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A Playful and Bright Playroom Reveal + Shop The Look



Hey all, Ginny here. A few weeks ago Emily introduced a bright and cheerful playroom (click through in case you missed the intro). We recently finished the project up and got it shot and today I’m bringing you the full reveal. Let’s get into it.

When we started the project last year the couple was quickly expecting their second child, so they wanted to create a dedicated playroom and space to store all their kid’s toys. To accomplish everything they wanted for the room, we divided the space into two separate areas, a cute reading nook by the window, and then a crafting/arts/play space with storage by the door. Then in the attached bathroom, we made a few small changes by adding a fun metallic dotty wallpaper from Juju papers, and swapping out their old rectangular mirror to this black oval one. The new mirror helps to make that wall feel less heavy, and the organic shape makes it feel more playful against the beautiful wallpaper.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Girls Playroom_Whimsical_Pink_Playful_1

The first thing we did was paint the room out in Benjamin Moore Green Cast. This gave the room a nice wash of minty-green without being too bold or overpowering. They already had the mid-century sofa which was in great shape and comfortable, so we reupholstered it in this gorgeous pink fabric from Fabricut to give it an update and make it work with the new design scheme of the room. We also had the fabric stain treated and backed prior to reupholstering to make it more durable for the kids. Above it we brought in the modern Nelson sconce to give some light to the little corner reading nook and create a soft ambient glow that allows for a more relaxed pre-bedtime reading vibe.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Girls Playroom_Whimsical_Pink_Playful_2

With the rug having lots of color and pattern in it, we opted for a more simple white roman shade, but added a cute trim detail to the bottom to amp it up a bit. We knew that we’d eventually bring in colorful accent pillows on the sofa, art on the walls, as well the colorful kid’s toys – so keeping that window neutral would stop the room from feeling too overloaded with pattern and color.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Girls Playroom_Whimsical_Pink_Playful_3

No reading nook is complete without a library of kids books at easy access, so we brought in this vertical bookcase for forward facing books. This serves as a fun pop of color (as mentioned above) to the room and also allows the kids to grab their favorite stories whenever they want.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Girls Playroom_Whimsical_Pink_Playful_5

In the arts and crafts area we added this crafting table which can be made higher or lower by switching out the legs, making it a perfect piece for transitioning from a toddler to a big kid. The green chairs were brought in as they speak to the walls with the deep mint green color and make for easy clean up if something is spilled during crafting. Above the table we had some blank wall space so we made two fun gallery walls using a mix of flat prints and 3D elements like these adorable fabric clouds.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Girls Playroom_Whimsical_Pink_Playful_9

To house all their supplies we mixed in different shaped cups and vases as a cute way to organize and store their pencils, crayons, and markers. The original packaging tends to get damaged pretty quickly, and can make it tricky for little fingers to pull out pencils and crayons. Storing art supplies out in the open can create a more inviting creative space, but the containers will help keep the space organized, yet fun.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Girls Playroom_Whimsical_Pink_Playful_4

There is no such thing as too much storage in a kid’s playroom so we tried to give them a variety of storage to help with all their toys and necessities. On the wall we put this hanging pocket organizer which can help tidy away smaller toys and books that would otherwise get lost in bigger bins, while the trunk allows for larger, less used items to be stored away. The trunk is also fairly sturdy so it can act as extra seating when friends come over or even for adults.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Girls Playroom_Whimsical_Pink_Playful_10

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Girls Playroom_Whimsical_Pink_Playful_8.1

Mismatched hooks on the wall served as a cute way to hang (and display) dress-up items, bags, or jackets. We installed them low enough so that the kids can reach them but still have space underneath to store moveable toys like carts and tricycles.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Girls Playroom_Whimsical_Pink_Playful_6

On the other side of the wall we used these stackable open bins which make for easy access to the toys, and a quick clean up. To keep them organized and help the kids learn how to put their own items away we gave each bin its own category – balls, dress-up, books, soft toys. You could even label each bin which would make it an enjoyable yet educational way of keeping things tidy. Adding 3D art like the dog head and wood houses make the art wall feel more playful and interactive. The houses have a pinboard backing which allows for small home-made pieces of art to be displayed, giving it a more personal touch and allowing you to swap in new pieces as they are created.

So there you have it, our bright and cheerful kid’s playroom. It has been such a fun project that we loved pulling together for a fabulous family. Let us know if you have any questions below and in the meantime we have pulled together some fun before and after images as well as a “get the look” board below.

Playroom_Girls_Bright_Happy_Modern_Emily Henderson_Before_Side by Side_After_3

And in case you want the step-by-step here’s a quick ‘Style School’ how-to:

Playroom_Girls_Bright_Happy_Modern_Emily Henderson_Playroom_Get the look

1. Sconce | 2. Pink Sofa (similar) | 3. Rug | 4. Pouf | 5. Wooden Xylophone (similar) | 6. Large Unicorn | 7. Roman Shade | 8. Llama Print | 9. Blue Metallic Polka Dot Wallpaper | 10. Tall White Bookcase | 11. Rainbow Knot Circle Pillow | 12. Ice Cream Pillow | 13. Coral Dot Pillow | 14. Gold Heart Pillow | 15. Tassel Pillow | 16. Neon Pink Cloud Mobile | 17. Pink Ivy Cloud Mobile | 18. Star Tassel Garland | 19. Bear Print | 20. Little Tent Print | 21. Fabric Wall Organizer | 22. Storage Chest | 23. Crafting Table | 24. Mint Chair | 25. Yellow Table Lamp | 26. Girl Pencil Holder | 27. Light Box | 28. Woven Wall Art | 29. House Shelves | 30. Giraffe Wall Sculpture | 31. Gold Heart Wall Sculpture | 32. Bunny Wall Sculpture | 33. Wooden Planter | 34. Star Tassel Mobile | 35. Puppy Head Wall Decor | 36. Horse Print | 37. Pink Fox Print | 38. Tassel Purse | 39. Fruit Purse | 40. Pink & Silver Dot Tutu | 41. Purple & Pink Tutu | 42. Storage Bin | 43. Pink Stroller Push Cart

***After Photography by Tessa Neustadt

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Does this mean we are going to get to see “little girl playful room” reveal too? I’ve got my fingers crossed. I’m looking forward to that one especially!

Oh man, I love this so much. Giving me major inspiration for my daughter’s new bedroom. Weird question – did you remove the door with the mirror on it? I always struggle to figure out what to do with the space behind the door, maybe I should just get rid of all of ’em…


I wondered about that, too….


How did you affix the cloud decorations to the wall? We are putting together our nursery and have a very similar thing to hang but I’m not sure of the best way. Thank you! Looks beautiful!


I love this blog so much, but please, please consider eliminating the popup banner ad along the bottom. It appears twice (once on the blog main page and again when you click “read more.” It’s so annoying for the reader and cheapens your site, which is a shame because otherwise this blog is a pleasure to read.

Sarah D.

Bugs me too! I close the bottom one and the top one eventually goes away.


I completely agree!


Fwiw, I’m a digital marketer, so I look at this sort of thing from a different perspective. I know it costs Emily a ton of time and money to create all this beautiful content for the website. I think she’s done a post in the past about the entire process from brainstorming ideas, to staging rooms, to professionally shooting it, than editing the photos, and then writing the post, re-writing the post, everyone in the office editing it, and finally publishing it on a website that needs to be maintained daily. And I’m sure I’m missing a few steps. I… Read more »


Emily has said she can make up to 30k+ on a sponsored post. I truly doubt one banner ad is really contributing so much to be worth it and I agree the bottom ad bugs the heck out of me. I look at it only so long as it takes me to find the “x” to close it out.


I don’t think the ads in general are the problem; it is the location of the one at the bottom that interferes with content (agreed!). I also work in marketing, and I find ANY ad that interferes with what I am trying to read extremely annoying – usually to the point of leaving the site before I read the content. Don’t even get me started on ads that cover an entire page or move content temporarily to show whatever now-interfering-garbage they are trying to promote! 🙂 To answer your second idea, I would not pay to access a blog. All… Read more »


Maybe it’s an iPhone thing, but I don’t c any ads.
Yes, I would pay for this blog.


I can understand why it’s there and love the blog, but find the pop up ads seriously annoying as well. Just install an ad blocker and you solve the problem for yourself.

That sofa has my name all over it for my adult bedroom

So lush!


Would those mint green chairs work outdoors? Love this room!

Definitely, they are powder coated metal so they should be totally fine outside! xx

Omg, this room is literally where dreams are made, I am in aww!

Those before/afters show how much a new paint color and appropriate sized furniture can do for a room!


How is the craft area lit? Is there overhead lighting?


I LOVE this! It’s such a great room and I think it’s really helpful for people like me (parent of 2 young kiddos) to see since having a play space is such a common problem / desire. Way to go Ginny and crew!


This room feels a bit too cataloguey for my taste.

Of course, the one item I am obsessed with is not linked, lol! Any chance you could share the source for the light-toned wood wall frame that the cute llama print is in behind the sofa? I have been looking for one in that color!


I think the lama comes framed


Absolutely love the room! Unfortunately, in any of the pictures that include the ceiling, the first thing my eye goes to in the gap between the crown molding and the ceiling. Unless maybe it’s just a trick of the lighting? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that’s the case because it’s an otherwise perfect room 🙂


that’s because the molding is picture molding – you can hang hooks from it instead of hanging stuff on the walls. It’s my personal pet peeve that people caulk this space instead of using it! (as happened in my 1920 house…)


I had no idea that was at even a thing! makes total sense now that you say that!


Love it!
But can anyone explain the ceiling to me? I’ve seen super modern ceilings with a shadow line – but this doesn’t look like that sort of house, and this one has trim as well as a gap. Is that a thing? Or is their ceiling just busted?


Snap, Veronica! 🙂


see my reply above –


Such a fun, whimsical, playspace! Can you please share the dimensions of the sofa and the average cost of reupholstering such a piece. If you have any vendors you’d like to give a shout out to in the LA area, that’d be likewise appreciated!

This playroom is amazing! You did a terrific job!


Pamela W Meyer

I love seeing your blog each morning. I have one question. How can I find previous day’s blogs? Recently, went to care for my first granddaughter and had a week’s worth of blogs to review!

If you go to the blog home page you should be able to scroll through each blog post there, and then you can click through to read the entire post. Hope that helps xx


Beautiful, colorful and bright! Love the room, visually. But I can’t help but ask where they store all the other toys? Where is the Duplo, Lego, Brio, small cars, Schleich animals, puzzles, small doll figurines etc, etc, etc?


and the other art supplies – we have BOATLOADS of them –


They have a secondary playroom upstairs that’s mainly a reading room. Honestly they didn’t have a lot more to store in here, and we didn’t remove that much for the shoot. She also has a bedroom upstairs with more books and soft toys. xXx


This is by far the cutest playroom I’ve ever seen. Everything from the wall color to the sofa to the little peek of the wallpaper in the powder room is perfection!


That sofa is fabulous! I want a pink sofa!

So incredibly beautiful. Absolutely in love with the pink sofa!

Rebecca N.

No apostrophe: “This serves as a fun pop of color (as mentioned above) to the room and also allows the kids’ to grab their favorite stories whenever they want.” When a word is plural is just “kids.”

Unfortunately, the exception to all this is the word “its.” “To keep them organized and help the kids learn how to put their own items away we gave each bin it’s own category – balls, dress-up, books, soft toys.” It’s = it is. When something belongs to it = its.

This room is sweet confection perfection. Love love love!

Latoya Roux Montgomery

Love the room. It’s beautiful. I get so much inspiration from you. By the way, I noticed the rug in the bathroom, it appears to be vintage. Have you actually ever placed a vintage rug in a bathroom that gets regular use from showering and such? I’m considering it but I would love to know your experience with this. I see so many people post shots with this look but I’d it really practical?

We have used them quite a bit in bathrooms and kitchens and they hold up great! I wouldn’t recommend drip drying from the shower on one as they are not meant for that, but in front of your sink or as a decorative rug that gets occasional water or moisture is fine! xx


You all do the best GIRL’s rooms- wether it’s a nursery, toddler room or playroom! The toy box and craft table look a bit cramped in the corner. Functionally, does it work in real life? I ask because my son’s room is large (to me), but we use it as a place to sleep, dress and play. He’s still very little and am I curious just how much stuff can be “crammed” in there and still be useful.


It’s definitely tight but it still functions well and is easy to access. They keep things in there that they don’t use all the time. xXx

This room really look like my Dream home.

Kim B.

This space is sooo lovely! I love everything about it – and I don’t even have kids! But can just see how inviting and yet practical it is! Love the bathroom too.


Such lucky kids to have such a fun playroom! Of course I want to know about the only thing that doesn’t have a link: that cute pillow the unicorn is sitting on/next to. I love it! Anyone have any ideas where to find it?
Thanks in advance 😉


Do I sometimes dislike pop up ads, yes.
Do I think you should consider getting rid of them, No.
Do you and your staff produce fantastic content, yes.
As far as I know “Emily Henderson Design” is a business and your blog is a part of that business and revenue stream.
I look forward to having my morning coffee and finding out what you have for us today far more than any irk I might feel regarding ads.


Hi. I love the dress up clothes hooks. How did you make the heart into a hook? Thanks.

what a beautiful playroom! exactly what every little girl dreams about. And the bathroom is adorable! x

Looks so adorable. 🙂

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