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The New (Luxury) Bed in A Bag with Brooklinen + Shop The Look



When it comes to bedding you’ve basically got two options, 1) head to the store and buy a solid or patterned sheet set or 2) mix it up and grab yourself a ‘bed in a bag’ that has a mixed and matched set that feels somewhat pulled together but more often than not ends up feeling like the comforter set you used to have in your bedroom as a teen (I see you floral shams and dust ruffle). The majority of us (myself included) go for option one which has more than enough options for you to pick from, but what if you are like me and maybe don’t always want everything to be one solid/printed set? Yes, having your top sheet, duvet, and pillowcases all match can be nice and serene, but sometimes we want to mix it up for that more layered and styled look. In the past that has meant grabbing everything separately (two pillowcases, one duvet, and one sheet) which can get very expensive or grabbing a few full sheet sets which leaves you left with a few extra pieces once you combine the two. So, when Brooklinen reached out about working together to promote their bedding bundles and sheets, we obviously loved the soft textiles and timeless patterns, but we asked ourselves, what sets these guys apart from everyone else out there?

Brooklinen 54401

Well folks, they offer bedding bundles that are fully customizable to your heart’s desire. That means when you purchase said bundle from Brooklinen, you choose a “Core Sheet Set,” which has the following pieces (fitted sheet, flat sheet, 2 pillowcases) in whatever colorway you want, and add on a duvet cover of any color, and 2 more pillowcases (of any color, again). The bundle is great because you end up with an extra set of pillowcases and you also save 25% of the cost vs. if you had bought them all individually. Win, win, win.

2017, meet the new fully customizable “bed in a bag”. Their sateen and percale bundles can be ordered piece by piece like traditional bedding or you can order their Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle or Classic Bundle which is what we did and mix up each and every piece within the bundle to create the perfectly layered bed. Gone are the days of unused top sheets and extra unnecessary pillowcases or your bed looking like you styled it with products from “Hotel Bedding Surplus R’ Us” (which is not a real store, thank goodness) and to celebrate we thought it would be fun to use some of their patterns to style out three completely different bed setups. They have also been kind enough to setup the code EH20 that, when applied at checkout, will give you $20 off your purchase + free shipping.

Brooklinen 54121

For the first Hardcore Bundle we combined their solid navy for the top and fitted sheet and then used their bedford navy striped on the duvet and pillowcases and topped it off with their navy lorimer quilt, and I have to say it has only renewed my love of all things blue.

Brooklinen 54401

The navy is such a pretty hue and those stripes are fulfilling all of my traditional sheep counting dreams. We brought the same blue over to the nightstand where we used this lamp (which you may have seen recently in Charlie’s bedroom reveal) as well as on the wall with some abstract art. To keep things from feeling too busy or heavy we played a lot with large doses of white like the quilt layered at the foot of the bed and the white tray on the nightstand.

Brooklinen 54361

A little bud vase with some greens from my backyard (which sadly started to wilt IMMEDIATELY after we cut them) and my favorite notebook for journaling late night love notes to Brian with my tortoise shell glasses. Maybe one day that will actually happen when the kids decide to sleep in past 5:45 in the morning.

Brooklinen 54431

If you are into this first look, here are all the items we used to pull it together.

Emily Henderson Brooklinen Modern Traditional Bedding Luxe Sheet Set Get The Look 02

1. Bed | 2. Rug | 3. Table Lamp | 4. Nightstand | 5. Curtains (custom) | 6. Wall Paint Color | 7. Black & White Art | 8. Abstract Art | 9. Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle (Core Sheet Set in Solid Navy, Duvet Cover in Bedford Navy Stripe, Pillowcases in Bedford Navy Stripe) | 10. Bud Vase (similar) | 11. Journal (similar) | 12. White Tray (similar) | 13. Summer Quilt in Navy Blue Lorimer | 14. Mid-Plush Down Pillow | 15. All-Season Down Comforter

Brooklinen 55251

Up next, we stripped the bedroom of all color and went full monochromatic which surprisingly feels very calm and serene to me and I am into it. You may have noticed in this one we nixed the top sheet, which is how we typically sleep and also styled the pillows stacked on top of each other rather than leaning against the headboard. There is no steadfast rule for how to style pillows on your bed, but for each of these we wanted to mix it up and show you a few different ways to do it.

Brooklinen 55291

Speaking of pillows, lets talk for a second about their pillow and duvet inserts. I had them send some of them along for us to style with and try so that I could give an honest opinion of them and I have to say that I am very into them.  The duvet insert we got which was the down alternative in lightweight has just the right amount of weight to feel like you have something on you but not so heavy that you will be kicking it off in the middle of the night as you break into a full body sweat. If you sleep cold then you may want to get their all-season version, but the lightweight one was perfect for us. As far as pillows go, I am usually pretty picky as there is nothing worse than a wafer thin down pillow or a rock hard foam pillow so I had them send both their firm, and their mid-plush versions to try out. We immediately chucked the two that we had and when I say “we” I mean “I” because Brian is strangely attached to his totally flat lumpy pillow. I don’t care. I have my new super comfy ones that won’t go near his.

Brooklinen 55351

The firm was very firm indeed and if you are looking for a really supportive pillow then it’s a good option and fills out the pillowcases VERY nicely which as a stylist I appreciate, but I much preferred the mid-plush version. It was so soft, forgiving and also filled enough that I didn’t feel like I was constantly having to fold it in half to get enough support behind my neck. So we kept both – the firm behind the soft. Ok, enough about my sleeping habits, let’s look at more of these pretty bedroom fantasy suites that we styled out.

Brooklinen 55411Ai2a96291

Emily Henderson Brooklinen Bedding Luxe Sheet Set Get The Look 03 Final

1. Bed | 2. Rug | 3. Table Lamp | 4. Nightstand | 5. Curtains (custom) | 6. Wall Paint Color | 7. Tumbler (similar) | 8. Coasters (similar) | 9. Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle (Core Sheet Set in Solid Smoke, Duvet Cover in Smoke Stripe, Pillowcases in Solid White) | 10. White Vase | 11. Black Bud Vase (similar) | 12. Abstract Art | 13. Throw Blanket in Wool Greige | 14. Mid-Plush Down Pillow | 15. Lightweight Down-Alternative Comforter | 16. Glass Box | 17. Geode

Brooklinen 55891

Last but not least we got real layered on this one and this secretly might be my favorite of the looks, although it does lean a bit more casual cabin than I would want for my everyday life.

Brooklinen 56051

The bed has three different colors/patterns on it – the windowpane duvet, the solid sheet set in Sand (although it does have the slightest hint of green in it), and the Plaid Pendleton blanket which pulls all the colors from the rest of the room onto the bed. For full transparency sake, the Pendleton blanket was a little small to style it out like we did here in this picture (it is more of a square shape – so we cheated it in the pics) I am still waiting for throw blanket companies to get the memo about making larger sizes for king beds. But it looks pretty in the picture, no?

Brooklinen 55971

Next to the bed rather than putting art on the walls, we used my leaning ladder to display a few blankets and add some texture to the wall. The nightstand got a simple footed planter where I grow my tiny little plant that I have shockingly not killed yet, and we brought in the brass table lamp to warm up all the cool tones and bring a modern shape to the more traditional vibe that was going on with the color palette and textures we used elsewhere.

Brooklinen 56122

Underneath is where I house my New York magazines in a vintage hand thrown and painted vessel because well, who doesn’t? And behind the bed in the little alcove we used a graphic vessel to house a clipping from my fig tree, which lived just about as long as it could have at the Hendo house, a few hours.


Here is the entire look for you to shop below.

Emily Henderson Brooklinen Modern Traditional Bedding Luxe Sheet Set Get The Look 01

1. Bed | 2. Rug | 3. Table Lamp | 4. Nightstand | 5. Curtains (custom) | 6. Wall Paint Color | 7. Throw Blanket in Cream & Fawn | 8. Blue Stripe Blanket | 9. Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle (Core Sheet Set in Sand, Duvet Cover in Window Pane, Pillowcases in Sand) | 10. Black Vase (similar) | 11. Ceramic Vase (similar) | 12. White Bowl (similar) | 13. Pendleton Throw in Blue Sage | 14. Mid-Plush Down Pillow | 15. All-Season Down Comforter | 16. Black Ladder

We had so much fun playing with these different setups and although I may have visually been partial to one and then ended up keeping another on the bed, I am curious which one is your favorite?

A big thanks to Brooklinen who sponsored this post. Thank you for supporting the brands, products and sponsors that allow us to bring you original content everyday. And if you are interested in anything from their site don’t forget to use the code EH20 that, when applied at checkout, will give you $20 off their purchase + free shipping.

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I wish they had a version sans flat sheet. I have too many extra nuused flat sheets in my life. While I use them to line the back of my car and cover the sofa when I have extra dogs staying over I don’t need anymore and yet they seem to come standard way too often. #hateflatsheets


I emailed them and they said I could substitute an extra fitted sheet for the flat.


Same here! We made the switch to sans flat sheet about two years ago, and never looked back! We also made the switch to 2 twin duvets on our queen bed….LIFE CHANGING! No more tugging over the covers, and I can wrap myself like a burrito when I get cold (and we can have different weight duvets). But it’s REALLY hard to find non-kid twin duvet covers, so knowing that Brooklinen sells adult-looking sophisticated twin duvet covers is great! Emily, maybe you can do a post on two duvets on one bed, and how to style them? It’s been a… Read more »



HA. When Brian’s parents visit we scramble to find ours as we know they are used to it mostly to give them a cooler option in the middle of the night. But Brian and I kick them off pretty quickly when we have them on. That’s great that they give you a double fitted sheet option.


This is such a great example of sponsored content that doesn’t feel forced – it’s an interesting, beautiful, and informative post that blends seamlessly into your other work. You are KILLING IT, Emily!


Agreed! I almost skipped the whole thing when I saw it was another sponsored post, but I actually loved it! This is the type of Emily post that I’ve been missing – like when you kill the styling but also say things like “I house my New York magazines in a vintage hand thrown and painted vessel because well, who doesn’t?” I hope to see more posts like this again!

Yay, thanks guys! we have a great team producing all this content and that is so nice to hear. xx


I wish I had this post a couple of weeks ago. Just got new king-sized bedding (in white, because I like simple, calm things). But I’d have totally bought a set of Brooklinen’s if I’d known about them then.

Free spirit

*sigh*….another sponsored post? I’m really starting to miss the good ‘ol days of raw authenticity. My favorite blog has finally sold out.
So long artistic freedom!


But this how Emily earns her living with blogging–sponsors pay her to feature their products. She pays her staff and puts in the time to feature the products in meaningful and beautiful ways so others can see the potential of the product. I don’t think she has kept this a secret, nor has she “sold out.” I appreciate seeing how items I can actually purchase (without going through an interior designer) blend in with things I may already have.


Totally agree with Free Spirit. The other issue is that I had bought Brooklinen before this post and had a negative experience with their sheets…arrived with holes in seams, loose threads etc. Just thought it was not that great of a product and simply overhyped. Then I see it mentioned here on a blog that I do enjoy and usually find helpful…so bummed!


Before you cast judgment, please listen to this interview Emily gave with John and Sherry of YHL about sponsored posts: She’s super candid about why she does them, and how hard she works to make sure she’s staying true to us readers. The production value of this blog’s content is on par with a high-end magazine. And that costs a lot of money. I’ve been reading this blog since her Secrets of a Stylist days, and I personally think she’s done a fantastic job of remaining true to her mission and values as it comes to giving her fans… Read more »

Angie RS

Yeah, the YHL podcast on sponsorships was really helpful in terms of seeing how much these companies are getting out of the deal when they aren’t paying for things like marketing, a place to put the ad, photography, etc. themselves.


Normally I’m a bit disappointed to see that it’s a sponsored post for the day even though I know it’s a necessary evil to keep this wonderful blog going. BUT the sponsored posts are just as good as the non-sponsored lately, I’m really enjoying each one. Thanks Emily and team!


Hi, wondering if the wall color is actually Strong White (linked color) or Ammonite (you previously mentioned painting the room this color). I’m getting ready to spend a small fortune on Farrow & Ball paint samples and love the entire palette you’ve selected for your home


Hey! It is Ammonite, and we love it. It is a really pretty soft gray.


Bea, this may not work for you, but I had Home Depot make f&b dupe samples– it was easy to go from 10 potential colors down to 2-3 samples I actually wanted to order of the real stuff. Just an idea. I tried literally all of the greys Emily has reccomended on her site on my new house and ended up going with bm oyster shell which is so amazing and looks so dynamic in every room we put it in.


So first of all, The Marriage Plot by Jeffery Eugenides is just such a fantastic book. Secondly, I actually really appreciated the comments on your sleeping habits. My pillows and pillow options are making me completely miserable lately! I just need a good nights sleep and I don’t understand why it is so impossible to buy a good pillow! Also, whole buying a duvet and not knowing what kind to buy has completely hindered me from buying any sort of bedding and properly styling my bed. So thanks for the advice, I now feel confident in actually purchasing some bedding.… Read more »


So, follow up question. I noticed that the sheets in the last one really accent the colour of the stripe in the duvet. But I agree that the style is a little too cabin esc for my every day life. I can’t tell if it’s just the colouring on my screen but would those sheets match the colouring from the second duvet and accessories or is that second one way more grey than neutral?


The second one is definitely gray, and the third has the tiniest hint of green to it, but the would totally work together if you brought some of those colors in elsewhere in the room. xx


Loving that Pendleton blanket bedroom. Very cottage-y, but super comfortable and inviting.


Great post Emily… wish I was in the market for a new bed set… This was an awesome post. I really gravitated towards the neutral set… which one did you ultimately keep?


Is it weird, that I only like white percale sheets? Nothing colored for me.


I LOVE the navy combo… so much I just ordered my own! Thanks for sharing 🙂


I’m team blue stripes all the way … except I loved the Pendleton blanket (very Oregon) and immediately began picturing it in my room. So one plus three but I also liked two. That helpful? Then you shouldn’t have made them all look so good.

I have pillow problems too. I hate big floppy down pillows and prefer firmish foam pillows, but not too firm. In other words, I have to lie down with my head on it before I know if it’s for me. Once I find one, I cling to it ….my precious.


I love love love our Brooklinen sheets- we received a set as a gift last year and now I try to convert everyone I meet into customers. Sleeping on anything else feels like sandpaper! Love how you styled them here.


The green version is my favorite. The other two are a little more stark and masculine, but the green one is warm, fresh, and calming 🙂

Karen S

Thanks for this post. I’ve been wanting to try brooklinen and when I saw that grey/white striped duvet cover I knew it was time. Thanks for the inspiration and the promo code!!!!!


Great post and a great idea from Brooklinen. Love the green Pendleton the best. Green is so calming and great for a bedroom. It looks great with the wall colour, brass and wood tones. Have to say the blue tint of the curtains is a bit distracting in both the second and third looks, though. They would both look better with a colour in the same family. Its too bad some people complain about the sponsoring. How else would we get to see three different looks, without maxing the CC and having to take/send things back? Really! Thanks Emily and… Read more »

It’s all good. We are so proud of the brands that we partner with and the original content that we create. 🙂 Thanks for the support, guys. xx


Well, don’t I feel smart now! I ordered a set of Brooklinen’s king sized luxe sheets in white with navy dots about a month ago and was pretty impressed. So impressed, that I actually bought the same navy striped duvet cover and solid navy sheets about a week ago! These are the best sheets I have ever had, hands down. They have a beautiful feel to the hand, and they wash like a dream. I think they will soften even more with time. I also like that the fitted sheet actually fits a thick mattress, and I also like that… Read more »


Love !! the first set all decked out in blue and stripes! Especially the top sheet! (I love my duvet but need a top sheet! 🙂 ) The blue color palette is great. Is this available in linen or just cotton?

I don’t buy sets because I want a fitted queen sheet and King size top sheets, blankets, etc. It helps with the cover thief in the night. Don’t know what I’m going to do when we upgrade the queen bed to a California king.


Love the windowpane duvet cover, but I can’t tell what color the windowpane is. Gray? Blue? Sand? I want to coordinate the sheets…

Rehana Malik

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It’s beautiful! Can you share how much costs?


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Anyone know where the art print (#12) in the second look is from? The link directs out to something else and I scoured that website for it but alas, have not found the art print in question. Thanks!

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