Annie Odorisio | 23. Dresser by Thos. Moser | 24. Wood Flooring by Hallmark Floors | 25. Pure White by Sherwin-Williams | 26. Door and Window Casing by Metrie | 27. Baseboard by Metrie | 28. Chair 

***Photography by Sara Tramp for EHD

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    So pretty, so much fun to read!
    Thank you listening to input from your readers! I feel spoiled because I feel like you did it for me and me only! ????

    1. Omg I felt the same way! I love these styling posts, and this one is especially perfect as we’re currently re-doing our master bedroom (and I literally JUST bought that schoolhouse coverlet and was trying to figure out the rest of the bedding!) I’ll be referencing this post all weekend (and trying to figure out how to find myself a vintage safe in Missouri now lol.)

      Also, that curved wood bed by Thos Moser is STUNNING.

  2. I’m guessing this post and others like it (like the Laundry Room/Pantry) is you trying to react to some people complaining that the Portland reveals were too unattainable and the posts not generating as much traffic as you thought – and I honestly applaud you for reacting to the feedback and trying out new and different things. I think its super great and something I admire a lot about you here at EHD – that you genuinely care and listen <3 So I think I get why these new types of posts/reveals turned up and I appreciate the idea behind it and I hope it generates the traffic you are hoping for buuuuuut….. I'm also gonna leave my two cents here to say: I reaaaaaaaally LOVE in depths room reveals!!! I love getting beautifully shot rooms with lots of details and hearing you tell the story about why things turned out the way they did and what else you considered. I really genuinely love those! And while I (think I) get the new format and I do think its a cool idea, I would personally be pretty sad to not get 'proper' reveals of the remaining Portland rooms as well – You all did such awesome work there and I would love to hear the nitty-gritty of it all!!

    1. Agreed! I love this post but I don’t want all your hard work to go to waste and you feel like you have to rush the rest of the reveals out. I personally love all the nitty gritty details but completely understand that not everyone feels this way. It’s about balance I guess 🙂

      1. Ah thanks guys. We were even getting bored with the reveals and yes of course responding to feedback and we just wanted you guys to be able to learn something. These bedrooms are so so so so cute, but we felt that there wasn’t really enough to learn on each one inidividually. We still have the media room, rompus room, secret room and some VERY in depth ‘how to design stairs’ and bookshelves post. in digital media all you do every day is try something new, so we’ll see 🙂 when I went to bed last night this post wasn’t done so I woke up early to read it and I LOVED it (GREAT JOB EHD TEAM!!!).

        1. Hi Emily

          Love that you are trying out new ways of presenting content!

          I would find it helpful if each post had a “by line” so I know who wrote it.

  3. This was super informative- thank you! But I am wondering if it can be clearly labeled as to who is writing the posts at the top. I find it so awkward to get partway in and realize it’s not Emily’s but not know who’s voice it is. Sometimes it’s hidden in the post somewhere but this one doesn’t say at all. Thanks.

    1. I second this. I’m totally fine with other writers but if we don’t know who it is, we can’t give them credit and start to know his/her voice. I like to picture who is writing it and what perspective they are bringing to it.

      1. Will do! Sometimes its actually multiple people (Ironically I found it weird that in the new york times there are typically 2-3 writers for an article, but now i get tit) . Often I’ll write the intro, then someone will take over for the body of the post then a final editor will add/change things, but note taken and we’ll try to make it more clear so you can have a clearer connection. This was a combo of jess and Arlyn, after we all brainstorm concept and tips! Also we have a TEAM page being built with photos and mini fun bio of everyone here very soon – building it out now 🙂

        1. Oh interesting! That explains why I typically go into a post thinking it’s your writing, Emily, and then sometimes get part of the way through and start second guessing that. I always just thought it was because my default was to assume you wrote something unless the post said otherwise, but I often do really get the Em Hendo vibe from the intro! I totally get why you’re doing it this way, and I think in the green living post it was made super evident that you wrote the intro and then handed things off for the body – maybe that’s a good example for your team to use on other posts?

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  5. I have to tell you- I got the Made By Design duvet set, and it really truly is amazing quality. So soft, washes super well. Can’t say enough good things about it! I actually switched out my Brooklinen duvet for this one.

    1. Oh awesome!!! Good to hear and share. I stocked the mountain house with all things made by design (and no, i don’t get a ‘buy anything you want’ credit card at target – i legitimately think this line is so simple and smart).

  6. I think the Downstairs one has to be my favorite. Love that get the look you did for that one! I want to steal this for my bedroom at home!

  7. I love the mix of reveals and helpful design rules! I love longer reveal posts too, but I think those are mostly helpful for other designers rather than your average person. This was a breath of fresh air.

    1. Oh good! Yah, maybe next time we’ll mix in some more context or ‘whys’ but honestly I also think you get the whys through the tips, too. And these rooms didn’t have ‘befores’ because the third floor was a new build.

  8. Love these rooms and think they are elegantly simple and so relaxing – perfect for bedrooms! However, I’m dying for more content about the stuff that’s maybe a little bit more boring but has such a high impact. Specifically thinking about things like banisters, railings, spindles for stairs, door knobs, etc. Would be so great to see some of the sources and inspo for those elements in the Portland project!

    1. OH GIRL WE GOT YOU. i’ve been working on this ‘how i designed/how you design stairs’ post for like 3 months. NO JOKE. I literally just needed one person (you) to request it. It’s A LOT but designing stairs for the first time (and now second, at the mountain house) taught me SO much. stay tuned.

      1. Please post it soon! We have stairs in waiting — temporary treads, temporary 2 x 4 railing (to pass final code and get residency). So, you have another request right here!

      2. omg we are considering rebuilding two staircases in my house and I NEED THIS POST!

        the person who built my stairs clearly did NOT have an experienced resource guiding them, ahem.

        1. I’ll ‘4th’ that! We just ripped out our spindles, railings, and newels. We’re in the midst of tackling our stairs. Tricky tricky business 🙂

        2. Me too Emily, I’m really looking forward to what you have to share about stairs. We moved our stairs and are at the rough in stage. And at the last inspection I was told some changes needed to be made with railing location and it seems like it will make the stairs ‘clunky’ instead of ‘light’. I’m sure we will figure it out but am excited to learn from your experience!

      3. This makes me giddy on the inside – thank you! I’m redoing my floors and stairs in the next month or two, and need to make some decisions and your inputs and experiences have always been so helpful and practical!

  9. A lot of great info and materials here. Love the triple reveal. I just wanted to comment on website functionality. I know at EHD you guys are working often on Mac desktops with huge screens. I’m reading this from a mid-sized macbook laptop. When EHD is open full screen in my Chrome, by the time you account for Chrome’s toolbar, the applications at the bottom of the screen, the EHD toolbar, the new greyish blue bar above that promoting Rooms and Shop, there’s very little space for the actual content. Add in the video ads that pop up, appear in the midst of blog posts and also on the bottom, and it feels almost impossible to read the content and enjoy the pictures. I got out a ruler to actually measure how much space there is on my computer, given the above mentioned things, for the post. It’s 4 inches of height. That’s like two paragraphs or a third of one of your full sized pics. I noticed on some other blogs, the toolbar shrinks down when you scroll, which is nice!! Also, I know you need advertisers and sponsors, but all the pop ups and videos running on the side are distracting and annoying. Sure, I could use an adblocker, but that wouldn’t help your bottom line at all. Clearly, I need a bigger computer to really enjoy EHD fully, but I imagine a lot of your readers are doing so from a laptop and maybe thinking about their user experience is worth it!

    1. I second this! I read using Firefox with a Windows 10 laptop and I find myself either reducing the screen size altogether (but that also shrinks the font) or doing a lot of scrolling back and forth because the images are way too large for my screen real estate.

      Additionally, I got so frustrated with your ads moving around and interfering with my reading that I did install an ad blocker. This site and are the two sites that drove me to do this. I would be happy to remove my ad blocker if you remove all that animation.

      I would also like to see the site “About” page updated. There are only photos of 3 team members and two of those folks no longer work for EHD.

      Thank you.

      1. I know, ugh we don’t know what to do. Pinterest wants only vertical shots, but we still try to do a mix or portrait and landscape. We can take off the rooms page thing up there, but since thats a new section of the site that we are really proud of we want you guys to know about it. My best current advice is that for photos if you click on one it will reduce the size of the photo as it pops up and then there are arrows to click through so you can view the full photo. Maybe i’ll story it to show you guys. Regardless I appreciate the feedback and we are working on the redesign right now. DEFINITELY the header needs to be smaller – full stop. Ads? UGH. Necessary evil but i’ll talk to my IT team to see how we can reduce/move. thanks for the feedback, seriously.

    2. Oooof, I third this. Also the pop up on the bottom which I close and another opens within seconds. I totally understand the adds, but not being able to really see the photography fully without scrolling or opening it up is a bummer. Thank you for pointing this out. And thank you Emily for being open to the feedback!

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    I think you touched perfectly on why everyone loves this blog <3

  12. Such beautiful rooms! Thank you for sharing the thought process of scale, pattern, etc. It is helpful for those of us not so gifted in design.

    On the subject of the Portland house: I think I read that the home has been sold? Did the new owners opt to buy all of the furniture that you used to stage the house? If not, what happened to it? Would there be a sale in the Portland area where you might offer some of it? (Clearly asking as a hopeful Portlander!) : )

  13. Agree! I think it’s more realistic to reveal one at a time, or even one area of a room at a time. That’s real life. I’d also love to see sometimes a follow up post regarding a budget friendly “get the look” round up.

    For what it’s worth, I thought the same thing when you used to do “one room three budgets” posts – they could have really been published as three separate posts over three days (high end, middle ground, budget friendly).

    I can’t imagine the amount of time that goes in to designing and styling one room and then also writing about it and hyperlinking everything! It seems like it deserves more time/space here, but obviously only if you think so.

    Whatever you do it’s always beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with the rest of us

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    I will often see rooms that I like, but don’t really know why, so thank you for breaking it down into manageable bites and explaining why my eye loves these rooms.

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    I know, lots of questions, but especially if you’re going to have sconces hardwired, it’s not something you can easily just adjust or undo if you try it and don’t get it right – would love your expertise!

    1. This is my question as well! I love the look of the bedside sconce……and it is practical. Would love to hear your thoughts on scale and finish.

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  30. I love this post and find it super helpful but I’d give my eyeteeth if you would change the font size on your posts. I find it sort of hard to read and wish it were a wee bit bigger. Am I the only one? Are my eyes going?? But thank you for this post, I really enjoyed it!

  31. Great posts.. I would love to know your thoughts on bed placements ! We have a tiny bedroom and have found the only way to maximize space is to have the bed in the corner and use a dresser as a nightstand…. it’s not ideal but it’s the best we could come up with !

  32. Longtime reader, and I just want to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! More of this, please! Reveals are great, but digging it all apart and explaining why and how it works is so valuable to me. Also, I have a follow up question: For my master bedroom I found a pair of really great vintage mcm nightstands. They’re beautiful mahogany with cool little brass pulls…I love them, and I think the lines look great with my black iron bed frame. The only problem is, they’re a little small, and so I was thinking of doing a sconce above them rather than taking up space with a lamp on top. Any advice about how to choose the right sconce to suit the space, where it should hang, etc? Just fyi: I plan to choose a matching pair. And, is there any reason you only used lamps and not sconces, is it something you recommend against? Thank you mucho!

  33. The rooms are adorable. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate some of the ideas in decorating my 15-year-old son’s room. The links are always appreciated as well as price alternatives. We aren’t wanting to spend too much since he will be off to college in 3 years. If you have more specific teenage boy room ideas I would like to see those. I can copy well, but not come up with it on my own.

  34. I love having three rooms side by side to compare different elements and how they work together. Obviously in real life, bedrooms would reflect the interests and personality of the occupant unless they’re all guest rooms!

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