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The Link Up: Julie’s Mind-Freeing Vacation Read, A Killer Sara-Tested Pasta Recipe, & Ryann’s New Jeans Obsession



image via The Design Files | home of Barb Hyman styling by Annie Portelli

Welcome back, friends, to another installment of The Link Up. If you’ve been hangin out with us this week, welcome back. If you are just joining, here’s a quick recap: Bowser’s Bedroom Reveal went live on Thursday (and we are all obsessed), we celebrated two very special people’s birthday’s (Sara’s and Mallory’s), and Caitlin blew our minds with Friday’s very informative post on furniture buying and dealing. In other (perhaps) less important news, the team implemented a squat challenge into our daily office routine where we do squats (or wall sits) for one minute on the hour every hour. We’ve accomplished this three days in a row, so it is safe to say we are all extremely healthy and fit now. You know what they say…an office that squats together stays together. ANYWAY, as always we are here to share all the things that have been on our minds and in our shopping carts, so let’s get to it:

What Link Up is complete without a house tour that makes your knees buckle, and this one comes to us courtesy of The Design Files (one of our favorite Aussie shelter sites). If you’re into the warm yet minimal thing, head on over to check out this home.

Julie just recently bought The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself for her vacation read and she says it is amazing and will change the way you think. The author, Michael Singer, talks about freeing your mind from the constant thoughts that arise which distract you from the life that is actually in front of you. Do yourself a favor and prime this to your doorstep.

For whatever reason, the topic of deodorant comes up quite a bit around the office. I guess you can say we are a group of gals who like smelling nice (especially after squats, duh). From Arlyn: “I exclusively use natural, aluminum-free deodorant, but as a self-proclaimed ‘stinky’ person who is basically constantly sweating, there are a lot of products out there that just don’t cut it. One that does? Schmidt’s Charcoal & Magnesium deo. Yes, it kind of turns my armpits black, but I never wear sleeveless tops, so I don’t really care because it keeps me fresh smelling ALL DAY (even after a workout) with no need to reapply (my husband uses and loves it, too).” Evidently, Veronica also concurs with this rec. 

This video is one minute long, but Velinda and her wife Katie watched it on repeat…turning it into 10 minutes of laughter.

Veronica stumbled upon this Instagram account recently and loves it so much she can spend hours scrolling through it. It’s a beautiful curation of trippy and psychedelic imagery from loads of different artists all around the world.

We can all agree that graphic Tees can be SO difficult to find because they need to be comfortable, baggy yet form-fitting, and also say something that doesn’t make you feel like an angsty teen. This one from Topshop is Mallory’s new fav.

Caitlin has a bad habit of ACCIDENTALLY spoiling like, every episode from every Bachelor-related series, BUT she has actual PROOF that spoilers help people enjoy things MORE! Here’s an NPR writeup that sums it up, but Caitlin’s argument is that it’s way more fun to watch a crazy movie the second time around once you can actually pick up on all the nuances. (Fun fact: Alfred Hitchcock also agreed.) 

Carolina has recently been OBSESSED with watching anything “tiny homes” related and just discovered Tiny House Nation on Netflix. It’s safe to say she binge-watched the entire season in one day.

Bowser’s friend Stevie makes these Pocket Mantras (that are best-selling on Etsy). They are “a box of 52 little affirmations to inspire and spread positivity.” She does all the art and each card is different! Get them for yourself, leave random ones for your waiter with your check, or buy a deck as a gift for a friend. They are the perfect size for stocking stuffers (obviously already shooting holiday content over here—HOW?!). For $20 you can’t afford NOT to spread positivity AND support an independent artist. 

Ryann bought these jeans from Madewell to quell her seemingly never-ending denim cravings. She typically is a Levi’s loyalist (she mostly buys vintage Levi’s because the quality of the denim is better) BUT these jeans are really comfortable, good quality, and classic looking. She wants to wear them every single day.

One of Sara’s favorite things to do each month is cook her way through her new copy of Bon Appétit mag, and she just made this recipe from this months issue last night. It was KILLER.

That’s all for today, folks. As always, drop your comments, questions, and concerns below. See you around these parts tomorrow.

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As per deos i have a life changing hint…. I always use natural products and this is also true for deodorants. I buy the cheapest natural roll-on deo that can be found in drugstores, remove the top where the roll-on ball is (i hope it makes sense how i wrote it) and put baking soda in it… shake it well, put the top back and that’s it 🙂 it is healthy, and DEF WORKS WELL! I never smell and my armpits have no additional colours 🙂

I WISH I could try that but I get such a bad reaction to baking soda (probably should have written that in my description for the deodorant I recommended). Anything with BS works SUPER well, but instant painful rash (which is why I put up with the darkening the charcoal creates). UGH!


Any news on the Target faux leather lumbar pillow? It’s still not available in their site!!


OMG, came here for the same info. OBSESSED.


I have a question that might seem ignorant but here goes;
The EHD staff seems to be continually increasing in number of people, since we, the audience see no design work accomplishments on the blog besides Emily’s homes, what is it that you all design? Are you all at work designing clients homes who wish to remain private and not blogged? Sincerely curious since we see no evidence of design work on this blog anymore.
Thank you!

Maya Harel

Weird comment, I feel like I’ve been seeing a ton of really great design content here lately! But it’s design CONTENT, not necessarily all design work, because this is a very successful website, not a design firm. Does that clear things up for you?


No. It doesn’t. She had a legit question. Either answer it or don’t respond.

Hi Karen! Our team is kind of four-pronged, from the editorial team who oversees/creates everything you see and read here every day, our social team who works closely with Emily to push out a plethora of social content as well as partnership responsibilities, our partnerships & marketing team who manage the relationship of all our brand partners (and everything that comes along with that in other departments), and our design and production team who, along with Emily, design her homes and other select private clients and style out all the sets/photograph for our partner photoshoots as well as her upcoming… Read more »


As soon as you mentioned a one-minute video they keep watching over and over I knew which one it was! Love Homie Depot!


No links to the “yip-stick” color from Home Depot?

Paula Carr

“Caitlin’s argument is that it’s way more fun to watch a crazy movie the second time around once you can actually pick up on all the nuances.”

This is absolutely positively TRUE. I love to watch a movie without getting too intense about it. Then, if there was something that surprised me, I love to go back and watch it a second, third? time. It’s so much fun to see the bread crumbs a director had left for you to follow.

I think I’ve seen “Gosford Park” about eight times, and I STILL FIND NEW THINGS IN IT!


Schimdt’s charcoal mag is my holy grail natural deo- finally found it here in Canada and stockpiled! The one caveat is that it WILL ruin your pale shirts and blouses with murky charcoal stains that refuse to wash out..


Oh you should now about Monogram if you live graphic tees! THE BEST shirts I’ve ever owned and also hilarious.


Wow! Those are great tes. Thanks.


second movie viewings are great once the first viewing was a surprise!

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