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Chew On This : Bubblegum Pink




Hi friends, it’s Carla here about to embark on the challenge I’ve been waiting my whole life for. Today I’m going to attempt to convince you that incorporating bubblegum pink into your decor and wardrobe is not only somewhat easy to do, but actually a good idea.

Originally this post was going to be about rose quartz, a more muted shade of pink and one of the top ten colors for 2016. But after I collected some initial inspiration for the post and shared it with Emily, she was like, “Come on, woman. This isn’t daring and controversial enough, let’s do bubblegum pink instead.” I thought to myself “bubblegum pink isn’t really that daring, I’d totally put a bubblegum pink sofa in my—— mmmm, okay, Emily’s right. Bubblegum pink is pretty daring and I totally would NOT put anything bubblegum pink in my house.”

If you’re already thinking hells-to-the-nizzo, fret not. You’ll find lots of toned down, more subtle variations of bubblegum pink included too (think Trident vs. Bubblicious). Alright, let’s get into it! 

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Per usual, I like to start these posts with a little fashion round-up of pretty ladies making the trendy color look effortless, attainable, and chic.

While most of us aren’t going to run out and wear a pink smock with fur pockets over a pair of jeans, the pale pink skirt paired with the bright pink handbag isn’t so scary, is it?

Bubblegum pink room Emily Henderson Design Color Trends 1

Moving onto interiors that utilize bubblegum pink, let’s start with some subtle pops.

Somehow this space manages to include a ton-o-random-colors while allowing the pink pieces to really shine. I love how eclectic and lived-in the overall vibe is.


You can’t go wrong with a Smeg retro style dishwasher, no matter what color it is. They’re just so fun and happy. Like jelly sandals. Jellies. Remember those?

951415-1_lp-20141020091425-q75,  dx1920y-u1r1g0,  c--

This gal (or guy) managed to pull off bubblegum pink in a way that’s actually calming and serene, how about that? The key here is to choose a muted version, counter it with lots of white and include soft elements like textured blankies and fluffy flowers.


If you’re a nervous pervous and aren’t exactly ready to purchase a pink appliance or paint your walls, try introducing a single (paintable) piece of furniture. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.


Here’s another option suitable for the more conservative types – pink window panels. By mixing in navy leather, a vibrant red rug and a baby deer doing a hand-stand (which is clearly a boy dear) suddenly this ultra-girly color looks gender neutral.


If you’re a fan of the pink window panel idea and actually prefer the girliness it brings to a room, then feel free to play up pink furniture and accessories.


Here’s a ladylike example where an already feminine sofa is mixed with a softer pink accent wall and pillows.

Bubblegum pink room Emily Henderson Design Color Trends 4

Speaking of ladylike, here’s a quick peek into Barbie’s shower.


If you’ve been memorizing the rules I throw out in these color trend posts (WHICH BETTER BE ALL OF YOU), you know by now that the number one way to counter a bright, ballsy color is with lots of white, white, WHITE. As shown in this space, the uber-bright sofa is tamed by loads of white and a couple of neutrals (plants, fan, wicker).

Bubblegum pink room Emily Henderson Design Color Trends 2

Here’s another successful example of balancing the boldness of a pink shaggy rug (daring!) with ample white space and some muted pinks.


Okay, so this example probably doesn’t qualify as bubblegum pink – UNLESS perhaps you mixed a stick of bubblegum with a stick of spearmint Extra mom gum or something. But it was too pretty not to share and I’ve just never seen anything like it. I love how the graphic circles break up the sea of pink cabinets and the tile floor adds even more interest.


This space is amping it up a notch by mixing bright pink with a mustardy yellow and one of those super trendy rope coil things. Actually I have no idea what that rope coil thing is so if any of you do please clue me in.


If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop to set off your collection of crystaly trinkets and such, look no further! A bubblegum pink canvas hung over your table of precious oddities is the perfect way to make someone like me wonder if you’re actually human or some sort of fairy type princess.

Bubblegum pink room Emily Henderson Design Color Trends 3

Last but not least, here’s a good example of mixing pinks and patterns in a boho-type “hey, I just have good style and didn’t try too hard” kinda way.

Sooo, whaddya think? Are you into the idea of mixing bubblegum pink into your wardrobe or space? Or is it too sugary and sweet for your liking? If you’re digging this vibe, here’s a round-up of fun items to give a try.


1. Garment-Dyed Pocket Tee | 2. Floral Print Pants | 3. Pink Geo Pendant | 4. Mini Bucket Bag | 5. Slider Shoes | 6. Midi Dress | 7. Flared Mini | 8. Sheepskin Rug | 9. Table Lamp | 10. Flatweave Rug | 11. Jane Austen Book Set | 12. Kitchenaid Mixer | 13. Molded Plastic Chair | 14. Plaid Sheet Set | 15. Kyra Pillow | 16. Petal Pillow | 17. Pig Bank | 18. Storage Cabinet | 19. Smeg Toaster

For more fashion-trends-turned-home-trends, check out Powder Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Lavender,  Fiesta Red and Emerald & Teal.

*Authored by Carla,  Carla Fahden is a Creative Director at a creative agency in Minneapolis with a focus on fashion art direction. Off the clock she devotes her time to writing her blog, designing wedding stationery and watching her Felicity box set. 

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It’s OK if you’re into short-term decor. It will look dated pretty quickly. I wouldn’t do investment pieces in Barbie pink but maybe pillows or curtains….

Love this post! Every example of pink was on point!! (it helps that pink is my favorite color ever) (:

I have tons of bubblegum pink in my house and it looks AMAZING. Sorry, you can’t be humble and have tons of bubblegum pink in your house 😉

Seriously though, I love that color is starting to feature in design again. I’ve missed it so much!


Random rope coil thing? My guess is that it is part of the handrail going down the next flight of stairs… ?


Yes, if you click through the slideshow of that makeover found from the ‘source’ link they show a good pic of the entire rope railing along that little staircase.


so I am reading this in my bubblegum pink office… bring it on!

I painted the frame of my bathroom mirror bright pink one time. It went nicely with my grey and white bathroom. I definitely got tired of it and moved on to something else after a couple months, though. I would do the pink in small doses.


Nicole at Making it Lovely has always mixed pink into her decor, and done it well!

oooh, all the color, so visually pleasing ; )

Julie P

Shouldn’t a rockin vintage 1950’s pink bathroom be included in this roundup? I mean they’re bold, and VERY pink. In terms of tiling today anything pink (ala Barbie’s bathroom) I think I will defer to all the homeowners who buy their midcentury home and immediately gut that pink bathroom.


Oh I absolutely love those pink mosaic 50s bathrooms!! They knew how to commit in those days 🙂

Okay. A couple of years ago a woman I work with (in a fabric store) jumped on the pink bandwagon. She ordered a few pieces stock for us and I hated them—just being honest. Then, I found myself slowly noticing how pink was creeping into everything. Raspberries mixed with turquoise and navy. Pale pink with white and cream. Then I found myself liking them! I even surprised myself with this turn. Last months “Ballard” was even sponsored by the color pink! While I don’t think I would ever dedicate an entire room to pink, I do like the idea of… Read more »


Go Carla, awesome post! Would love to hear more from you 🙂


Random comment, but I love this post as a contributed post! Great content, inspiration, resources. Nice work team!!!


I’ve always worn a lot of pink, but never thought of it as house-dressing. Love!


As a gal whose childhood was defined by Anne of Green Gables, I can’t help but think of how she couldn’t wear pink dresses with her red hair. The inspiration pictures with pink furniture/accents and red rugs are stunning to look at but they would make me itch in my own home! Great post!

You may be my new best friend — I am in my 40s but Anne still influences me! (I’m not a redhead — just gregarious + optimistic.) Fuchsia is my all-time favorite color, and I painted our powder room (walls, trim, ceiling) fuchsia (then silver-leafed the ceiling) about seven years ago … and I never, ever tire of it. I LOVE it! It is also the perfect foil for floor-to-ten-foot-ceiling framed art. In my recently redone closet I stenciled fuchsia dime-sized polka dots on the bright white walls and ceiling (and stenciling the ceiling was utter misery) and I LOVE… Read more »

OH man. I want to see photos of all of that so so so so bad. xx

Julie P

Me too!! And the family motto “Eat More a Noodles” pretty much makes you my hero.

Emily K

Susan G Komen foundation has ruined a lot of pink for me, especially pink appliances. But I love love the pig and pendant! I would have those pendants in my kitchen tomorrow if I could afford them!


Still not a bubble gum convert … a little too close to Barbie Pink for me. I do like pink in a pattern or set against navy blue (picture those pink curtains with a navy blue velvet sofa…). Okay, maybe you convinced me a little…


LOVE all the pink!! (But, the deer you mentioned, that’s the tail sticking up, boy parts would be on his underside/belly.)

Yaaaaas! I love it… And I do have a bubblegum pink sofa in my house!


About 20 years ago I had to meet an architect I was considering for a job at his house. I walked in and there, in the middle of a giant living room, was a bubble gum pink leather sectional. I met his wife and kids and the mrs. quickly assured me it had been his idea to go with that color. I hired him on the spot.

That’s awesome I would do.

Ms. Bee

Anyone else getting “Pepto Bismol” instead of “bubblegum”? I think that medicine ruined the color for me more than anything else…

I do love the pale pink shade of the kitchen cabinets. So cool!


Love it all! Thanks for the inspiration! Last summer I met a 70-something widow and her old Pennsylvania farmhouse. She had bubblegum pink doors and kitchen cabinets! It was amazing.


I would love this color in a nice, sunny, warm vacation rental. Living with it in my dreary little northern apartment in the depths of winter, I think it would just make me miserable.

And forget about the fur pockets- what’s up with that outfit in picture no. 1? From the waist up that woman looks like she’s going to the gym, and the waist down a fancy party. I understand houses so much better than fashion…

I know. Sure she looks cool but is it because she is a model and its a beautiful shot? If you saw her at a party or if you saw me at a party wearing that more you’d laugh real hard.


TBH, I think 90% of fashion only works because it’s shown on beautiful people in beautiful photos ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
That’s why I stick with with buildings- they can look beautiful even if you don’t!

Rosemary M.

I love all these rooms and really love the look of this unexpected colour mixed in with many other colours. I especially love the wallpaper in the last photo, the pink and white wall, the pale pink kitchen and oh – that leopard ceiling – Wow!!
I really enjoy these colour posts!!

Love, love, love pink ! I won’t call it bubblegum as I hate bubblegum (yuck), but I really love the color. I love all pink, whether paired with gold or with a more energetic black and white. We just renovated our bathroom, and both walls and ceiling are a very light pink: it’s Middleton Pink by Farrow and Ball. Instead of tiles, we scored some white and grey marble. The rest is very simple and minimalist, except for a huge venetian mirror. Clearly, the inspiration was Martha Stewart’s cottage in Maine, which I expected to see here because it gives… Read more »

OOh I want to see that bathroom. There are so many light pinks that I love but bubblegum is the one tone in fashion that Is HARD and even harder in home – thus the challenge. I’m going to google that martha house now, i’m SURE i’ve seen it.

I wish I could show you the bathroom ! I’d be so proud !! However, it’s a tiny tiny bathroom, around 2,5 meters x 4 meters (that’s about 8 x 13 feet, so smaller that some area rugs !!). We also added a wall and a half-wall to create privacy around a toilet, because with two kids and two cats, I dream of a closed door. Therefore, I can’t photograph it well, I just can’t find a good angle since I don’t have the superpower to make walls transparent… Also, what I absolutely love with pink is how the shade… Read more »


Ugh, we are hoping to knock two ridiculously tiny bathrooms into one, and the resulting room will be 1.7 x 4 metres! They sure knew how to make rooms tiny in the 60s 🙂 If you have any tips, I’d love to hear em


LOVE pink in sophisticated home decor but not bubblegum. It tends to look…cheap? However several of these examples were done really well.

And the photo with the pink curtains and baby deer is a blog I really like and she was showing how awful they looked in that room and what a mistake they were! I don’t think they look horrible, but it did make me giggle that her original photo was to show the ugliness of the pink curtains. 😉

Thanks for posting my crazy living room with pink curtainsssss!

just right for you mrs. emily

thats right for you recomended

just right for your recommended in here … thanks

wow so look pink my favorite

Alie Blake

Another consideration for “pink”…. In Asian medicine, it is the color for/of the heart and smile and happiness. when I access heart points while doing therapy (functional therapy) people usually laugh or cry. It’s a true connection and palpable layer added to the design. a splash is worthy ☺️


Great post! I tried to paint my dining room bubblegum pink but could not find the right shade using Ben Moore paint (went with lime green instead). Pink is so lovely by table lamp or candle light. Very calming too. I could not commit to a pink appliance, but paint is cheap and only a weekend. Found 13 yards of 1950’s bubblegum pink upholstery fabric, the kind with the silver thread (sort of looks like tinsel) that runs through it. Just waiting for the right thing to reupholster. One day, I’ll have my pink room and this post has inspired… Read more »


Pink is the best! I wish I had a reason to wear that amazing suit at the beginning. Thanks for the fun post!

P.S. Emily, I have been noticing more frequent spam comments on your blog. You might want to find a way to filter them.


Not that you need more opinions but here’s mine anyway because it’s so cathartic to share. Pink is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I’m a pink advocate the way people are about adopting pets from shelters. I think it’s so annoying when people associate it with just girls, barbies, etc. It’s a color from nature like flowers, sunsets, hot cheeks. I’m not letting bad advertisements ruin an entire color. Thanks again!


Years ago I sold a hot pink Christmas tree on CL and was surprised that a women from 2 hours away, across the Canadian border was desperate to buy it. When she arrived she told me a long story about she wanted everything in her house pink because her husband had left her for buying pink towels. And moved in with his girlfriend. She was pretty awesome.

I love this color , amazing photo

thanks a lot


My room form birth to age 14 was the worst possible shade of Barbie pink and beyond age 7-8 I loathed it. So I really can’t do bubblegum pink.

Very interesting blog. Alot of blogs I see these days don’t really provide anything that I’m interested in, but I’m most definately interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

Oh yeah! They are so adorable~~ Thank you for sharing!! Love these stuff very much >.< With these I think I will start drawing my own

Thank you very much for your great template! i love all your works, they’re amazing. But, i like this one alot. I put your template in my blog, see

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