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A Hosting Checklist To Get You All Ready For The Holidays



Some of our best memories happen around the holidays when everyone is under one roof and you are all packed in together having fun with each other. But before those beloved memories can happen you have to make sure to stock up on supplies, swap out the sheets, get some extra toothbrushes, grab them their favorite snacks, clean out the guest bedroom closet to give them some room.

So, to help us all out we decided that it would be fun to pull together a last minute list to help you get your own home prepped for anyone that might be coming to town this weekend to stay with you. Not every single item on this list is mandatory and by all means you don’t need to create more stress for yourself by trying to cross all of these off, but for those of you who enjoy a list and find it more helpful when it is right in front of you so that you can cross it all off, we have you covered.

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Some of my favorites, although COMPLETELY unnecessary. Pillow Spray – I recently got some and love spraying it on my pillow before bed. Fresh Flowers – if nothing else get some fresh flowers or a small bud vase with something from your garden to put on their nightstand, it will spruce up the room and stay fresh during their entire stay. Phone Charger – this is the most important thing that I always need to bring yet I always seem to forget it. An extra phone charger would be very much appreciated by any guest staying at your place.

And because lists are helpful albeit boring, we pulled together a “mad-libs” inspired note for you to pass along to your guest when they arrive. It’s probably overkill, but I would have so much fun filling in all these blanks and tailoring the answers to the person that was coming to visit, and if they haven’t been to your place before it can help give them a bit of a guide to what is close by and around should they need anything during their stay.

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To get you started here are a few of our favorites that are still pretty enough to display out after your guests leave. Happy Hosting my friends.

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Very good brief and this post helped me a lot. Say thank you I searching for your facts. Continuous it..


The mad libs is such a fun idea! Thank you!


Agreed, this is so much fun. I wonder if there would be any sort of way to do this with design?! Like a design mistakes mad libs?


I’d like to add Poo-Pouri to your list. Every guest appreciates it conveniently placed in the bathroom.


Yes! =)


My mom gave this to all of us last year in our stockings and we all thought it was so weird but love the product so much! I agree to adding this one to the guest room for guests.




ah this is the kind of content I really miss! this is awesome thank you so much! you just made my holidays so much easier and more fun!


I recently added a linen tissue box cover to my guest bedroom and bathroom, and it makes such a huge difference. You can find them on Etsy under the shop Pilosale. Also, a cute way to display WiFi password is key. And a plunger in the guest bath! No one wants to ask their host for that 🙂


Agreed on the plunger, and also TP that is somewhere close by the bathroom so they don’t have to come and ask you for it.


This is SO helpful and just made the last few days before guests come into town a lot less stressful now that I have something to follow. Thank you for this!!!


this just cut my in-law stress in half cause now I don’t have to think about all the little things i was sure to forget, happy holidays to you and the team!


Get a “small bud vase with something from your garden to put on their nightstand.” Hahahahaha! What a lovely idea. I’ll have to remember that for next summer. — Love, everyone who doesn’t live in Southern CA

Just kidding. Love the lists though.


This is perfect! I’m not having guest any time soon, but I’m going to start gathering these things so they will be ready to go when I do. And I will weirdly enjoy doing it.


So cute! I love the mad libs. I have to say that I love the Every man Jack deodorant. It doesn’t have aluminum and keeps my DH smelling fresh.


This is SO helpful! Thank you for this!
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The toiletries you may have “forgot”?! – think you mean forgotten 😉


I also think it’s super nice to print out/frame your wifi network name and passcode…


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