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Let’s Get Cozy – Fall Style at Target



Fall means less 102 degree days, more layers, less rejections of margaritas, more nights in with the important excuse of watching my dramas (all my friends are back on ) and, of course, new product at our favorite stores.

I’ve been alluding to it for months, you’ve been amply warned, but it’s finally here and the fall Target home product is exceptional. It’s full of brass, copper, black, marble and rustic wood finishes in very simple, streamlined, fresh modern shapes. There are plaids, knits, wools, linens, leathers and felts. It’s the kind of stuff that is just so easy to mix with any style – traditional, mid-century, eclectic or bohemian. Most importantly it’s affordable and available nationwide. My job is extremely easy right now thanks to some very good designers.

To highlight the product and show you just how to use it in your own home we created a new video series with three different rooms – starting with this rather amazing cozy cabin.


It’s really what my country girl dreams are made out of – warm modern plaid, lots of neutrals and hits of metallic with everything kid and family friendly. Nothing too fancy, stiff or stuffy.

When they first sent me the photos of the product, months ago, I became VERY excited and immediately came up with the art direction for how we could showcase them a few different ways. As many of you might know I’ve been dying to buy, renovate, design and shell up in a country house. My kid’s childhood will be full of canning fruit, feeding goats and making forts – pretty much the exact repeat of mine. I think it’s a result of being an Oregon country girl living in a California mid-century house. I love both styles equally but since I live in that midcentury house (sad story, I know) I’ve just been gravitating so strongly towards the more modern country aesthetic lately.

Well it’s here:


The trick to this look is combining a few modern simple pieces and shapes to the more grounded warm rustic or traditional pieces.


That wood lamp, above, kills me. I have two of them in my bedroom on my nightstands now and I like them WAY better than the vintage ones I had – which is very rare for me. They are available for purchase today in store – not online yet. The leather catch-all is another favorite although the popsicle stick planter, oil painting and the leather pouch are all vintage things I already owned.


That brass task lamp, with the marble base is another huge favorite of mine. The lines are so good and simple, the materials look really high end and it’s so versatile – flank two on your console, your nightstands, your side tables, your entry table – they can just kinda go anywhere. AND they come in rose gold as well.


Everything in the collection feels like an ‘essential’ – probably because the color palette is relatively neutral. So it can be a bit dangerous when shopping. I know how it goes – you go in for diapers and face wash and come out with 2 lounge chairs, a pouf, 3 lamps, a throw and 7 candle holders. It’s just so easy…


I put those wicker animal heads in Charlie’s new play room (which you’ll see on tomorrow’s post!) and they are pretty darn great. Of course we adorned it with a necktie and a hat because my attraction towards whimsy is uncontainable in a kids room.


The color palette was a super loose mix of neutrals – whites, creams, grays, ochres, charcoals, blacks, warm browns (more in the form of sisal, wood and natural materials) and some hits of that navy. What keeps this room looking fresh is the combination of warm and cool tones, with a simple cool white background. Had the walls been beige or brown then it might have looked more heavy and dated, but having that blank white created a really fresh foundation for all the warm tones and texture.


We dressed up a simple ottoman with that awesome plaid blanket (not yet on their site, but in stores).


I’m not serving my friends a snack of bird nest and rocks,  although that’s pretty much what my food tastes like,  but instead showing off my general love of found organic natural objects.


That lamp is so good. There are so many spots in my house that I could put it – specifically in a bookcase or styled on a credenza with larger items. It can act like a little nightlight, just drawing a bit of light into corners when you don’t want a huge, bright lamp on.



The whole cabin turned out pretty darn beautiful. Sure, it didn’t hurt that it was an amazing little space full of architectural interest and stunning rustic details – that never ever, ever hurts.

GetCozy (1)


Until you (and I) can buy our own rustic modern country cabin, you can certainly get the look. There are some things that aren’t quite up online yet, but should be in the stores and as soon as they’re online we’ll update the post with the links.


1. Flokati Rug 2. Bull Head 3. Pheasant Pillow 4. Diamond Pillow 5. Sofa 6. Diamond Stripe Pillow 7. Plaid Throw 8. Ceramic Dish 9. Silver Antlers 10. Copper & Marble Lamp 11. Mango Wood Tray 12. Mug 13. Gold Jack 14. Wood Side Table 15. Plaid Chair 16. Wood Tray 17. Cylinder Table 18. Filament Lamp 19. Ceramic Vase 20. Braided Handle Basket 21. Mini Plaid Bowls 22. Plaid Throw for reupholstering bench 23. Wood Clock 24. Woven Basket 25. Bench 26. Leather Tray

*Photos by Tessa Neustadt for Target. Hair and Makeup by Danielle Walch, Wardrobe by Jordan Rudd. Blue dress is vintage, shoes by Rachel Comey from Anthropologie.

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Where did you get the woven felt basket with handles?? Thanks!

Well this is 1 parts pretty, all parts AMAZING! Love where target is going lately! Killing it! You too, Em the Gem! And is that floor lamp Target too?


You’re the layering queen!! I love the animated .gif so much. And this home is beautiful but those floating half windows are not that easy to work with, I have a few in my home and they are always a challenge. Too small to put furniture underneath and too high to just leave empty. And with curtains, even more difficult. Great job. The wood/brass lamp is amazing! And I’ve always loved that danish chair you re-upholstered in plaid a few years ago, I’ve never been brave enough to try myself but now I can bring in a throw instead, thanks… Read more »


This is all so ridiculously good and I’m mad because how am I supposed to be responsible with my paycheck now?! I’ll take one of everything, please, and two of the particularly good ones.


Country is so not my vibe (rebelling from my upbringing?), and yet there are still several pieces in this collection that would look great in my house. Fantastic collection!

I actually walked into my local target about a week ago, and stopped to call my husband to say ‘TARGET IS KILLING THE HOME DECOR GAME’ and that he was lucky I was showing restraint. They had just moved a ton of aisles around to really showcase the goods and I was floored to say the least. I pretty much never get that drooly in a store – it actually really reminded me of your Curbly living room and my husband and I have decided to redo our family room with that as an inspiration! Can’t wait to go back… Read more »

Sarah W

I thought exactly the same thing when I went to Target the other day! It was all moved around, and the stuff was showcased really well and I was just so overwhelmed by all the goodness!

Karen S

The link for the bull head is broken — it’s just missing an “h” at the very beginning. 🙂

I’m wondering where the ladder is sourced to – I like it!

Oh! It is all so adorable!! I love it!

Great minds think alike! My Fall promo is called “Let’s get Cozy”. Check out my site for my new SUPER delicious and uber snugly throws!
Smitten with your style Emily!


Love the overall feeling of relaxed warmth this room has! Thanks Emily for all your hard work and bringing these posts to us. The plaid throw on the back of the sofa caught my eye, is that from Target too?

I love the modern take on country. It takes a learned person to fine the line between traditional country and modern cool. I especially love the neutral plaids, and you are so cute rockin’ the mini-dress. Lovely!

Analog House


What I wouldn’t give to live in a state with a Target again. Looking at all this stuff from Vermont is just cruel.

I had no idea there were states that don’t have Target! That just seems un-American.


Vermont is the only one. The closest one to where I live is over three and a half hours away.

Amy c

When we lived in Vermont, we used to drive to Plattsburgh, ny all the time so we could go to target 🙂

I love all of this – especially that chair with the wood arms! Where is it from?


Emily – Long time reader first time commenter (!) Do you know if there is any way to shop the fall Target line all in one place? Perhaps a home decor “What’s New” or “Fall Looks” webpage on the Target site that I may be missing? If not, that’s a total bummer! Thanks.




Emily, the polka dot dress. That baby bump. Tooo much! Not so into this style line (despite your beautiful arrangements), but dang girl. Looking good!

Your baby bump looks gorgeous in that dress!

And for Target’s fall collection – perfection. They are killing it. Love just about everything.

xo, Sarah


I am heading to Target tonight–I may be buying half of what I see here. Thanks for this awesome round up. I am horrible at coming up with any decorating ideas (you are AMAZING at the layering!!) on my own so I sooooo appreciate this!

Jessica D

That owl poking his little owl head out of the basket is killing me. I just love your styling. Thank you for the .gif. It’s great to see how a room comes together!

Love all these new target products. Just bought the “stags head” version of the woven bull’s head. So cool.


Any plans for Target to come to the UK? How I would love one of those wood and brass lamps!!!


Yes! I think people all over europe need to have Target! Why this has not happened yet!? I looove their stuff

I’m so bummed! I read this post right before heading out to target and was so excited to pick up a few of these things, but my store didn’t have ANY of it! How disappointing ? I hope it’s just not out yet, as this collection looks right up my alley.


Love love love. Such a great design! Are the blue and gold velvet pillows Target, too?



I can’t seem to find the brass task lamp on their website. Does it only come in copper?


The Copper and Marble Lamp looks brass in your pics. Will Target be offering brass later or is this just a weird trick of the eye/the magic of Photoshop? Thanks!


oh help!! This is so absolutely perfect! I usually scorn the people who want to know every item in a post because – get creative and go make your own! But I absolutely want to copy every.single.thing in this room! it’s just fabulous! Congratulations! is it possible to see about 347 more pictures of this room? Lol!


Love the blue pillow and the gold/white arrows pillow. Where can I find these? They are gorgeous but don’t appear to be a Target product. thanks!


But THE FLOOR LAMP! Where do I get the floor lamp?!!!!!?????

Wow, I am so impressed by the beauty. It is super cozy, warm and inviting. I wish, I wish. In the meantime…

****I invite you all to visit my blog on Thursday, September 17 2015 to enter a super cute giveaway. I will be discussing Housekeeping Essentials + the giveaway that goes with it. You won’t want to miss it, specially if you’re into classy looking things for your home (for your laundry room?) (housekeeping basket?) Ehhh, yes, you won’t want to miss that at all. Cheers! Ends September 24, 2015


Such great stuff! I’m not really the woodsy/cabin type, but there are some great pieces in this collection! That said, I just got back from my local Target and they only had that pretty brass/marble lamp in the rose gold. It seems like there is no distinction between the colors on the website (so there’s no way to order it online and be guaranteed to get the right color!) so I will have to cross my fingers that the true brass colored one shows up in my store!

Lucas Jaymez

You look so beautiful in that dress. Definitely, blue is your color. And THAT ROOM. Such a dream.

Sorry for my rusty english, I’m from Argentina.


Hi Emily,

Love the new Fall look! Any chance you can tell me where the white console table came from with the wood lamp? Thanks so much

What a cozy and inviting space, just perfect for long nights of fall. And here is a rug full of fall inspired colors:×4-bb6013-rug


Are those throws really from Target!?!? I love them! However to be they don’t at all look like the blankets in your link. The color’s aren’t nearly as lovely and no fringe! Maybe it’s just the way they’re photographing?


Ugh… **to me**. Sorry posted too quickly. Always proofread Kellie! 🙂


Okay, Love it ALL! AND, love your shoes…where did you get them?


Are those throws really from Target!?!? I love them! However they don’t at all look like the blankets in your link. The color’s aren’t nearly as lovely and no fringe! Maybe it’s just the way they’re photographing?


AND I DOUBLE POSTED! So sorry Emily. Time for me to go home.

I’m in love with the plaid blanket on the ottoman! Such a cozy look!

Hailey |

Ok I am ALL OVER this new collection for fall. The design question I have is can I incorporate these tones, especially the more “beige” neutrals in with walls that are grey? Will that still work?

Shauna N

Sad Canadian over here. Its kind of ridiculous how much I miss Target!


Can anyone help with sourcing the floor lamp, plaid throw on the couch, armed side chair?


What about the mustard arrow pillow? Will that be at Target?


Emily, you need to have a chat with Target…they tease us with these photos and then don’t have all the products online!! I’m talking about the gold version of the copper and marble lamp. Not in stores and can’t find online–and I’m DYING to get it! Only the way too pink copper version in stores and online right now!!! Tell them we need gold!! And I love everything about how you styled this beautiful room! Love it all.


I went to 2 Target’s looking for a few of these items, the wood lamp mainly and both stores had NOTHING. When I asked a team member about the lamp, she had to call 2 other team members over just to tell me that since I didn’t have a description or item number I was SOL. I asked if they could check in the back and all three of them looked at me like I was insane and said that wasn’t possible. i really love the new stuff…hopefully the can actually get it on the shelves :-/

A few thoughts… 1) The first thing I noticed was your hair…looks great. Pregnancy sheen? 2) I love that you are noticeably pregnant and yet this ad has nothing to do with babies or pregnancy. Go Target. 3) I’m freaking out because I’m in escrow for a cabin nearby (Green Valley Lake, near Big Bear) and I’ve been holding back on buying decor since reading about this line on your blog. My faves: gray basket with leather handles, mango wooden tray, all the lamps, random antler, and herringbone tray. 4) Love the wood side table but my issue with those… Read more »

Barbara branch

Is the rug the natural color? It seems more white/cream in the photos? The one in the pictures is just what i have been looking for!


I was looking for white too and couldn’t find it online.


I’m not seeing the brass and marble lamp online. Is it only available in store? I’m only seeing the copper and marble version online.


Can you tell me where I can find the wooden ladder?

Love, love!

I actually bought the copper and marble task lamp yesterday – I was really hopeful about it working in my office (which has a solid amount of Nate Berkus brass office supplies). I really, really love rose gold… but this isn’t quite the right shade to go with the brass. Sadness. I’m really excited to see that it comes brass too… I’m going to watch my local Target because it wasn’t there yesterday. I hope soon!


Gorgeous as always! Your dress is also amazing, can you share where it’s from? Thanks


Love the accent chair on the left with the camel and gray plaid. where is that from? or what is the fabric? I just decided that grey/camel/tan combo was an option for a family room redo and then you post this! awesome……..


You look smoking in that dress! The crazy part about being pregnant is that you look so good in pictures and to others, but inside you don’t feel so great, right? I hope you’re feeling well and that you enjoy your last few weeks.

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