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My New Cut and Color. Help.



In my 20’s I dressed like a hipster clown, and generally the reaction was ‘only you could pull that off.’ But I really think that I did. Were my parents mortified when, at my brothers college graduation, I mixed a red sequin tube top with an oversized camo shirt (tied in a cute knot) and a knee length, home-made, preppy blue and white polka dot skirt? YES. Years later they copped to being embarrassed. And maybe that one was too far, but generally I took risks, was super on-trend, and gave zero effs because I had no money. I couldn’t experiment too much artistically in my tiny apartment, so I put all that creative expression onto my body.

My story isn’t unique – you are more creative and risky when you don’t need to look very professional. The higher up you get in a career the more you want to be taken seriously, which means dressing less ‘totally unhinged’ and more controlled. Don’t get me wrong, I like ‘my style’ but I’m going through a bit of a mid-blog crisis, and after years of playing it kinda safe with hair/makeup/fashion I’m ready to be more creative. For a while there was a voice in the back of my mind that said ‘sure, thats awesome, but YOU can’t pull that off anymore‘ both in beauty and fashion… But you guys, I SHUT THAT LADY UP. If you are confident enough you can do anything, right? RIGHT???

But today is not about my style revolution in general – it’s focused solely on my blonde locks. It’s very important.

I’ve been too long with the same ‘do and it’s time for a change. My New York hair and makeup artist Agata Helena first told me it was time.

I’m collaborating with Kristin Ess to help design her studio, while she re-designs my hair. Because if there is anyone in the world I would trust to do the whole shebang (the cut, and color, and style of my hair) it’s her. I don’t think that she is necessarily taking clients (girlfriend is busy with red carpets and product lines at Target) so this was an OPPORTUNITY I was not going to say ‘no’ to, but more importantly not one on which I was going to waste getting a good version of what I’ve kinda had FOREVER. She could give me something new. Cutting Edge. Forward.

No pressure, Kristin.

Here’s where I started being photographed regularly, but long-ish blonde hair has been on my head since college.

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Before Grid 1

Over the years I’ve gone blonder and learned how to put on makeup properly (excuse me while I fire Sara for putting that 2012 photo in that collage, despite my approval) but generally I’ve done the SJP in SITC meets LA with sometimes a little too RHOOC. So many letters, not enough change.

If you really want to know, my hair is naturally curly, and it’s fine (as in, not full) but with good texture (so I’m told). It’s naturally very blonde, but if I don’t highlight regularly it looks dull. I have fair skin and zero eyebrows or lashes – before spray tanning existed I was mistaken for an albino quite often in middle and high school. I’m that fair.

So the blonde hair has just gotten blonder while spray tans keep me from becoming all one pale color, and generally I’ve felt that it’s a good thing.

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Before Grid 2

Above is where we are right now – well, actually it’s shorter than that. I like it. I’m not saying that in a narcissistic way – she is just a nice looking blonde lady. But lately I’ve been so inspired by both young and older women taking more risks and the voice in my head is now saying ‘GO FOR IT.’

Emily Henderson Rue

Remember when I did this shoot above for Rue? I LOVED it then and still do now, and you know why? Because it’s more editorial. It took some risks, but I still looked like me. Then I thought to myself, my job is editorial – I tell visual stories for a living, so why shouldn’t my hair follow suit? I know you might be thinking what Brian also suggested, which is ‘why not experiment with hairstyles and not cuts and colors?’ Indeed.

But it’s mostly because the ends of my hair are thin and I just need a haircut to keep it healthy, and while long hair will never be ‘out’ I do think this mid-length hair is very happening, and as an all-of-a-sudden-super-edgy-lady I obviously need to be in on that action. Plus… bangs.

My hair appointment is Monday. Kristin is VERY opinionated and she sent through lots of styles she thinks will look good one me.

First up? The shaggy with curtain bangs:

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Shaggy With Bangs2

Now it’s hard not to love that look. Also because they are all such stunning models. I definitely want bangs, that is one thing that I don’t need your help on. But is the rest of the hair wavy, or curly, or is it blunt or layered? I know that Kristin has opinions and I’m personally loving the blunt look, but I’m not convinced it will work on my fine hair.

The below gets my heart pounding in both excitement and FEAR:

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Short Lob With Bangs

Those girls are so cool. That hair is so beautiful, feminine, French, and forward. The key to that for me is keeping the texture super messy and even frizzy (I recently have been using Kristin’s texture spray, and it really does give it this effortless frizz that looks modern and less real housewives). It’s neither straight nor curly. I mean, it’s prefect.

But let me tell you a story:

One of my best friends, 7 years ago when she was 33, impulsively went from a long ‘Zoey Deschanel with bangs’ style to a cut similar to the bottom right (above). Now it could be because it wasn’t trendy at the time, or maybe it was an off cut, but she admittedly looked 10 years older INSTANTLY. Her commercial agent who reps ‘edgier’ actors told her that she had to get extensions ASAP or he wasn’t going to be able to book her. He said she instantly looked like a Texan soccer mom (obviously no offense to Texan soccer moms, but she wasn’t a mom yet … although she is from Texas). Her husband agreed. She agreed. Even I agreed. She got extensions, went back to looking 26, but it was a terrifying lesson. Does long hair always make you look younger? I’m currently in the ‘I don’t think so’ camp, but for years I felt that way.

As a blonde with larger boobs and two kids, I’m super scared that I will look more suburban when my goal here is to look more fashion forward. I will say that I’m willing to put in more time on my makeup and fashion, which some of these hairstyles require. As if now is the time in my life when I need to spend more time on my looks (because as a mom of two small children I have SO much leisure time).

The following is the riskiest of all, and the one that most people are pushing me towards – based on fashion and my particular texture.

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Curly With Bangs1

Curly with bangs is a thing right now that I’m seeing amongst the hippest of folks. Pretty sure that last sentence disqualifies me from joining this group. That top left photo is what I want, I LOVE it, I’m just terrified that I’ll look like this:


Yes. that is me photoshopped into Meg Ryan’s hair in Harry Met Sally, and if you are terrified imagine how scared I am. WAIT, imagine how scared BRIAN IS. That dude would be effing terrified if he read this post. Will medium length curly hair with curly bangs make me look like an 80s mom???

Follow up – is 80s mom a cool look right now? I mean there was ‘norm-core’ and now ‘meno-core’ with mom-jeans and oversized button-ups flowing from the runways, so maybe ‘early 80s mom’ (you know, with a 70s bent) is exactly what I want to be.

Then we have a question of color. Do I keep the same natural blonde look or go blonder? I mean, when in Rome … Or should I say Norway …

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Blonder

I don’t think I can go platinum, but I could amp it up a bit – although that would take more maintenance, but if it looked THAT much better then maybe I should?

Or I could do the opposite, something I’ve never considered ’til right now – the BRONDE.

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Bronde

Typically this means brunette with blonder highlights, and it’s probably the #1 request in LA right now. Justin Anderson, who I recently went to for color (who I LOVE and is good friend’s with Kristin), said it’s the only request he gets, even with extremely brunette women. They all want to look sunkissed. For me that would be Kristin putting in darker undertones so that my highlights could stand out. I will always be blonde around my face, but I wouldn’t mind some deeper tones too…

So Sara, upon my request, which I realize now was a masochistic one, photoshopped my face onto some of these hairstyles. Enjoy:

2x2 Square Grid 2500 Pixels

With all that is happening in the world, I sure am grateful/ashamed that this is what is properly occupying the ‘worry’ portion of my brain.

Head to insta-story to see my hair right now and what it looks like with extensions (which I’ve currently been rocking), as well as what it would look like if I cut it.

Obviously the question is WHAT DO I DO?

Bangs? Lobb? Darker?

None of the above truly show what it would look like on me, but if you had to pick one or a couple for me what might you suggest? Monday is the day – and while it’s just hair, now that I’m writing this post it’s all of a sudden too soon. I don’t want to be safe, but I also really don’t want to regret it.

Dear world,


Your consistently normal blonde, with fine but textured hair, who wants to look fashion forward but is afraid of looking dated and older,

Emily Henderson

Fin Mark


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I like #2 the best on you. But maybe a bit blonder. Deciding to cut bangs is scary business. Good luck on Monday!


Top right in the photoshopped photos. Love the strawberry blond or go with a version of bronde. I think as you age going too blonde ages a woman.

Jacki Hayes

Definitely the top right and I love that color


I think you would look amazing with strawberry blonder hair! You have the complexion for it and I think it would make your eye color pop! Whatever you choose, I know you’ll rock it out

Amy Madeline

Agreed! Yes to strawberry blonde! So natural with Emily’s coloring. And somehow more playful which suits her ebullient personality. And I love that wavy, banged lob.


I never thought of strawberry-blond but I can totally see Emily as a redhead!


Plus one. This is the best cut, and I think as you get older, blonder washes you out (we lose color in the face with age). Bronde or strawberry would be awesome one you.


Top right!! That strawberry blonde and cut looks perfect for you and your personality ????????


Yes! Definitely top right! And strawberry blonde! 🙂


Hi! Chicago hairstylist here. I have a few thoughts and a suggestion for you. It’s important to realize that wavy/curly-with-bangs and straight-with-bangs are a styling difference, not a cut difference. You should be able to wear a layered cut straight or wavy or curly! The real questions are a. where on your body (neck/collarbone/chin/boobs) do you want the cut to hit, and b. how much density are you willing to lose from the bottom to give you that full-on-top super layered look. Kristin can guide you on the layers, but I would suggest a collarbone length. My other suggestion for… Read more »


oooh! Strawberry blonde, I think that’s a great idea!


This is what I was going to share too – as a person with fine curly hair with bangs – it’s fun to wear wavy, curly or straight and gives lots of options!!

Kate F.

As another wavy/curly head w very fine hair, I got bangs for the first time in my life at 35, a year and a half ago, and I was shocked by how much thicker my hair looked, somehow?? I switched to a new stylist and she convinced me to go for it after 15+ years with my hair in a bluntish plain cut, usually around chin-length. My hair texture/cowlick situation is such that I do need to straighten the bangs, even if I do leave the rest of my hair curly. But I grew them out to prepare for the… Read more »


Agree with all of that!


All of those cuts would suit your face so well, so my vote goes to colour: go super blonde!! I think that’s what will keep it looking fashion-forward and not momish.


My 2c (I don’t even think they are worth that much) – I’m reminded of the Dax Shepard tweet, A man’s main job is to protect his woman from her desire to “get bangs” every other month. You have a lovely Keri Russell like forehead, WHY WOULD YOU HIDE IT?! (Are you watching the Americans? I’m obsessed). But if you are going to do it, I like the bottom left photoshopped picture, with the bangs slightly parted and lighter.


I think you should go darker, but not too dark. Bronde is a good idea.


I love the dark lob with bangs! So I’d obviously advise to go darker, bangier, lobbier 🙂 Generally I’d say for the scariest haircut you can find – because it’s just hair, it grows back! Also you have access to hairstylists you trust, if you lived with the new cut for a week and still hate it they can help you turn it back into something you like.

I am so looking forward to seeing the new cut/colour/style.


Bronde, shag, bangs.

BUT – you live in LA! Go see Kristie Streicher and have her work on your brows. More than hair, brows do the most to frame the face. She’s a freaking genius – you can get microblading to make the ends thicker, and she can also advise you on makeup to make them look thicker overall – yours are too “comma”-esque right now – (thick on the inside, and then a dramatic curve to thinner on outside)

(note: only commenting on this b/c you asked for feedback!)


Yes! You are beautiful, Emily, and a slight change to your brows could enhance that. One of my friends had hers tatoo’ed and it made a tremendous difference. Microblading is less risky. And for what it’s worth, I’m a brunette who has started lightly filling in her brows so that my face is framed better. I’m 34, but I’ve noticed that my brows have started to become less full (grr!) and that has aged me.


I have to second this. You’re gorgeous, Emily, and those brows don’t do you justice. As for the hair, I love the shorter cut with bangs but I’m not sold on the curly hair with bangs look. I agree that it could go terribly wrong terribly quickly. Loving the strawberry blond look or the platinum blond, but I also think your hair color now is gorgeous so I don’t think you need a massive overhaul of everything.


I have to agree, I have always loved the hair. But the “comma” brows have bugged me a bit (and I know that says a lot more about me than it does Emily), and they have been too dark lately. I think some help there could go a long way.


Haha ok whoa I am not “bugged” by the brows at all but I do want to echo the earlier comments re: you being gorgeous but the brows not enhancing anything. Also just wanted to note that my mom did microblading and she is also very fair – Irish with fair skin, blue eyes and “silver” hair and very minimal brows. It looks amazing and natural and not tattoo-ish at all. Give it some thought!


Yeah! As a gal with thick, dark eyebrows already, I always thought that brow makeup was not for me. But holy cow, it makes such a difference! If I want to make my eyes and/or hair look more dramatic and edgy and polished, a darker brow does it in an instant! I am all about the fuller, darker brow thing. I think it would make your eyes shine brighter and help with the “editorial” vibe you want.


Ah – not so sure of the microblading! I love the Streicher brows, but it’s alot of look!! Their signature is heavy and dark and I think it is sometimes just too much, esp since Emily is SO blonde.
Also, I’m curious how microblading fades over times – we all know what tattoos can look like when they age – blurry and discolored – may microblading is too new to really know what it can look like years from now??


i recognize that this type of post probably makes people feel like it was an opportunity to bring your brows up (and emily, you engaged like a real graceful champ) but just flagging that you really are beautiful without exception. that might make me the patchouli candle and bead curtain friend who needs to get a grip but all the “you’re gorgeous but the eyebrows are not” kind of bummed me out. i say this all as someone who highlights her hair and pencils in my brows daily with an occasional spray tan so i’m 100% on the train of… Read more »


100% backing up Mollie on this. <3


+1 Mollie. All I could think of were all the little natural things about my face/body I never thought of as “wrong” or noticeable until people pointed them out.



I think Sarah may be onto something here with the eyebrows. Soccer mom eyebrows are probably worse.


bottom right!


Hey Emily, I love your look now and I think it is stylish. BUT, in the collage of your face in the hairstyles, the bottom right with the Zoey bangs is my fave. 80s mom is my least fave. What if you try one thing at a time, to see which change looks better? Like, bangs first, then color change, then shorter. Ps is your new weekend house in Arrowhead? I’m so curious. My MIL lives up there and it looks very similar. Okay I hope you have a great day and I will love you even if you end… Read more »


She requested in the post that no one mention the town. Might want to delete.


Something must be in the air, because I have been craving a new do, too. When I told my 9 year old daughter I was thinking of getting bangs, she said she thought I would look like a “common household mom”. Uh, that took the wind out of my sails quickly! All that being said, I loved the bottom right mock up of you with the blonder hair. You can definitely rock that look. It would look a little edgier and is so in with people like Jennifer Lawrence (hello, goddess!) rocking it! Can’t wait to see what you do,… Read more »


OMG your daughter killed me!


fun post, and now i want to cut MY hair like one of these pictures! i vote no to the curly with bangs. although i don’t think it would be bad to let your natural wave/curl come through sometimes with any of these cuts, i don’t think the top left curly/bangs photo should be your goal. the reason is because her hair is an incredibly different texture and thickness from yours. i have incredibly fine hair, too, (but a lot of it), and i have learned my lesson over the years to quit bringing pictures of thicker-haired actresses into my… Read more »

Titti S

I say embrace the curls!! And I vote for a light brown color or strawberry blonde. The good thing about hair (just like paint) is that if you don’t like it on the first go you can pretty easily change it again and it’ll always grow out again. Good luck!


Lady, this was me last month. I decided I wanted side-swept bangs, and for them to actually be seen (normally when I request bangs, possibly due to my thin hair, I get a couple of wisps and it winds up looking unintentional). So, yeah, I requested more / thicker bangs than what stylists normally give me. The results? Well, despite me promising to use a straight-iron to do my bangs every day, that happened exactly zero times. On a good day, I’d perfectly air dry them. On most days, I’d use bobby pins to push them back and call it… Read more »


I once asked my hairstylist for bangs and she said no, she knew I would not take care of them and it would make her work look bad. She did have a valid point.


I cut bangs a year ago and I have naturally wavy hair. SOO glad my bangs have finally grown out. Though it was kind of a fun change, just know if you go into it that bangs with wavy hair are seriously high maintenance and every time you go somewhere that is humid or windy they go crazy! Every time you go to the pool you need to figure out what to do with your bangs cuz they”ll go crazy! So just be prepared with lots of headbands and bobby pins.


I laughed out loud and snorted the coffee I had just drank at work when I saw the photo-shopped Meg Ryan photo…


Same. I definitely needed that laugh after this long week!


BUT it perfectly showcased my fear of what Emily will look like post-hair cut. Esp on days she doesn’t feel like doing a damn thing to her hair. p.s. This may be the practical/boring part of me, but would you want to style your bangs EVERY DAY? Or would they end up looking totally crazy instead of totally adorable? I also have fine, curly hair and I fear these things for you.


OMG you look like Naomi Watts, esp in that Rue photo! I think you should go for a blob and keep it blonde. And please finish your eyebrows. I know they are naturally very blonde but on the screen they look invisible. Can’t wait to see the new do!


i’m cracking up over the photoshop images and your freaking out. i’m hesitant to say go blonder because you’re already pretty fair. but i can’t see you going bronde! what about going rose gold. that’s like my OBSESSION! bangs are definitely tricky. I know for me.. it’s a no go! you, it could work, but i’m telling you it’s high maintenance! i’d go for a cut that hits right at the collarbone. Me, i’m going in for a drastic hair cut next wednesday and gonna get the side undercut! and my theory is if i can’t do tattoos or piercings,… Read more »


My vote for color is bronde. I also think you could totally rock the curly hair with bangs—just part your hair in the middle, like the models in those photos. Bangs grow out so quickly, so I feel like you could experiment without too much commitment. Just grow ’em or maintain ’em, depending on how much you like the look!


To me, you seem to be a person that does well with *some* mess in her hair, rather than either *none* or *a lot*. So I do think you would look gorgeous (even more so, I mean) with something that is more in the “naturally effortless” area of looks rather than the “deliberately messy” (or “super controlled and minimal”). Some people really look awesome with super messy hair, über cool and all that, others look more like they did their hair in the dark (I know I do… the latter I mean, sigh). I think your current do really suits… Read more »


As a curly haired person who has had my fair share of bad haircuts, I would definitely NOT get bangs unless you want to be constantly taming them. I would vote for the bottom left of your photoshopped options – it could definitely be worn curly or straight and you’d be letting go of some length without going too drastic. I also like the bronde idea! I think going blonder may wash you out since you are so fair. That being said, you do you! It’s only hair – if you end up not loving it it will grow back.… Read more »


Definitely agree with Bethany! The bangs make me nervous–curly has a distinctly mom vibe and stick straight is very pixie/woodland fairy. I don’t associate your style in clothes or homes with either of those. The longer split bangs would be my vote, channels some Sienna Miller vibes, but with littles myself, I could see them constantly being in your face as you bend over. But what about bringing up the length/playing with layers? I also think the bottom left bronde could be a nice change (for fall). What look would make you feel like the beautiful, successful stylist/designer/mom/woman that you… Read more »


I like bronde and curly with bangs. I think with a proper cut you will not look like you should have starred in an 80’s movie.


Bronde, short lob with bangs OR shaggy with bangs


Top right with shaggy bangs looks good. With a lot of styling and product you can do anything. If you don’t like to spend too much time on hair then no matter what you do your curls will overtake the haircut. I wouldnt fight my natural hairstyle too much. Don’t cut off too much as you’ll have less control over your look. I’d try the longer shaggy look. If you like it you can always go shorter next time. As for color I like the lighter options. I think you’d need to color your hair darker then do highlights for… Read more »


Of the four bottom photoshopped pictures – I like #4. I think going lighter will keep it edgier. And it looks great with your skin.

Jordin Giron

I LOVE the bright blonde with bangs!!! Initially I leaned towards the shaggy cut with low lights because of your face shape, but the bottom two photos are gorgeous. Plus if you get a wild hair (no pun intended), you can shag it up, throw on some denim and pull off the modern 70’s look.
Vote for bright blond with bangs!

Jordan G

You’re making me want to get a haircut! But I’m in the same boat as you – I have twin toddlers so when would I ever have time to actually style my hair? Thus I keep my long bronde hair because the most important thing is the ability to style ponytails and braids that take no time but make it look like I’m actually trying. My $.02 on your hair: I feel like your fair skin and blonde hair is your signature look. If I were you, I’d consider going blonder instead of bronde. If everyone in LA is going… Read more »


COMPLETELY agree with every single thing you said!


Yes! Emily looks spectacular as a bright blonde. She looks luminous rather than washed-out. It’s young and very natural looking on her.


Shorter lob with bangs
More brown


Please tell where your extensions are from? Would have never guessed ????

I also vote for short lob with bangs.

Oksana Grishchu

Bronde Lob!


I think same color, but short with bangs! X


Yuu mean wavy with bangs. Ain’t nothing curly about those ladies hair says the woman with corkscrew curls (me):) I love wavy with bangs and your hair always seems to have the loveliest wave. I personally never brush my hair, other than combing my fingers through it when putting in conditioner. When I get out I don’t squeeze it dry, just flip it over and flick at it with a towel like I saw in a NYT curly hair video. Scrunch with some deva curl and my fingers, flip back over and get the part right and let it air… Read more »

Courtney Koenig

I just got to say that bangs are super cute but soooo high maintenance! I have 4 kids and a career so I get the busy Mom thing. Can you commit the time to make them look cute everyday? Bangs are needy.
PS- Lob with Bronde, no bangs.


When it comes to hairstyle change, I say, …’go big or go home….’. Remember, it’s just hair– it will grow back if you don’t like it. Also, remember you have such a pretty face with lovely features– hard to go wrong with that! My fave for you is top right in ‘short lob w/ bangs’ and platinum– way fashion forward!! I think cutting some length off of hair, makes it lighter, more fresh and modern. Top left in ‘Curly with bangs’ is lovely, but part of the appeal of that model’s cut is how thick her hair is, you’ve described… Read more »


I’m fair like you and started going bronde a few years ago and I love it. I just get lighter pieces toward my face so I don’t feel like it’s too dark. I have thick, wavy hair that grows super fast so bangs aren’t for me but I think you could totally rock them.

Polly Hitchcock Sage

Not very helpful, but you sir made this 39 week pregnant mama smile this morning, so thanks. Whatever you do, just no shoulder pads and you’ll be golden. Or bronde. Or whatever


Curly with bangs and bronde.
Unless you’re scared you’re copying the current T Swift look

Definitely more depth in color though. I’m no photographer but it’s probably a good thing for pictures, no?


I think a lob with blunt bangs would looks awesome (like Anna Faris but go shorter!) I just got blunt bangs and my hair is very wavy. I wear it straight and wavy, and have found my bangs very easy to style! Good luck!


I have very fine hair and a stylist, without asking me, put in layers…I’m still coping with that 5 months later. So I’d just say no to any kind of layering. I’m also not a fan of super blond but I am one who prefers it look naturally. During the chunky highlights phase (and currently here in Seattle the grown ups with purple/pink/blue highlights!??), I’m am staying way far away from that one. It’s just me and my brown/blond/red/grey self.


HAHA! These pictures made me LOL multiple times! I love the Meg Ryan one. You’re gorgeous and will look awesome no matter what. But given that your hair has generally been the same for a long time, I’d go shaggy with bangs and you can always go shorter over time if you want.


As a hairstylist who is terrified of change with my own hair… my first instinct is a short lob with bangs and keep it blonde. Because of your fine hair, the length needs to go quite a bit shorter. You can still wear it “curly with bangs” at this length, too. Keep it a light bright blonde because that’ll keep the cut from looking too “soccer mom”. You can always add lowlights and some darker colors back into it once you’ve had the cut for awhile and gotten used to it. Good luck with your decision! You’ll look fantastic no… Read more »


I vote for strawberry blonde with curtain bangs and a lob.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that I think we have the exact same hair (and lack of lashes). I’m anxious to see what you do. I’ve never colored my hair, but I have always wanted to go early 2000s Dixie Chicks platinum but have never had the guts to because people tell me that they pay $$ for my natural hair color (it’s the only thing I have going for me…so I’m not bragging…I’m just saying it seems like it ain’t broke, so I’m not going to pay $$ to fix it.). SO, therefore, I vote MORE blonde for… Read more »


I thoroughly enjoyed this post – because every. single. one of us has been there. To chop or not to chop? To bang or not to bang? (The hair kind, not the dirty kind)

My personal, and very non professional, opinion is the curly with bangs. Hair can grow out, might as well see if you love it! And ‘bronde’ on the color, it’s my favorite. So low maintenance!


Bottom left! Killing it!


Shaggy with bangs, and blonder!! Like the lower left photoshopped photo of you. Good luck, it’ll look great! 😉


Busy Phillips PINK!!

Sophia F.

As a 30-something mom of two, I recently let my layered, lob-length hair go curlier and wilder (its natural tendency) after two decades of round brush blow dried, STYLED hair, and I have never gotten more compliments in my life (especially from twenty-somethings). Go curly and bronde, like the top right photoshopped pic – you won’t regret it 🙂


I think the shag with curtain bangs would look awesome on you! For color, I think either light blonde or bronde would look best, but if you’re worried about looking too suburban then I’d go with the bronde. Someone else also said strawberry blonde, and I agree that it would suit you so well! I am a fellow pale-skinned lady and I have a pale pink wavy lob with curtain bangs. My hair is also super fine and it works, but there is definitely upkeep. I’ve found that dry shampoo is my best friend (keeps the bangs from being stringy… Read more »


I say blonder and shorter. Maybe the shorter lob. But I know cutting bangs is scary. Maybe try doing bangs the length you could push to one side if you don’t like them and then you could always go shorter. Can’t wait to see what you decide!


Definitely bottom right with the super blonde with bangs. It still looks like you but updated.
The other colors look dowdy. What I love about your look is that it has an effervescence just like your personality:) good luck on Monday.

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