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I Design, You Decide: The Kids Bath Materials Vote



Green marble isn’t where I thought my life would go. Emerald is generally a color that I have let Dorothy and the Wizard monopolize. But I went safe with both master bathroom options, at least colorwise. I knew it. I wanted something neutral. But the kids’ bath is somewhere that can go more playful with our materials and even bring in COLOR. The full design isn’t done yet, but we are choosing materials today (and by “we” I mean me and you, folks, so sit up, look alive and get ready to vote).

As a reminder, the kids’ bath looked like this:

Emily Henderson Lake House Intro Before Plans Grid Upstairs Bathroom New 2

Across the hall from the kids’ bunk room, it’s a decent size, and oh man do I think it’s ready for some new stone, tile, fixtures and my children. As you can probably tell from the “before” photos and the final floor plan below, we moved a few things around to set up the space in a way I thought would work better for us.

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Kids Bathroom Update Floor Plan

Option #1 – Playful But Not Kiddish

The first material option I’m presenting to you is warm and playful, but not too “kid.”

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper I Design You Decide Kids Bath Materials Option One

Blue Mosaic Tile: This tile was the real jumping off point for this design option. It’s handmade and so beautiful with a lot of reflection. The finish makes it feel kinda rustic but the pattern keeps it modern. I’m thinking of this for the shower surround, so when you walk in, you’ll see this beautiful vertical wall of that color and tile. I’m SO EXCITED. If you guys don’t choose this here, you will likely see it in another bathroom option because I’m determined to use it somehow.

Honed Carrara Marble: My best friend requested that I not use Carrara in this house. I suppose we (society) may have hit our peak on this particular stone (white with light stone veining) but when honed or leathered, it just feels classic and grounded to me. #sorrynotsorry. Bedrosians has a few slab options that felt really organic and more interesting than what you can buy mass market. With everything else going on, a quiet stone will be nice in here with the pebble floor and that mosaic tile. It will be the tub surround, the top of the tub (treating it almost like an under-mount sink) and the countertop/backsplash, similar to these photos below:

Marble Tub Surround Bathroom
image source
Marble Tub Surround With Brass Faucet
image source

Pebble Tile: Listen, you voted for us to bring it into the house and try to make it work. I think it’s playful and fun in here and works with the honed Carrara and the blue mosaic tile so well. We will do a medium-colored grout and seal it really well, I promise.

In case you need a refresher on the look and feel of that floor, here are some inspirations I’ve shared in previous posts that feel pretty good to me:

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas
image source
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Pebble Floors
image source

Here is Option 1 again so you don’t have to keep scrolling (don’t worry though, we’ll also put it side-by-side with Option 2 at the end of the post so you can do a quick comparison):

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper I Design You Decide Kids Bath Materials Option One

The faucets and trim will be polished gold, in a VERY modern shape. Because the window is in the shower, it’ll be in a black fiberglass. There will also be hits of darker wood, blackened brass and leather (maybe).

I love this version. I know it can and will look good. The main risk is the pebble tile but I’m liking it so much with that blue mosaic tile and the honed (or even leathered) Carrara marble.

Option #2 – Shine Bright Like a Diamond an Emerald

This one is dedicated to my girl Dorothy because we found some emerald quartzite that only belongs either in Oz or this bathroom.

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper I Design You Decide Kids Bath Materials Option Two

Emerald Quartzite: The quartzite is so stunning in person, guys. All of us gravitated toward it and did one of those things where you suck in your breath really quickly. Creating fun editorial content is what we really try to do so if we can do it in a way that isn’t a terrifying risk, then we will. I BELIEVE in this quartzite. I’m incredibly excited. It will be on the tup front and top, but that’s it. The rest of the room will be white with some wood, brass and black peppered in.

Green Marble Bathtub Surround and Wall
image source
Modern Bathroom Green Marble
image source

This showy stone needs to be honed to be humbled, so we will combine it with honed Thassos on the countertop and a light gray/white zellige square tile on the floor, as well as on the backsplash and shower surround but in a less expected pattern.

Top-Mount Bathroom Sink and Wall-Mount Gold Faucet
image source

I realize that I used this tile in my current house (kitchen and master bath) but I LOVE it and it’s the perfect way to ground that green quartzite. We’ll play with the orientation and put the smaller 2″x2″ on the floor with a light gray grout.

The window will be black as I mentioned previously, so we’ll add a couple other sprinklings of black and wood in there via the hardware, lighting and mirror.

I honestly REALLY want both and in so many ways I wish that you gave me permission to stop this insanity and do whatever you don’t choose for the kids’ bath in the other guest bathroom. If it’s a tie (or close), I just might do that…it often feels crazy to totally nix a plan, just because it barely lost the poll. But if it’s not close—if there is a clear winner—then we’ll scrap those materials completely. 

So which is it? The blue mosaic statement or the emerald green quartzite??? VOTE NOW.

I Design, You Decide

Kids Bathroom Materials

Option 1

Kids Bath

42 %

Option 2

Kids Bath

58 %
(Vote by Wednesday, June 27th to have your voice heard.)
You did it!

Thank you for doing your daily design duty.
Your vote has my vote 🙂


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LOVE the tile in #1 (although it doesn’t really read as blue on my screen). Marble as a tub top doesn’t seem like a great idea, especially in a kids bath, because of all the things that get sat there.

For that reason, I voted for #2 (also, I love green). I think #1 would be beautiful in a guest bath, but definitely use the quartzite in the kids space!

Julie P

Yes, this! I voted for 2 because I would never ever put marble in a kids bathroom. Especially if you ever intend to have other people stay in the home as renters or just friends you won’t be able to police the items that get put on the counter etc in the bathroom, especially the kids bathroom.


I have a personal rule that of anything stops me in my tracks and makes me gasp, I buy it. It happens VERY infrequently, so when it does happen…I listen. For that reason alone, I voted Emerald!


That green makes me nauseous but, I Voted for 2 to see what you can do to make me not vomit


that’s what my dad says about every patterned surface choice I have ever made. I hope you don’t vomit!


No question in my mind… #1. I love the colors, textures, and materials!!


Yeah I love that pebble tile. I think the kids are going to think it feels so cool underfoot.


See, I would never ever put pebble tile in a bathroom meant for kids.

Have you met my kids?

Imagine trying to clean up mud or PEE (boys) or an entire spilled bottle of shampoo on pebble tile. Never. Ever. Nope. Nope. Nope.


Ha, yep! That’s the main reason I voted for #2; trying to keep pebble floors clean with all the kid messiness seems like it would turn into a major nightmare.


Ha! My thoughts exactly. I would seethe with anger all the time/be paranoid/weird and then I’d make them clean it with a toothbrush whenever they claimed they were bored.
The green is mesmerizing – like Tiger’s eye- but… I don’t know. Hard to love, personally.


I vote #1. I’m not feeling that green quartzite at all.

stephanie f scherer

Option 1 for the kids, and that beautiful green option 2 for another bath!




Agree. The green feels very MATURE for a kids bath to me. Its just kind of…serious.

Susie Q.

The green in your inspo photos is what I call “dollar bill green.” Not my favorite shade. I vote #1.

Erica M Price

For some reason, it is not letting me vote. It just shows the percentages. Voting Choice 1 for sure! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pebble floor tile.


I had this problem the other day, and it cleared up for me. I can’t remember if I just moved to another window, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t either delete cookies or close my browser. Just a weird little glitch.


My first impression is that you are choosing lots of tile that is hard to clean. Pebble tile floors in a kids bathroom are going to be GROSS! Who wants to be on their knees scrubbing floors on vacation??? (Little boys with bad aim Are my first worry) My girls are sweetness but I don’t have a weekly cleaner at our cabin and by the end of summer our slapdash cleaning habits catch up with us and their bathroom is vile. Will this all still look good after 2, 3 years of use? I also agree with your friend about… Read more »

Jolie Fleur

I think there will also be a subset of kids who will avoid using the restroom with pebble tile on it. Kids are funny that way! I would use pebble tile in a bathroom meant for kids. I also liked the green so I voted 2.


love the green… but also love that blue tile.

Katherine Miller

Lake cottage mom here- I would keep your floor smooth because sand. So much sand. And when you thought they were clear of sand they pull off their underwear or bathing suit and more drops out. Beware of the (beautiful) pebble floor. PS Do you have plans for an outdoor shower? Mine is cedar and beautiful and it makes a big difference!


Yes, outdoor shower a sand lifesaver!


Won’t let me vote…comes right up with number one at 37% and number two at 63%. I love them both, but the green is a bit risky. Honestly, I would have voted number one without knowing it was losing, but knowing where they both stand, I’m definitely voting number one b/c I really want to see that in a bathroom in your mountain home! Perfect colors and textures, modern/scandi/mountain. So if possible, cast me a cheater vote for number one to bring the two closer together.


Option 2; heartbreakingly beautiful gasping green stone for the childrens bathroom.
Option 1; equally gorgeous YET different, guest spoiling opportinity.
Yeah! Yes, 2 great rooms done.
What is the next room?

Beth Mynett

Both would be beautiful, but I think option 2 is more interesting and an interesting and compelling risk. That mosaic tile in Option 1 is gorgeous though, and you should use it in another bathroom for sure.

A note about Thassos: we just used it in two full bath renovations. The honed finish proved to be very sparkly, so we had them polished and they’re now a beautiful shiny modern white, with barely any veining, no sparkles and they work perfectly in the spaces.


I love the tub tile in the first option! The irregularity of it has a playful quality to it. But I agree with the lady worried about how gross that pebbled floor could become with kids. That was the first thing I thought of too.

Haylie Arb

I agree to the playfulness to the tile. The whole design of option #1 makes me think it would be more fun for kids and less designs. I too thought abou the pebble tile and cleaning but I mean, get a good grout sealer on there and just spray it down it can’t be that bad. I do like #2 with the green but I think it would be more suited for a guest bath that could be a little more shocking design wise. All the marble tile even though it would get honed still makes me a little like… Read more »

Kirsten Pool

Option one reads too sophisticated on my screen for a kid bathroom. The tile is wonderful but appears black. Use it in another place in the cabin. Option 2, while sophisticated, reads more fun and childlike to me. I think you should have fun with a material that wows you. I also agree with another comment that the pebble tile will be a nuisance to keep clean.


Oh I have no doubt you should go with #2. The first feels too corporate. The green is gorgeous, especially for a cabin up in the mountains.

I sense I may be in the minority.


From the introduction I thought I was going to be all over the emerald option, but I fell in love with the blue mosaic tile and while I do love the green, I ended up thinking it was an incredibly sophisticated look that didn’t go in a kids bathroom. Love them both, but option 1 for the kids!


And question – would you consider a nickel or chrome faucet etc. instead of brass? Might unyellow the green a bit? I know that would mean this bath would be different but how much brass can one family absorb anyway?


I agree! I’m so over the brass and with that green it looks so 80s/90s to me. Reminds me of my in-laws green, burgundy, oak, and brass master bathroom!


Love option 1 but it feels too sophisticated for a kids bathroom. It’ll be amazing for a guest bathroom though. Definitely option 2 for the kids !!


I definitely think you should use whatever doesn’t win on the other bathroom!


I voted for Option 1 because I’m not crazy about that green quartzite (love the color green, love quartzite, but that green is quite brown… not crazy about brown). However, I think either option would look good with the EH touch. Also, I really like how different the options in this poll are from one another, as compared to the master bathroom poll, which had two rather similar options. I feel like I’m actually doing something by voting. On another note, this post/blog is quite a nice escape from, you know, the news here these days, which is both depressing… Read more »


Picked #1 only because it has a more playful and childlike quality. I would seriously be pissed off if that beautiful green quartzite was stuck away in a kids’ bathroom holding up primary-colored tub toys. Use it in one of your other bathrooms, please!


Do you really want to be cleaning up that pebble tile after Charlie and his buddies use the toilet in there? I told a friend recently that I loved the penny tile in her kids’ bathroom and she said that with two boys using that bathroom, she regrets choosing penny tile. I think the pebble would be even trickier to clean.

Katherine Silverman

TBH, neither of these really feel like a kids’ bathroom to me. I would love to see you take some risks and actually do something a little more juvenile and fun! But maybe that’s coming in some of the lighting/fixtures/styling?

Heather Johnson

I would agree with this. I thought the same thing.

Hannah Gokie

Okay, I’m very sad that I had to pick between the emerald and the pebble because I love BOTH. (I mean, I get it, you can’t use both in one bathroom but still.) I am all for the plan of using the “loser” in the other bathroom. PLEASE. I NEED BOTH THESE BATHROOMS IN MY LIFE.

Jody Lane

Honestly, it’s so close for me. I picked the green marble becuase it’s just so unique (plus it may be a little more kid friendly – as opposed to white)! However, I’m OBSESSED with that blue tile in #1. I think you need to execute both, some way, some how!


I have a light green marble (just like what’s on the mood board except without that pretty golden thread running through) in my bathroom and LOVE IT. I didn’t choose it, it was already installed when I moved in, and at first I was like, “GREEN MARBLE?! How am I going to work with this!?”. But now I love it! It’s quietly interesting, warm and energetic without being obnoxious. TEAM GREEN!


I truly love option #2, although I admit I wish the fixtures were silver or black to better compliment the gorgeous and fun emerald stone… But even so, I love this bold option! I’m excited to see how you will decorate this bathroom to keep it elevated but also welcoming to kids. I’m sure whatever you do will be awesome. I think option #1 would be great for the other guest bathroom. I tend to think the pebble tile is not great for a kids’ bathroom (due to above-mentioned concerns about sand and grime), but if it’s a risk you… Read more »


I am agreeing with everything that Emily has to say on these two designs. I was intrigued by the navy-blue tile shapes and the subtle play on the classic EHD-special, blue-and-white design, in option #1…BUT the tiles do appear black and the overall the design did not sing as something mountain-y or fresh. There are too many textures for a small space.

Design #2 absolutely lights me up: the fresh green brings energy, the textured white tiles ground it, the pop of black keeps it contemporary (fixtures would be so nice too). It’s equally happy and sophisticated!


You have to do both. It would just be a disservice to us not to, now that we’ve seen them both. ????


Omg that green ???????????? I know it’s a risk but DO IT!! I think also because you’re only using in one area it wouldn’t overwhelm like some of the inspo photos you’ve included which may be why people are getting turned off to it. But the color would make such a huge impact and the rest of the design elements are still pretty timeless. I say go for it!

Emily Fox

Sitting on your knees on that pebble while giving your kids a bath seems awful and painful. I don’t even have kids and that’s the first thing I thing I thought of! Agreed with everyone else about the cleanliness issue as well. Green all the way!

Julie S

Ok, I really like both options. Neither is “off.” However, because it’s the kids’ bathroom I can’t let you put in pebble floor tile. There are just too many spills and accidents and messes of various sorts and I need you to have a swipe and done sort of floor! Not… digging in grout lines around small lumps to get it all up. Also, green is my favorite color and I would love to see more of this trending bathroom accent color out there 🙂 Super mountainy as well.


Hands down! #1!!!


I LOVE the tile and pebbled floor in #1 — and would love to see it elsewhere in the cabin — but I vote for #2 because it seems much more kid-friendly. Both options are beautiful and have show-stopping elements (that blue tile and the emerald quartzite)!

(I don’t seem to be able to log in my vote on the site)


I can’t vote either, even after clearing my cookies. I’ll keep trying.
I vote #2. I like that green, but I’m skeptical of stone all over the tub top and front. It might look dated or it might look fabulous. And you guys are phenomenal at what you do, so I can’t wait to see this room! And please DO put that blue tile somewhere, it’s awesome!


Not sure if I’m the only one having this problem, but it’s not allowing me to vote. It shows the percentages for each but doesn’t give me a vote option. Just FYI!


That tile on option 2…is it a varied depth tile? I love it but I would never want to scrub spilled conditioner or wet soap out of it!


Okay for whatever reason it won’t let me vote, there’s nothing to click. DANG YOU COMPUTER! That being said, I will vote for two BUT ONLY if you do 1 in the other bathroom because I actually LOVE IT WAY MORE. I’m just interested to see how you work with that green, plus it seem really perfect for a kids bath. BUT SERIOUSLY, DO 1 IN THE OTHER BATHROOM. You know i mean it because caps lock. 🙂


I’m also having trouble voting – it just shows the percentages. I cleared my cookies but it didn’t seem to help. For what it’s worth, I would vote Option 2 just to see you make that green quartzite happen!


I’m voting Number 2–go BOLD. The green is stunningly gorgeous, and green marble/quartzite has been around for hundreds of years. If that ain’t timeless, I don’t know what is.


#2! Love the tile in #1, so I hope you’ll use it elsewhere, but I love the green in #2 and the opportunity to showcase something a little more unusual.


Can’t vote either (in on an iPhone) and tried to comment earlier and it just disappeared into internet ether..


Hi, I can’t vote either. I cleared cookies and that didn’t help. I like option #2, and think that you could also use this green for the sink top. Are you going to do a lake house outdoorsy wallpaper in here too! I think that would really tie in the green of the stone. I’m always so happy that even though you love white, you don’t do white on white on white all the time. (I do love a good white on white though!)


I also could not vote (sorry too lazy to delete cookies). As always, both options are lovely but I vote for option 2 as I hate black tiles in a shower (though beautiful, I like to see mildew/mold more easily). I also don’t like either flooring choice. A lot of the posters mentioned problems with the pebble floor – cleaning-wise. I also wouldn’t like to be stepping on a pebble floor while brushing teeth, etc. Option 2 flooring looks like it would have uneven edges – again not something I would want (or my kids) to be stepping on.


Don’t make me kneel on that pebble floor to bathe my child – ouch. I’m into it for an adult bathroom – not a kids’ room.


Add me to the list of people who couldn’t vote–I cleared cookies for the site, tried on mobile, and still nothing.

Could I vote, I would absolutely go for #2. That quartzite is beautiful, and my only wish would be to see more of it! Both the inspiration pics are stunning. I’m down to see riskier colors and materials anytime.


Do both! I would love to see them both in your house! Beautiful!


Both r beautiful… BUT neither feels like a kids’ bathroom. ????????‍♀️

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