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Budget Room Design: Modern Traditional Bedroom



We are back with another “1 Room, 3 Budgets” post and today we are mixing modern and traditional in three very approachable budget friendly bedrooms. As we are getting closer to finishing up each and every room in our new house I am having so much fun mixing some of my existing mid-century and modern pieces with the traditional furniture we are bringing into the house. So since it is on my brain, I tasked our friend Ali with pulling together three Modern Traditional bedrooms to channel that vibe and I love the way that they turned out. Let’s get into it.

Emily Henderson_Budget Rooms_1 Room_3 Ways_Modern Tradition_Bedroom_5000

Bed | Nightstand | Sconces | Bench | Rug | Water Color Print & Frame | Black & White Drawing Print  & Frame | Chair | Basket | Floor Lamp | Dresser | Mirror | Table Lamp | Table Lamp Shade | Vase | Duvet & Sham Set | Sheets | Green Pillow | Patterned Pillow | Throw Blanket | Tray | Gold Planter

Our first version comes in at just under $5k. She’s traditional with some modern touches and has a lot of playful color without being too bold – she’s my kinda gal. We have included both a bench to throw your shoes on and a little corner reading nook to get cozy and curl up with your favorite book because every modern english country girl needs a place to kick her shoes off at the end of the night and get cozy with a good book. But, because you know we love to make it even more affordable for everyone we’ve brought the price way down for the second variation.

Emily Henderson_Budget Rooms_1 Room_3 Ways_Modern Tradition_Bedroom_3000

Bed | Nightstand | Sconces | Bench | Rug | Water Color Print | Water Color Print Frame | Black & White Drawing PrintBlack & White Drawing Print Frame | Chair | Basket | Floor Lamp | Dresser | Mirror | Table Lamp | Table Lamp Shade | Vase | Duvet & Sham Set | Sheets | Green Pillow | Patterned Pillow | Throw Blanket | Tray | Gold Planter

For version two we knocked off just over 2k from the price. Although it is 2k cheaper it still feels very special, collected and like a room that I would want to hang out in. I love this chair for $215 and the new dresser at $530 is the one that we used for Sylvia’s bedroom makeover. It is great for the price and size. It is also on sale through St. Patricks Day (thanks St. Patrick – wherever you are) so be sure to grab it while you can.

Emily Henderson_Budget Rooms_1 Room_3 Ways_Modern Tradition_Bedroom_2000

Bed | Nightstand | Sconces | Bench | Rug | Water Color Print | Water Color Print Frame | Black & White Drawing PrintBlack & White Drawing Print Frame | Chair | Basket | Floor Lamp | Dresser | Mirror | Table Lamp | Table Lamp Shade | Vase | Duvet & Sham Set | Sheets | Green Pillow | Patterned Pillow | Throw Blanket | Tray | Gold Planter

Last but not least we have version three which comes in at just under 2k. A pretty darn good budget for an entire bedroom if you ask me. On this one the bed is just a headboard, so you may want to add a bedskirt so that you don’t see the metal frame like you do in the moodboard above, but I still love the way that it turned out. So which one is your favorite? Have any of you guys tried any of the products above, if so let us know below.

Next up in this series we have an outdoor living room, and outdoor dining room that that we are working on, so stay tuned for that and let us know if there are any other rooms or scenarios that you want to see here on the blog.

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I love these posts! But I loved when you did the GIFs as well as images – otherwise I’m scrolling up and down and up and down. I know, first world problems, but seriously, they were awesome – don’t get rid of them pretty please!


There is a GIF at the beginning of the post! Maybe it isn’t playing for you on your computer but I see it on mine. I love the GIF’s too as it helps me see what is different in each setup.


Yes yes yes on outdoor living room!! Can’t wait to see this! Hope it’s soon! It’s spring in the south and I’m ready to shop for outdoor living!

Same here!!!


We have the matador rug (bottom pic) as a runner in our home. It’s strips of leather and we absolutely love it! Impossible to get dirty and so pretty!


SO EXCITED FOR OUTDOOR LIVING!!! Outdoor furniture is so weirdly expensive all the time, I’m very curious to see what kind of outdoor options you will find in your lower budget range:)

I love these posts because I like being able to mix some of the expensive pieces with the less expensive ones. Like I LOVE the dresser in the top picture, but am fine with getting a bed skirt and covering the metal frame in the bottom. 


Please purty please…. home office

I love these


If I dare to be specific, 70s office

Love a good area rug in a bedroom – fingers crossed for a space that allows this next time I move!


I love these posts! I’m in the process of planning out refreshes to two guest bedrooms in our house. This gives me great ideas of what to spend/save on.

I would LOVE another round of bedrooms….maybe specifically guest rooms too!


Eek, I own that chair from Target! I thought it was good when I bought it, felt better about it when I was asked if I had reupholstered it (a true sign of a legit vintage vibe), and now I am satisfied to know that the EH team also approves!


I have a question about the white upholstered headboard. Do these types of headboards get discolored over time? For instance, do people have problems if they lean against them while reading? I could see hair product or even damp hair from an evening shower causing problems. Do people have problems with this? Or am I worrying for nothing?


What program do you use to put this together? I am a design student and this would be a very helpful tool to know!


Love these types of posts. Am glad people are excited about the outdoor living and dining rooms coming up. But am also sad since it rains way too much in VA for outdoor living to be a thing here (and it’s too cold for at least half the year too – I know you can theoretically store the stuff when it’s not in use, but who has that kind of space?). Also, mosquitos. Reading any kind of decorating magazine May – August highlights this problem for me. Still though, am glad it will be useful to other folks in other… Read more »


Can you do a round-up of vases at different price points and sizes, and maybe also plant stands? I actually really like the eucalyptus and succulent plant that appears in each room.
I would like to decorate with more fresh flowers and plants (not to mention purify my air!), but do not have your touch when it comes to decorating.


Love these. Would happily consume way more detailed discussion/analysis of the design decisions within the post of it was on offer too


I so need help in a bed frame and absolutely love the tuft on the first bedframe from One Kings Lane. Here’s my only concern and it might be silly but are these pretty solid? The manfriend is quite a light sleeper and I get out of bed pretty early in the mornings and hate when bedframes “creek” or make noise. Is this pretty solid?


Make sure your bed frame is bolted securely to your bed and has plenty of legs. The more the better. If you use a hook in frame there are very inexpensive metal “shims” you can purchase that eliminate any gaps between the headboard and frame causing it to move and creak. A frame with glides or flat feet will also move less and have less creaks. Place an area rug under your bed or the small rubber furniture stops to further eliminate movement. Often times it is the box spring that creaks so upgrading to a higher quality one or… Read more »


I’m confused. The painting above the bed looks like a generic abstract that you frowned upon a few posts ago.


What color flooring does this work best with?


hate the gifs, man.


For me, it’s the speed of the GIF that drives me nuts. I like being able to compare the three rooms without scrolling up and down, but there isn’t enough time for my brain to register what I’m seeing before the next image flashes up.


This one was slightly better speed wise (didn’t make me carsick) but there was too much info in it to keep track of.

The team just needs to. stop.


Sources and examples of flat pack/knock down furniture would be outstanding. I live in a house built in 1936 and the attic was converted to a master suite with the original narrow stairwell. Finding a couch and chairs that fit up the stairs and look eclectic and collected has proven to be a challenge. (I’m looking at you empty corner filled with throw pillows.)


Has anyone found any good ready-made bedskirts? Bought one online from Macy’s and was poorly sized and…yellow. Thinking I might have to get one custom?


I’ve found that the bed skirts that work best are those that come in three pieces. You secure them to your box spring with bed skirt pins. But I think you could avoid buying something new or custom by getting some bed skirt pins and using them to adjust your existing piece to make it look more tailored just like what you would do with the three piece ones. Just some artful folding, pin it in place, and voila! Just be sure to get the bed skirt pins specifically. Good luck!


Had a bed skirt for my master and when I moved it to the guest room it was too wide. I simply folded it over about an inch all the way down the middle and safety pinned it. Works well.

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Have you seen the bed in the lowest price point from Wayfair? It has mixed reviews.


I have the Target dresser in options 2 & 3 and it’s great! A little time consuming to put together, but it’s holding up really well for the price.

What wall color would you recommend for these rooms?


Sorry, I guess it’s just Option 2!


Can you add paint colors for the rooms too? I don’t know if you specialize in it, but it would be so helpful to include that for the color scheme!


If you’re willing to go a little smaller on the art over the bed, you can save a bunch on the frame. I know proportion is important, but it’s an option, as is going with 2 smaller prints.

I like how soft and a bit moody this room is.


I love this series so much!

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I love this mood board! I’m in the middle of a bedroom redesign at the moment and I’m thinking I want to introduce a deep green like what’s on those cushions.

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