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My Genuine Obsession With The Ruffle Bottom Blouse



I’ve found my spirit shirt. It’s casual, yet nice enough for meetings. It’s structured but not restricting, and flirty but not too young. It says business up top, party on the bottom. Now, every body is different but the ruffle bottom top has made my life easier and at this point I now own 5. FIVE. I love them that much.

Emily Henderson_Womens Clothing_Fashion_Ruffle Tops_check ruffle

The addiction started with this guy from The Great (Emily and Merritt/Current Elliot’s new brand … why do these ladies have so many labels???). Now I’m not saying that this shirt is the best shirt ever on me, or that Brian can’t take his hands off me when I wear it, but for my body type, (bigger on top – two babies worth, and little around the waist with skinnier legs), I find such comfort in this silhouette. It’s like taking a serious button up and adding a dose of fun and flirtation. (P.S. This post wasn’t really planned so I just showed up at the studio yesterday with a bunch of them in my bag and they were wrinkled, so I’m sorry – typically these are all great out of the dryer, no ironing necessary).

I continued to nurse my addiction with this one:

Emily Henderson_Womens Clothing_Fashion_Ruffle Tops_red ruffle

This one is by Ulla Johnson – a designer that is SWEEPING America wish her casual, easy to wear bohemian style made out of the most beautiful fabrics ever. This shirt actually doesn’t really even look like her style, but it sure is mine. I wish these were more flattering on camera – they aren’t because typically when I do videos it’s only the top half of my body on camera and these are more voluminous on top, obviously. I love this shirt. It’s fitted in the arms and more tailored in the armpit but allows for ample boob-age and lots of extra stomach-age. Also if you are pregnant, this one is particularly awesome. You might not be able to go all nine months as they are short, but they are so cute and flattering (and comfortable)

Emily Henderson_Womens Clothing_Fashion_Ruffle Tops_striped ruffle

Then recently I picked up this one from Madewell. I was with my friends and they were both like ‘I’ve never ever seen a shirt more ‘Emily’ in my life’. Classic striped pattern, tailored fit but with that fun little ruffle that says I like the party. My go-to brands used to be Steven Alan and APC but honestly they can be so expensive for such everyday basics that my children will ruin, that I rarely go there anymore and instead have opted for Madewell. Like 1/2 my wardrobe is Madewell. It’s not cheap but it’s doable. I bought that same shirt in white, too…..because I’m addicted!!

So I figured a roundup could be helpful for those of you who want to experiment in this style and who are also looking for a spirit shirt. I own #8 as well and its AWESOME.

Here you go, 24 great ruffle bottoms tops (and a couple dresses):

Ruffle Top Roundup Womens Fashion Emily Henderson Design

1. Lydia Boho Top | 2. Charlotte Blouse | 3. Oxford Plaid Shirt | 4. Sissy Top | 5. Horizon Stripe Top | 6. Cutout Shoulder Shirt | 7. Buffalo Check Top | 8. Sunpleat Lace-Up Top | 9. Vertical Stripe Tee | 10. Ruffled Hem Camisole | 11. Pintuck Dress | 12. Sleeveless Top | 13. Swing Dress | 14. Clu Too Top | 15. Georgette Top | 16. Lace Detail Blouse | 17. Swiss Dot Tank | 18. Embroidered Blouse | 19. Silk Blend Blouse | 20. Striped Silk Blouse | 21. Oksana Flutter Sleeve Top | 22. Ruffled Striped Top | 23. Guipure Bib Front Blouse | 24. Lakeside Peplum Top

I realize that #11 and #13 aren’t shirts, but they are such cute ruffle dresses that I want, so I threw them in there. I tried on #20 recently and my chest and arms were too big for it (again, I carry more weight there) but otherwise it has a really good drape. I plan on ordering #18 and #19 and I forgot to include The Great’s tank and tshirt version out of t-shirt material which is great, but I need more structure on top than that.

So that’s my new shirt. The ruffle bottom topped has usurped the secretary blouse that I wore all through the 2000’s in my personal popularity.

And in case you are wondering, the wallpaper in our studio is from Devine Color and is sold at Target. What are your go to flattering pieces that I should know about and which one of these ruffle tops are you ready to add to your cart? (Also my skirt is here, which Is very flattering, hugs without cutting in and shows no underwear lines or bulges.)

LASTLY .. yes, Brady has a photo of Zac Efron above his desk. I encourage this kind of behavior.

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Amanda U

Cute! I was loving your outfit on the Facebook live stream yesterday. Now that I know where your top was from, where was your skirt from?


Do you notice any button-gap with the Madewell striped top? It is sooo cute but I’ve started to be real with myself about button-ups.

Who What Wear for Target had/has the cutest black ruffle top, with ruffles also above and just below the chest as well as at peplum-level, and they wrapped around the back. It hangs beautifully in the back, hiding problem areas around bra. And there is a similar white dress option. I snagged both and love them.

It is interesting to me . Please share more info here in this site. I like to make a progress. Thanks for share ..

I love that Zac-y poo is checking you out in all these pics!


The Zac Efron peeking into every photo is hysterical.


Intelligent work it is thanks for sharing this post.


I love your sake sense and I especially love the fashion.
I have a very small house (800 sq ft) and if I do any more of your home tips, I will become more and more of a likely hoarder.

Lately I’ve been getting your clothing recommendations.
Please keep ’em coming!

Jenna R.

Brady…I also may or may not have a photo of Zefron taped above my desk 😉


I can only see Zefron eyeballing you…lol.

Brady, you so funny! 🙂


You certainly look cute, but that is my nightmare shirt! I have the opposite body type (small on top, big on the bottom) and finding shirts these days is next to impossible. I selfishly long for the day when short and boxy is no longer trendy…

Emily K

Me too! I hear ya on the short and boxy nightmare and I don’t like long and boxy either. I need fitted clothes especially on top because my body shape is very strong and “football player” shall I say. I’m not fat but no part of me is thin except maybe my wrists, ankles, and the top of my torso. Ha!

Emily K

I should add that I feel like some of these are close to what I could wear but they’d need to be longer, the waist nipped in more, and the ruffles falling close around my hips peplum style. So basically a whole redesign 😉

Emily (and team) YASSSSS! I too have a spirit shirt that I love so much that I’m actually commenting on a blog about it. The Skargorn #61 tee is amazing. (Google it folks.) I own 4 of them and wear them with everything. The off the shoulder business makes me feel fancy, the looseness is perfect for days when I feel flabby, they go with everything, and they’re super breezy in these 100 degree Austin, Texas temps. Love, love, love.


The Denim Piazza Skirt from Madewell is the pear-shaped ladies answer to the skirt you’re wearing and I LOVE it! It makes me feel cute and flirty while flattering my wider hips/butt.


If I wore #2, I could image flashing everyone when a big gust of wind came, or leaning over and having the shirt fall up around my shoulders…again flashing everyone. It’s a cute shirt, though. If I were going to chose a few, I’d pick 8, 18, and 24.


Yes! Love your fashion posts. I am digging this style of shirt as well, it’s comfortable but still feels special. I don’t like that some clothing sites call them a peplum silhouette because I don’t think that is quite right, so ruffle is what I will start calling them.


OMG I never realized until now BUT I too have that evident love!
I didnt realize how many tops I have like that!


You are beautiful and this is helpful and fun. Thanks for taking pics that look real. Xo


Emily-this is off topic, but is taxidermy taboo for you? Husband just brought home our third huge buck head. We have a 1964 three bed, two bath, one story ranch with 7.5 foot ceilings and I am at. A. Loss. For how and where to decorate with them. All together in one place? Separate them? Build their own special building (ha)? I am Simple Classic , not really rugged or rustic. i want to support the beauty of the animals without looking like a lodge.

Emily K

Ooh I can weigh in on how I used taxidermy in my home! I inherited my grandfather’s old mounts. I have 2 deer heads and one fox. I live in a 1960’s colonial revival and my ceiling heights are similar to yours at around 8′ and definitely not decorated in a rustic style. I put the two heads together on one wall close to a corner. I put the one mount so close to the ceiling so that its antlers are almost touching. The other mount was placed next to it but down further to make a more interesting arrangement.… Read more »


THANK YOU!!! THIS is so similar to my style and tstse and I was considering staggering 2 in the corner, so you just confirmed that it’s a possibility. Thanks for weighing in. :). I’m gonna give it a try.

Ohhh very cute! Love the buffalo check but sold out. You sold them all,☺ what do you think of the bottom ruffled Capri? I have seen a few of those lately.

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Chaya jain

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Best shop for ruffles ever?
So cute!


I love this & your style and would love to see more fashion posts!!


I’m a designer, as well, and I own 5 of these shirts – all from J. Jill! They’re perfect for meetings! Comfortable enough to wear all day and nice enough to wear to work. Love them!


Love these clothing posts! The explanations and roundups are super helpful.

Would be interested to know if any/which of these products are sponsored (besides the Target wallpaper), or if you have in-kind or affiliate agreements with any of these retailers? Not that that’s a bad thing – I am literally wearing skinny jeans from Target right now that you recommended a while ago, and they are awesome! Just curious.


Also – to clarify – you totally SHOULD be getting some affiliate income/etc. for generating clicks and sales for these retailers! Again, not a negative thing – just hoping for a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action 🙂


I was about to say how quite possibly the best part of these photos was the pic of Zac Efron in the corner but in the end you beat me to it 😉

Those shirts really do look so darling on you – I love the whimsical and modern take on a classic. So glad you found a style that works for you and there are so many options out right now – that’s the best feeling!


Love the classic white peplum you are wearing. But I do not see it in the link. Can you share where you bought it? And thank you for giving us something pretty to smile about daily in this crazy world!

I’m glad you posted this roundup because I was thinking about getting a similar shirt from a local designer. However, I was struggling to figure out how to style it.

Chaya jain

This post is very nice as well very helpful

What a fun style, and so you Emily!


Oooh, thanks for this! I used to scan over style/fashion posts, but I’m recently trying to figure out my own style again since having my kids (now a new 2 and 4 year old). My body is changing so much! I’m a mom, but want a cute and functional (i.e., very washable and easy to wear while I’m actively playing with my kids) style that makes me feel good and is more fun to wear than so many mom styles. Looking forward to more posts like these! (And went to look at her clothes and loving Ulla Johnson!)

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