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Our Master Bedroom Reveal + Get The Look



Today’s reveal is our master bedroom and I like her a lot. It’s simple, warm and calm with a decent amount of texture, but not too much actually happening. For the shoot we styled it out a bit more than it would look on any given day, but visually I much prefer it here. Let’s get into it.

Img 2045

Here is what it looked like when we bought it. Very little had to be done to this room beyond making the closet bigger and extending the hallway so that the bathroom could be part of the ‘suite’. That’s pretty abstract to you and frankly not that important, but point being – the room changes were just cosmetic. We replaced the flooring because of how damaged it was in other areas of the second floor, so we did the entire floor, and we painted, obviously.

*Random update: For those of you who weighed in on whether squeaks are annoying in an old house, (ours were riddled with them) a year ago because I was on the fence about replacing the non-refinishable floors. I can now report that I am so glad we have new floors and subfloors. It did cost a lot more (especially the subfloor repair on the stairs) but with those two kids I can’t imagine the sneaking around we would have to do (during their naps) and it really does feel more solid.

Img 2321

Technically Charlie’s bedroom was the ‘master’ because it was slightly bigger, but ultimately his room has the least natural light. I kept walking into this room with it’s North and East facing windows and thinking ‘I sure wish this were our room’. Then I remembered that I’m in charge and Charlie wouldn’t ever know the difference. Then our architect drew up plans for this to be the master bedroom with the adjoining suite and I said, ‘Ah, yes. It’s mine’. You see that room above, with the door on the left? Well that door doesn’t exist now, instead if you walk two feet in, the bathroom is on the left (with the pocket door) and the door to the hallway on the right. Many of you just fell asleep but I know that some of you really care about a floor plan and why we do things that we do.  I love that it’s connected, regardless of it not being this massive SUITE.

Here is how she is now:

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal9 Cropped

I love this space you guys. I know that there isn’t any huge wallpaper or tile happening, but it’s so cozy and functional. I could have done a pattern on the window treatments but I didn’t want to. I loved these chambray washed linen ones from Calico. I chose drapes behind the bed. We thought about doing one big roman but ultimately we decided it would be prettier to have two curtains framing the bed, rather than a box of fabric above it. We float the bed out a little bit and it’s not a problem. No regrets there.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal10 Without Light

When we first measured/selected all our treatments it was late winter. We chose shades on the four windows because I felt that four HUGE blackout panels in that not so big room would be a lot of fabric. I was right. But then summer rolled around and the light leaked on both sides of each shade at 5:15 am, which was a huge BUMMER. I mean, I’m a morning person which means that once I’m even slightly awakened I can’t get back to sleep. To have blackout shades and have them not really do their job is sad. It’s fine to wake up early when you want to, but with both kids up at least once a night (WHY? I DON’T KNOW, MAYBE  TO TORTURE US WITH FAKE ACCOUNTS OF BEARS IN THEIR DREAMS!!!) it actually became kinda unhealthy for me to wake up that early because I needed more sleep. Brian could just roll over and go back to sleep but I was up and not happy.

So, we had them quote and paid for an additional set of drapery ($1,500) and ordered them. They gifted most of our window treatments but we had reached our max. They are expensive but I wasn’t going to all of a sudden sew the other two and have them not match. It’s a three month lead time. So hilariously a couple weeks ago as the mornings became darker and darker, guess what we now don’t have a problem with? Light leaks. HA. The sun is in a different area of the sky (lower) and it doesn’t shine straight into those windows anymore, plus when it does it’s 7:30 am which is fine. Right now we have both shades and curtains installed (both blackout) so we are covered for any season, any light and yes it is DARK in there. I haven’t properly stared at the room with two sets of heavy drapes, but I think I like the look of the shades more. Also (and we knew this) the curtains are at different heights because the north wall is sloped so we couldn’t hang them as high. Now we could have done roman shade above the moulding but I don’t think that would have looked good – they would have looked clunky and not refined. Additionally if you don’t have curved moulding you can do an outside mount but we couldn’t. That would have been the ideal solution – on the moulding but above/outside of the window, with bigger moulding in between so you could still see the moulding without the light leak. COULD I SAY LIGHT LEAK ONE MORE TIME????

Anyway, you want the ‘whys’ and sometimes it’s complicated so it takes a long *ss answer. If I could go back in time I’d probably just do the two sets of drapes knowing what I know about the summer light leak problem. So that is all to say that depending on where your windows face you may not have this problem. And I’m glad to know it wasn’t that I was ‘wrong’ I just didn’t have all the information of the sun since we had just moved in when we ordered them.

The bench at the foot of the bed is from Target’s new line and it’s a soft brown tweed. Unfortunately it isn’t live yet on their site (coming soon), but we did link up a similar option for the time being. Now many of you don’t think that I can do brown and at times I’m not sure myself, but I like how it ties in the nightstands and the headboard. It holds all our sweaters and sweatshirts by the way. It’s also awesome that it is long enough to sit at the end of a king bed. Many benches aren’t but this one is a great size. Part of me wants to reupholster it in a ticking stripe to add a little pattern to the room, but then I’m like when and why?? … Bigger fish to fry, folks.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal9 Cropped

Wanna keep talking about light leaks? Me neither. Moving on. (Sorry I have to show you the same photos over and over, we didn’t take a ton of photos in this room so in order for me to blab and you to not have to scroll up and down I’m just repeating photos – this is why I have photographers take 15 photos of the same room).

The bed is from Rejuvenation (which you guys helped me decide on). It’s pretty much perfect for here – the wood works with the leather and contrasts nicely with all the blues and grays.

The rug is from Elliot’s old nursery and is 3″ of walking on clouds. Now the rug was a moment where I could have brought in a pattern or something really incredible – a vintage persian, etc. But I didn’t want to. My feet didn’t want to. Brian didn’t want to and when Brian begs ‘Please, please please let us keep this rug in here’ you say, ‘Sure, my love’. 🙂 I love it.

The bedding is all Target, linked up below except the colorful quilt and the long bed pillow. Now the comforter that I used here is one that I LOVE to put on guest beds, but I prefer a duvet with an insert because I don’t want to have to wash a comforter. But the reason I call it out is because it is so pretty. It’s washed linen and looks beautiful when light bounces off of it and looks easily like it could be $300 but it’s super affordable. If you are a top sheet person (we aren’t) then it’s a great option. But duvet people like us would need to wash it weekly and that’s not good for comforters as much.

Why would you style a bed for a magazine that is different than you live? Well, because this is so much prettier, more layered and is something I would absolutely recommend to others, it just may not be how we go to bed every night.

The black dotted quilt is new Target, and the quilt on top is from Lost and Found LA. It is STUNNING and I feel in many ways pulls the whole room together. This is what I told myself as I was debating keeping it (we borrowed it for the shoot). It was $700 which I hadn’t realized when I borrowed it. But my brain was like ‘you didn’t buy a rug and typically a rug pulls the room together, you need color and this quilt has all of your colors? It’s like a rug but for your bed!’ I can be super convincing. I didn’t keep it because while I do splurge on things, future Emily reminded me that we don’t know what will happen to those of us who have a social media driven digital careers, so maybe a $700 wool blanket in Southern California wasn’t it. But if you have a stable career and extra dough, that blanket is handmade and a piece of art. It’s not overpriced, it’s just expensive. There is a difference.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal3

The nightstands and lamps we’ve had since our old house. I love them both so much. The leather nightstand with the round black ball base table lamp is frankly pretty darn perfect. Those lamps are two that I want to put in so many rooms because they are edgy but so simple. I feel like they instantly propel a room into the the present. The headboard is classic, the leather nightstands are more contemporary and then the lamps are super modern. I wish I hadn’t put that frame on there so you could see it better.

We threw a few pretty stacks of books and branches/plants on the window ledge (that is like 12″ deep) for the shoot. They are dead now because I forgot about them, but they sure looked pretty for the shoot.

Finally, headed over to the other side of the room.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Dresser Color Edited 04

The dresser is from English Farmhouse Furniture and I love the shape and style for this house and had it customized a dark shade of green. By the way we share that dresser and the closet and that’s it. Just bragging about how we aren’t clothes hoarders and yet we remain married despite our small clothes storage issue. I had fantasies of the dresser being a REALLY dark green, and we chose this one that I love – Caldwell Green. Once it was on the piece and in the light it looked a lot lighter. Here you can see what my intent was and what it turned out to be:

Emily Henderson Emilys House Modern English Tudor Master Bedroom Dresser Caldwell Green Side By Side Green Edited Caldwell Green

I still REALLY like it, I think I would love to go back in time and pick a much darker green knowing that it will go lighter. This has happened a few times, so a lesson needs to be learned. The entry table sample definitely ‘popped off the wall’ and then once the piece was painted it didn’t! The console in the living room was supposed to be more slate, darker than navy then once it was painted it wasn’t. I sure wish someone would write a blog post about how dark paint colors always look lighter in a room than they do on just a swatch card. 🙂

I flanked the dresser with that amazing cherner chair. A lifelong dream of mine to own. One that my kids can’t really sit on without me getting REALLY stressed out. The ladder behind it is from Food52 for $50 and I highly recommend it. It’s just a pretty sculptural accessory that can fill an empty vertical space.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Dresser Color Edited 01

The brass lamp on top ties in with the handles and helps modernize the dresser. That was my goal – some pieces that felt classic, some more English and some more modern. The one thing I would do differently is I would love a more modern piece of art up there. I like that one, don’t get me wrong, but I think something simpler with a lot of negative space and a glass frame would help this room feel bigger and lighten this side of the room.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Dresser Color Edited 02 01

I love that moon from MQuan and the blankets on the ladder are from Parker Clay and Rebecca Atwood. Virtually nothing has changed on this side of the room since the shoot. I really love how it’s styled.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal6

The tray is from Katy Skelton. I wish I had it in every room of my house. The white pottery is from Blake Beaudette, the black potpourri thing is from Lost and Found LA and is laughably expensive but nothing has ever smelled better in my life. I didn’t know we were doing potpourri anymore, but the French are and this company Mad et Len is doing it RIGHT. The terra cotta vessel is in the Threshold line which is in stores now. I love those adorable handles.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal7

That vintage mirror does a great job of drawing light over there and reflecting that pretty lamp. I love that you can see the bathroom in that shot 🙂

I’m pretty darn happy with the room. The only things I would like to update is a better piece of art (or huge round amber mirror) above the dresser. Otherwise it’s full of really warm cozy textures, it’s easy to maintain and while I don’t need that cherner chair, I certainly don’t feel like I have a ton of extra stuff.


Emily Henderson Emilys House Modern English Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal Get The Look 01

1. Abstract Art (similar) | 2. Marble Vase (similar) | 3. Indigo Stripe Vase (similar) | 4. Ceiling Light (custom lengths available) | 5. Bed | 6. Curtains (custom) | 7. Duvet | 8. Rug | 9. Storage Bench (similar) | 10. Patterned Throw Pillow | 11. Stripe Sheet Set | 12. Vintage Painting (similar) | 13. Lamp | 14. Throw | 15. Herringbone Blanket (similar) | 16. Box (similar) | 17. Marble Tray (similar) | 18. Mirror (similar) | 19. Nightstand | 20. Pot Pourri | 21. Ceramic Vase | 22. Brass Lamp | 23. Ladder | 24.Woven Throw | 25. White Vase | 26. Seaside Blanket | 27. Moon | 28. Glass Box | 29. Geode | 30. Terra Cotta Vase | 31. Planter | 32. Seascape (similar) | 33. Admirals Tray | 34. Wood Frame (similar) | 35. Black Frame | 36. Dresser (Paint Color: Caldwell Green)  | 37. Sheepskin | 38. Chair

***Photography by Tessa Neustadt

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This room is so gorgeous! I love how warm and cozy it is and it doesn’t lean too feminine or too masculine; it strikes the perfect balance. And those linen drapes are SO good! I was excited to see all of your room reveals and you did not let us down 🙂 Thank you for continuing to provide inspiration and sources, Emily!!


I’m loving this room! Feels so Emily Henderson in the very best possible way!


I love this room!! Where is the long navy bed pillow from? I’ve been searching for one for my room and that’s perfect 🙂


Beautiful room!!! Question–Because I’m really not sure. When you say “we” in describing your design process regarding YOUR house, are you referring to your husband or your team? ???? (I think you’ve said in the past he’s not that involved in design decisions?)


100% agree that the darker dresser would be beautiful. Also, would love to see the modern art.


I love your room. So serene. I love the art and wouldn’t change it and that is how I usually feel when you state that another piece would be better…and then you change it and it is better. But this time you will be wrong. I just know it. 🙂 Love the dresser, agree on the color though it is still stunning. What I don’t like is how it appears that paint has dripped in between the drawers and dried – in a totally surreal, fake, flat sort of way. I’m sure it is just wood so that the drawers… Read more »


That looks like labels to me. At first I too thought it was paint but upon closer inspection, it appears to be labels I think.


It definitely looks like labels!


I absolutely love the windows and plants as a sort of headboard effect!


Hi! I hope someone chimes in to explain the pot pourri because until this moment I thought pot pourri was just dried flowers, and now it seems like SO MUCH MORE.


I know! Even the google is not helping me. Regardless, that one (misnamed or otherwise ????) is gorgeous!


I LOVE that target blanket draped at the end of the bed, but it’s only 60×50 in. Is yours larger? I thought you had a king bed so how does it cover so much space?



And please yes go ahead and cover that bed bench in a nice tan and white ticking;). You know you want to.


Room looks beautiful. I’m always fascinated by those who are woken up by daylight. I can’t imagine having black out shades – I’d be so sad to wake up in a dark room. The sun rising has never woken me up, so I sleep with the shades wide open. I don’t think anyone in my family closes the blinds!

Caroline @ The Hyphenated Home

I completely agree! I love to have light to tell me it’s day outside.

Mel T.

Emily, where’s the comforter you refer to in your post – the link goes to a duvet cover? I am 100% a top sheet/comforter person and in the market for a beautiful linen one, so got excited when reading the post – does this unicorn exist?


I wondered the same thing too. I think she may have meant to like to this comforter set from the same line?


That bench would be soooooo much better in a navy or grey ticking! When I first saw it it looked microfiberish ???? Love the rest of it though


This is such a beautiful room! I really appreciate that you didn’t go all wackadoodle just for the sake of punchy After photos. It’s gorgeous.


This isn’t a style I would be drawn to since I feel it’s too traditional for my tastes but it is a beautiful room and all the pieces work really well together. The only thing that bugs me is that I wish the curtain rod was 6″ wider on each side. I feel like the extremely full drapes (which are beautiful!) when pushed to the sides look too pinched at the top and flared at the bottom. They might hang straighter if they had a bit more room at the top on either side. I like how straight the drapes… Read more »

Emily S

Hey! I love so much I this room! The nightstand/lamp situation is on point and I’m glad you chose that bed. The bench seems pretty blah though and while I love how you mix styles, I’m not so sure about the gold lamp on that dresser. Seems like a cozy room though!


Using an antiquing wax on that dresser would likely make it very close to your preferred color. It’s amazing stuff that produces a nice finish. It also would help the details on the dresser pop a bit. (No sanding or fake distressing necessary. Yuck.)

Love the room, btw!


This is a beautiful room! I love the color of the dresser also: It is much more harmonious with the picture above it and with the bed than if you went darker. It may be an accident, but certainly not a mistake. 🙂 The color doesn’t steal the attention and allows the accessories and that amazing chair to speak! This could certainly be my favorite room in your house. Getting very picky now: The bench at the foot of the bed could be a little less visually heavy. Maybe something with legs and more wood to really allow the bed… Read more »


What a beautiful master bedroom! It’s so serene and inviting and not overdone in anyway. I love it!


Emily – Beautiful room! Where did you purchase the curtain rail?


I saw something *very* similar @ Target recently–Wondering if it same?


french rods?


never mind – answered below! yes – french rods. love the curve.


Calico corners: love your stuff! I Want to buy these curtains because I love the color but when I looked on your site, the color looked more like charcoal. Is it blueish/lavenderish like in this pic or is that just the lighting?


WHERE is the blimp??? Over the dresser. Discuss.


It’s in the dining room:) xx


I am swooning over this bedroom! It’s my favorite bedroom I’ve ever seen! Love it! Is the dresser opposite the bed? If so, and if you care about Feng Shui at all, I’ve read that it’s bad to have a mirror facing the bed in that way. So if you do change out the art (which I love by the way) go with another piece, not a mirror.


Emily, beautiful as always! I would have chosen the room with more light too! One thing I would LOVE to see a blog post on is curtains on closets. I see a curtain peeking through here in one of the pictures and I know you did that in your last house in yours and Elliot’s room. I too like curtains on closets because it softens and saves space, but mine never look as classy as yours. I would love all the deets. xo


Love your room! One question (that you probably answered before that I missed), but where did you find the curtain rod? My daughter also has “light leakage” in their bedroom, so a rod that curves would be so helpful! She has black-out curtains waiting to be hung!


I too am curious about where the curtain rod came from — love the curve detail for light blockage.


I’m pretty sure Emily has said that the curtain rods came through the company she ordered the curtains from. If that’s not available to you, we installed this one in our son’s room for his blackout curtains and it works great! It was also very easy to install.


I believe they are from calico corners, they are the “french style” curtain rods. She mentions them in her living room and dining room reveals (I believe). Gorgeous right??


All the drapery and rods are from Calico Corners. They are so pretty and I highly recommend them xx


When will you do the big Calico Corners post? I need to order window coverings very soon for our new home and would love to see a post about it first! Thanks in advance!!


Love the room – it’s gorgeous, as usual. One question, though. At one point in time I had a similar shag rug from Crate & Barrel, and it used to drive me crazy because while it was super soft on the feet there was no way to properly vacuum/clean it, and dirt/lint/other kid stuff would get stuck in it, and it kind of grossed me out. How have you overcome this problem?

Sherrie S

can we buy the ring holder with eyelashes somewhere?? Love it.


So pretty Emily. So cozy and simple, yet stylish. You make “effortless” look effortless!


I love this. I want to go to there.

Would you mind sharing the paint color? I’m trying to find it in a previous post and coming up empty 😉 It’s so serene and lovely.


It’s Ammonite by Farrow & Ball xx


Love the simplicity and texture in this room Emily! Regarding your comment about North-East facing rooms, do you think that directions lends more or less light? I’d love to read a blog post about challenges you face when choosing color schemes for lighter vs darker rooms.


Lovely space, Emily! We are also Angelenos (Atwater Village) and have our bed under the window. I was recently told, however, that in earthquake country we not only shouldn’t have heavy artwork above our beds, but also windows. I am thinking that when buildings shake the glass can break and injure you while you sleep. It is a concern for me, and just wanted to share with you, and ask if it was a concern for you? And if so, where else could you put the bed in that room that isn’t under a window?


Perhaps if you close the drapes every night, that wouldn’t be a problem. I would think blackout curtains would block the glass.


I have that same problem with waking up! Once I’m up, I’m up and its a huge bummer. Practical question: with shag rugs, does it get terribly trod down and dirty? And if so, how do you avoid that? My husband and I have a shag rug in our bedroom and it got really bad. This room is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


It’s really good! Beautifully understated and livable. Your whole house is coming together so well. Kudos.


This looks so cozy and lovely. The only thing I don’t love is the Target bench. It doesn’t look very refined here. Upholstering might just be the thing, otherwise, beautiful room.


Gorgeous as ever Emily! Question: I adore those rejuvenation lamps (and I’m so glad you posted the source for them!), but I was wondering if you knew of a similar item at a lower price point? Target has some similar ones but they don’t have the round base, and that’s what I LOVE about them. So glad you chose the spindle bed from Rejuvenation; its so perfect. Agree the darker color on the dresser would be better. I like the art above the dresser, but I’m sure you would also make it look lovely with a more modern piece. One… Read more »


Agree! Love the lamps and LOVE the nightstands, but would appreciate your suggestions of similar-feeling stands at (much) lower price point. Completely understand the price point for these nightstands (they are PERFECT and STUNNING and just everything) but can’t afford them and would love to bring in a piece of their style/swag/oomph into my master! Really loving how the whole house feels like a home–your home! Maybe some things aren’t as ‘cover shot’ as previously, but it feels real and attainable in that it works for a family, and a reminder to all of us that our houses should too!… Read more »


This bedroom looks like such a wonderful calm retreat – I love it! At least in these pictures, I like the lighter color of the dresser. I think it nicely echos some of the tones in the painting. (But then I’m always a sucker for any teal/aqua/bluish green shades. I’m an artist and those colors show up all the time in my paintings, in my closet, on the walls of my house – you get the idea.) That painting with its crashing waves and rocky shores maybe isn’t as calming as the rest of the room? It’s not exactly a… Read more »


So pretty! I just read a post on I Suwannee about William Mclure’s pop up at Furbish, maybe one of his pieces would work for over the dresser?


This turned out really lovely! The colors are perfect, the textures cozy, and I’m really digging your mix of art pieces. Also, about putting a mirror above your dresser, across from your bed: Am I the only person who can’t handle all that energy reflecting back at me when I’m in bed? Also, I’m not into being able to see myself during sex. haha I had a mirror across from my bed a few years ago and ended up taking it down because I *hated* catching my reflection in it all the time. It was too energizing when I wanted… Read more »

Kim @ Irishman Acres

My favorite bedroom you’ve done! And actually, that art above your dresser is the best part (in my opinion!!) That bed is dreamy, and so is the rug. Great job Mama!!

Lynn 2

Love your commentary & love so much about this room! I am going to need to go back & review more closely —


It’s a beautiful room but I can’t do beds in front of windows unless the headboard is solid. I know this sounds crazy and I’m not a feng shui disciple but beds in front of windows and next to mirrors give me crazy nightmares. The other day you mentioned on your Instastory that you had nightmares all night. If you are having them regularly and that is not the norm you might consider another headboard. Again, I know it sounds silly but…


Curious about the curtain rod, please share where that is from?


All the drapery and rods are from Calico Corners xx


You may have answered this in a previous post….what color would be used to get the darker green dresser? I love the green and always go too light and regret it! 🙂


Emily — please do a post on finding vintage paintings and how to reframe them. I am always hunting for them and have the hardest time finding. Yet you seem to have them in literally every room you do. How and where does one come about all these cool vintage paintings? Any tips for finding art to fit old cool frames, and getting the unmated look that is so popular.

Needs a whole post please!


I love the last picture with the vintage mirror giving a glimpse into the bathroom. I love everything about this bedroom except for the frame on the seascape…too heavy. The curtains are gorgeous. My other favorite pic from your house is also with curtains…the once next to the French cabinet…living room I think? The colors are so soft and rich at the same time.


Did you say you’re using a picture frame as a bedside tray? ‘Cause that seems genius.


Hi Emily! By chance, can you share the dimensions of your room? I am starting the redecorating/styling of my master bedroom and ours is not very big either…..yours looks to be about the same size so I was just curious if you could help a girl out! 🙂


This is by far my favorite room of your house! It feels edited and like somewhere you actually live. It doesn’t feel overly staged or like there was an emphasis in doing things to it because it needed to be shot for content. I agree that the dresser could go a punch or two darker but I love that this room feels like it takes notes from the rest of the house without being so “color scheme” oriented. Where the living room to me looks a bit cluttered, this room is curated and soft.


I don’t want to be negative because the room is gorgeous but what did you do with the insanely expensive upholstered bed you just had to have in your previous master bedroom? I get that this is your job and you take it seriously as you should but for the average housewife I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on a piece of furniture and then it not working and getting rid of it or something. I do love the new bed though.


She sold the bed around the time they moved.


I must have missed that post. Thanks for the update!


Emily you are hilarious… I would look at the eye candy on this blog anyways, but thank you for being so real, always.


Boy, the room is good. Seriously so good. A lovely combination of cozy and airy (how is that possible?) and neither too feminine or masculine. Just perfect. In any event, I clicked through on your wool blanket only to realize that it’s a Wallace Sewell. It’s a British company that does FABULOUS knits. I have several scarves from them but am seriously lusting after some of their home accessories. For example, their lambswool pinstripe throws are to die for. (Check it out for yourself: Gorgeous, right?) If only we hadn’t gone with a busy Heriz in our bedroom (which… Read more »

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