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What I’m Wearing … My Favorite Fall Pieces



It’s been 85 degrees in LA which I take issue with and find offensive, but my body/closet was desperate for fall wardrobe so fall wardrobe I will wear. I made a big run to the Americana (a mall here in LA), bought some pieces online and spent a day mixing all of it with my current closet to find some new outfits that I love (despite returning some of them because I’m not grown up enough to handle their care). So here are my favorite new (and old) fall wardrobe pieces that I want to talk about. 01

Striped Sweater – As a bustier gal a turtleneck is not normally my sweater-du-body, but this boxy lady with skinny/fitted arms is so soft, flattering and easy to wear. I made everyone in the office vote if I should keep this, knowing that it’s cashmere and that we live in LA and they gave a unanimous YES. They bullied me into buying this, but I will simply recommend this one to you (no office full of pressure).

Corduroy Pants – Otherwise known as the most forgiving pants on the planet. The waist does not cut in (in fact by the end of an active day they loose enough to fit your dinner) but the legs are always fitted, and people always call them super flattering.

Nude Mules – They are my favorite shoes that I’ve ever owned. In fact I went to Canada for two days with only these shoes – I wore them to the airport, all day at a design fair, that night at my speaking engagement, all night out and then the next day to the airport/on the plane. To travel internationally with a passport and only one pair of shoes says a lot. If you get them in another color they are equally as comfortable and flattering, although the nude (moon, I think) makes your legs like 5 inches longer.


Striped Blouse (similar) – I bought that blouse a couple of years ago from Anthro, I think and it’s still going strong.

Green Jacket – A new one that I’ve already worn 3 times because it’s pretty easy to layer over anything due to its boxy nature (you know me well enough at this point – I like boxy on top, skinny on bottom due to my body type)

Skinny Jeans – Pre-Elliot jeans which are wonderful, that I’ve finally fit into (CUE LARGE EMOTIONAL APPLAUSE). Enough elastic at the waist to be forgiving (I’ll never lose that round of love around my waist) but fitted enough to not stretch out and keep legs looking long.

Booties (similar) – I bought these last year (in spring, even) because I loved them so much but sadly I don’t know where to find them online.


Striped Sweater With Faux Button Down Bottom – I love this lady a lot. But here is how this story ends: One of my two children will crush their raspberry covered hands into its shoulders while embracing me after I come home from work. I won’t stop it (because you never stop that) and then I’ll haphazardly throw it in the hamper where somebody, most likely myself, will wash it on high/hot speed. Then I’ll be disappointed in myself, again, for pretending to be able to handle such fabrics as silk and cashmere for casual clothes. A special silk dress is doable for night time occasions, but if something is supposed to be daytime and casual then cashmere it can’t be. But I bought it and loved it and wanted to endorse for those of you who are more apt at adulting than I am. It’s like tasting a burger as a vegetarian – it’s DELICIOUS, but not for me.

Flared Jeans – Oh these ladies brought me back to my college years. I love them and get compliments every time I wear them (on the jeans and flattery). These are Brian’s current favorites.

Gold Mules – I can’t own the nude and the gold, but I figured I’d buy the gold and show you how great they are. They are ALMOST as good as the nude ones above, (and still available). And yes, Rachel Comey shoes are very expensive. It’s become a stupid splurge of mine and I’ve only regretted one pair (the mary jane clogs are unwearable). If you love the look but don’t want to spend the money ASOS and Madewell have VERY similar (sure, I’ll use the word ‘eerily’) to Comeys. Every now and again Sara will walk in wearing what I think must be Rachel Comey’s and she’s like ‘nah, these were $80 from ASOS. But yes, that brand is one that made my little shoe heart go pitter patter because they are simple, yet special (my new motto in design).


Chambray Button Down – Last year from Madewell but a great one. And I’m embracing the ‘button to the throat’ trend like I never knew I would.

Navy Duster (similar) – I bought this one last year (which is no longer available) and am shocked at how great it looks with everything (including shorts and mini-skirts).

Skinny Black Jeans – A solid pair of jeans that fit me on both good days and bad. Thank god for jeans like these.

Nude Mules – Oh geez. New ones that I can’t bring myself to return even though that was my intent. They are patent leather nude mules and they work officially with every outfit. I wish they were cheaper, I do, but I love them so much. If you don’t want to pay the price tag wait for the knock-offs that are surely coming (not that i’m supporting knock-offs, in fact I don’t, just speaking freely about the reality of the fashion industry – good or bad).


Cropped Box Top (similar) – She is an oldie but easy to layer and simple.

Cardigan – I take issue with a lot of cardigans because they are so fitted that it makes impossible to layer. In LA I don’t want a big warm wool cardigan all the time, I want something medium weight, that won’t stretch out too fast, that is easy to layer over blouses/shirts and won’t add bulk. This may not look that flattering in these shots, but it is so easy to wear and detailed enough to be stylish and not boring.

Skinny Jeans – Enough elastic that I felt contained, but forgiving enough that I feel safe.

Healed Oxfords – As I was searching for nude shoes that could possibly rival my comey’s I found these and LOVE THEM. They have a bit more going on, but they are super comfortable, flattering and far more affordable. Your leg looks longer and yet your wallet doesn’t get that much smaller.


Striped Turtle Neck (similar) – Vintage from Express via Good Will. Super fitted and the only turtleneck that I layer with.

Wool Peacoat – UGH. Another one that I’m grappling with whether to return or not. I live in LA and therefore I don’t need this, but it’s so cute. If you live where it gets cold I highly recommend this coat. Its super flattering and easy to layer/wear. It’s such a good alternative to a dark long coat. I have three trips to New York in the next month so I may rationalize that I OBVIOUSLY need it.

Flare Jeans – Frame is my favorite brand. Ever. Not because they pay me or even know I exist but because their jeans are good for my self esteem. (please read the hyperbolic comedy in that phrase – I know that clothes can’t actually create/diminish personal worth). 

Heeled Oxfords – See above. They are good.


Striped Boxy Top – My new go-to. It looks like I care, while wearing a HUGE pajama top, basically. You have to style it up with skinnys and heels but when I do i’m psyched that I turned comfort into fashion. This is from a new company Accompany (a b-corp that is part of the Mercantile!!). I’ve bought so much of their jewelry and a few pieces of clothes and shoes that I LOVE.

Skinny Jeans – Again, good ones.

Silver Heels – You can’t see in the photos but they have such a cute block heel and are so comfortable. They are that perfect in between height. And in case you haven’t heard ….silver is the new gold …. (the blog internet just imploded). 

I always like to see what people I follow are actually purchasing and wearing (not being gifted or sponsored) so if you are into these fashion posts, let me know. It’s such a great excuse for me to see what is happening in fashion, go through my closet and you know, CARE about what happens on my body.

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Yes, I do love your fashion posts. Please keep them coming! Rag & Bone did a nude, heeled mule a few seasons ago. It’s also my favorite shoe.

Love the fashion posts! Especially “real” fashion, that you actually bought and wear. ha!
One tiny note…. “Heeled” = having a heel, like on a shoe. “Healed” = getting better, usually medically. 🙂


I love these posts too! Especially since she includes the pieces she plans to return and explains why.

Additional tiny grammar note: “waste” instead of “waist.”


Thank you Tara! That was bugging me too. Emily you are super cute in all your outfits. I love that pale pink coat more than I love pink on a little girl’s bedroom walls…


And I think Ashley means you meant to write “waist” when you accidentally wrote “waste” about the waist on your blue skinny jeans.


You’re so darling and frankly look good in anything. BUT, let’s focus on the fact that you were recently in Canada and DIDN’T CALL ME. 🙁


Love them all! We have similar body types so now I’ll need to check out Frame jeans (I’m pregnant now, so a forgiving waist will be even more important postpartum….)

But I mostly came here to ask about the necklace in your last outfit. Its so cute, please share where we can find it! Thank you!


I loved this post! You are just so cute and I think you have such a fun personal style. I am totally with you on cashmere and silk. I am a mom of 3 little ones, and they are pros at wrecking nice clothes. I also avoid white (which makes me very sad). It has been good, though, to revamp my closet with my lifestyle in mind. Life is too short to live in clothes that don’t work for your lifestyle. Embracing it. P.S. I really appreciated your political posts. Thank you for being honest, but not super emotional. I… Read more »


Your fashion posts are so much fun! Everything looks adorable on you. Keep them coming!


Emily. You are going to bankrupt me. Love all your fashion posts including the kids ones. Keep it up please


Always fun! My favorite is the long cardigan, my least favorite is the pink striped box, er… shirt. ?

I love when you do these posts! It’s fun to see how someone else is dressing for the season and how you style your pieces. It gives me ideas and I truly appreciate your candid and honest commentary. Plus, even when I don’t love specific pieces for me, I love seeing which categories you’re loyal to (ie mules) haha. I just love people’s personal styles.


All cute 🙂 You look fabulous! Now – I know you have to hedge your statements because of your critics, but I do believe that clothes (just like many other items) can help with self-esteem. They don’t make you better or more prepared, more capable, or stronger… but they can help you feel all those things. After reading Dr. Amy Cuddy’s book Presence last year I firmly believe that physicality can help our minds. I have stopped feeling guilty that my love of fashion is superficial and bad because when I feel more confident I am more confident – I… Read more »


You go! This is the ethos of that old, wonderful show, “What Not to Wear”. Stacy and Clinton totally drove this home in every episode and this tomboy is forever grateful.


Preach! I am a believer as well.


I love these posts! 🙂 keep them coming!

Love your fashion posts! I have the same body type so I usually pick up one or two pieces each time you post! Just bought the Hudson flare jeans and the boxy top! Xoxo

Those silver heels are so so so so cute. I love short block heels lately.


KEEP the perfect peacoat and the fashion posts! Eeryone else, leave this lady alone about the grammar and spelling! She is smart, she knows, and she is also in a hurry! Now I am off to purchase a few of those items.


Make that “everyone.” 🙂


I LOVE that you go out of your way to hightlight b-corps! Thanks for being such a wonderful human.


Yes, she really is!


I really love these fashion posts! They introduce me to knew brands, and I love seeing the pieces on you as opposed to just on hangers or models on online stores. Your style is adorable and one of my all-time favorites! Please keep them coming!


Every time you do a style post I think of MILLE, an exceptionally well curated shop in my town of Minneapolis. The owner is a mama of two and seems to be channels a similar style ethos as you. You should check out her site. The styling of her look books is fabulous. I know, you live in LA were there are a bajillion shops, but you seem like kindred spirits.


The popover chambray dress from Mille is TOTALLY Emily.


These posts are awesome. Younger me would get turned off by your price points, but current me knows that’s petty jealousy. Over it. This is probably going in your memoir, but I’d love to hear your take on becoming a public face and body when your professional talent is not linked to that (i.e. you aren’t trying to be a professional model). You dealt with this early, being on a reality TV show (still want that dirt too!). Was it hard? Super gradual? Still weird? My employer gives me opportunities to be more public, but that’s not why I got… Read more »


I love the post and love how you put everything together and love how you structured it and love that everything’s actually purchased and I also buy things and then decide later what to keep and what not to so what I would say to another fashion post is…..YES PLEASE and thank you very much.


Yes, more fashion posts please!


I love the pink and white striped top. That color looks great on you.


Yes, I second the bright pink on you, gorgeous!


I really like this series, but I think I kind of speed through them because your body type is not my body type? So it’s hard to relate? I’m realll petite so it’s hard for me to get behind boxy flowy big on top – would look like a circus tent on me – but I think it looks so great on you!

Anyways, its still interesting to see other fashion perspectives so I still enjoy it! (maybe the EHD design team have other perspectives as well? )


I always enjoy your fashion posts. If I had a “celebrity style icon” you’d probably be it, or at least in my top five. Keep the peacoat–it’s got a 1960’s mod vibe that is flattering and very cute!


JCrew’s tissue turtlenecks are great for layering or under an itchy sweater. And pretty inexpensive at the outlet shop. 🙂

I love these fashion posts!! Please keep them coming and please keep them non-sponsored. I love seeing what people actually purchase and wear.


I love your fashion posts, cute and practical for busy creative types.


I LOVE your fashion posts. Please keep em coming! You have the best style, and I appreciate tummy friendly tops. 🙂


These posts are fun because they show a little more of your personality and tastes. I like to see what you are thinking about trends. Is it just this post or that I’m only noticing that you don’t accessorize your clothing? Which is kind of funny since your design posts talk about accessories and styling a room with them (accessories). My blog reading has expanded from home design focused to personal fashion focused over the past few years. I have learned a lot about fashion (color, style/fit for body types, accessories, etc.) from this blog and started paying a… Read more »


I love these posts, and your style, but we have completely opposite body types (I have small boobs/shoulders/arms and big hips). I always look at the clothes you choose and know they would look terrible on me. I don’t know if this would veer to fashiony for your site, but would you ever consider dressing someone else (maybe someone else in your office?), or do a similar piece guest-written by someone who has a different body type?


Oooooohhhhhhh yes please!


I love these posts too, I have to say. Also, I’m curious about which Rachel Comeys are unwearable. Are you talking about the “Dekalb’ clogs? (I thought they were adorable on you and was thinking of getting a pair.)


Love these! We have the same body type and shop the same price point so these are pretty much perfect posts for me…

I love your fashion posts and your overall personal style. Would love to see more!

Shawna ||


Hi Emily,

I am a fan of your blog, I don’t think I have ever found another designer blog that posts so much good content, with so much variety! I recently moved to Australia, and unfortunately cannot purchase majority of the items that you recommend because US sellers usually don’t ship to the land down under. Do you or your team know of any Australian designer blog that is similar to yours? Thank you very much, keep up the amazing work!


Great fashion post! I love shoes. Anyone know a place to buy Comeys at an outlet? I love shoes and although I could probably afford 1 pair. I have a closet full of shoes and need to save some money for kid’s college.

That white coat is beautiful. Wish it was available in a different color.

I LOVE the fashion posts. They’re some of my favorites. Keep them coming, girl friend!

Looking super cute, girly!!

Cute outfits! I liked the cardigan and the green jacket. 🙂


Yes, love these posts!

I particularly like the striped cashmere sweater and all the jeans. And the shoes! Speaking of shoes, your favourite nude mules are really lovely and at $400 should last for years. But please show them how much you love them with some polish; they look really scruffy.

Rachel Scarvey

Love these posts! I am still in mad love with the Rachel
Comey Almer clogs from years ago! And cheers for the return of the flare jean! As a hippy (as in I have hips) girl, flares balance out the proportions and make me look long and lean even when I’m not so long or lean! #flaremagic


I’ve already em hendoed my 900sq foot home and now I get to work on my bod.
I’m a pear, so we don’t have the same needs, but i still get endless inspiration, shoes and jewelry.
I hope you do another beauty post. You are gorgeous.


“Em hendoed” = perfection. Love. Currently trying to em hendo my house, and as a fellow pear I’ll always be jealous of the boxy-top-skinny-jean-mules look.

Love your fashion posts! super useful, like talking with a friend. A couple years ago I discovered Reiko Trousers. I have a feeling you would love them too. My favorite one are the Chino Trousers Sandy. awesome fit and quality. They are a little bit pricey but sooo worth it.


We have the exact same build so these blog post are always SO FREAKING HELPFUL! Bring on the boxy tops y’all!


Welp. Bought the Steve Madden mules. Had a $30 Zappos coupon and am currently wearing (and LOVING) them! So, yeah, keep these posts coming, Emily!


I love these posts – keep ’em coming!


I have to say that it really bothers me that nude anything is NOT my nude. They actually hire people to come up with evocative paint names….why can’t they come up with a name that doesn’t exclude more than half the female population? Reminds me of the Band-Aid conundrum.


Yes, this, love the post but this bothers me every time.


Fashion posts forever! Keep ’em coming, Emily.

Definitely yes to this post! I love that stripe top (not that I need any more stripes in my closet, I have so many you would think I live on a boat…). I like posts like these that are real and honest, and the clothes are ones you actually paid for. I’m really tired of people talking up great clothes and how much YOU TOO should buy them (and then seeing the asterisk that says that $493 top – which I’m to willing to pay for – was actually given to them for free, so how unbiased is their opinion… Read more »

Such great pieces, I love your style! ps- please keep that coat so that I can see it again ; )


cute outfits!
Just a tiny – but lifesaving – tip for owning cashmere & silk : I bought an extra laundry basket for “super delicates”. Anything that needs extra care gets thrown in there, and once in a while we do laundry load with only those. Since we’ve had it, nothing has shrunk! And as long as you wash it on a cold cycle, cashmere actually gets softer and softer with every wash.


Love these fashion posts Emily! Very relatable, not at all fashion bloggerish!

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