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Update: The Team EHD Hair Reveals



Well folks, we did it. We walked into The Harbor salon in Silver Lake Wednesday morning and walked out that afternoon feeling like different people. It’s shocking what a good cut and color can do to your day (and confidence). If you have no idea what I’m talking about then rewind back to this intro post. The briefer recap is this: A few of the braver EHD members in the office and I popped over to the brand new The Harbor salon for a hair transformations in exchange for sharing about our experience on the blog and social media. It was about as nerve-racking of a team building exercise as you could get. My only request was that whoever wanted in on the hair transformations had to be willing to get at least ONE big change (I excluded myself from this rule because I’m the boss and that’s what being the boss means). Keep reading to see who made what changes…


The Harbor is a very sweet little salon in Silver Lake (aka very convenient for me), that also happens to be just as full of charm as it is full of very wonderful and talented hair magicians. It’s owned by Shanda Wallace (pictured above with me), and just opened its doors in July.

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon Process Sara Julie

In the end, four girls from the EHD office (and me) walked in with open minds and willing hair. Sara (on the left, EHD’s resident photographer) wanted to make a color change and was in good hands with Josh Miramontes and Ash Bazarjian. Julie (in the pink coat on the right, an EHD associate designer/project manager) worked with Rachel Hummel on her goal of a shorter length and darker color.

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon Process Velinda Ryann 01

Velinda (our resident curly haired staff member, and an EHD design associate) had stylists Kat Cali and Darla Hawn as her dream team. And last but not least Ryann (our blog assistant) had stylists Kelly Walker and Lauren Payne in her corner while she went even shorter than she already went (in length, not height obviously).


Isn’t that space so cute? It’s bright, open and minimal but has great little design pops all over. Those gold sconces are great, and they match the circular gold mirrors we all used to stare at ourselves. Floating stations keep things from feeling cluttered, and those big salon chairs are very comfortable for long stints of color processing. There are also little hanging planters along all the walls to keep things feeling fresh and alive. Like I said, minimal but very, VERY cute.

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon Process 01

Sara underwent just about every coloring technique in the book from the looks of it. Those two guys spent a good amount of time just mixing up color, brushing it in, and foil wrapping her entire head. She didn’t seem to mind though and quickly admitted that having two talented men softly touching her head for 3 1/2 hours was a dream and made her feel like a very important person.


Darla took Velinda’s hair from a medium brown to a darker, richer brown tone. We were all SHOCKED at how long Velinda’s hair got once it was wet and weighed down. You always hear about curly hair being unassumingly long, but seeing it in person was pretty eye-opening. So many of you in the last post brought up the concept of a dry cut for curly hair. Velinda got a little bit of both. They did some initial cutting on her damp curls and then went back in once it was completely dry to get the final shape perfected.

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon Process 02

Ryann wanted to go even shorter than her already-above-the-shoulder cut (which, by the way, she did herself with the help of her boyfriend a few weeks ago…18 inches chopped off). She wanted something along the lines of Parisian page boy chic. She also got some depth and warmth put into her hair with the help of some toned glaze. Julie also went darker but in a much more dramatic way. She’d had light brown hair with additional highlights for years and was ready to go a little darker even than her natural color. But her stylist pointed out that as the color wore on her hair, it would start to naturally lighten in some areas, allowing her hairs natural highlights to add dimension.


I worked with Shanda to reshape my hair, adjust the color, and tape in extensions. My hair just hasn’t been growing the way it used to, so I was ready to add some faux length and volume while I give my hair some TLC.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…THE REVEALS.


I LOVE my extensions. Having longer hair just feels like me. I think that maybe I just don’t have the time nor desire to style bob-length hair. I already know how to style my longer hair. I can throw it up in a cute pony, or quickly add some bounce to it with a curling iron…

As a reminder here’s where I started, and what I was using as my inspiration:

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Before Inspiration Emily

That was the inspiration, on the right.

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon After Emily

If only I could go back in time and keep that hair. I know you are thinking “Wait, what do you mean? You changed it after this?” YEP. It was too ashy for me and I’m used to brighter around my face. Honestly, I’m kinda nauseous about the whole thing because I feel like such an idiot. My hair DRINKS toner and now it’s been toned and retoned about five times and it looks nuts (check out stories to see what I’m talking about). So many people have DM’d me and I frankly don’t really want to even talk about it. But here’s the plan: I need to wash and wash and wash my hair to get out the variety of toners because it’s just too processed right now. So sorry, not really an “after” yet for me. I just wish I hadn’t changed it after Shanda first did it. This fine, porous blonde hair really can’t handle going darker just to go lighter again (without a TON of damaging bleach which I’m trying to wait on). I just want a time machine. But it’s okay. It’s just hair.

Meanwhile, I’ll let the rest of the team elaborate on their looks…



I LOVE my new hair. I seriously smile so big every time I see myself in anything reflective these days. It’s new and different for me, but I don’t feel like I’m walking around with someone else’s head on my shoulders. I can dress it up with texture spray for an edgier look, or keep it sleek for something a little quieter and sunkissed.

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Before Inspiration Sara

My hair was completely untouched before Josh and Ash got their hands on it. It was shoulder length, medium brown, and fine (as in “not exciting,” but also a little thin and soft). I really wanted to try something I knew I couldn’t normally afford, but something that wouldn’t need too much upkeep afterward. My original inspiration photos didn’t include the one above of Lucy Hale, but the night before we went to the salon, I was scrolling through Pinterest, saw this photo, and knew it was the direction I wanted to go in. It was darker and more natural at the root, but way lighter at the bottom, with all of this depth and warmth. A lot of my friends wanted me to try the ‘pumpkin spice’ color I had proposed, but the guys let me know that would mean color maintenance. This option will allow my natural root to seamlessly grow in, while also going with more of a spiced blonde at the tips, rather than a cooler ice or ash tone.

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon After Sara

We only did one short round of bleaching, so my hair barely feels any different and I can’t see anything that’s setting my “split end” alarms off. I’m already using the Olaplex line, including the intensive hair mask, which so many people with bleached hair call “magic.” Ash also sent me home with some purple conditioner to try if I wanted to experiment with a cooler tone in my ends at any point (or if my blonde starting turning brassier than I wanted it to). I’m also so excited I can finally try Kristen Ess’ temporary rose gold hair tint. Josh gave me a super textured cut, which I love and works great with my typical “beach waves” style (the only thing I really know how to do). But I also can’t wait to experiment with new styles and looks (for example, my usual ’90s-esque matte mauve lipstick now looks horrifyingly try hard next to my blonde ends, so it’s time to try some new, brighter colors). Josh and Ash are my heroes.



I feel human again with this new hairstyle!!! After having the same locks on my head for over a decade, I felt stagnant in life. Getting something this drastic makes me feel brand new and mentally ready to accomplish some goals that have been lingering off to the side for a while now. It is amazing how something as simple as a hairstyle can give you a new lease on life. I guess it’s time to finally go to the DMV or go skydiving???

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Before Inspiration Julie

Rachel, my stylist, worked her magic on me (thank you again). As someone who has gone to the same stylist since the age of 11, I was hesitant to let someone else’s hands touch my hair but right away I felt so at ease with her maybe due to the fact that we bonded over both being born and raised in the valley. Yup, that’s right. I am a proud valley girl! I was so appreciative of her taking the time in our consult going over every detail of what I wanted done, from the exact color, type of dye and how it would grow out/fade over the next couple of months to the texture and length of my cut. We probably spent a good 15 minutes discussing it all. We decided on a brunette color 3 shades darker than my natural light brown hair using a demi hair dye which when it starts to fade will let those highlights come through again (making it easier to maintain). I had told her shoulders or shorter in terms of length and we decided on a lob which sounded perfect especially after the initial cut (I was still a little scared). Before getting to the color part, she started off with a dry cut just below my clavicle which was a good 3-4 inches shorter already. It was HAPPENING, no turning back now.

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon After Julie

I absolutely love how it turned out and I am still doing double takes every time I’m near a mirror. We ended up cutting off a total of 5-6 inches. I haven’t had my hair this short since I was 4 when I also had bangs, red glasses and, of course, a pink flowered jumper and matching hat…it was the early ’90s and I was VERY cool. Rachel even taught me how to achieve the coveted “bed-head-beach-waves-tousled-but-not-too-perfect” hair. So hands up emoji to her. The whole team was so sweet, they made little gift boxes for each of us with products specifically catered to our hair needs. I got and already used the Evo Haze styling powder the next day which helps to give a little more life to the roots and that piecey / textured feel on the ends. Thank you Rachel, my fellow valley girl, you are the best!



I’ve had the chance to live with my new do for 48 whole hours, and it has taken all 48 to get used to glimpses of my new reflection. I immediately felt a refreshing excitement when they started slicing my hair into bangs. I mean it, they sliced…with a knife! (okay, a hair razor, but practically a sword).

Darla (color) and Kat (cut) were my weapon-yielders and they BOTH HAD CURLY HAIR, which if you read post #1, you’ll know was a huge relief. Darla guided me through a color treatment that wouldn’t be high maintenance to maintain; a semi-permanent treatment that will slowly fade as my hair grows, preventing root lines. I’ll probably keep it dark though. I love it.  Darla also kept some strands of my natural color to add subtle highlight and dimension. As a quick reminder, here was the before and one of the looks I was considering (but feared):

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Before Inspiration Velinda1

Kat, who had both curls and bangs (but wore it straight that day. Thanks a lot, KAT!) understood my concerns about bangs with curls…poofy ’80s/top-heavy mushroom hair. And she knew how to cut/style to avoid them. First, we took a look at what pieces of my hair “naturally wanted to be bangs.” We pinned those strands into a sort of faux-bang and took a look. Then, I made the final decision…sure, why not! (always best to wing such things last minute…y’know, things that’ll take three years to correct if you hate).

Last Wednesday, all of your strong opinions bore revelation to the true issue at root of our divided country…curly bangs vs no bangs. One warning I carefully considered was that bangs with curls meant extra work. I think that CAN be true. Luckily, so far in my 48 hours of experience, it’s meant increased ease. My head took to bangs, and the new fringe needs NO help from styling. I can air dry and go, which means I found the four-leaf clover of forehead curl and can’t promise this will work at home. Even Darla and Kat said, “you almost never know how curls will take to bangs.” To be careful, Kat cut my “future bangs” extra long so she could see how the curls would behave. Then she let my hair air dry (w/slight help from a diffuser) and made final cut-edits while dry.   

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon After Velinda

Between my re-shaped hair and my bi-annual, second-hand clothes-shopping trip w/my wife this week, I feel suddenly stylish. Feigning vogue is super fun and I promise to keep it up!…all month…maybe. At least now, when I return to my standard jeans and tee, I’ll be rocking locks with built-in style.

The new look is SO different after a decade of same ‘ole, same ‘ole. It’s taken a bit to decide if I liked it out of pure shock alone, but it’s really grown on me. I can’t wait to play with new styling options (and straightening)! My wife, the most important person to have on the “pro-bang” side of the country, is obsessed! Ultimately, this isn’t anything I would have thought to do without the challenge/offer from Emily, but I’m pretty thrilled.



Okay guys, here she is. The new NEW Ryann. And I have to say, I love this length on me. My stylist Kelly and I both agreed that my face shape longs for short hair. It just works. Though I love Rapunzel hair for many reasons—one being that I can throw it up in a messy bun and go about my day—I think short hair is my hairs’ calling. I know we all wanted short bangs for me, too, and I agreed, but ultimately Kelly and I decided to do subtle middle part bangs to start. Unfortunately, you can’t really tell in these photos (because I’m fidgety on camera and had tucked the bangs behind my ears) but she gave me curtain bangs which adds a lovely texture to this cut. Now that I have spent a few days with this hairstyle, I am definitely up to going full-on with the bangs. Maybe I will even do another solo salon day in my bathroom, who knows??

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Before Inspiration Ryann

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon After Ryann

Now let’s talk color. I left it to Sara to be #blondecurious, which in the end I did not regret. My hair has never been dyed so fear of damaging my poor virgin hair made me reconsider the blonde lifestyle. Instead, Lauren suggested we do a warm chestnut brown, which would make going lighter a possibility in the future. To be honest, I couldn’t get the Parisian inspiration photo out of my head (the one I was surprised many of you thought I should go for) so sticking with my dark roots just felt right.

Emily Henderson The Harbor Salon Ehd Team Hair Transformations Salon Photo Booth Julie Velinda1

Don’t these darling women look great? To make sure everyone has their “hair selfie,” the salon has the cutest photo booth, which is perfect for snapping that new hair photo (this feels far less narcissistic somehow than the classic “driver’s seat selfie”…it’s never not awkward to sit in your car after a haircut taking photos of yourself awkwardly in the parking lot). Even if you don’t use the app they have provided, it’s the perfect light for a quick selfie or instastory. Plus, the back wall is covered in a very sweet LA themed illustrative wallpaper.


There was a lot of hooping and hollering when the team made it back into the office later that day. Lots of “let me see, let me see” and head petting ensued (and okay, some hugging). We’re still trying to get used to the back of everyone’s heads (is it Julie or Sara? OH THE CHANGES) but all in good fun.


Thank you again to the wonderful team at The Harbor salon that greeted us with enthusiasm and excitement bright and early last week. Your space is truly a delight. If you’re local to LA and looking for a new set of hands to tend to your hair, be sure to pay Shanda and her team a visit.

Okay, now’s the time to hear from ALL OF YOU. You guys were SO engaged in our last post (in fact, some of you said you wished we had done the reveals right away instead of waiting a few days…sorry we just needed time to pull all the assets together), so we want to hear what everyone thinks of the final looks/reveals. Do you love them as much as all of Team EHD? Did anyone inspire you to shake up your own style and try something new? We’re all anxiously waiting to hear what you think. xx

Fin Mark


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I like it! You all look so happy with your new hair, it makes me want to try a new color and cut, too 🙂

We are so happy, I’m glad you can feel it through the screen! Go do it!


This is completely underwhelming. A little bit of a cut and color is not a transformation. I don’t think I would be so irritated if it hadn’t been hyped that people were making big changes.


Girl, those are big changes! If you had the same hair for a decade!


Seriously, why all the hype for this? Everyone looks fab, but man they really set expectations high on this one lol.


Totally underwhelming. I could barely tell the befores from the afters!

Helen Back

This is what “so” irritates you? Life must be really hard for you then. **eyeroll** Get real.


Yes, life is rough and the hairstyles of an interior design team is what is keeping me up at night. I’m also sure that my comment is also making them restless. **sigh** It’s honest feedback about content that even Emily seemed to question in her Instagram Stories. She also mentioned that they were going to be makeovers so big that people wouldn’t recognize themselves. A statement I was looking forward to seeing but didn’t feel was fulfilled. I’m sure she will appreciate the critique and take it for what it is, my opinion.


Love all the cuts and colors!! I’ve always wanted a style similar to Sara’s end result and this is making me feel like it’s time to take the leap. Such a cute salon, too.


I love it! They look very “Hollywood”. Initially, I was against curly bangs but Velinda looks awesome!!

Thanks, Sina! I was nervous about he idea too… glad it seems to have worked out. Whew! Thanks for chiming in!


Everyone looks beautiful and seems really happy which is great. I was waiting for the “unrecognizable” moments you alluded to last week but they never happened.


LOVE, you all look freaking gorgeous.


I LOVE Ryann’s transformation! You can just tell in the pics she loves it! She looks so confident! Listening to the recap, it sounds like the stylists gave some really good advice and steered the team in the direction their hair should go. Always a good sign. I think everyone look just lovely!! Emily, I am disappointed to not see your “after”. It cannot be that bad. You yourself said it is just hair. Don’t let a silly thing like hair undermine your self confidence.


Oh! I had the exact opposite reaction about Emily’s “after.” I was thinking, “Man, Emily is chill about that!” and I was impressed for her being able to write “it is just hair.” I would be reacting more strongly than that, if I had hair regrets! (Yes, it grows back. But Slooooowly.)

Thank you Shannon! I’m glad the photos reflect how happy I am with this cut because honestly, I am obsessed!


It’s hard to see any change! But generally like your fashion/beauty posts so keep it up! Glad everyone feels good!


My goodness, people will find a reason to get upset about anything. I suppose it speaks volumes about them. Everyone looks lovely!


I love seeing the style posts. I’m glad almost everyone (sorry Emily) is happy with their transformation. Sometimes something can look shocking to us on our own heads and minimal to someone else. For me, it would’ve been helpful to see the before and after side by side… put the after photo where the inspiration photo is now. I read the blog on my phone so I couldn’t see both before and after on the same screen without scrolling. My two cents … for free!


I’m guessing the decision to skip side-by-side before/afters is because everyone looks exactly the same

Kimberly Hatch

Yes. This.

Sheryl Spencer

I can’t find the after photos??

Julie S

My very favorite is Ryann’s bob! She totally rocks the length and color and it suits her like that’s how her hair was made to go. And yes, I’d love to see the proper French bangs created a la the inspiration photo. Emily, such a bummer that your own hair didn’t turn out as well! I don’t even see the ashyness that bothered you, and it looks about the same paleness as always (honestly I didn’t see much change when you bleached it lighter last year either) but I know lighting can affect that. You must be like me, hyper… Read more »

Thank you Julie! I totally agree regarding the bangs. Don’t be surprised if the next time you see me on the blog I’ve gone completely Parisian chic 😉


I think Julie really transformed and it looks great!


Everyone looks great! I’m so bummed for you Emily! Your hair looked amazing! But, as a blonde with fine hair I understand your struggles. Just keep hitting your hair with olaplex.


Omggggg Ryann’s hair is so gorgeous, I’m loving it!! This post was so fun, everyone looks great!

I originally voted no to curly bangs but I HAPPILY stand corrected, Velinda is rocking it!

Thanks, Sarah. I totally understand the initial vote. I was super hesitant too!! Thanks for the compliments.

Thank you, Sarah!


Lovevit! You all look beautiful!


everyone is gorgeous! everyone looks EXACTLY the same!


everyone looks gorgeous! everyone looks EXACTLY the same!


I think all of the women look lovely and that Shanda did a nice job with your hair, too.


wow, a lot of disappointment in these comments! I dunno, cutting 5 inches off or bangs or going several shades darker are pretty big hair decisions to me, apparently people wanted to see…mohawks? anyways, i enjoyed this and think everyone looks great! good luck with your hair emily! TBH, i have thought you had envy-inducing hair ever since I started following this blog! I know I’m not the one who has to do it everyday, and that you’re in a field where it matters a lot, i really hope that your journey takes you to a place where you think… Read more »


I could not agree more, especially the mohawk comment! I am so confused by everyone’s “disappointment”. I think people need to take another look at the before and afters. Also, try to recall the last time they did a major hair change (and most of the EHD team did a new color AND cut).
I think everyone looks wonderful!

Thank you Kelly! Your comment made me laugh, and I am glad you enjoyed the post. It’s true – going dark/light and chopping inches off is a big hair decision, at least for me!


Meh, everyone looks nice but the same.


Wow, Julie looks like Emily Blunt now. That is such a great look on her!

Leanna, you are my new best friend! That is the best compliment anyone could give me so thank you!


Yay for brunettes! I loved the way Velinda’s hair was cut and Ryann’s bob is fantastic. I think I have a little crush on them both.


Anyone else here old enough to remember Sassy magazine and their “Make-Unders?” This post reminds me of that column. Everyone looks beautiful and not over-done or trendy. These are all beautiful styles suited to each woman’s hair type and personal style. Love them all.

Thanks Rae! I totally agree. I love how we all got something new and fresh while sticking with our personalities and personal styles. 🙂


I really like Julie’s hair, it takes her from average cutie to chic. Bravo

Thanks for the compliment, Gigi!

Millie T

The team looks amazing of course! These are pretty subtle changes though, not really what I expected based on the big lead-up. Emily I’ve always loved your style and I totally get the amount of work it takes to run a blogging business, but a post like this feels like you may be kind-of sort-of scraping the barrel for content. May I make a suggestion? Tipping the content scales back into styling would be so, so welcome 🙂 Sorry I don’t mean this to sound harsh, I really love your styling eye and miss it!




Agree. I was really underwhelmed by this post. Personally, I’m not interested in the team’s haircuts and I felt the transformations weren’t that big. I love all the styling/house content you do and would love to see more of that. Not free haircuts.


I agree. Everyone looks wonderful but … why is this two blog posts? As others have noted, this was underwhelming and pointless. I find myself skipping more and more of the posts on this blog. I really prefer the decor tips/styling and I keep tuning in hoping it will go back to that. This does make me wonder if the blog has jumped the shark a bit. Hopefully not.


Julie! I absolutely love your new cut/color. The children’s book Gaston is a much loved read in our home, and there’s a line that says, “There. That looked right. And it felt right too.” That’s exactly what I thought when I saw your new style. I don’t even know you, but it looks and feels so YOU, like it should have always been that way.

Thanks so much Callie! That quote is so perfect for how I feel now, thanks for sharing!


Everyone looks great. The format/ layout of this post is confusing. Would like to see Emily’s after


Everyone looks fabulous! A bit like they stepped in to their real selves.
Wondering if Velinda would be willing to share the info re: her gorgeous shoes?

Jennifer Doak

I agree everyone looks fabulous! Emily I too know your struggles of blonde fine hair. I do have lots of it but its fine. I am fortunate to have been blessed to have a Mom who was and still is a stylist. Since we are also on subject of Velinda’s shoes I would love to know Emily’s stylist blouse source! Gorgeous girl and blouse!

Hi Susie,

My shoes are Nine West. Thanks for the positive feedback!


So… I saw Sara’s inspiration images last week and called my stylist immediately. She miraculously had a cancellation, so I walked in and chopped 10 inches off my hair. She was running late anyway, so I literally sat down, took it out of the ponytail and before she even washed it she whacked off a solid 6-7 inches. The woman sitting next to me went, “oh, whoa, you two just… went for it, huh?” Yes ma’am, I did. Thanks Sara!


I think everyone looks lovely but SO FAR AWAY! I’d love to see some closeup shots of the before/afters. Maybe it’s me and I’m going blind, but I’d love to see more detail, especially since the “befores” were closer!


I had to read this twice to get it and I’m still a bit confused. Emily, are you saying after your cut/color/extensions, you went and got it lighter? But you don’t like how light it is? I’m still not following. Shrug emoji.

Liked seeing the reveals, I think Sara’s is maybe the biggest change/most favorite of mine!


Agree – had to read several times to try and understand about Emily’s hair. I think most of the before/afters would be more dramatic if the pictures were side by side.


Agreed. I didn’t quite understand what happened with Emily’s hair. I *think* she showed us after pictures but didn’t like the color, had the stylist re-do it and maybe it has had to be redone multiple times since the after pics because she is still waiting for color to wash out before she can get it redone again? Is this right? The after pictures were so close to her before pictures that I’m not really sure (I know she wasn’t going for any big changes so that is not a criticism). Can anyone clarify?


I don’t get it either.


I AM SO TEAM CURLY BANGS. Everyone looks fantastic – but Velinda’s curly bangs and color still make me wish upon a star that my pinstraight hair was curly.

Thanks so much, Michelle!

Jill McKenna

You all look gorgeous!! Next time, take one of us with you and yes, I would vounteer!!

Arica B

I think everyone looks really good! But I just checked your Instastories and there isn’t anything on there showing your hair dilemma Emily? Am I missing something?


This was a bit of an anti-climax after all the build up. I personally liked some of the “befores” better than the “afters”. I thought Emily’s “after” was an improvement.

Susie Q

Everyone looks very pretty! The haircuts are refined, the color looks natural and healthy. I do wish I could see before and after head shots—the photos are more pulled back than I’d like.
Typo: it’s “whooping” not “hooping.”


I love all the looks! Velinda – did they use any curl cream/styling products in your hair?? Your curls look so beautiful and the bangs look great!

Hi Gina,

They used a product line called EVO. They put in a pre-style primer and a styling cream from that line. The former was called Day of Grace. I liked the result, so I’ll probably seek it out myself. Thanks for the compliment to the team!




These all look great!!! I like to see makeovers on ‘regular’ people. Also, can Velinda share her outfit please?

Thanks so much, Guylaine. I got this outfit (and pretty much everything in my closet) from Crossroads (a second-hand store in LA). But, the shoes are Nine West, the top Forever 21 and the pants, Crippen… all super comfortable!


All of you look beautiful, and I hope you all really feel that way too.

And Emily, the first “reveal” pic of you — the one where you’re 3/4 profile — omg it’s Elliott. ☺️

Amy Jones



What a fun post! Love the makeovers.


What a fun post! Velinda – you look absolutely amazing, from head to toe. And speaking of toe; @Velinda, can I ask where you bought those absolutely perfect shoes?? I feel like they would complete me, and take my life to the next level 🙂

Hi Helle,

The shoes are Nine West! Thanks so much for the compliments!!!


Everyone looks great! I appreciate that these are real livable cuts and color that busy women can achieve on an everyday basis. I would much rather see what’s here than magazine “makovers” that have been styled so much that they are totally unrelated to how they will look in real life. Great job!

Pernel Martin

And Darla rips on drums too!! Such a talented gal.

Paula Carr

I’m so surprised Velinda looks so great when it seems the changes weren’t that extreme. Sorry! That didn’t come out quite the way I meant it. I think Velinda looks GREAT. The color and bangs are just right. Since I’m curly haired too she’s the one I’ve really focused on. And I never knew curly bangs were supposed to be a potential problem. Mine have always been super easy. Glad Velinda’s are too!

Thanks, fellow-curly head!!


Wow! You all look amazing!


Everybody looks great! Emily, you sound a little diva TBH but hair is a big deal so I get it. I think your after looks really niec!


Ok everyone looks amazing but Julie in particular looks like a completely different person?!?!? I had never paused to consider just how many mind-blowing transformations hairstylists must witness every day. I wonder if it still feels shocking no matter how many you see

Thank you! I can’t stop touching my short hair it feels so freeing! I thanked my stylist (again) yesterday after reading all the comments and realizing how different I feel inside and out now.

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