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Big Changes to Our Small Team (and Some You Can Hire)



There is no shortage of fun and love on the EHD team, and when this team changes, it can be very emotional for all of us. But nothing makes me happier than when my employees leave to go on to pursue their own work or make a positive career shift to better their lives. Orlando, Ginny, Mel, Brady, Bonnie, Carolina, Michael, Tessa… I could go on and on. They all have left me (on such good terms, thankfully) to become more successful and fulfill their own career goals. So it’s time to celebrate a few people whose careers are making such a shift right now (and yes, some you should hire). I’m refocusing/shifting the blog and company in a few ways this year and the stars aligned for a few people who were ready to take their career next level (thus the post – hire them!)

Emily Henderson Velinda Helen Small Kitchen Space 14

Velinda Hellen: This designer, writer and producer (a true power player) is going freelance. She will forever be a contributor here, so you’ll see her around (she’s still working on her Makeover Takeover, stay tuned), but she is also ready to take on her own work, have her own clients and fly as the talented creative that she is. I’m hiring her to help me finish the book, she’ll be producing some of our major shoots, and we have another big TV project in the works that she will be on if it moves forward. But for now, she is also taking on her own design and styling clients. I know the second I put this out there, she’ll get snatched up and become unavailable to me, but you’d be lucky to have her designing your space or styling out your shoot. Plus as you can presume correctly, she’s funny, smart, grounded and generally a gift to the world. To work with Velinda you can contact her via her website She wants everyone to know that her first few clients, if they come as referrals from the blog, will get a special discounted “friends and family” rate. So if you have any new personal or professional projects in the new year, grab her fast.

A Few of Velinda’s Top Posts:

Velinda’s Tiny Kitchen Makeover Takeover (With Tons of Smart Storage Hacks)

Velinda’s Under-$20000 DIY Kitchen (& Laundry Room) Gut Reno

Velinda and Katie’s Love-Filled Backyard Wedding + Their Genius Budget Tips

Emily Bowser: After over three years here at EHD, Emily Bowser is also ready to style on her own. She came in as a new-to-styling assistant when Charlie was 2. CRAZY. Despite her inexperience in this world back then, she worked really hard, never stopped, would do any part of the job and had a great attitude (plus, she is extremely fun to be around). If I haven’t given you my “work hard with a smile” lecture in a while, that’s the key to get where you want to go fastest. Emily exemplifies that. She has been an integral part of our production team, she has SUCH GOOD IDEAS, can DIY most anything and knows the styling world in and out. EHD will forever be hiring her if she is available to style shoots, and she will continue to contribute here on the blog. We discussed this move to freelance starting in January a while ago, so that both parties involved could get ducks in a row. Literally the day that this idea of going freelance was on the table, Orlando texted me asking if I had any production/styling people I could recommend for his TV show. INDEED I DID. She got the job, started almost immediately, and she already feels like she’s grown so much. Hilariously, she is working with Rebecca Zajac, my former intern from 10 years ago on “Secrets From a Stylist”. We’ve also kept in touch, and well, it definitely felt like the universe was telling us this was the right thing to do. The show is wrapping up soon though, and Emily will be taking on private clients (styling shoots and residentials) in 2020. You can contact her via her website She is extending the same “friends and family” rate as Velinda and they may even have some ideas for teaming up in the new year!

A Few of Emily Bowers’ Top Posts:

MOTO Reveal: Emily Bowser’s Bedroom “After” is Unrecognizable from the “Before”

New MOTO Reveal: Emily Bowser’s “Refreshed For Function” Small Living Room Makeover

What It REALLY Costs to Buy an Income Property in LA

If this were goodbye, I would be bawling right now, but it’s not; it’s just a shift to hiring these two experienced stylist/designers and producers on shoots (or to write posts) on a freelance basis (and thus higher rate for them), rather than full-time employees. It’s scary for everyone involved, but I’m so confident that these two are going to TAKE OFF. I literally can’t recommend them both enough.

Arlyn Hernandez Makeover Takeover Living Room Ehd7

Arlyn Hernandez: A month ago, Arlyn told me that after nearly 13 years in the editorial world (half of that time in digital media producing daily content) that she needed a big shift in her career and was taking a new job. Creating daily content is hard. The burnout is real, guys, and I would be lying if I didn’t relate to her. She was ready to try something new and will now be the marketing director at a furniture company, on the other side of this industry. I’m so happy for her, truly, despite the panic of how we’ll move forward. She’s helped grow this blog exponentially in the last two years. When blogs were folding, our traffic is up almost 40%. She’s also really helped lead the team in ways that I don’t know if I can. The team bawled when we announced it at our holiday party. She has been such a beloved part of our team and our office culture. Arlyn, we love you and you will be missed.

A Few of Arlyn’s’ Top Posts:


Chandler Frame: Chandler was my wonderful executive assistant and aside from being incredibly smart, kind, funny and resourceful, she is super fashionable. And that fact helped her to realize that while she was a natural fit for our team, because she’s awesome, she wants to pursue her love of fashion (and things shifted for me personally as well). That’s what your 20’s are for right? Trying on “different hats” and seeing which one feels the best. So our Chandler is up for hire and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her so HIRE HER. Here is a link to her LinkedIn and her Instagram.

Chandler wasn’t an editor with her own posts,  but she was a HUGE help/model in this post:

So, how will we move forward?

I don’t fully know, but I do know this: I have an excellent team. We are smaller now, but I’m also more comfortable leading a smaller team. Besides, with some major projects behind us, I’m excited to take over as editorial director again and write more posts. Working in digital media and running a daily design blog means being super nimble and shifting all the time. As a company owner and human being, I know that every challenge, every shift, whether it’s positive like these changes or scarier (more on that soon), it’s an opportunity for growth. I get to learn lessons that others haven’t yet.

So readers, let’s give a “see you soon” to Emily and Velinda and a “fare thee well” to Arlyn and Chandler… four more EHD team graduates. If you’ve enjoyed them, feel free to let them know in the comments. I’m so lucky to have known and worked with them and again, if you are in LA and need a designer/stylist, I hope you can benefit as I have.

Okay ladies, now that I’m no longer your boss, WE GET TO BE REAL FRIENDS. 🙂

Emily can be reached here.

Velinda can be reached here.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram, too (@velindahellendesign, @emilyedithbowser, @arlynhernandez and @chandlerframe). I know I will be. xx

Now speaking of growth, and most importantly all of you, we would love, love, love for you to take our Reader Survey. It will help us give you the content you want. Everybody wins.

I spent the break analyzing what truly worked this year, and trying to figure out WHY so we can really hone in on that. We have so many reveals in the works, but those projects take time. So in between, we are trying to figure out what you want, and there is no better way to find out than just ASK. It’s fast and kinda fun, I promise.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. xx

Fin Mark


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Karen T.

Wishing your team so much success–both those leaving and those staying. 2020 is going to be a great year. 🙂


Wow, how exciting for the team! I can’t wait to watch this next chapter and see how they grow.

(Also, I’m getting custom shelves from Ross Alan installed in LA in a couple hours–talk about weird timing because I’ve been thinking that I need styling help.)


Bowser?!?! You’d better be writing that book, girl!!! I’ll miss your writing so, so much, mean it! Do it….do it….do it…..write that book! We’ll all buy it! ???? Watching you!!! Arkyn?!? I was really gettin’ your blue-green vibes and you so gad me thinking in a different direction! Burn out is real…take care, and do your new thang with gusto! Gonna miss your vibe. ???? Velinda…you go gurl! Such a knack with the nifty, spesh in small spaces. Glad you’re still connected. ???? Chandler… didn’t get to know ’bout you, but all the best… chase your passions! ???? WOW! BIG… Read more »


Sorrrŕrry Arlyn! It’s late here in Australia and my bad typo. x

Rusty, thanks for such a thoughtful farewell (ish) to each of us. xx


As a business owner in the fitness space, I’ve had quite a few people come and go on our team – some on good terms, some on not so good terms. In fitness, members get used to seeing certain trainers everyday and become very attached to them, so it’s always difficult when there’s a change because it effects the mood of the gym, our members perceptions and can cause the rumor mill to run rampant if a person leaves suddenly and without warning. We always struggle with how much to share and I feel like we sometimes worry so much… Read more »


I’m really glad there will still be Velinda and Emily Bowser content here, and very sad to not have any new Arlyn content to look forward to. Arlyn’s MOTO living and dining room was one of my favourite MOTOs. All the best to Bowser, Velinda, Arlyn, and Chandler, and I’m wishing the remaining team a wonderful 2020 too.


Thank you so much Christina!

Cici Haus

Congratulations to all, though I will miss you!! (especially Arlyn since I won’t get to see her work **all the tear emojis**).

Long-time fan

Emily, you’re a great boss to do a post like this for these ladies. I hope you all find fulfillment. I’ve been indexing books for nearly 10 years and also often consider a change but it’s scary. Cheers and best wishes for 2020. Your hard work has made my mornings a little brighter so thank you, thank you.


I love how generous you are with leaving team members. It says a lot about Your office environment and the great team you’ve built.


I loved all these team members, but especially connected with Arlyn’s writing voice, sense of humor, and style sense. You will be sorely missed!


🙂 thank you Ingrid. That really does mean SO much to me to hear!


I could not have said this any better. So, ditto! But, I want to stress what a good boss and leader you are Emily. It’s important to be supportive for all of your team members- both those staying and those who are moving on. It gives everyone the encouragement they need to take chances and explore their passions. Bravo to all of you. Bring on the roaring 20s.


I’m still in denial.. You guys will be missed terribly, please keep contributing!! Best of luck to all of you!!

Edith! Will do…. thank you so much for your well-wishes.


Thanks for the survey, Emily, and best wishes to all four of the people going on to new opportunities.

Echoing Rusty, I’d buy and read anything by Emily Bowser: cats, renovation, text, photographs … please publish!

Emily Bowser

oh my goodness! Thanks Irene I’ll be around! XO


Awwww…I am SO happy for you all and I can’t wait to follow along with you on your next adventures! Congratulations ladies! Wishing you ALL the best in 2020! Cheers!

Roberta Davis

Best of everything to all of you! Emily H, from what I can see, you have a huge heart and your relationship with these ladies will grow from here. We all need to keep moving forward in life, don’t we? It’s all good. Here’s to a great 2020 for all of you!


I just read your post about letting your youngest team members dress you – you totally pulled off those looks! I was curious – when you mentioned about certain colors not looking good on you – if you have ever considered having your color analysis done (House of Colour). i haven’t but i am genuinely interested in the process and would LOVE if you did it and shared your experience. 🙂 just an idea!

Cris S.

I’m so sad to see these women leave, but happy for them (I guess….). 1. Velinda – I’ve loved your style (that little kitchen is so clever and beautiful!!) reading about your life and your wedding planning, and your positivity. As the mom of a 16 year old girl who has been coming out the last couple of years, your modeling of a healthy, happy, relationship has meant so much to me. Also, your curls rock! I hope we get to hear from you going forward. 2. Arlyn – even from this side of the screen we could see how… Read more »

Aww, Cris, thank you for sharing that! And for your beautiful words. Best wishes for you and your daughter.

Emily Bowser

Thanks Cris! You know I love talking about finances so I’ll try!


Congrats to the graduates!

Also, quick summary of my responses to your survey: no thanks to fashion, yes please to design, and when you have no reveals of actual projects I’m pretty happy with roundups of nice stuff to look at and some thought pieces/person pieces from Emily and/or the team.


Yes to this!

Paige Cassandra Flamm

Wish you and your team all the success in the world as you all go through such big shifts this year! I’m sure you’ll all come out better people on the other side!


emily jane

I found myself getting more choked up with each announcement..! Congratulations to EVERYONE -it’s been a joy to meet and engage with you here on the blog. I have been inspired by every one of you (the term “eyeball happy” is what my first-cup-of-coffee brain offered up ; ) and will definitely be keeping an eye on what comes next (as I do with all the other talented and dynamic EHD alums : ). Thank you and good luck to ALL!!!

Emily, don’t cry!!! But seriously, thanks for the encouragement and kind words.


Aw! Will miss everyone but especially Arlyn. Her presence and expertise was immediately noticeable around here! If you are looking for a copy editor in the meantime I’m your gal. 😉


wow what a nice thing to say. 🙂 thank you Joy!


Best of luck to you all in this time of change! I’m sure you’ll do great.


Emily, I am so impressed at this kind farewell to your employees. I a world where most of us have a scarcity mentality, this post felt full of Abundance. It was about recognizing these ladies talents, appreciating the work they’ve done here, and encouraging them in their growth forward. I wish all of you, those moving on from EHD and those staying, all the best in 2020


As a former boss to many fabulous creatives I understand how hard it is to say goodbye to them and their talent. Kudos to you for doing it with such respect for them. Your values are what make you successful. I look forward to EHD in 2020.


Thanks for all of your work, ladies! You’ll be missed!


oh man I love all your posts but those from Bowser, Velinda and Arlyn were some of my faves – they will be missed!

Thank you, Vanessa! You’ll see us around here. We still love Emily, the team and the readers too much!


O man! I am heartbroken with the departures, but know that you have a team in place that will step up to fill the void left by Velinda, Arlyn, Emily and Chandler! I loved all of Velinda’s posts – especially her wedding and tiny kitchen project! Emily, how will we know how to buy homes (and the antics that come with it) in CA without you!? Arlyn, your moody blue dining room inspired my entire master bedroom! Chandler, it was so fun to see the team in different styles! Thank you ladies for your contributions and making every post excellent!

Maria, thanks so much for following along with each journey! So appreciate your kind words.

Monique Wright Interior Design

You have and have had some amazing people Emily! It’s been so cool to follow along. Looking forward to your next chapter.


Wow, this is a lot of change for your team so early in 2020!! Congrats to everyone. Will really miss all you, Arlyn the most ’cause she has such a great voice/design eye and is truly leaving, as is Chandler. Thank God Velinda and Emily will still be contributing!!


Noooooooo! Velinda, love your personal style, decorating style, and the stories you and Katie have shared. Thank you for your willingness to share the thoughts behind your approach to stylish, comfortable living spaces. As Dorothy told the Scarecrow, I think I’ll miss you most of all (even though you’ll still be around now and again). Wishing you all the success you deserve, and then some.


I cautiously opened this post thinking, ‘please not Velinda, please not Velinda, please not Velinda.’ But, ALAS. :(((

That said, Velinda, I am truly so happy for you! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you on this blog, your posts are some of my very favorites, and I think that you are so talented. I wish you nothing but success, and I’ll be looking forward to any of your future contributions to EHD.


I’ll miss all these ladies! So sad for me, but glad for them. Growth can be painful, but you’ll never know if you can do something until you jump into it and do it!

I’m going to miss Arlyn’s apartment. I’ll have to periodically check the archives for a trip down memory lane.


Nothing gives me more professional happiness than seeing the wonderful people I’ve managed move onward and upward toward what they were born to do. It’s amazing to have been a small part of that.

Congrats to these ladies on their new roles to Emily for supporting them along the way.


Woah! I felt like I was watching Downton Abbey seeing more and more names pop up in this post. As a daily reader, I have a lot of affection for the whole team and each of you will be missed!


I really really enjoyed Emily Bowser’s renovation posts (and cat pics) as well as Velinda’s kitchen reveal! I’m sad…I also was so sad when Mel and Ginny left too 🙁

Julie S

Hey EHD! It’s the winner of the yet-to-be-scheduled Mountain House Vacation here. As Chandler and Arlyn were my two previous contacts for this and are both leaving, and I never heard back from my last two emails anyway, I just want to give you a heads up that I sent an email to their addresses/y’all in an attempt to get a new contact and try this again. Thanks guys 🙂

Caitlin Higgins

HI! Try [email protected] and we’ll get you squared away 🙂


Oh my goodness, change is hard. Keep in touch, wishing happiness success to these talented women!

Leigh H

Wow I feel sad 🙁 and happy for their future!

Barbara C

Emily, you are a wonderful boss & mentor. These women are all extremely talented and clever and you have helped to amplify those attributes. I wish them all great success. I wish the same for you. I know how exciting it is to spread your wings and fly, and I know the pride you must feel watching these women grow the confidence to leave the nest for their own adventures.


What a positive and great environment for people to be working in, and growing in ! Nicely done EH!


Just want to say how much I appreciate they way you support and promote your employees in their future endeavors, by giving us links to their new websites and their old posts and by highlighting their talents and skills, both when they are employed by you and when they leave. Good mentorship is hard to find, but can make all the difference to a new career. Thank you for providing a good example!


Congratulations ladies on your new endeavors! You will all be missed and welcomed back whenever possible. I look forward to seeing your new projects.

I also completed the survey.

Chloe Bruderer

Emily you are an angel

Emily McCuiston

Of the 8 people leaving it sounds like maybe two or three were of their own volition. Are the rest being laid off?


I am crying and I only met y’ll once! So excited for the new adventures for the ones leaving.


your team photo is totally inspiring me that i can indeed wear a neck bandanna with confidence, LOL


Appreciated your unique voices and your content so, so much… Arlyn, you were clearly a huge force behind the scenes. Emily and Velinda, you are both so creative and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Wish you all the best in your new careers!


Good luck to the 4 of you! Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts in this space.
And cheers to those still steering the ship and to Emily! It can be tough to change up personnel and responsibilities, but I’m sure things will settle in fine.
*Also I did the survey: found blog through Emily’s book Styled. (Not a survey choice)

flats in Calicut

This is EVERYTHING than I thought.


very interesting one. Thanks for sharing this to Flats in Calicut.


Aw I will really miss the work done by Arlyn/Bowser/Velinda. Also that Arlyn seemed to be my shape twin for the fashion posts. Best of luck!

Brittany Hebert

Good luck to all of you talented ladies!

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