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Bring On the Drama: How We Designed the Mountain Fixer First Level Guest Bath

Remember way back when in June (four months ago) when you guys chose the materials for the first level guest bath? Well, now it’s time to show you how we actually designed this bathroom. She is dark, moody and seemingly very dramatic but toned down enough to work in this cabin because some of the… Read More …

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Ask the Audience: How Do You Feel About Plaster & Limewash Walls?

Like all good design risks, I’m about to dance a fine line of dated/try-hard OR beautiful and textural…and before we all embarrass ourselves, I thought it was worth a conversation with 50k of my favorite friends. As you might remember, nine years ago when we started the mountain fixer, I wrote a post about doing… Read More …

The “Final” Design for the Mountain Fixer Master Bath (& How We Got There)

Hi, guys! It’s Velinda again, here to walk you through the “FINAL” design for the master bath. Anyone else ever use this (super effective) file naming system?: New.psd New_Final.psd New_FINAL final.psd New_FINAL final finally.psd New_FINALEST FINAL FINALLY final.psd New_FINAL FOR REAL THIS TIME, PROMISE final.psd Yeah, the design process has been pretty much that. So,… Read More …

Dreams DO Come True...

Our New Collab With Reclaimed Wood Company Ross Alan Just Might Save My Marriage

Brian and I were having one specific marital issue for almost a year that seemed unsolvable. I know in my post on Friday, I made it seem/sound like we have NO problems but obviously we do. This wasn’t about housework or finances or kids. It was the wood ceiling in the mountain house. Our adorable “debates” about… Read More …

Trend Alert: Stacked Versus Staggered Tile? (+ What We’re Doing in the Mountain House)

The style evolution of the mountain cabin has thrown me, as you know. The original intent of modern Scandi was thwarted by Brian’s all of a sudden need for a cozy cottage. So amongst many other decisions, I poured over whether to stack or stagger the tile in the bathroom designs, which led me to larger questions…. Read More …

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