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The Design Milk Family Room Reveal + Get The Look



Approximately nine years ago … bc …  Jaime Derringer, founder of Design-Milk (and my friend) reached out, asking me to help her with her family room. I didn’t want to say ‘NO’ because 1.) She is great and I love her. 2.) It would get great press as it would be on her blog and, 3.) It’s just a room! How long could it possibly take?! HA. Well today, we finally have for you (almost one year later) the reveal of Jaime’s cozy, modern, and fresh family room. It took a while but we did it.

Let’s backup. About two weeks after she approached me I realized that I was simply far too busy to actually do this by myself, so Ginny and Mel (the lovely design team that used to work for me and are now on their own … hire them!) took over the execution. Read the full intro post here. Jaime pinned, Ginny and Mel pinned back and it was a love affair from San Diego to LA, but mostly over the internet (per usual, these days?)

Here is what the space looked like when we met it.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Living Room Dinging Room Reveal Before 1 3

Ha. I bet she meant just for me to see these, but alas they are the only before photos we have. She had a few pieces that she wanted to keep (the sofa, dining table and chandelier). Generally she liked the relaxed vibe but just wanted it to look better. It is their TV room and she creates her art in the part of the sectional on the right (thus the need for a U-shaped sectional). When they bought the house and moved in she basically moved what she liked into the house, but none of it was necessarily meant for this space. So our job was to use what she loved, replace what she didn’t, and bring cohesion of fun, practicality and style to this family/TV room.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Living Room Dinging Room Reveal Before 2 1

The dining room had a table from Restoration Hardware that she wanted to keep and that chandy (which we liked but ended up swapping the white paper  – see the afters below) but other than that she was open to new items. She had tried a few paint colors on the wall, as you can see, but ultimately decided to keep the walls that neutral tone.

The space is shared with the kitchen and opens up into the hallways so she also didn’t want us to paint the walls  – it was a ‘where do you stop’ kinda problem since they were all that color and there wasn’t any real stopping point.

We designed and executed this completely via email with a couple Skype video chats – which, full disclosure isn’t ideal nor easy and is why it took so long for us to complete this project. I’ve realized that I REALLY need to be in a space to A.) Care about it and B.) Do it right. You just feel less engaged if you haven’t actually experienced the good or bad elements that you are working with, right? Typically, you get inspiration from the architecture and the personalities who live there. Thank God I knew Jaime and knew her brand and that is what got us excited about the space and the project and what kept us going.

Anyway, Jaime was super patient (it was a trade situation so she knew it would be slower than a paying client) so thank you Jaime for not nagging or making us feel terrible about how long this project took. Hopefully it was worth the wait 🙂

After the initial calls we pulled together a board that all of us loved, and represented Jaime’s style.

Jaime Derringer Emily Henderson Design Milk Living Room Inspiration

Then we found the more major pieces that worked with that style – incorporating her sofa.

Jaimederringer Emilyhenderson Living Room Makeover Living Room Moodboard

Obviously there aren’t enough accessories here, but that’s part of our process typically. We lock down the major pieces and fill in when we shop and then style it for the shoot.

Jaime Derringer Emily Henderson Design Milk Dining Room Inspiration

Jaimederringer Emilyhenderson Dining Room Makeover Dining Room Moodboard

Once we had made decisions on what we wanted we then ended up waiting for like 9 months for certain pieces to come back in stock. Not naming names, but every designer knows that it’s SUCH A BUMMER when a client finally approves a major piece, and a room is designed around it, then it goes out of stock all of the sudden. RUDE.

So we waited, which was fine by me as I was slammed anyway but poor Jaime was like ‘hey guys, have you heard of that room in San Diego that took 4 years to design?’

Oh and then we had one more big hiccup. Her sectional. We didn’t mind it, nor did we love it and Jaime didn’t want to spend the dough to switch it out.  Near the end, I lost motivation to put the resources towards shooting/finishing the project because I felt that the sectional wasn’t working with the rest of the more poppy-er pieces in the room. Her style is so architectural, edgy and modern which we felt clashed with the more overstuffed beige sofa. Since we were doing this project for press/portfolio/fun and not for money I finally had to speak up and say, ‘Yo Jaime, can we get you a new sectional?’ Her response was ‘I was waiting for you to say that …’.

We live strange lives where if two bloggers with strong followings ask a brand for a sectional, that brand tends to give in exchange for press/photos/product placement. I wasn’t going to ask Jaime to spend $3k simply for my own portfolio/blog. So I reached out to West Elm and found the perfect one before I told her my true inner thoughts. Jaime wanted something huge, comfortable, U-shaped and neutral and we wanted those same things, but more modern. Brian Henderson would look at the two sofas and not notice a difference but WE (the collective WE) know the difference. West Elm’s Harmony Sectional had the same function, but with more modern lines which we felt strongly was necessary to co-exist with her uber modern style. It looked 100 times better and our excitement was renewed.

So we waited for that piece to come in and then finally went down to San Diego to shoot the space. I couldn’t go because I was booked in New York so Ginny, Mel and Tessa styled and shot the space, sending me screenshots for approval.

Without much further ado, here is the poppy, modern, edgy Design-Milk family and TV room.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 1

We LOVE how it turned out and it looks like Jaime – graphic, modern, edgy (could I use those adjectives any more? someone get me a thesaurus). Do you see how that sectional made such a difference? The arms are squared off and slim and the cushions are flatter and less stuffed but it’s still super comfortable. It has the EXACT same function and sat as many people, but just looks so much better in the room.

The rug isn’t her original rug despite looking a lot like it. Her’s was too small and wasn’t nearly cozy enough. She wanted something darker because of the kid/dog thing and we were happy to do that since a light one would potentially look boring with the neutral sofa and the neutral walls and Jaime isn’t boring.

It really grounded the space and brought in the black that we needed – plus it is painfully cozy. We thought about a pattern, but once we found those chairs we didn’t want to bring in too much as they were BIZZY. I also felt that a thin rug wouldn’t look great with her old sofa – chunky sofas often need thick rugs to visually look balanced. I know such a simple statement is going to cause blog upheaval – like how chunky? How thick of pile should it be? But, I think if you are going to have a more chunky, comfortable sofa that it kind of wants a comfortable rug to finish telling the story. So a flat woven rug could have looked disjointed and unbalanced with her old sectional. Since we changed out the sectional to something more modern I’m sure that we could have done something more modern here (like what we used in the dining room).

Which brings me to that thought – since it was a shared space we needed to consider the patterned rug in the dining room, too. So much to consider and MY GOD I’VE BEEN TALKING FOR HOURS ABOUT THE RUG WHEN YOU GUYS JUST WANT TO SEE THE REST OF THE ROOM.

Apologies. Here you are.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 3

The coffee table was custom designed and made by us (with Mel leading that up). We thought this room, with it’s big square sectional needed something round but failed to find something on the market that we loved, was the right scale, but within the budget. Now our friends at Nickey Kehoe make a STUNNING one for $3,950 if you are interested. This one cost $900 to make. Still ain’t cheap but it’s beautiful. I believe is 48″ across, out of light maple. The one we linked up below is only 37″, but it’s pretty darn great.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 6

I love how we styled the coffee table – although I caught that they switched out the tray for different shots. It feels clean, fresh and modern but with enough personality.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 7Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 4

The credenza is from Blu-Dot and it’s beautiful. The room needed a dose of darker wood and a piece that could be large enough to fit under that TV. This piece did just that and we also loved how the lighter boxes broke up the wood and added a graphic element.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 8

I love how they styled it – simple vertical books with bookends, a more graphic stack in the middle and a collection of objects on the right. That piece in the middle is by Bari Ziperstein, an artist/potter whom I LOVE.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 9

Jaime only has white books THANK GOD. JK. Expert tip: Whilst styling simply pull your favorite things from around the house and rent or buy/return from your favorite stores, thus curating a totally unattainable look that everyone wants and yet very few people can execute. We are the perpetrators of (and ourselves feel victimized by) this crime on a daily basis. Sorry.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 5

The custom curtains were done by Decorview and are pretty stunning. They were lightly lined, as blackout wasn’t necessary. We gave them a 3″ pinch pleat at the top which I thought gave it some nice texture. It’s more traditional and brought some elegance to the space. She had shades on the windows, but the room just felt too bare and boring and we needed some color and texture. Wallpaper wasn’t really an option so this gave us that dose of pink that we needed.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 10

In the corner where she wants to work we added a side table (again, round to soften all the squares) and it added another dose of black. That standing lamp is modern, simple and architectural.

Time to talk about those chairs. Now I’ve wanted to use these chairs for a LONG TIME. I didn’t have a project for them until Jaime’s family room came into my life.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 11

They are pretty darn great. The shape is modern, sleek and vintage-inspired. And the broken black and white stripe pattern is so fresh and adds a HUGE dose of personality into the space. Once we locked those down we didn’t feel the need to do too much else with pattern.

We shoved a gold square side table in the middle to bring in another finish and some glam. duh.

On to the dining room.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 12

The dining table was our big dose of black and those bentwood chairs really calmed it down.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 13

MAN. I love those chairs. They are the perfect combination of classic and modern. They are Hoffman chairs that DWR produces and they come in a few different finishes. The arms also fit underneath the table – which sometimes doesn’t happen and ends up creating an awkward problem spatially. These are just great.

The rug is from Armadillo and Co, and makes me so happy. We custom designed it and it’s pretty much perfect for this room. It added a pattern without being busy, and the colors tied the whole space together. Plus it’s flat-woven which is obviously better for under a dining table.

They styled out the top with some pretty amazing vessels, books and a tray of pretty things.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 14 Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 15

We switched out the paper in the chandelier to the white version which we thought added a lightness to the space since the table was so visually heavy. A good tip is that if you have something dark on the floor (like this table), you will want to balance it out with something lighter up top (like the white chandelier). Rather than having something dark up top which would make it feel super heavy and small. This table was instantly lightened by switching out the paper.

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 16

We LOVE the way it turned out and I have to give a huge thanks to Ginny and Mel for executing. This project is so different than many we have worked on recently (think how different it is from my house?) and really shoved us stylistically into a direction we loved navigating. I suppose that is the real reason I wanted to collaborate with Jaime – I knew that her style was so different than mine and despite it being out of town, I wanted the challenge of wrapping my brain around this more architectural and modern world that is Design-Milk. Be sure to head over to Design-Milk for her full reveal as well.

Thanks, J. I hope you like your room 🙂 If you guys are interested in this look or like some individual pieces, here you go:

Emily Henderson Design Milk Living Dining Room Reveal Get The Look1

1. Sofa | 2. Coffee Table (similar) | 3. Black and White Stripe Chair | 4. Gold Cube Side Table | 5. Charcoal Rug | 6. Black and White Pillow | 7. Mint Linen Pillow | 8. Diamond Pillow | 9. Black Floor Lamp | 10. Black Round Side Table | 11. Color Block Pillow | 12. Palm Pillow | 13. Pink Pillow | 14. Foot Paperweight | 15. Mini Jack | 16. Pink Tray | 17. Rope Bowl | 18. Walnut Console | 19. Pink Bookends | 20. Copper and Blush Vase | 21. Color Block Throw Blanket | 22. Candle Holders | 23. Brass Circle Frame | 24. Small Pink Tray (similar) | 25. Brass ‘X’ Coasters | 26. Tray | 27. Wood Side Table | 28. Gold Picture Frame | 29. Black Box | 30. Angles Vase | 31. Small Teal Vase | 32. Marble Coasters | 33. Brass Geometric Tray | 34. Print | 35. Chandelier | 36. White Rectangle Dish | 37. Gold Tray | 38. Black Sculpture (similar) | 39. Black and White Throw Blanket (similar) | 40. Teal Planter (similar) | 41. Black Succelent Planter | 42. Black and White Vase | 43. Curtain Rod | 44. Curtains (Carole Fabrics: Prophet Pattern in Cameo) | 45. Dining Armchairs | 46. Dining Chairs | 47. Dining Table | 48. Black Planter | 49. Color Block Rug (custom)

***Photos by Tessa Neustadt

Now since I’m working with Samsung on The Frame I had to go ahead and show you how much better her family/TV room would look with that TV. The partnership with The Frame came about after we finished and shot this space, but now that I know that TV exists, it’s hard for me to not wish it were up there instead of the black box. I mean, doesn’t it look so good?! If you are in the market for a TV, even if it’s for your TV room, please do yourself and your family room a favor and consider this TV. Here’s the difference in the room (we worked a little photoshop magic on the below photos):

Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 1 With Frame Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 2 With Frame  Emily Henderson Design Milk Modern Pink Black And White Jaimie Derringer Living Room Reveal 4 With Frame

Much improved. Jaime is probably seeing this for the first time and calling up Samsung’s marketing department as we speak … It’s just so much better 🙂

Fin Mark


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Although this room isn’t my taste, despite what the style quiz told me a few months back LOL, it’s simply BEAUTIFUL. And don’t worry. Despite your comment below (which is brilliant)… I subscribe to “Martha Stewart Living” for the same reason, even though I don’t cook. Aspirational! Expert tip: Whilst styling simply pull your favorite things from around the house and rent or buy/return from your favorite stores, thus curating a totally unattainable look that everyone wants and yet very few people can execute. We are the perpetrators of (and ourselves feel victimized by) this crime on a daily basis.… Read more »


That comment made me laugh out loud at work and then look around furtively for someone to catch my eye so I could share it hahaha (work at a design firm):p

“totally unattainable look”


Aghhhhhhhh!!! I couldn’t be more excited about this reveal! I love Jaime Derringer’s aesthetic and even have a few original pieces of her art. I was so thrilled when you teased this makeover last year, and it definitely lives up to the wait. OUTstanding job by you, Ginny, and Mel. I miss this sort of graphic, colorful design from you lately, its so fun! I know it’s not right for your current house, taste, or lifestyle anymore, but I’m so glad to see you trot it out with Jaime’s living room and dining room. Just gorgeous! Also, I’ve been wondering… Read more »


turned out amazing. love this room so much.


Great ! thanks for sharing it !
I like your posts


Man I love those curtains! It makes me really want to bite the bullet and have some custom curtains made for my living and dining room get rid of the cheap Ikea ones I still haven’t hemmed. I also LOVE that color block rug in the dining room! Question: I have a rug in my living room that is similar to the one you had in your living room except with more red in it and my living room opens to my dining room. Would it look crazy to have a color block rug like in this post for my… Read more »

Andi (Decorview)

Hi Gina! Thanks for the nice comment on the drapery. Decorview has drapery designers all over the country so let us know if you decide to take the plunge and we can set you up with a free consult. 🙂


Hey Andi! I live in Chicago. Tell me where to go! Even though I’m pretty sure I can’t pull off these gorgeous pink curtains in my house I would love some in the same style in a color that compliments my decor. Growing up i have vivid memories of my grandmother opening the drapes in the morning which she always did before she made coffee and closing them in the evening when it was time to wind down. She died a few years ago at 97. She lived alone until she was 94. I can see her standing in the… Read more »


What a beautiful little story. Reminds me of my grandma, too. You definitely need some nice drapes. 🙂


I love this room! This is definitely my style! Great work!!


Initially I wasn’t sold on the large dark rug in the living room (mostly because it looked like it was incorporated only to give balance to the big dark TV hanging on the wall.) But once the rest of the room was revealed it all made sense :). Though I feel like this would be a prime example of a design project for the Samsung Frame tv!


I had been playing in my mind with the idea of having very pale “millennial pink” curtains in my living room, but at the last moment I chickened out and ordered natural/off white ones. Looking at these pictures makes me regret my decision so much!!! Mine haven’t came yet (hopefully Monday), but I already know the pink ones would have been so much better! Since I have a mint sofa, was afraid it would be too “kid’s room” like… but it would have been great and much more special! Ok, enough suffering. This room looks AMAZING!! Great job ladies! (I’m… Read more »


I always second-guess myself after ordering a big-ticket item! But for real-life people (i.e., not bloggers) neutral curtains are probably a better choice. Millennial pink curtains might not seem like such a great choice a few years down the road. You can always baste on some pink pom pom trim for a more easily reversible fix of this trend.

Vicki Williams

The “Brian…eyes” made me laugh too. I’m a designer and as I am working with my current client she often can’t see the difference in color or shape or whatever but trusts me and afterward loves the result!


“You can’t hiiiiiiide yer Brian eyesssss”


Ain’t no way to hide your Brian eyes!


Wow! That’s a REALLY good ad for the Samsung TV.


When I saw the first of the after pics, my immediate thought was SHE NEEDS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TV IN THE WORLD! Talk about an ugly black rectangle! Then to see you photoshop that Samsung in there…I could breathe a sigh of relief. You know what would be fun? A feature you do where you show us the final styled out shot and then juxtapose it with a snap from the family 3-6 months later. I always wonder if regular folk can keep up a look, adapt the room to reality, or revert to their slovenly ways.


Beautiful work!

I sort of wish you would have included one picture of the room with the original sectional — just to show people like here’s what it would have been if we didn’t have access to a free $3000 sofa.


This room is so inspirational,so beautiful and so worth the wait. Love every single bit. Thank you!


One of my favorite things about your blog is how well you can understand, appreciate, and execute different styles. It really sets you apart.

Denise Thomas (@seattlejune)

Great post. That chandelier has been a favorite of mine for years. It’s awesome in person. A fun idea…. on a family members birthday, swap all the paper for pictures of the birthday boy or girl! It’s so easy to do, but such a great way to celebrate your loved one. xo


Yes – it’s SO FUN and easy to swap out.

Kayla AKA Kilo Bravo

I LOVE this room. I am so into the pastels – I had feared my own rooms were looking dated as I’ve been watching the styles and color schemes with projects lately on your blog. It’s a nice reminder that styles can be different from what feels trendy and still feel current when examined properly and thoughtfully put together. Thanks to Mel and Ginny for nailing this look!

Jaye Brown

Gahhhhhhhhhhh! I can’t with this, it’s too damned gorgeous for words. Aspirational and inspirational for sure.


Love that gorgeous coffee table! What paint color is on the walls?


Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray


OMG this place is stunning!! And YESSSS to the Samsung Frame!! I was thinking that the minute I saw the big black TV // after watching the recent episode of the greenhouse!! Everything about this is me, thanks for the inspiration!!


Sigh, love it. It’s so lovely and light and welcoming. I can never figure out how to incorporate my dark grey sectional sofa (which is only 4 years old, and has not held up well despite the $$$, but since we just renovated our kitchen (and went over budget…), there’s no way a new couch is in the works too. bummer.) I’ve tried using one of those ‘free’ online design services, but they just give me furniture choices instead of helping me solve the elephant in the room. Grey/white fleck carpet, dark grey sofa, spring green ottomans, and a yellow… Read more »

Christine Schwalm Design

It sounds like the problem might be the sectional, which unfortunately can’t be replaced at the moment. That said, some new toss cushions and a fresh coat of paint are inexpensive investments that can go a long way to improving the space. As for the free design services, they’re only free because they expect you to buy their stuff. I’ve done that job and since it’s commission based, you only earn money if you sell something. They may be genuinely trying to sell you a good design choice for your home, but selling is their primary motivation since they’re not… Read more »


I wish you’d post a pic of the kitchen and family room. It sounds very interesting.


Fresh and fabulous. Yes on that tv.


Morning! I’m having a hard time getting past that carpet to enjoy looking at the rest of the space. Beautiful room, but it feels more client inspired, then emily inspired to me. That being said…I totally worship you! opening your blog to see what you’ve created is one of the highlights of my day….and sometimes costly 😉


Those chairs give me goosebumps! Beautiful! Question re the custom table. Do you remember the height? I was so close to purchasing the one linked, but it’s only 13″ H. It would look off next to 17″ H sectional, no?


Since you’re working with Samsung on The Frame, do you know if it will be available in smaller sizes eventually? I LOVE the idea, but that TV is way too big for my small living room. (And TBH, the price is out of my budget; I assume a smaller one would be cheaper.)

I love the way this room turned out!

Christine Schwalm Design

That drapery is everything! Seriously, makes the room. I hear mixed things about West Elm upholstery. I like the look but wasn’t sure about the quality. Their bedding is fantastic, though.


How do you figure out the coffee table dimensions for the U-shaped sofa? It looks proportionally great. My round table looks small for my U-shaped sofa, but I was worried about space to move in and out.


WOW! That new West Elm sectional does make a HUGE difference!!!

Vicki Williams

Did I forget to say this room is gorgeous! The chairs are amazing, in fact love it all. Super job. Thanks as always for your great posts and blog!


OMG I NEED THAT TV. Get me on the phone w/Samsung IMMEDIATELY.


I’m obsessed with that couch… just what I’ve been looking for for myself


silly question, but what is the big plant by the dining table? Is it a banana?
Great room by the way and BOY, do I want one of them pretty tellies…. 😉


yes – banana!


That TV is unreal!! I can’t wait until pretty TVs become the standard!


My GOODNESS! This rooms looks SO MUCH BETTER with the Samsung Frame! I can’t believe it! When do these come out, must have! Are you going to update your playroom/ tv with one? Sorry, I have been following for years and you have always complained about the tv and I didn’t really believe you until now.

Tracey Gee

I’m obsessed with those dining chairs now.


So not my style — but a vast improvement! (Or maybe I’m just not a fan of that dining table.) anyway I really like this makeover because it shows the skill required to flex and adapt to the individual preferences of the client — but again we already knew Ginny and Mel are amazing ????


I see you also updated their dog to a more modern, minimalist, chipper version of the old one.


I thought Emily was going to joke that she borrowed that cute dog for the shoot.


I was reading through the comments just to see if anyone noticed the more trendy dog too! hahahahaha


The old dog’s name is Lulu. She passed away in May after being a loving member of our family for 12 years.
My new dog’s name is Chicken! We got her a few months ago. We can’t be without a dog 🙂


Absolutely gorgeous! The colors are fabulous and that Samsung frame is amazing!

Naomi Grimm

Beautiful space, of course! This is so fresh and different than the traditional style you have been honing in your home that it provides a fun contrast. I am super happy that you left the ceiling fan in the after (though I did note that it was turned on to make it less distracting). I am one week from closing escrow on a house that has a ceiling fan in EVERY room (kitchen and patio included!). I have been scouring the internet for pretty fan options and this one definitely is on my list. Although ceiling fans are not the… Read more »

Andi (Decorview)

We are so excited to see the full reveal – the teasers were killing us! The finished look is amazing (of course!) and we were thrilled to be part of this fun project.


This may be my favorite room you’ve ever done.

And I immediately thought, “Wait, this would be PERFECT for the Art TV;).”


Wonderful design and I love the touches of pink. It is both masculine and feminine which is so hard to achieve.

Love the ceiling fan. Where did you find it?


Wonderful design and I love the touches of pink. It is both masculine and feminine which is so hard to achieve. Nice job!

Love the ceiling fan. Where did you find it?


It’s from Modern Fan Co and I got it from

Rehana Malik

Great Job, your post content Too short but Very well define and much effective.


Hi. It looks great, with an edgy hip modern feel. Too much color for my personal taste but I do love the flow and how it all ties so well together.
Can anyone tell me where the art piece hanging by the stairs is from (abstract cool)? I caught a glimpse of it


That is my own painting! It’s available for purchase on Uprise:


I am so grateful for the format of your blog and the way you share your talent. I am new to the interior design/decorating field and I have learned so much from you. REAL world stuff, like that the budget or a piece of existing furniture may not work with your design plan, and that it’s OK; it happens to everyone – even Emily Henderson! 🙂 I also appreciate your honesty, letting us know that some things in the shot are not items that are going to be used or kept in real life. Your transparency and personality are so… Read more »


Everything about this room is perfection!! Love, love, love!! So happy you show so many different styles, it’s fun!


This seems very late 1960s to me. Obviously it’s multiple elements: the lack of molding, the shaggy rug, the clean-lined sofa, the media console; still, wondering if it’s just the pleat in the curtain that pushes it so far that it appears actually dated.

Still a beautiful room, switching out the papers on the chandelier made such a big difference.


Truly a gorgeous room. Those candlestick holders are exactly what I need for my space, but sold out. Sad day. ;_;


woow. amazing, i love this concept. maybe I will try to apply this family room idea in my home in the future.


EEEEE this room is such a treat for the eyes and I love it SO much. This style is my jam! Also, I’m officially obsessed with this TV that looks like art. Brilliant.


I love the rug in far right bottom row ‘neutrals with pastel pop of colors’. May I know where is it from?

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