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Exciting Blog Update! A New (& SUPER Useful) Way to Experience Our Content



As a user of this site as well as the founder/namesake, I was not having the best experience, to be honest. Sure, I loved the actual content we were creating for the blog, but navigating it was such a bother. While I was designing these two houses, I realized how much better of a resource our site could be for anyone in my shoes. As you may know, we produce daily ROBUST design content for every room which includes trends, inspiration, process, renovation, mistakes, reveals and resources. But once they become the “sixth” post on the feed, they disappear onto the dreaded “Older” ether of the site. All that work, often WEEKS of work, for them to maybe show up in a Google search if Google likes us that day (are they listening right now?). Sure, you can find them in the categories on the sidebar but the tagging was messy, and it was a pretty bad user experience for our particular content. I found myself Googling “Emily Henderson wallpaper roundup,” or “Emily Henderson tile roundup” ALL THE TIME, and that’s crazy. So while we want to revamp the whole site, I asked my IT and editorial teams to prioritize their efforts on finding a solution for this; I want to give you (and me) a better design resource and experience. The goal is for if/when you are designing or renovating a particular room that you can really use this site for all your needs and get lost for hours (hopefully) in our informative, well-researched and well-shot content. I found personally that there wasn’t a site that was doing this so easily, with posts as informative as ours and I WANTED IT SO BADLY. These days in digital media, when you see a hole, you try to fill it.

Now, I’m so happy because every post that we felt held a lot of real serviceable value is in our easy-to-navigate “ROOMS” section, which you can find in the site navigation bar above. Thanks to Arlyn, Jess, and Ryann who have spent (literally) MONTHS tagging, updating and organizing (and re-organizing) our best content for this big site update so we can all design, decorate and style our houses with more ease. THANK YOU, guys. There still might be some tweaks here and there as more people start using this and we notice some things work better than others, but we were antsy to finally show you what we’ve been up to.

So now, let’s walk you through how this really looks for you, how to navigate it and where you’ll find what you need/want. It’s all pretty standard…no crazy content curation potions or experience wizardry, but hey, we’re proud of this, so let us show you around anyway, you know…just in case.

Emily Henderson New Site Launch Rooms Intro Page Copy

First off, anytime you want to get to what we’re about to show you, just head on up to the navigation bar and click “Rooms”. That’ll get you where you want to go (and you want to be here…it’s where all the cool kids are).

Emily Henderson New Site Launch Rooms Rooms 1 Gif

We created a landing page with all the rooms you might want some guidance on, from the biggies (living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens) to the not-so-biggies-but-still-great (holidays, laundry rooms, etc.). We even have a “Whole House” section here, which, well, houses all posts that didn’t really belong in a specific room, as well as house tours from non-EHD designers. (If you’re wondering where my portfolio of work went, hang tight…pardon the dust…it’s under construction and a version 2.0 is comin’ at ya in the next few weeks).

Emily Henderson New Site Launch Rooms Pick Room

Okay, so you’ve picked a room…now what? What are you going to find after that “click”? Pictures of really pretty spaces? Renovation process advice and rules? Trend reports and shopping roundups? Yes, yes, and yes…all organized in a hopefully easy-to-follow-and-find format.

Emily Henderson New Site Launch Rooms Catgories 1 Copy

A quick little (kind of “duh moment”) brief on our four categories (again…so proud) and what to expect from each:

Room Reveals: These are any reveals and makeovers we’ve done and shared with you in the past, organized by the room you’ve selected. My old Glendale living room reveal? Brady’s kitchen makeover? All right here.

Trends & Inspiration: If you…need ideas for paint colors and want to know what’s “now”/working on a bathroom and would love some direction on cool materials and finishes/have a completely blank slate and looking for a totally new style to shake things up, this section is for you.

Emily Henderson New Site Launch Rooms Trends 1

How-To & Process: This is all the nuts and bolts. All the posts we’ve done walking you through the nitty-gritty of renovation, a DIY project, mistakes, space rules and styling live here for your reference.

Shopping: Let me preface this by saying this is not e-commerce. This is where all our posts that have a shopping lean live (any roundup, budget room or post with a Get the Look, for example). Don’t worry, we’ll go a little deeper into this section in just a sec.

But first…

If you’re halfway down the page in bedrooms but find yourself craving some kitchen content, we got you…the “Rooms” sidebar stays with you as you navigate, so you can jump to another space and all the posts that live there with just a click.

Emily Henderson New Site Launch Rooms Catgories 2 Copy

Okay, back to shopping…

Emily Henderson New Site Launch Rooms Catgories Shopping Type Copy

Again, this is not e-commerce (and as I’m about to get to at the end of this post, we’re launching a totally separate SHOP page in the coming weeks, too, which is going to be a different experience than this…that one is product-based, this is post/content-based). You can either just start scrolling through all those shopping posts in the room you have selected, or you can curate articles even further by post type (Roundups, Budget Rooms, Power Couples, Etsy Finds, Combos) and also by product type (which change depending on what room you’re “in”). So, say you’re in “Bathrooms” and are like “give me all you’ve got about faucets”…just click “Roundups” and “Faucets” and boom…your custom content experience.

Emily Henderson New Site Launch Rooms Catgories Shopping Filters Copy

So there you have it…all the content that my team and I have worked SO HARD on in the past right there for you, in a way that is hopefully super helpful to consume.

I hope you spend all weekend long deep in the archives, and hey, maybe tell a friend who might also be renovating or decorating. And don’t worry, we are also working on updated pages for the “About” section (which will soon be “Meet the Team”) and “Resources,” which we’re transitioning into a more robust shopping experience (not e-commerce, but just a user-friendly way to see everything we’re loving right now product-wise in a more navigatable form). You might also see the article pages looking a little different soon, as we’re also optimizing those. And then, finally, the homepage—the big blogroll will get tweaked, but not as much as we originally thought, just enough to give you more to look at/consume while not straying too far from the comfortable scrolling format of a blogroll.

Stay tuned folks (meanwhile, go have fun perusing our new ROOMS pages). It’s making our lives as designers so much easier already. xx

Fin Mark


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Yes yes yes! You’re so right: your content is too good, it should be easy to access. This is awesome, thank you!

Meg T

Yes! This is great! I was also do the googling thing for you in the same way. You know what I would really love, if there was a filter for your houses. I loved your last house since it was very similar to mine in terms of room layout (hello huge windows with a fireplace in the living room and a U kitchen with a peninsula in the kitchen). I go back to posts from that house so much. And I loved that you switched things up with that house since it was like an endless supply of things I… Read more »


I am with you. I love what was done under the ROOMS tab, so easy to search and find specific items, but I will often look for content by house. I see that there are Emily’s previous houses available under PORTFOLIO so I am hoping that the last house and the current one, as well as the mountain house will be there.


I too have googled “Emily Henderson _________ roundup ” or “Brady’s _______ reveal”, etc MANY times. This is great. And so pumped about the upcoming ROBUST (nice word) products-you-love-now page.


Holy smokes! This was a huge accomplishment. Congratulations and thank you!


Yes! Congratulations – I have a feeling that even though I didn’t think your blog needed tweaking…I will be a much more frequent user of your blog as a resource compendium!
HUGE change and again congratulations to all!!


BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you, Emily! This is great.



katie in slc

wowwwwwwwww this is going to be lifechanging when i’m trying to remember when the hell you posted something. ha!! huge congrats to you all, because archiving that much content probably took a lot of blood sweat and tears!
ALSO, i always have friends asking about good paint colors (i’m an architect) and i almost ALWAYS direct them to your paint posts. i hope that will be easier to find in this new system? (i’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but thought i’d mention it just in case 🙂 )


Agree with Katie! Would love to have paint, flooring, lighting, etc in their own categories. I, too, have google EH looking for design help.


yes, this is a great improvement!! Thank you 🙂




Love this!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work. This is going to be a resource I go to over and over again.


Thank you!! This will be so helpful!!!


Love the new structure-I easily found the 2014 kitchen makeover reveal for your previous kitchen with the brass grout, but when I clicked on the link within the post about the backsplash/grout, it brought me back to today’s post. I can only imagine the level of effort to thread years of posts together. I recalled that the kitchen was featured in Domino, but that article didn’t provide detail either. If you can point me to that missing information I would very much appreciate it.


Thank you!


I can’t imagine all the behind-the-scenes work that went down (and is still going down) to make this come to life. No wonder your team is growing to accommodate all that management stuff PLUS your awesome daily design content. Thank you for constantly growing and making this a space that readers (like me) will love!


Nice–Love it. Thank you! And the projects option mentioned will also be great.


Yay! Early Christmas! It’s brilliant!


This is so good!!! As a UI designer, I approve 🙂

But what I’m really waiting for is a better comments section like Disqus where we can upvote and reply to other comments much easier. Is this going to happen in the near future?

Hi Hannah! Yes, a more engaging comments section and community features are on the list for things to revamp!


Arlyn & Hannah,
Eee… One vote here for having the ‘anonymous’ commenting that we can do now. I tell ya, when I go to a site and type out a comment and then my only option is creating or logging into a Disqus or etc. account, I frustratingly just close the page and don’t end up posting my comment.

I *really* appreciate blogs where I can leave comments without having yet another account for something.

Thanks for listening to my opinion.

Noted! Yeah, I’m not sure Disqus is right for us, but we’re def thinking of the right way to just make everything on the site more user-friendly and fun to engage with!


Personally I think an upvote function would be a mistake. All that does is encourage mobbing and the internet is filled with enough of that as it is. Why not let each poster speak for her or himself without having to be patted on the back for it, or have these comments sections turn into a popularity contest.


Innovation is the lifeblood of entrepreneurship. You are nailing it!


I am so excited about this update! After years of renting, my husband and I just bought our first house. This will be so helpful as we start updates!! Thanks for taking the time to make this happen!


I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO HELPFUL WHEN designing my new house 🙂 thank you!!!


Yaaaas!! I am so excited for this! I am sure it took hours and hours of work, but I love all the content and am constantly trying to remember “Didn’t I read a post about this??” and now it’s all so organized and accessible. Kudos to you and your team!!


Does your brain ever rest?? Really, your commitment and creativity are amazing!


Ahhh! Great improvement. Thank you all!!!

When are you moving to two a day posts? I get a little bummed when you post a functionality or insight into what you’re thinking at the moment and no brand new eye candy. Me want candy! ????


Yay, very excited about this! I love using your site as a resource, but have often found myself frustrated because I was sure you probably had more relevant posts available for something I was researching, I just couldn’t find it. You and your team do such a fantastic job on these posts, I’m glad to have a simple way to access ones from the past.


Yayyyyyyy this is so great! My husband and I bought a house this year and are expecting our first baby, so I have an elaborate set of Pinterest boards to keep track of all the various posts I’ve found helpful, but this is going to be a huge help. There are so many posts from this site that I refer back to again and again. I know this was a TON of work, so thank you!


This new layout and user experience is amazing. The hard work really paid off! I would also love to see a section somewhere that houses all the more “personal”/work posts that you publish- such as this one, the post about how to prepare for design school, or updates about the office!


I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! This is exactly what I need— currently in bathroom-tile-choice-paralysis mode. Off to ransack your inspo! THANK YOU!


So excited about this! I especially want to thank Arlyn, Jess, and Ryann and whoever else on your team has been doing the legwork of tagging content because it’s TEDIOUS and underappreciated work so thank you thank you thank you! Also, your webiste is often my first resource when I am doing any kind of house project and I’m excited for the improved user experience!

Thank you! It was indeed a mountain of work, but SO WORTH IT for everyone.


OMGAHHH this is so so great! I know I will reference the Rooms section constantly. This must have taken SO much work – great job and thank you!


I love this – thank you so much! I am in the process of updating a new home. I am confident I will “get lost” for hours in the rooms section.


Ironically, I just pointed someone towards your kid friendly Halloween decor post from last year this morning, and was thinking about how tough that post might be for her to find – not anymore! Great job!


While you’re on the subject…every time I try to read a post on EHD on my ipad, it crashes. Every single time. Has anyone else had this issue, or is it just my ipad? Just wanted to make you aware of it, no idea what the issue is. I have to wait until I’m in front of a computer to get my fix.
Excited about these updates, though! I frequently go to your site to find different round ups for things, and send friends to your site, too.


This happens to me a lot on my iPad also!


Yes, ALL the time


Me too. And very slow to load photos when not crashing- and not crashing was rare! I stopped reading regularly as it was just too frustrating. Occasionally pop in on my phone now but I prefer the larger iPad screen for browsing.


This happens on my Kindle too!


HIGH FIVE! Love it.






Yes! I have been googling the same way looking for past posts, etc. to reference! Thank you!


I am warning you that I might pin less round ups now that you are MAKING MY LIFE SO EASY. Literal dreams coming true here at EHD. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(However, I have found myself commenting more as I cannot contain my enthusiasm for the work everyone on your team has been doing lately! Pumped to see a more interactive comment section, per some other notes below, is also in the works.)

Kayla Dunn

I love this! I’m always coming to your site and trying to search for specific things. This new way will be so helpful!!!


Very exciting! I can’t wait to play in all the rooms! Thank you for improving this – so helpful!


I am freaking DYING. This is so needed and I’m gonna spend hours on my phone at night in bed scrolling through this treasure trove! Been a fan since DS and man- I needed an easier way! I also just restored and designed an old 1930s Tudor house, btw! I feel we’d be best friends in another life. (Creepy? Sorry!) Ha!


In my quest to suck the “Style/Renovation” marrow out of this blog as I tackled some exciting by overwhelming projects this year, I sought out key info from your blog but had a challenging time navigating the site for all the reasons you outlined. Undaunted, I knew there’d be more great style council that what I could find searching, so I read every.single.entry. on the wwebsite. There is some really smart and savvy advice to be found early on! Now, with this re-organization, hopefully your entire bounty can be found much easier: Well done!


Looks amazing! Great update..and needed for sure! How many times have I googled your prior posts as the site wasn’t as search friendly, looking forward to the update!


Wahoo!!! SO happy about this, this is HUGE! CONGRATS TEAM!!! Does this mean your search functionality will improve as well? I was finding that searching the site usually didn’t return the results I was looking for. I had to go to Pinterest the other day to find your dining table round up (also found that like 4 of the collages in that post weren’t showing up but maybe that’s just me). FYI, I went to the rooms tab and it’s looking a bit buggy for me on iPad (I’m using chrome). It looks like there’s a sidebar ad on the… Read more »

Site search is a huge project to tackle, but we promise it’s on the list. The search can be so frustrating (even for us on the team)…hence why we’re always just Googling instead of internally searching. So…stay tuned.

And thanks for the feedback about the iPad functionality. I’ll let our tech team know!

Taylor Juricic

Love it!!! I would always have to google to find your roundups which have been so helpful!


As a user experience researcher – I realize how big a project this was. Kudos to the team.


This is great! Has anyone else mentioned maybe making your font a little bigger and more readable for those of us of a certain age???

Melissa Chelf

As a digital design firm owner, I can wholly appreciate the efforts of Arlyn, Jess, and Ryann. Oh the time! But WOW, the results!! Much better UX. ????


YAS! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this for SO long. Thank you EHD Team!

Deborah Burns

Thank you! It has been very sad that your previous content has been so hard to find. I have been reading your blog for years, while you were renting, and you had a lot of great content from then too! When talking about blogging with people (or in my job) I am always talking about creating an index of articles to help readers to find the content they are interested in. After the hard work of creating it, it’s sad when it is pushed down and literally disappears. 🙁 The only bloggers I know that are better at making older… Read more »


Wow! I’ve been an active pinner but this takes the cake and puts the frosting on top! Thank you.

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