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Feedback, yo.



Quick question:  Do you guys want more design star posts or not?  I don’t want to alienate/bore non-watchers (anymore than they already are), but the comments/emails explode when its about design star and are kinda ‘wah wah’ about the rest of the stuff.  What if i did 3 DS posts a week and 3 regular?  is that weird?

Let me know what you are feeling. If you have questions you have about DS leave them in the comments and I can answer them.
I really can’t thank all of you enough for the support – i’m so not kidding.  It makes watching myself on TV a little less painful if I know people are out there rooting for me and not thinking that i’m totally lame.  Which i can be.
Circa right now.  I might be still in my PJ’s, checkin’ the blogs, and have NO intention of getting out of them soon.  In fact, i might have every intention of watching ‘Love Happens’ later today, also in my pjs.  Maybe.

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